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What Are the Different Sizes of Gundam Models? – A Friendly Guide to Scale Variations

what are the different sizes of Gundam models

If you’ve ever been fascinated by the world of Gundam models, you’re not alone – these intricate, detailed robotic figures have captivated the imagination of countless hobbyists worldwide. But did you know there’s more to Gundam models than meets the eye? In fact, there are various sizes for you to explore and get creative with!

So, what are the different sizes of Gundam models? Diving into the Gundam universe, you’ll discover that there are five main sizes to choose from: 1/144, 1/100, 1/60, 1/48, and Super Deformed. Each size corresponds to a particular model grade, such as High Grade, Master Grade, and even the exceptional Perfect Grade.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Gundam builder, there’s a size and complexity level to suit your skills and preferences.

But wait, it’s not all about the sizes! Gundam models also boast a unique touch in the form of Super Deformed Grades. Want to know how these cheeky little models fare in the Gundam family?

Well, stay tuned as we dive deeper into this captivating world, where you’ll uncover the amazing features and differences between each Gundam size. Let your inner Gundam enthusiast take flight, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find the perfect model to grace your display shelf!

What Are the Different Sizes of Gundam Models?

What Are the Different Sizes of Gundam Models?

There are five main sizes of Gundam models: 1/144, 1/100, 1/60, 1/48, and the unique Super Deformed style. Each of these sizes has a specific purpose and personality that sets them apart. Intrigued yet? Let’s take a closer look at what each of these scales has to offer!

1/144 Scale is the size of both High Grade and Real Grade models. These smaller kits allow you to build a mighty collection without occupying too much space! But don’t let their size fool you, 1/144 kits can have impressive detail and articulation. To put it into perspective, imagine a Gundam that’s around 13cm tall. That’s your 1/144 scale model!

If you crave something a bit more daring and challenging, you might enjoy the 1/100 Scale. This is the scale for Master Grade models, which are perfect for those who enjoy more complex and intricate builds. Imagine building a Gundam that towers at about 18cm tall! It’s like a miniature bouncer for your geeky room.

Now, if you want something even bigger and more jaw-dropping, feast your eyes upon the 1/60 Scale Perfect Grade kits. These bad boys bring your inner mech-builder dreams to life. They usually stand around 30cm tall and boast unmatched detail, articulation, and construction. It’s like building your own personal towering mech guardian!

For those who believe bigger is always better, the 1/48 Scale is for you. Say hello to the Mega Size models! These gigantic kits loom large at around 37cm tall and dominate your display with their sheer size. Imagine the pride you’ll feel showing off your colossal Gundam to your friends!

Finally, we have the adorable Super Deformed (SD) kits. These little guys are their own style of model, typically featuring chibi-style proportions with exaggerated heads and limbs. There’s no specific scale for these, as they are more of a playful and whimsical take on Gundam models.

So, which size speaks to your inner Gundam enthusiast? While the journey to master the world of Gundam models can be exciting and vast, knowing the different sizes is just the beginning! Enjoy the adventure, and remember – you can never have too many Gundams!

To recap, here’s a quick rundown of the scales:

  • 1/144 scale: High Grade and Real Grade models
  • 1/100 scale: Master Grade models
  • 1/60 scale: Perfect Grade models
  • 1/48 scale: Mega Size models
  • Super Deformed (SD): A unique category all on their own

We hope this helps you navigate the exciting world of Gundam models. Go on, immerse yourself in this fantastic hobby and find the perfect model that suits your style and taste. Remember, the sky’s the limit when it comes to Gundam!

Grades and Sizes

Grades and Sizes

Gundam models come in a plethora of sizes and grades, making it an exciting world to explore. In this section, you’ll discover the difference between various scales and model grades, like High Grade, Master Grade, Perfect Grade, and so on. Are you ready to embark on this thrilling journey through the Gundam universe? Let’s get started!

1/144 Scale

The 1/144 scale is the smallest, and it primarily features High Grade (HG) and Real Grade (RG) models. These kits are perfect for beginners and those with limited display space. Fret not, for their size doesn’t compromise the level of detail they pack.

The RG models also feature an intricate inner frame, similar to their larger Master Grade cousins, giving you the excitement of a more advanced build. Bonus point: their affordability allows you to quickly expand your collection without breaking the bank!

1/100 Scale

Moving up a size, we have the 1/100 scale, which predominantly includes Master Grade (MG) and Reborn 100 models. These kits boast a more sophisticated build process, with a full inner frame and articulated joints.

If you’re ready to step up your game and invest some extra time, this scale is your calling. Plus, the increased size means you can really appreciate the intricate details that make your Gundam a sight to behold.

1/60 Scale

Welcome to the realm of the 1/60 scale, where Perfect Grade (PG) models reign. This is the territory of the experienced modeler, offering a challenging and rewarding build experience.

With a sturdy inner frame, an abundance of intricate details, and LED lighting features, you’ll be the envy of all your fellow Gundam enthusiasts. But remember, with great power (and size) comes great responsibility – make sure you have ample display space for these magnificent creations!

1/48 Scale

Last but not least, we have the colossal 1/48 scale, also known as Mega Size. You can think of these models as the gentle giants of the Gundam universe.

They may not have the complexity of their smaller counterparts, but they certainly make an impact with their sheer size. If you’re a fan of minimalist elegance or simply want to make a statement, grab yourself a 1/48 scale Gundam, and watch the jaws drop.

In conclusion, there’s a Gundam grade and scale for every taste and skill level. Take your pick, and happy building! Remember, the Gundam universe is vibrant and vast, and the possibilities are endless. Explore, experiment, and above all, have fun!

What Are Super Deformed Gundam Models?

What Are Super Deformed Gundam Models?

So, you’ve decided to delve into the world of Gundam models, and you’ve stumbled upon something called “Super Deformed” models. What exactly are these charming little creatures?

Well, let me tell you a story: once upon a time in the 1980s, a junior high school student from Nagoya named Koji Yokoi sent an illustration of a Gundam with peculiar proportions to the “Model News” magazine by Bandai.

The overall height of the Gundam was equal to 2 of its heads! This bizarre but utterly adorable Gundam laid the foundation for what we now call Super Deformed Gundam models.

These models are an absolute delight to both build and display, with their chibi-style, larger-than-life heads and tiny bodies. But don’t let their diminutive size fool you – these miniatures pack quite a punch when it comes to details and quality.

As an enthusiast, the moment you lay your eyes on these models, you’re bound to be captivated by their charm.

Now, you might be wondering, “What’s the deal with these cuties? How are they different from the regular Gundam models?” Fear not, my fellow hobbyist, for I shall enlighten you.

Unlike the standard Gundam models that come in various sizes like 1/144, 1/100, and 1/60, Super Deformed Gundams belong to their own unique category and stand out due to their distinctive design.

With their exaggerated proportions and tiny feet, the resemblance to chibi characters is rather striking. Can you imagine a fierce battleship or a menacing mecha warrior transformed into an adorable little caricature? Well, that’s Super Deformed Gundams for you!

Before you dismiss these models as mere child’s play, let me tell you, their appeal spans across all ages and levels of Gundam model enthusiasts.

They’re not only great conversation starters but also offer a more relaxed and fun experience compared to working on a serious, hyper-realistic Gundam model. So go on, embrace your inner child, and give these quirky Super Deformed Gundam models a chance.

Gather your tools, prepare your workstation, and embark on a delightful journey into the world of these tiny yet fascinating Super Deformed Gundam models. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Recommendations for Beginners

Recommendations for Beginners

As a beginner in the world of Gundam model kits, you might feel overwhelmed by the variety of scales and complexities. Fear not! We’ve got your back. In this section, we’ll introduce you to our top picks for Gundam model kits that are perfect for newcomers like you. So, let’s dive into the exciting universe of Gunpla and embark on your new hobby!

Top Pick: Bandai Hobby Wing Gundam Zero Version EW 1/100 – Master Grade

The Bandai Hobby Wing Gundam Zero Version EW 1/100 – Master Grade is an excellent choice for newcomers who desire a taste of the more advanced Master Grade (MG) level.

This 1/100 scale model boasts stunning detail and incredible poseability, offering you hours of building entertainment. But here’s the best part: this kit manages to strike a perfect balance between complexity and ease of assembly, ensuring an enjoyable experience for beginners like you!

Value Pick: Bandai Gundam Barbatos Lupus HG IBO 1/144 Model Kit

Next up is the Bandai Gundam Barbatos Lupus HG IBO 1/144 Model Kit, a fantastic value pick for those of you dipping your toes into the Gunpla waters. Representing one of the iconic mobile suits from the Iron-Blooded Orphans series, this High Grade (HG) kit doesn’t skimp on detail. It offers a simple yet engaging build process, making it an ideal starting point for those who want to hone their skills without being overwhelmed.

Value Pick: Bandai Hobby HGUC RX-78-2 Gundam Revive Model Kit 1/144 Scale

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Bandai Hobby HGUC RX-78-2 Gundam Revive Model Kit 1/144 Scale. As a testament to Gundam’s 35-year legacy, this kit is a revamped version of the classic RX-78-2 mobile suit.

With its upgraded articulation and detail, this High Grade kit presents the perfect opportunity for you to get your hands on an iconic piece of Gunpla history without breaking the bank.

Now, equipped with the knowledge of these fantastic beginner-friendly kits, you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure into the world of Gundam model building. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your first kit, and let the fun begin!

Frequently Asked Questions sizes of gundam models

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the comparison between 1/144 and 1/100 scale models?

So, you’ve got your eyes set on some shiny Gunpla models, right? Well, when it comes to comparing 1/144 and 1/100 scale models, you’ll notice that 1/144 Gunpla are smaller, usually around 13 cm tall, whereas 1/100 models are larger and part of the Master Grade series.
Size does matter for some folks! While the tinier comrades may be easier to display, the bigger 1/100 models boast more intricate details and articulation. It’s your call, champ!

How large are the 1/144 scale Gunpla models?

Picture this—imagine you’ve got a real-life Gundam (impressive, right?), and you’ve shrunk it down 144 times. That’s a 1/144 scale model for you, typically around 13 cm tall. Depending on the model, some might be slightly taller or shorter, but that’s sizeable enough to fit snugly on your shelves and leave enough room for more of your robotic pals!

What are the dimensions of a 1/60 scale Gundam?

For those who crave larger model kits, the 1/60 scale Gundam is the big cheese. As part of the Perfect Grade series, this scale model is 1/60 the size of a full-sized mobile suit, measuring around 30 cm tall. With those dimensions, just imagine the awe-inspiring details and articulation you’ll get to work with, mate!

Which Gundam scales are most popular among fans?

Ah, the fierce battle of popular scales! The 1/144 High Grade and Real Grade series and the 1/100 Master Grade models are, hands down, the most sought-after sizes among Gundam aficionados. Smaller, affordable, and easier to display, the 1/144 models have a special place for beginners and collectors alike. On the other hand, the more seasoned and passionate fans often gravitate towards the 1/100’s incredible detail and complexity.

What other Gunpla sizes are available besides 1/144, 1/100, and 1/60?

You’re in luck, my friend! Gundam doesn’t disappoint in terms of variety. Apart from the rather common 1/144, 1/100, and 1/60 scale models, you’ll also find the bulky 1/48 Mega Size and the adorably proportioned Super Deformed (SD)kits. Both come without a set scale, but are a fun addition to any collection. After all, who doesn’t love some extra Gundam goodness?

Are there any unique or limited edition sizes in Gundam models?

You bet! Gundam likes to keep things interesting with some unique and limited edition models. Keep an eye out for unconventional scales, such as the 1/48 bust series or the super rare 1/35 scale models. Extra-colossal kits like the 1/6 Gundam Head, and specialised versions like the Premium Bandai releases and event exclusives, will make any collector’s heart race. So, if you’ve got a thirst for variety and limited edition sizes, Gundam’s got your back!

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