Why Are Skis So Expensive? (Explained)

Why Are Skis So Expensive

Skiing is a popular winter sport enjoyed by people all over the world. While it can be a lot of fun, it can also be really expensive, especially when it comes to buying skis.

There are a number of reasons why skis are so expensive including the high-quality materials and innovative technology they are made from, brand reputation and marketing costs.

In this post, I’ll talk about why are skis so expensive and help you understand the factors that impact the cost of skis so that you make an informed decision when choosing the skis.

Plus, I’ll break down a few ski brands and explain why their skis are so expensive.

Reasons Why Skis Are So Expensive

Let’s talk about some of the reasons why skis are so expensive.

Reasons Why Skis Are Expensive

The combination of these expenses that create the quality of your ski experience are the factors behind the high prices.

Materials And Technology 

Skis are made with high quality and expensive materials. As different types of wood, metal and fiberglass are quite costly, brands have to increase the selling price of skis.

Plus, the technology used to design and make skis is also advanced and contributes to the overall cost.

Labor And Skill

The level of precision involved with the designing and crafting process is really advanced. Therefore, ski brands often use a series of resources to train the workers involved in the production process.

Additionally, sales people at ski stores receive immense training as they need to be well-versed in terms of the specifics of skiing.

More Equipment

Unlike winter sports such as snowboarding, skiing requires you to purchase both skis and poles. As the ski poles will be from the same brand as your skis, they’re likely to be pricey as well.

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More Equipment

While the production of ski poles isn’t as expensive as the production of skis, it is an additional cost that increases the amount you have to spend.

Brand Recognition

Just like how Nike charges a premium for shoes, there are ski brands like DPS that have a strong reputation and are known for their premium quality and performance and they charge higher prices.

Moreover, there are handmade and hand-tuned skis which are obviously expensive and we all know why.


Why Are DPS Skis So Expensive?

DPS skis can cost up to $1500. You read that right. While this undoubtedly is a lot to spend on skis (regardless of your budget), the price is attributed to two factors: high-cost materials and innovation.

Taking the materials into consideration, DPS uses two layers of pre-impregnated carbon. While the use of carbon is pretty common with ski brands, Dps goes the extra mile by using pre-impregnated carbon.

Although this may sound like a small difference, it creates a higher strength-to-weight ratio; a critical and innovative factor that is unique to this brand. As the brand’s strength-to-weight ratio includes relatively less resin; it is expensive.

Why Are Stockli Skis So Expensive?

While most brands use manufacturing processes that are solely based on technology, Stocklis combine technology with hand craftsmanship; giving you a product that is carefully made. Their skis are crafted using premium materials such as bamboo, wood or carbon fibre.

With Stockli you can be sure you’re getting the best as every consumer gets skis that are made in exactly the same manner as those used by world cup skiers!

If you’re a skier considering Stockli, you’ll be skiing in the same skis used by huge names such as Marco Odermatt, Julia Mancuso and Fanny Smith.

Why Are Black Crow Skis So Expensive?

Black Crow skis have a generous camber and stiff flex, making them exceptionally solid and reliable. While these skis are great, they aren’t for everyone.

Along with the manner in which they’re crafted, the price is also attributed to the fact that they are made for relatively aggressive skiing– simply put, an advanced skier hoping to cover challenging terrains and take carving turns can certainly do so in a pair of Black Crows!

Why Are Kastle Skis So Expensive?

From high-quality materials to a carefully engineered shape, these high-end handmade skis are expensive, to say the least. While Kastle skis boast a high level of performance, they also allow you to cover a variety of terrains, snow conditions and types of skiers (beginner, intermediate, advanced etc).

Although many skiers believe the price is justified, the views on Kastle skis remain divided among the ski community. Certain skiers find these skis heavy, old school and just far from practical.

Why Are Skis More Expensive Than Snowboards?

Why Are Skis More Expensive Than Snowboards

The first (and probably the most obvious) factor is that skis include more equipment in general– the two skis and the ski poles; as opposed to snowboarding which simply requires a board.

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Additionally, ski designing is a process that is relatively more complex. This is owing to the fact that each ski has a single mounting point. Whereas a snowboard has two. 

Verdict – Are Expensive Skis Worth It?

Expensive skis are made with higher-quality materials and the latest tech so they will obviously have better performance and often last longer. But if it’s actually worth it depends entirely on you.

While different skiers are bound to have different opinions, it comes down to your individual situation. If you are absolutely passionate and hope to progress into an advanced/professional skier, expensive skis are worth it and likely to be a good investment.

That being said, keep your budget in mind. A thousand dollars is a lot to spend on skis and you can certainly make progress as a skier with a brand that isn’t extremely expensive. As for beginners and recreational skiers that hit the slopes very rarely, expensive skis are unlikely to be worth it.

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