What Is A Jerry In Skiing? (Explained)

What Is A Jerry In Skiing

The slopes bring many exciting things to snow culture, and a Jerry is one of them. Of all the labels one can get out on the slopes, being called a jerry can be one the funniest things ever.

A Jerry is an absolute legend! And if you ever spot a jerry, make sure you take note of everything they are doing so that you don’t get called a jerry later!

But in all seriousness, a jerry adds so much more fun and entertainment to the average ski excursion.

You will have a great distraction watching them walk about in their absolute confidence, because a jerry is just that – an overconfident skier who makes VERY wrong or dumb decisions on the slopes.

In this post, I’ll explain what is a jerry in skiing in detail and show you how to spot a jerry the next time you go skiing.

What Is A Jerry In Skiing?

A jerry, also called a gaper or gorb, is a skier who pays no heed to ski rules and regulations and has NO interest in doing so for whatever purpose. 

Skiing Jerry

But the cherry on top is that they have no reservations about it and are usually super confident about their skill set (LIMITED as it may be), and they tend to act like they are extremely competent in what they’re doing (which they are not). 

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And it’s their overconfidence and how they overestimate their skill set that often lands them in the weirdest situations, making them very easy to spot on the slopes. 

These characters are NOT similar to your first-time skiers who are trying to honestly get the hang of things.

A jerry will NEVER confess to their shortcomings, and instead revels in the very limited capabilities they have while trying to pass off as a pro skier. 

How To Spot A Jerry On The Slopes

Spotting a Jerry is easy and you’ll see them a lot. Here are a few ways to easily identify them:

Does Not Understand Ski Gear

Ski gear is necessary to the sport for a reason, and they have been modified and changed over time to fit the different needs of skiers and to give the best experience possible, but a jerry simply does not care about this fact.

The terrain and slopes are their platforms to show how ridiculous they can be – and you WILL see skiers wearing their goggles upside down or their helmets the other way around with zero fuss!

If you spot one, congratulations! You’ve spotted a jerry on the slopes.

And sometimes, you will see skiers letting go of ski gear altogether, and instead opting for regular clothes and boots to ski – and yup, you guessed it, another Jerry trying to make a statement.

Have No Idea How To Ski

Not to be confused with the novice skier who’s trying to get the hang of it, but a jerry has a ridiculously small amount of skill on the slopes, but will NOT admit to it.

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What a jerry lacks in skill, they make up for in faux confidence.

Have No Idea How To Ski

You will see skiers making THE most awful decisions movement-wise on the slopes, and ending up stumbling or falling on their faces.

And a jerry will most definitely try to ski above their skill level, and this will lead to the most disastrous results.

So if you see a ‘seasoned’ skier stumbling and their gear flying off into oblivion because they made some very obvious mistake – you’ve spotted a jerry again!

Mountain Rules Do Not Apply To Them

Safety is not a prime concern for a jerry, not their own and CERTAINLY not anyone else’s. A jerry will wizz past skiers – novice or pro, with zero care for the safety of other skiers on the hill. 

Their complete disregard for safety rules and warning on the slopes almost always put them in the most compromising positions, and danger to everyone around them.

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So it’s best to move out of the way and give them ample space for their tomfoolery if you manage to spot a jerry.

All The Equipment Minus The Skills

When you see a skier decked in the finest of ski gear from head to toe head on to the slopes, and make a whole string of horrendous mistakes right from the start – you’ve come across another jerry.

A jerry will often opt for the most expensive, flashy ski gear, or the most advanced kinds of gear (which they have NO business wearing), and end up in jeopardy.

All The Equipment Minus The Skills

Certain types of gear are only to be used by pro skiers who know the sport very well, and have the capacity to make decisions on the spot.

But if a Jerry – who has little to no skill – ends up with those gear, they will make a spectacle of themselves, and that will make it easy for everyone to spot them in a matter of seconds.

How Controversial Is This Label?

The most important thing we must understand is that this label is not to discriminate or make anyone feel threatened, but simply for some light-hearted entertainment.

You can make fun of them of course and have some fun with your ski buddies by passing around a few jokes.

But a jerry can pose a bigger problem – which is, affecting everyone’s safety on the slopes. And for this, it’s best to spot them quickly and move out of the way. 

Overall, a Jerry is a legend on the slopes, and other skiers often have some fun poking fun at them, to their face!

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