Volkl Kendo Vs Mantra Skis (Quick Comparison)

Volkl Kendo Vs Mantra Skis

The Kendo and Mantra skis are both high-performance all-mountain skis created by the German-based brand Volkl.

While Kendos and Mantras are both great skis, they’re mainly used by advanced skiers and they may not be the most suitable brand for you if you’re a beginner.

Alternatively, if you are in fact an advanced skier in the process of picking between the two, this comparison will help you choose one.

These factors will help you decide which one is better suited for you based on a range of features, the terrain you hope to conquer and your preferred style of skiing.

Volkl Kendo Vs Mantra Skis

Mantra skis are wider (100 mm) and offer a full rocker profile making them good for floating. Mantras are geared towards off-piste skiing. Plus, they feel softer on the tips.

Kendo is versatile skis that do great on groomed runs but can handle deep snow as well. They are narrower and quicker than Mantras and have more traditional camber underfoot.

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Let’s take a look at these in greater detail:

Design And Speed

The Volkl Mantra and Kendo skis are both built for all-mountain skiing, which means they can handle a wide range of terrain and conditions. The two skis, however, have somewhat different designs, making them more suited for different types of skiers and skiing techniques.

Skiers who love to ski at fast speeds often choose the Volkl Kendo skis. They have a larger-than-average rocker at the tip, which helps the skis float over powder and lowers the likelihood of them diving into the snow at fast speeds.

They also feature a flat tail, which adds stability and aids in carving turns. Moreover, the Kendo skis have a tight waist and a firm flex, which aids in stability and control at high speeds.

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The Volkl Mantra skis, on the other hand, are built for flexibility, which means they can manage a wide range of skiing styles and speeds. The skis feature a narrower rocker than the Kendo skis, making them more suitable for skiing on tougher snow at slower speeds. 

Design And Speed

The skis feature a little broader waist and a medium-stiff flex than the Kendo skis, making them more forgiving and simpler to manage.

All in all, both the Volkl Kendo and Mantra skis are excellent for all-mountain skiing, the Kendo skis are better suited for experienced skiers who want to ski faster, whilst the Mantra skis are more adaptable and ideal for a wider range of skiing styles and speeds.


While experienced and professional skiers may not be too concerned in terms of this factor, price plays a pretty big role in the decision made by recreational skiers who are experienced.

While Mantras boast a range of features, they are a relatively expensive option. For reference, the 2023 model is priced at $799.

Kendos, on the other hand, cost slightly less. Priced at $699 (2023 model). Although there is a price difference, it is unlikely to be significant enough to influence a purchasing decision


Ski brands are improving every day with their introductions of new features that are specially engineered to serve different purposes.


From variations in sidecut radius to the amount of metal used in different parts of the ski, tech is the factor that raises competition among brands in the ski world.

The latest model of the Mantra skis boasts a combination of 3D Radius Sidecut, carbon tips and titanal that scales with the length of the ski. These features let you experience skis with softer tips, allowing you to ski at low speeds even without the best form.

While the latest model of Kendo skis also features a 3D Radius, it enables you to experience higher amounts of energy and speed between turns; as opposed to the lower speeds of the Mantras. While certain skiers prefer the higher level of energy, others prefer the low speeds of the Mantras, especially when making turns.

Product Specifications

ProductWeightSkiing LevelCoreBaseRocker
Kendo1898gAdvanced, Professional.Multilayer Woodcore.P-Tex 2100Tip and Tail Rocker.
Mantra2209gAdvanced, Professional.Multilayer Woodcore.P-Tex 2100Tip and Tail Rocker.

Final Thoughts

All in all, having seen the product specification table you’re likely to be aware of how similar these skis are. It’s safe to say that they are both great options and therefore one cannot be ranked above the other.

The question of which one is better suited for you will depend on the speed you usually prefer to ski, whether or not you prefer heavier or lighter skis and the special features you look for; that has been carefully engineered into the design of the product.

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