Ultimate Review of The Best Viking Sewing Machines in 2023

BEST Viking Sewing Machine

Would you like to own a sewing machine that delivers professional quality results even for home users? We would love to have such a reliable sewing machine, right? What if it is affordable as well? That would be a bonus for sure. It is not easy to find quality models for cost-effective prices. 

There are many famous brands in the market. We know a good number of them and might even own a model or two. But there is one more brand that is around 140 years old. Yep. 

We are talking about Husqvarna or the famous Viking sewing machines. Now, you recognize the name, don’t you? Viking machines have made a name for themselves in the market for various reasons. The quality of the machines is just amazing. And how can we forget the technology used by the company? 

The company has released numerous sewing machines for different needs. Some are beginner-friendly, while some models are so advanced that even professionals need the training to use the machines. But one common factor in all models is the reliability of quality performance. 

Husqvarna was born in Sweden in 1689 to produce firearms. After two centuries, the company decided to design and produce sewing machines (that’s quite a change, isn’t it?). The first sewing machine, Nordsjernan, was released in 1872. 

The Freja model, released in 1883, became successful for sewing stitches in a neat and straight line. Over the years, Husqvarna went on to improvise and release new sewing machines meant for various purposes (zig zag, elastic fabrics, jam-proof bobbins, etc.). Viking machines entered the market in 1972, followed by computerized models in 1979, and monogramming models in 1980. 

The company hasn’t looked back ever since and has been releasing some amazing sewing machines into the market. Viking machines are currently categorized under two sections- flowers and jewels. The jewel models are complex machines and meant for professional seamstresses, quilters, and embroiders. The flower models are meant for home users and small business owners. The company also has sergers, heavy-duty models, and cover clock sewing machines under the Huskylock line. 

So how do you choose a Viking machine? What sets them apart from other brands? Is there a buying guide to consider when making the final decision? 

Yes! We have the solutions to all your queries and more. We have compiled a list of the top 5 best Viking sewing machines that cater to various sewing, quilting, and embroidering requirements. We also created a buying guide to help you arrive at a decision. 

 Let’s get started without any delay, shall we? 

Quick Comparison Table!

Husqvarna/Viking Designer Epic Sewing and Embroidery Machine


Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 875 Sewing Machine


Husqvarna/Viking Designer Topaz 50 Sewing Machine


Husqvarna/Viking Eden Rose 250C Computerized Sewing Machine


Husqvarna/Viking Emerald 116 Sewing Machine



The Best Viking Sewing Machines For The Money

BEST Viking Sewing Machine for the money

#1 Husqvarna/Viking Designer Epic Sewing and Embroidery Machine - EDITOR'S CHOICE


The first and the best Viking sewing machine is none other than Designer Epic. This is one of those models every professional dreams to use. It is fully computerized sewing, quilting, and embroidery machine that delivers high-quality performance consistently. It is silent, smooth, fast, sturdy, and reliable. However, this model is not for beginners. It is quite possible to get swamped by all those advanced features it offers. What makes Designer Epic so famous? Let’s see below.

Features & Benefits


What do you think of a 10.1” LCD touchscreen on a sewing machine? Amazing, right? The right panel of this model is the full-length screen where you do all the hard work. You will need to know how to use a tablet to operate the machine. 

The sewing machine is a large unit, with a throat space of 12” and an extra-long sewing table. You can work on huge projects using this machine. Make sure to place it on a wide desk table so that you can work comfortably. 


Oh, well, no one is going complain about this model not doing its job. Be it the automatic needle threader or free arm quilting, countless stitch designs for basic sewing, decorative stitches, quilting, embroidery, and an in-built wi-fi connector, Designer Epic offers the best for everything. 

You can change colors, create custom designs, enter the fabric type and details so that the machine will automatically decide the type of stitches, the needle positions, and the thread tension. You can connect the sewing machine to a free app, mySewMonitor, to get notifications for changing the threads, winding the bobbin, and so on. 

Ease of Use

This model is not easy to use. You will need to be patient to learn and understand the multitude of features it has. That’s why the company has included more than 100 built-in video tutorials. Any time you are not sure about a feature, check the built-in library, and watch the related video to learn. 

There is no need to use a USB when you can directly get designs from mySewnet Cloud of the company. Just remember that the machine cannot sew through all kinds of materials, especially the thicker ones like rubber and fur. That’s the only disadvantage we see. 



#2 Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 875 Sewing Machine - Best for Quilting


Sapphire is a sewing and quilting machine with attractive built-in stitch designs, customizable alphabets, an extended work area, and automated features. It is an affordable and pocket-friendly model that offers a load of features. It is not perfect by any means, but we love it just the same. Let us see the features and benefits in detail. 

Features & Benefits


The Sapphire series has three quilting machines, and 875 is the best among them. This model has a wide work area to let you sew large projects. The LCD screen is obviously not as big as the previous sewing machine on our list, but hey, it is still big enough to easily select the stitch designs. 

The unit has two LED lights to illuminate the entire work area. The automatic presser foot pressure adjustment is great and creates no problems whatsoever. The unit gives you a warning when the thread in the bobbin is going to end. That’s a useful feature, right? 


The sewing machine allows you to set the stitching speed in 5 levels. You can pick a speed that is comfortable based on your sewing experience. What we love is that this model can be used even by beginners. Advanced users might find it a little hard to work without the presser foot, though. 

One issue with the model is that it skips stitches at times. This is an indication that you have to change the needle and replace it with a new one. Some users mentioned that this happened regularly with them. 

Ease of Use

Similar to other Viking machines, this one also has a Sewing Advisor to guide you through the process. Enter the details of the fabric, and the machine will automatically set the rest. However, the thread tension tends to preset at random. It’s better if you set it manually. The model has a Selective Thread Cutter where you can cut the top and bottom threads with one touch. 



#3 Husqvarna/Viking Designer Topaz 50 Sewing Machine - Best for Home Users


For the third Viking machine on our list, we have a mid-level model with attractive features. This one also belongs to the jewel category. Topaz 50 is a computerized sewing and embroidery machine that is best suited for home users. This model allows you to sew and embroider using the 250 built-in stitch designs. It is neither easy to use nor complex to understand.  

Features & Benefits


You might have noticed that most Viking machines look the same. The difference is mostly seen in the color of the touch panel. This model has a brown and bronze faceplate on the white body frame. The LCD touchscreen is color and can be operated using a stylus. 

The other touch buttons (at the top of the machine) let you start/ stop the machine, control needle movement, choose a reverse stitch, adjust the stitching speed, adjust the stitch length and width, and move the presser feet up and down. 


Threading the needle and winding the bobbin is super easy, even for beginners. The other features need some practice, though. Choosing the desired stitch design can take a while to understand. 

You can alter between sewing and embroidery without much effort. You can sew with the embroider unit still attached to the machine. But if you need to use the unit, you will have to calibrate it; every single time. 

Ease of Use

While newbies may not be happy with the machine, intermediate users who sew and embroider at home are happy with this model. The machine’s software is updated from time to time to make sure it offers the latest features. 

The Design Positioning feature lets you exactly place the embroidery design on the fabric. You don’t have to worry about messy designs anymore. The Sensor and Advisor systems take care of the feed dog and other stitch details to deliver a seamless sewing experience. 



#4 Husqvarna/Viking Eden Rose 250C Computerized Sewing Machine - Best Affordable Model


Eden Rose 250C is a limited edition model released by Husqvarna. It is a computerized sewing machine with monogramming fonts and buttonholes. Even though the model doesn’t offer all the features of the computerized version, it does have some good options. And it is a pocket-friendly model compared to other sewing machines. 

Features & Benefits


We must admit that Eden Rose 250C looks cute. The touch panel is in a shade of soft pink that makes the machine look cute. It comes with 145 built-in stitches that include 4 monogramming fonts in 12 languages and 7 one-step buttonholes. 

For easy reference, the stitch designs are printed inside the lid at the top. A condensed version is available on the touch panel as well. The drop-in bobbin has a transparent case to let you see how much thread is left in the bobbin. 


Even though the sewing machine doesn’t have the start/ stop button and the automatic needle threader, it is considered a capable and efficient model. Manually threading the needle isn’t hard. At least, not as hard as understanding how to select the stitch designs. 

There is a broad ruler at the base to make it easy for you to measure while sewing. You can adjust the needle up/ down movements, the presser foot position, control the stitching speed, the stitch length, and width, and stop the design stitches using another set of buttons above the needle system. 

Ease of Use

You might have understood by now that this model is not for beginners. It is more suited for intermediate and advanced users. Home professionals tend to prefer this model as it gives them enough variety within their budget. 

Another advantage is that you will not feel the strain of working on it continuously for a handful of hours every day. Isn’t that important when you work every day? The model still has programmable memory and bright LED lights. 



#5 Husqvarna/Viking Emerald 116 Sewing Machine - Best Portable Model


The last Viking sewing machine on our list is Emerald 116. This is an electromechanical model that is portable and easy to use. It makes the least noise, is stable and sturdy, and is super easy to maintain. You don’t even need to oil the machine. Yep. Since it is also a lightweight and portable model, you don’t have to worry about taking it to your sewing classes. 

Features & Benefits


Emerald 116 is sleek and stylish with minimal design. It has an emerald-colored strip at the top where the 16 built-in stitch designs are printed. There is a semicircle disc that is used to select the stitch designs. 

You can see the two knobs on the side to adjust the stitch length and width. The model has an automatic needle threader, a free arm, and a broad ruler for the measurement. There is also a big reverse stitch lever at a convenient place. 


The unit has a drop-in bobbin system with a transparent bobbin cover. The machine also has a thread cutter, one-step buttonhole, a rotary hook system, drop feed system, adjustable presser foot pressure, and a handy compartment to store accessories. 

Winding the bobbin is easy. Even a child or a newbie with no sewing experience can do it without any issue. The model can handle different fabrics, including upholstery. However, it cannot sew through leather, fur, rubber, and other such materials. 

Ease of Use

This sewing machine model can also be used for basic quilting purposes. The company provides 8 presser feet, a hardcover, a quilting guide, a sewing manual, and other accessories with the machine. This is a simple, efficient, and capable sewing machine that can be used by anyone. 

Even though it is not necessary to lubricate the sewing machine, it is important to get it serviced at least once a year. This will prolong the lifespan of the machine. And yeah, just remember that the drop feed lever is located on the back of the free arm. It’s a little inconvenient, but that’s fine too. It’s not much of an issue. 



Best Viking Sewing Machines Buying Guide

BEST Viking Sewing Machine BUYING GUIDE

Isn’t that an awesome collection of sewing machines? Just look at the range of features the models offer. No wonder the jewel sewing machines are termed as the next-generation models with advanced features. 

Even though you have to buy the machines only for authorized dealers and technical support is provided for purchases through authorized dealers (even for secondhand machines), we cannot deny that Viking sewing machines are some of the best in the market. 

If you still aren’t convinced to buy a Viking sewing machine (we know this is highly unlikely), see the benefits of owning one and decide for yourself. 

Benefits of Viking Sewing Machines 

Before we move on to the factors to consider, let us take a look at the benefits of owning a Viking sewing machine. 

  • There is a Viking sewing machine for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a professional. 
  • The machines are durable, sturdy, and delivers consistent, high-quality results. 
  • You can use high-end features for affordable prices. 
  • The company provides the best customer service. Users say that the company offers efficient online service when compared to other brands. 
  • The Sewing Advisor™, Infodisplay™, and Programdisplay™ are the special offerings of the company. 

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Viking Sewing Machines 

Just as with every other sewing machine, even the Viking machines need to be picked after considering some vital factors. Shall we see what they are? 

Built-in Stitches and Buttonholes 

Built-in stitches allow us to create some lovely projects. The stitch designs add a professional touch. The number of built-in stitches differs from one model to another. Every sewing machine has at least one stitch, the straight one. When it comes to Viking machines, we have a wide range from 16 built-in stitches to as many as 1200. 

A professional will love hundreds of stitch designs, while a beginner will find it easy to work with tens of stitches. Automatic one-step buttonholes make it easy to sew buttonholes to the fabric without turning the cloth from one to another. The size will vary depending on the number of buttonholes provided by the brand. 

Types of Sewing Machine 

Do you want a sewing machine, an embroidery machine, a quilting machine, a combination model, a heavy-duty machine, or a serger (overlocking machine)? Do you want a model with a foot pedal or the one that is fully computerized and works with a start/ stop button? 

Make a list of your sewing needs and decide whether you want to take up new and different projects. You don’t buy a sewing machine every year, so you will need to think ahead for at least 2-4 years and make the investment. That said, picking an advanced model as a beginner might be a little too hard to handle. 

Feed Dog and Bobbin Systems 

A proper and seamless feed dog system will provide a good grip on the fabric without allowing it to slip, wrinkle, or crumple as you sew. You should also be able to adjust the feed dog for free-arm motion, quilting, darning, or embroidery. 

The bobbin system is equally important. Sewing machines tend to have top-loading and front-loading bobbins. Also, some models have jam-resistant bobbins and an automatic bobbin winder. These two can really make things easier for you. 

Reliable Ergonomics and Controls 

A responsive sewing machine is the best kind to use. Be it the foot pedal or the other controls to adjust the stitching speed, the LED lights, the controller to choose stitch designs, etc., should be easily accessible on the unit. They should be located within your hand’s reach so that you don’t have to search for them every time. 

Needle Threader and Thread Cutter 

A sewing machine that comes with an automatic needle threader will save you time and effort. But not every model has it. It’s the same with the thread cutter/ trimmer. If you are going for a basic, entry-level model, choose the one that has an easy needle threading system. The machines usually have a diagram of instructions on the body frame. 

Presser Feet 

You will need to change the presser feet to sew buttonholes, hems, cuffs, quilting, and embroidery. A sewing machine that comes with more presser feet can be used for versatile sewing purposes. And if the presser foot height is adjustable, you can work on heavy-duty materials and thicker quilts. 

Needle Position and Thread Tension Control 

The needle position adjustment lets you move the needle up and down and from right to left. This way, you can sew without moving the fabric too much. When you are embroidering or quilting, this feature is helpful and is a must-have. 

SPM and Speed Regulator 

The stitching speed is calculated on the basis of the highest number of stitches a machine can sew per minute. It is denoted by SPM. It ranges from 500 stitches to even 5000 stitches based on the model, brand, and purpose of use. The average sewing speed is, however, between 600 SPM and 850 SPM. A fully computerized sewing machine will come with a speed regulator that allows you to reduce the sewing speed at your convenience. The regular models have foot pedals through which we regulate the stitching speed. 

Wrap Up: Our Choice

BEST Viking Sewing Machine wrap up

So, have you decided which Viking sewing machine to buy? If you are still hesitant, let us recommend the best ever Husqvarna/Viking Designer Epic Sewing and Embroidery Machine. It is a wonderful model that is as versatile as it can get. 

Be it sewing, quilting, or embroidery, you can do just about anything using this sewing machine. And the 1200 built-in stitches are too good to miss. Since you have already seen the features and benefits in detail, we will not repeat them again.

But we will surely add that Husqvarna/Viking Designer Epic Sewing and Embroidery Machine is worth the price. 

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