Can You Use Step On Boots With Regular Bindings?

Can You Use Step On Boots With Regular Bindings

Are you a snowboarder who has a pair of Step On boots and is wondering if you could use them with conventional bindings?

Unfortunately, you can’t use Step On boots with regular bindings because of the shape of the sole and the differences in their release mechanism. Plus, it’s not recommended by the manufacturers.

In this post, I will give you a quick rundown of what Step On boots are, why you can’t use them with regular bindings in greater detail.

Step On Boots And Bindings

Step On boots are a type of snowboard boot that allow snowboarders to make quick  adjustments to the boots’ fit. They are built lighter and more comfortable than your conventional ski boots.

Instead of the traditional straps or laces, Step On boots have 3 connection points on the boot (heel and 2 at the toe) and binding that snap together easily.

Step On Boots And Bindings

Simply put, they use a dial or ratchet system to tighten them around the users’ feet. The ratchet mechanisms tighten the boots by pulling cables or cords woven through the boot’s upper and lower parts.

Normal bindings on the other hand using a combination of straps and buckles to secure the boots to the boards or the skis.

Can Step On Boots Be Used With Regular Bindings?

Well, the short answer to this question is no. Step on boots are designed to work with only special kinds of bindings manufactured by companies like Burton or K2.

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Using step on boots with conventional bindings can cause compatibility issues thus compromising your safety and your performance while you are on slopes.

Step On boots are incompatible with regular bindings in two ways, and let’s go into details about them both:

The Shape Of The Sole

The shape of the boot sole is one of the key areas of incompatibility between Step On boots and regular bindings.

The Shape Of The Sole

Step On boots have uniquely shaped soles that are designed to fit precisely into step-on bindings while regular bindings are designed to fit  the typically flat or slightly curved soles of traditional snowboard or ski boots. 

So, you would not be able to properly connect your step on boots to your snowboard using regular bindings, and you will find your snowboarding maneuvers hard to perform if you do.

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Difference In Release Mechanism 

Another thing that makes it a bad idea to use step on boots with regular bindings is the fact that Step On bindings have a release mechanism that is specifically designed to work with Step On boots.

Attempting to use Step On boots with regular bindings can make the bindings not release when needed, making you more susceptible to injury.

Not Recommended By The Manufacturer 

In addition to Incompatibilities between step on boots and regular bindings discussed above, there is also the issue with manufacturer’s guidelines about how to use step on boots. 

Most ski gear manufacturers provide guidelines for the usage, including which boots are compatible with which bindings. 

Ignoring the manufacturer’s recommendation to use only Step On bindings with Step On boots may void the warranty that comes with the purchase, so you need to take that risk into account if you use Step On boots with regular bindings too.

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Bottom Line 

Step On boots are easier to adjust (the tightness) and more comfortable to wear if they are used with the Step On bindings which they are manufactured to be compatible with. 

However, using them with conventional bindings is not a good idea as they have differently shaped soles and require the specific release mechanism of step on bindings.

Hence using them with regular bindings will make it difficult to perform snowboarding moves, and make you more prone to injury.

It is also against the manufacturer’s recommendation to use them with traditional bindings and it can void the warranty of the boots if you do so. 

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