Ultimate Review of The Best Women’s Volleyball Shoes in 2023

Best Women’s Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball enthusiasts know the importance of keeping their feet protected and comfortable-to ensure they concentrate on what they do best, without having to resort to manual protections or inserts.

To the untrained eye, volleyball shoes may look the same as tennis, basketball, or running shoes. In reality, however, volleyball shoes are differentiated from other sports shoes, and for a good reason.

See, volleyball is often played on slick surfaces, and so your shoe should have a good level of traction on the court. 

Again, volleyball also entails a lot of jumps and hits, so it should also be lightweight and cushioned enough to support quick cuts and constant jumping.

But as you can imagine, the market is filled with plenty of volleyball shoes for women, and choosing the right one for your needs is intimidating.

It should allow you to move laterally and front to the back of the floor quickly and without slipping. This is not possible with other sports shoes. For instance, running shoes are made to go forward, meaning they don’t support players cutting in different directions.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide, reviewing the best women’s volleyball shoes in the market with a hope that you take our leg work and enjoy your shopping without having to worry about technical nitty-gritties!

We’ve also included a handy buying guide in the latter part of this article to help with the selection process just in case if you need that extra finer details.

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Quick Comparison Table!

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4 (women)


Mizuno Women’s Wave Tornado X


Mizuno Women’s Volleyball Wave Bolt 6


Nike Women’s Air Zoom HyperAce Volleyball Shoes


ASICS Women’s Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe



The Best Women’s Volleyball Shoes For The Money

The Best Women’s Volleyball Shoes For The Money

#1 Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4 (women) - EDITOR'S CHOICE


First, up for the best women’s volleyball shoes are the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4. They’re an upgrade to the already popular Mizuno Z3.

Overall, this volleyball shoe is built with comfort and practicality in mind. For instance, it comes with lightweight materials like the mesh upper for breathability and uses several cushioning layers for comfort and shock absorption.

As for traction, the carbon rubber underneath the shoe is durable and grippy on the polished surface, so you won’t have to worry about slippage and to break your ankle.

But is the Mizuno Wave, alongside its features, the right shoe option for you?

Features and Benefits


The upper on the Mizuno is made from a synthetic material featuring AIRmesh, so you’ll be getting the much-needed cooling. The fabric allows air to pass through to cool the interiors and dissipate the heat from the inside.

The shoe also employs a Dura-Shield rubber compound at the front area. The overlay plays a crucial role in protecting your toes against friction and the painful bumps.


There’s plenty to like with Mizuno midsole.

It’s anatomically-shaped for starters, meaning your feet will have a comfortable place to rest, without slippage.

More importantly, these trainers employs two shock- absorbing layers: the SR Touch and PoWnCe. SR Touch is an advanced and light cushioning material with fast rebound property. Likewise, the PoWnCe is also lightweight cushioning material but with high resiliency, helping in the smooth toe-off action.

Both of these layers work in tandem to provide players with superior comfort, shock attenuation, and support while remaining fairly lightweight.

The midsole also support breathability, thanks to the Intercool feature. By connecting the outsole and midsole, the Intercool feature prevents the heat and humidity build-up by allowing the air to circulate and cool the foot chamber.


The interior of the Mizuno Z4 is padded, and this greatly helps with the snug foothold. When in use, the shoes will “hug” your feet, wrapping around your feet for added support.

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The shoes also feature Mizuno’s DynamotionFit, a technology allowing the upper to fit perfectly onto the foot, so the shoe flexes with your feet naturally.

Finally, a centralized lacing system adorning the midfoot helps to secure your feet inside. Also, the locking system allows wearers to customize the fit if they need to.


The insoles of the Mizuno Z4 are lined with parallel waveplates and anatomically-designed cups to enhance the overall cushioning and stability.

The Parallel Wave iteration enhances the innovation by dispersing the shock uniformly while reducing the overall impact and keeping the foot steady.

However, there’re a few drawbacks to the Mizuno Lightning, and one of them is the price- it’s a high-end product. For the serious and professional athletes, it’s worth the investment. But for the casual players, we would recommend some of the inexpensive options on our list.



#2 Mizuno Women’s Wave Tornado X - Premium Choice


Mizuno Tornado X is yet another fantastic women’s volleyball shoe from Mizuno.

It’s a low-cut shoe, suitable for middle blockers and is designed for both gameplays and practices.

Like the Mizuno Wave, this option has plenty of technology, including Mizuno Intercool, Dynamotion Fit, and Infinity Wave.

While it might not be particularly comfortable or flexible-at least right away, but combined with a good ankle brace, it’s a solid volleyball shoe you can ultimately depend on, and that is what matters most.

Features and Benefits


Mizuno Tornado X employs XG rubber and gum rubber on the outsole.

Both of these rubbers are not only durable but offer a strong grip, meaning you can always feel safe on the slick volleyball court.

On the foot area, the rubber blends flex grooves and multi-directional patterns for impressive traction.


Like the Mizuno Z4, Mizuno Tornado X features SR Touch AP + Foam for an enhanced rebound.

Additionally, Infinity Wave Technology in the midsole cushions your feet for comfort while shielding them against shock impact.  

The Wave plate, inspired by nature, diffuses energy from the initial contact point to a broader area, for a smooth experience. The technology also helps with overpronation, ensuring you’re centered in the shoe for the optimum performance.


The triple-layered mesh on the upper helps with breathability and prevents your feet from getting humid and sweaty.

The upper also incorporates a proprietary Dynamotion Fit, a technology helping to reflect your feet’s natural movement. This way, the shoe adapts to your feet’ contours, working with your feet and providing more flexibility for a wide range of motion.


Mizuno Tornado X is a comfortable option, with the Stretch Mesh on the upper offering a contoured fit and lessening the chances of pulling, sliding or bunching-this ensures your feet are comfortable throughout your whole stride.

Alongside the upper, the midsole Wave plate offers extra cushioning and stabilizes your stride.

However, as we had earlier indicated, the comfort is by no means perfect, with some of the users claiming the shoe is tight initially and requires a few weeks of breaking before the comfort level is up to par.


Mizuno Tornado X offers impressive support, especially for overpronators, thanks to the Infinity Wave Technology in the midsole.

The shoe is designed to give volleyball players little help in the support and stability department, and Wave Technology is a big part of how it happens.



#3 Mizuno Women’s Volleyball Wave Bolt 6 - Best Budget


Mizuno Bolt 6 is a budget option purchase that doesn’t compromise the performance of the brand’s winning features.

Typical of any Mizuno shoe brand, this option is a capable, comfortable, and easy to wear unit.

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But how exactly does it perform? We shall see that shortly on our Wave Bolt 6 review below.

Features and Benefits


The upper of this sports shoe is made with synthetic and textile material, which promotes air circulation while providing sturdy support for quick directional changes during play.

The front part of the shoe features a Dura-Shield Toe Guard to protect the tip of your volleyball shoes and your shoes from frictional damage.

The Dura-Shield is also helping players with pivoting and quick directional changes, which places pressure on the shoe’s toe area. The front area is designed to accommodate the weight and pressure endured when playing volleyball.


While still on the upper, both the top and side parts of the shoe are made from a breathable mesh material promoting free airflow; it helps to keep your feet cool and dry during play. Without the mesh, it’s easy for your feet to get sweaty and not hold traction, thus inhibiting performance.


The bottom of the shoe sports a rubberized sole for creating a more durable solution, letting you play as hard as you need to.

The rubber bottom also enhances the overall grip surface and promotes a wide range of motion, helping players perform their best during a volleyball game.

At the same time, the sole has non-marking performance, keeping your floors clean from any scuff o black volleyball marks.


Bolt 6 is comfortable in several dimensions.

They’re super light for starters, weighing approximately 8 ounces, meaning they’ll also work to keep your momentum up instead of slowing you down.

The upper of these shoes features Intercool ventilation to reduce the humidity that easily builds up inside the shoes while you’re on the court.

Finally, the specially designed insole helps players keep their traction without the material rolling or pinching in the shoes. This way, it’s easier for players to participate in a full range of motions, for even better performance. The insoles are also easy to remove, and if you feel they’re not comfortable enough, you can swap with a more advanced cushion.



#4 Nike Women’s Air Zoom HyperAce Volleyball Shoes - Best Nike Volleyball Shoes


Since 1964, Nike has been among the leading innovators in the footwear industry, concentrating on moving along with technology to bring the utmost comfort and performance.

The HyperAce is an embodiment of everything good about Nike. It has already been noted that the shoe comes with a unique structure, making it stand out even more among models created for the same purpose.

Features and Benefits


HyperAce has a close resemblance to the popular Volley Zoom HyperSpike, yet another fantastic offering from Nike.

A major similarity between the two models is the overall design, more specifically, the material construction.

Both have a synthetic upper, which promotes durability while keeping the shoe lightweight.

The upper also employs a mesh design for better airflow. When in use, the mesh promotes breathability, preventing humidity and sweat from building up.


HyperAce is built with stability and comfort in mind.

For instance, the improved sole creates a more secure base, allowing you to make a full range of motions without risking slippage or injuring your ankles.

The sole offers the unmatched traction, gripping the slick court floor with ease for better performance.

Additionally, the well-woven grips on the bottom ensure you won’t be slipping, regardless of how hard you play.

And like the HyperSpike, the bottom on these shoes has a wider ball and wider heel, making it easier for the volleyball players to keep traction, especially when they are moving laterally on the court.


HyperAce has numerous comfort-promoting features, and notably, the shoe employs Zoom air technology, which offers an incredible forefoot cushioning system on the feet while maintaining even weight distribution.

Further, the shoes are form-fitting, with the TPU cage technology allowing the shoes to cradle your feet, creating the perfect fit. The fit types also lock down your heel when running or even jumping on the volleyball court.

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The shoes are particularly a handy option for those who’ve previously experienced ankle trouble as the TPU cage technology lessens the stress by creating greater stability.


We already mentioned that these shoes come with wider heels, but besides improving traction, the heels make landing easier since they offer a larger area for stability.

Despite the wider overall bottom sole, the heels are evenly distributed, so you won’t feel like you’re walking too wide bottom or even off-centered.


The smart design on the HyperAce holds the shoe together, furthering the shoes’ tenacity, even under the tough environments.

The mesh upper features a mesh overlay, built into the bottom part of the shoe, eliminating the need for a sewn design.



#5 ASICS Women's Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe - Best For Beginners


Asics Women’s Gel shoes are a beginner and intermediate-friendly volleyball shoes coming at a great entry-level price.

Contrary to other beginner shoes, they’re quite sophisticated, coming with plenty of innovative and practical technologies.

But are they right for you?

Features and Benefits


Like most of the best women’s volleyball shoes on our list, Asics Women’s Gel shoes come with a synthetic construction for durability and lightness.

The upper of this shoe also employs a mesh, which enhances the overall breathability. Also, it prevents the buildup of humidity and sweat, which might impair your performance.

Solid Construction

These lightweight volleyball shoes for women feature solid construction, offering fantastic support and stability and a flex design for lateral movement.

They also employ the innovative technology of the TrusTic system, which reduces the overall weight of the sole outer unit without compromising the structural integrity.

Superior Shock Absorption

The Gel-rocket technology, with stabilizing the TrussTic system, works in tandem to offer an incredible cushioning system meaning you won’t have to worry about the high impact jumps with these shoes.

The unique forefoot gel helps the shoe in attenuating the amount of shock absorbed during impact.

This way, it’s easy to make the high impact move without compromising your safety or risking spraining your ankle.


The sole on this model’s shaft has an approximate low-top measurement from the arc, and alongside the synthetic rubber, the outsole for this shoe offers reliable traction.

This way, it’s easy for you to make quick moves on the volleyball floor without risking slipping.

Fits True to Size

Asics Women’s Gel offers a form-fitting experience, making them an incredible option for various activities, including volleyball, high impact jumps, and the different indoor sports.

They also offer an amazing grip, easily allowing you to maintain lateral traction, including sudden changes in direction.



Best Women’s Volleyball Shoes Buying Guide

Best Women’s Volleyball Shoes Buying Guide

With the market having plenty to offer, choosing the best volleyball shoe is difficult.

Fortunately, in the text below, we shall look at essential elements to consider in your next purchase.

But before I share the tips with you, let’s look at the differences between men’s and women’s volleyball shoes.

Men’s Vs. Women’s Volleyball Shoes

The difference between the men’s and women’s volleyball shoes is minimal.

The upper, insole, midsole, and gum sole are practical all the same in both shoes.

Size and style are the only differences between these two options.

Expectedly, women’s volleyball shoes are aesthetically appealing and made to be more stylish. They’re also available in more colors than the men’s shoes.

Women’s shoes are also lighter in weight than men’s shoes, which is because women are less heavy than men, and the size is smaller.

However, there’re exceptions. Some women have larger feet, and fortunately, there’s an additional option for the women here. If you’ve wide feet as a woman, you might as well consider a pair of men’s shoes. It’ll likely take care of the problem because men’s shoes tend to be a bit bigger than women. It might be the answer to your wide feet, but it’s well worth the try.

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Other than a few other minor things, there are little differences between men’s and women’s shoes.

How to Purchase Women’s Volleyball Shoes

Gum Rubber Soles

A differentiating factor between volleyball shoes and other sports shoes is the gum rubber soles, which offer superior traction.

The gum rubber soles are also used in other indoor games requiring traction such as squash and indoor football.

By increasing traction, they prevent you from sliding, and this helps your ankles out a great bit as you don’t have to worry about injuring them quite as much.

Besides traction, gum soles are popular on volleyball courts because they’re also non-marking, meaning they prevent the surface’s scratching too hard.

Cushion System

Comfort is a big factor for just about any player.

In a physical and demanding sport like volleyball, comfort is of the essence. Otherwise, the concentration will be at stake, and the game’s overall performance is likely to get affected.

When looking for a volleyball shoe, ensure it has a cushioning system and everything that goes with it, including the material and technology.


Volleyball entails lots of movement. But what supports the movements?

A good pair of shoes offer lateral stability and good ankle support, so when that lightweight volleyball swerves in the air, you leap and landing are as stable as possible

When picking a volleyball shoe, pick one with a flexible midsole and supportive uppers.


Size is essential when choosing a volleyball shoe as it affects the comfort and ease of use.

Ideally, the right shoe should fit your feet snugly, without compromising on the overall comfort. Additionally, they should also offer optimum support.


Volleyball shoes should be light enough to allow players to move with ease. This is particularly true for women’s volleyball shoes.

Weight is a crucial element as it provides balance while allowing the player to remain agile.

Keep in mind the weight of the volleyball shoe depends on many factors, including the material, technology used, and the brand.

For instance, shoes made from synthetics and mesh are generally lighter and easier to wear during play.

Features to Consider when Purchasing Women’s Volleyball Shoes

The Upper

The upper refers to the upper part of a shoe, and it often consists of mesh material, leather, or synthetic.

It’s responsible for ventilation and helps to maintain proper airflow.

For volleyball shoes, we would recommend mesh, as it has greater breathability and lightweight, too.


The midsoles lie between the outsole and the insole.

It should be cushioned sufficiently to allow better and comfortable play. They also absorb shock during play, and so the materials for the midsole should be strong and flexible enough to counter the shock.

A majority of the volleyball shoes have EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam for their mid-sole, and a single layer of EVA is good enough for cushioning. Multiple layers are used for flexibility.

The Outsole

It’s the part that comes into direct contact with the ground.

Ideally, the outsole should be firm and steady for better performance.


The closure is responsible for enclosing your feet; it allows the feet to stay put.

The type of closure depends on your preference, but we recommend the straps as easier to put on and remain firm throughout the game.


As you can see, volleyball shoes are differentiated a lot from regular sporting shoes.

Typically, these shoes have better traction, which is great for the slick volleyball courts. They also offer support and better stability for your ankle.

When picking the best volleyball shoe for your need, go with one that fits you right and feel comfortable.

Hopefully, our best women’s volleyball guide shall help you select the right option for your needs.

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