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Volleyball is a fantastic way to exercise, keep fit and hang out with friends.

It’s also a fast, supercharged fun game and probably one of the most enjoyable team activities that has been around for over a century.

And like any other sports, you need equipment to play volleyball. Fortunately, for this game, you don’t need tons of it.

Basic equipment for volleyball is a net, playing court and proper gear. And obviously, you’ll require a ball to volley.

Personally, nothing beat a traditional Wilson. But today, brand doesn’t really matter, as long as the volleyball is built up to the game’s strict standards.

See, the shape, size, weight, pressure, and texture of volleyballs has for a long time been painstakingly refined to allow more competitive and practical gaming.

For instance, unlike a soccer ball, volleyball is heavy enough for easy manipulation and at the same time, it’s light enough for seamless flight and bounce. 

Most of the professional volleyballs also have standards for regulated competitions. For instance, the volleyballs for professional competitions have specific weight and dimensions. Of course, when playing for fun with friends, you can get away with a few alterations to the rules.

That said, choosing the best volleyball is daunting, especially considering there’re numerous brands in the market.

But there’s no need to beat about it because we shall look at the best volleyball in the market in the review guide below.

We’ve also shared a volleyball buying guide to make the selection process easier.

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Quick Comparison Table!

Tachikara Sensi-Tec


Mikasa MVA200




Mikasa Squish No-Sting Pillow 


Spalding King of the Beach



The Best Volleyball For The Money

The Best Volleyball For The Money

#1 Tachikara Sensi-Tec Composite SV-5WSC Volleyball - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Features and Benefits

Tachikara Senis-Tec has been my go-to volleyball for games and practice for as long as I can remember. It’s the first ball I got grips with when I began playing, and I grew an inexplicable attachment that still holds to date.

It’s a comfortable option, and for the inexperienced players, it’s easy to smack the ball without getting hurt. So, that’s a plus.

But what’s so unique with the Tachikara Sensi-Tec?

Material Construction

First thing you’ll notice on the balls is the quality leather cover, specifically a microfiber composite leather cover, durable enough for the tough game matches.

The cover also offers a much different grip, while at the same time driving flexibility and tensile strength.

Additionally, the cover is resin-infused with fibers, which promotes a “truer” touch- it allows for higher accuracy when serving, setting, and spiking the ball.


Senis-Tec weighs a measly 9.6 ounces thanks to the innovative material and superior construction. With consistent use, this ball is less likely to hurt your forearms while passing and might be a fantastic option for those training.


Senis-tec is built for a comfortable gaming experience. We’ve already mentioned it’s light enough not to hurt your arms. In addition, it’s cushioned, allowing players to execute shots without the worry of injuries

Likewise, if you find it difficult to block high speed, it’s easy to find comfort in the cushioning. 


There’s plenty to like about the overall design of this ball.

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The highly-crisscrossed design offers a large contact area for starters, which is vital for players who love to make dig shots.

And as we had mentioned earlier, the ball is grippy enough, with the granular texture allowing you to make overhand passes and shots with ease.

Though the ball’s movement is slightly lower, you can always add a bit more power to increase air pressure, and this way, it’ll cut through air like other models.

Loose Bladder Construction

Sensi-Tec provides a fantastic control, and this is made possible through the innovative loose bladder construction.

The patented technology allows optimum airflow between the core bladder and the exterior wrapping, which improves the overall air retention and consequently improving the ball control.

When in motion, it glides through the air seamlessly with some level of accuracy.

Great Visibility

Not all volleyballs come in different colors, but this option is offered in different color combinations, vital for increased ball visibility.

It’s a crucial aspect, especially for players relying on sight for accurate hitting during a game.

All-Around Option

With just the right weight and firmness, this ball is perfect for any type of player.

Newbies will love the truest and lightweight construction, while professional players are mesmerized by the quality craftsmanship and construction.



#2 Mikasa MVA200 - Best Olympics Training


Features and Benefits

Are you training for the Olympics? What a better way to enhance your skills than using the Mikasa MVA200?

Mikasa MVA200 is the official volleyball in the Olympics, and it helps players achieve greater ball control over direction and speed.

Sure, the pricing is slightly on the higher side, but it has been hailed as the most universally used ball in the professional leagues.

But what makes Mikasa MVA200 alongside it features the right option for you?

Material Construction

Mikasa MVA200 comes with a synthetic material construction, a sturdy material, protecting the ball from scuffs and scratches.

The plastic-like material isn’t the best, especially in terms of feel, but it’s durable and offers great controllability.

The synthetic cover is further coated with butyl rubber in the bladder to minimize the permeability of air. At the same time, the rubber reduces the impact power of the ball.

Finally, a nylon winding maintains the ball structure.

High-Performance Ball for Olympics

Mikasa MVA200 is designed for the professional Olympic game, and each ball goes through strict quality measurements.

Mikasa MVA200 is deemed ready for the high-intensity Olympic Games, and it’s a popular option at the Olympics.

Unique Swirl Eight Panel Design

Mikasa MVA200 offers swirl effects with an eight-panel design, offering maximum contact surface for every pass, set, or spike. 

 This way, it’s easy for the players to improve the control and accuracy of the ball.

Cemented Seamed Panel Design

Unlike the traditional glue seam, Mikasa MVA200 features cemented panel seams that allow air to pass between panels.

So, if you’re looking for an indoor ball offering softer contact in a more precise way, you can’t go wrong with this option.

Innovative Dimpled Microfiber Construction

Mikasa MVA200 boasts of excellent construction, with the innovative dimpled microfiber cover helping with the ball’s aerodynamics.

It complements the panel design, letting you’ve a greater touch and better control of your shots.

More importantly, however, the dimples on the surface generate extra turbulence, allowing the ball to extend its flight path, such that players can conserve their energy and power.

The turbulence also cuts down on the resistance, allowing for a more fluidly flight for a truer form that enhances services and spikes.

Bright Colors

The distinct swirl patterns alongside the blue and yellow color combination make it easier to locate the ball in the air against lights’ background.

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The color schemes give early warning and sufficient time for counter-attacking.



#3 Molten FLISTATEC - Best for Indoors


Features and Benefits

Playing volleyball requires good balance and power for executing your moves. And this is what Molten Flistatec aims to provide

It is a fantastic volleyball designed to offer better grip, enhanced control, and consistency in the flight path.

The ball is also the official ball of the NCAA and USA Volleyball, and as you would have thought, it only uses innovative technology and superior craftsmanship.

Material Construction

Employing a microfiber surface, Molten FLISTATEC easily creates more turbulence flow around the ball, allowing for straighter flight travel. The construction allows players to exert more force on the ball while giving their opponents little reaction time.

The ball also has nylon winding on the exterior, while making the ball firm and easy to serve.


Unlike the Takachira we reviewed earlier, Mikasa MVA 200 lacks deep grooves between the panels. But that doesn’t stop it from generating the smooth ball rotations.

Instead, it features a hex pattern, which is particularly handy for setters. This is because the ball’s texture offers more contact space, making it easier to make spike shots. At the same time, snapping your wrist around the ball and making a follow-through becomes more convenient.

Sure, Molten FLISTATEC is less tacky than the Mikasa MVA 200, but it offers more protection against dust and sweat. S, regardless of the playing condition, Molten FLISTATEC won’t ail your grip.

Flight Stability Technology

Uniquely, Molten FLISTATEC features flight stability technology for optimizing air-current around the ball during flight.

Consequently, it increases ball visibility, which is necessary when making accurate overhand passing and set.

The technology also complements the overall design by minimizing turbulence and ball shaking in flight, letting the ball take full control of its motion.


Grip has always been a dilemma for players when setting or executing an overhand serve.

With the Molten FLISTATEC, no need to worry about grip. The combination of composite cover, nylon wound, and textured honeycomb design gives extra grip even when your palms are wet with sweat.

The grip lets you control your tosses for jumps, serves and aid in accuracy hits.

Greater Visibility

With the bright red, green, and white color combination, you don’t have to squint your eyes against the glaring lights as the contrasting colors enhance your visibility.

Hence, the possibility of getting a Chester from an opponent is less likely as you can easily spot the ball quality. Likewise, you can retrieve the ball after the opponents block it.



#4 Mikasa Squish No-Sting Pillow Cover Volleyball - Most Comfortable


Features and Benefits

Uniquely designed with a “no-sting” cover, Mikasa Squish is built to enhance the playing experience and make the game more comfortable.

Along with other advanced features, the pillow design is critical in enhancing the player’s focus on the game.

But is the Mikasa Squish No-Sting Pillow Cover Volleyball alongside it features the right option for you?


Mikasa Squish employs a softshell design to optimize the performance of players, regardless of their skill level.

The ball is also among the lightest options on our list and weighs considerably lower than regulation volleyballs.

So, it might not be the ideal option for those in the professional league or preparing for the Olympics, but a fantastic option for casual play.

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The lightness also means the ball is less likely to inflict injuries on your hands during gameplay.

Super Soft Padded Cover

The folks at Mikasa built this volleyball with comfort and convenience in mind.

For instance, the ball features a handy soft padded tricot cover with quality inflatable cover, offering impeccable cushioning with every impact to reduce the fear of injuries.

The balls’ comfort and injury-prone gaming experience makes it a suitable option for beginners and pros alike.

Official Size Volleyball

Mikasa Squish No-Sting might be lighter and softer, but it comes in an official size.

Sure, it might not be a practical solution for professional play, but it’s a wonderful option for both practice and recreational gameplay.

Official-sized balls offer a true feel, are more intuitive, and offer the best touch as they move and roll more like a true volleyball.

Versatile: Ideal for both Indoors and Outdoors

Mikasa Squish No-Sting is a waterproof option, made to reduce the stinging effect that comes with striking or hitting the ball.

The super-soft padding on the ball is a practical solution for both the indoors and the outdoors. It also makes the perfect ball for the volleyball pool.

Fun Colors

Volleyball is a fun game, enjoyed by both athletes and casual players, and the Mikasa Squish No-Sting evokes fun and excitement through the stylish color patterns and combinations.



#5 Spalding King of the Beach Volleyball - Best Beach Volleyball


Features and Benefits

Spalding King Volleyball is designed for both professional and intermediate users.

It’s also made for those who need to take their gaming outdoors, specifically to the beach.


Spalding King Volleyball comes with an all-weather construction, consisting of a composite. It’s a heavy-duty option, easily standing up to most of the external elements.

Though a hand-stitched option, this ball can withstand any condition, including the wet conditions

It’s resilient and powerful, too, capable of handling every spike, block, and set you deliver.


Surprisingly, Spalding King Volleyball is a lightweight option, weighing just a pound. Though it’s a tad heavier than most indoor models, its flight path isn’t easily affected by the wind of other elements.

Material Construction

The microfiber composite cover isn’t only resistant to elements, but it also offers a medium level of hardness and firmness.

The balls feel soft on your hands and will allow you to extend your gaming or practice without worry of injuries or bruises.

Even better, Spalding King Volleyball is soft to touch, yet the softness won’t hinder your control during passing or setting.

18-Panel Construction

The 18-panel construction balances good feel and true flight control.

The exterior is also fitted with a blend of large and small panels, which add extra thickness to the top layer, which feels great when bumping, spiking, and setting.

Air Retention

Playing on the outdoors, especially in the sand, can affect impact air retention on a volleyball.

Fortunately, the core bladder on this option features a high-quality rubber for optimum air retention.

The covers, panels, and bladder work to retain the ball’s shape and improve airflow.

While the ball tends to lose air faster than some of the premium models on our list, it’s resilience as an outdoor ball is commendable.



Best Volleyball Buying Guide

Best Volleyball Buying Guide

With so many options, it’s easy to get spoilt of choices.

And the worst thing you could do is choosing the wrong volleyball.

To help with the selection process, we’ve compiled a definitive guide on choosing the best volleyball.

But before I share the tips with you, let’s first look at the types of volleyballs.

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Types of Volleyballs

The two types of volleyballs are outdoor and indoor volleyballs:

Outdoor Volleyballs

Also known as beach volleyballs, outdoor volleyballs are primarily used for outdoor play. They’re a bit lighter and made of composite materials to adapt to external elements such as sand, dirt, and water.

These balls are also larger to effectively battle against the wind.

Indoor Volleyballs

The indoor balls are a tad smaller than their outdoor counterparts. They also have a higher pressure, and most of them are made from leather.

What To Consider When Selecting a Volleyball


The number of volleyballs you might use over a season or year may influence your purchase choice. A pack of volleyball is often more cost-effective than buying one at a time.

So, if you’re looking for a ball for a club or team, it would be worthwhile to buy a pack.

However, if you intend to play less frequently and more casually, a lone ball’s purchase may be a better option.

Level of Play

Volleyballs for professional use are sanctioned by the volleyball governing bodies and have a specified size and weight dimension.

Normally, the balls are created for competitive play and can help with training to build a competition.

Of course, for casual play, it’s easy to get away with the rules.

best volleyball to buy

Key Features to Consider When Purchasing Volleyballs

Spin Detection

Some volleyballs have a contrasting color pattern letting you watch how the ball spins in the air.

Balls with contrasting colors are suitable for those working on their serves and learning how the ball moves after it’s hit.

On the other hand, it may help the advanced players track the ball to your body and inform you how to hit it.

Soft Touch

Traditionally, volleyballs feature rough exteriors capable of withstanding pummeling.

However, there’re balls made to be softer on the hands and wrists. The soft-touch balls are suitable for the younger and more casual players.

They’re also suitable for those who train regularly and don’t want to get bruised or banged.

All-Weather Cover

Leather doesn’t work well on the outdoors, but some of the balls feature a reliable, resistant cover to withstand rain, sun, and other elements.

If you ever find yourself in a varied climate or plan to play both indoors and outdoors, this type of ball would be ideal.

Color and Pattern

Volleyballs are available in a variety of color selection and patterns.

With so many designs and color palettes, it’s easy to find a ball that matches your team’s colors or whatever your favorite look may be.


The size of a ball changes quite a bit in the volleyball world.

However, unless you’re playing in some professional league, you don’t have to play with a specified size.

Casual play frees you up, giving the ability to experiment with different sizes and find the optimal size for you.

If you’ll be playing in the professional league, it’s smart to go with a regulation-sized ball, even when practicing. After all, there’s no point in practicing with a ball that won’t be anything like what you’ll be playing within matches.


While the weight of a volleyball seems trivial, it can make a ton of difference, especially for beginners.

Players starting normally have a hard time getting their form and positioning right, so they need all the help they can get.

A ball with a lightweight ball is the best option for them as it’s slower, meaning it won’t arrive quickly, giving them enough time to get in place.

It’s also less hard on them physically, and won’t hurt as much when it hit them.


That’s it for the best volleyballs.

At least for now, you’ve an idea of the best volleyball options in the market and how to pick the option that will suit your playing needs.

Remember; pick a volleyball matching your level of play.  Also, consider the material, grip and texture of the ball.

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