Arbor Zeppelin Review – Everything You Need To Know!

Arbor Zeppelin Review

Are you in search of a longboard that is both fast and responsive for city riding? Do you also want a longboard that is lightweight enough that you can easily carry anywhere? If those are the qualities you are looking for on your next board, then the Zeppelin longboard might just be the one for you.

Zeppelin is just one of the many Arbor longboards that had received a positive review from a lot of skaters. But, is it that great as what they claim to be? Let’s find out on this Arbor Zeppelin review.

Arbor Longboard Zeppelin 32 Bamboo 9" X 32" Sidewinder Complete
  • A drop–through design that is built around Sidewinder trucks for an exceptional carving experience. L: 32.00” W: 9.00” WB: 23.00”. 6 maple plies with a bamboo deck ply. Wood and Bamboo material comes from sustainable sources of supply.
  • Wood and Bamboo by-product is reclaimed for use in other products. Decks are produced using eco friendly water-based sanding sealers.
  • Completed with Sidewinder 9.0 Trucks, Arbor Sucrose Initiative Outlook Series 70mm 78a wheels, Arbor Abec 5 bearings, 1/8" risers, and Lucid grip.
  • If you have any question,you can message to us.

About Arbor Collective

Arbor Collective has been providing high-quality products for two decades now. The brand has contributed a lot of great things to the snowboarding and skating industry. Arbor was the pioneer in promoting sustainable manufacturing since they first released their snowboard collection.

The company was honest enough to admit that it took a while before people accepted the beauty in what they were doing. They were used to be called a hippie brand which was not meant as a compliment at that time. However, that did not stop them from pursuing what they believe in and soon people started to appreciate their efforts to save the planet.

During the ’90s, snowboards were all made of plastic and they were the first company to use wood topsheet for a snowboard. Aside from reducing the use of plastic, it also made their snowboards perform better and more durable.

After the successful release of their snowboards, they started recycling old snowboards into skateboards with large wheelbase to bomb hills when it was not time for snow. This led to the creation of the Arbor longboard line. Same with their first product, they also used recycled materials and responsibly sourced bamboo and other woods.

Soon after, Arbor expanded into soft goods. The company is focused on a built-to-last method while using sustainable procedures and fabrics. To ensure that they help save the planet, a portion of all the sales they made from all of their products go to their Returning Roots program.

An Overview on Arbor Zeppelin

An Overview on Arbor Zeppelin

Zeppelin belongs to the longboard collection of Arbor. This longboard has caught the attention of many riders due to its beautiful drop through design and the capabilities it offers. It has a mid-length size that is a bit shorter than most longboards.

The size and shape are perfect for carving and smooth turns. The Zeppelin is available in both complete and longboard deck. This commuter board is not just for getting around the neighborhood or to run errands but is also great for street surfing and carving.

The Arbor Zeppelin is made of Hardrock Canadian maple wood and premium wood top and bottom finish and it also has a carbonized bamboo finish. The use of carbon fiber had made the deck even stronger and preserved the snappy flex.

Since it has a drop through design, it keeps the deck lower to the ground which makes it easier to push and more comfortable for a long-distance ride. The overall components of the Zeppelin allow it to have a big turning radius.

It can also ride well on mild slopes even at moderate speed. The subtle concave with uplifted rails secures the feet nicely when riding and provides leverage during turns. Arbor Zeppelin is available in two designs, the top and bottom wood finish and the other one that comes with snake graphics.

This Arbor longboard is affordable just like the rest of its longboards. Plus, it is made from sustainable sources, and even the wood by product was used for other products.

Features of Arbor Zeppelin

Features of Arbor Zeppelin

The following are some of the reasons you should consider this Arbor longboard a good purchase.

Deck Construction

Arbor Zeppelin is made of 7-ply Hardrock Canadian maple with a carbonized bamboo finish or premium Palisaner wood depending on the version. Having a lower ply count makes the deck lighter and has a slight flex. This makes the board more responsive, pumpable, and has better shock absorption.

Deck Shape and Size

Its size is a bit shorter than most longboards with a length of 32″ and a width of 8.75. It has similar dimensions to a standard skateboard but it is wider and the tips are narrower. The middle part is more square than most skateboards.

The standing platform is relatively short but is proportional to its size. It is somehow similar to a mini-cruiser. The standing platform on Zeppelin is just right to make long-distance commutes more comfortable.

The shape of the Zeppelin longboard is directional and the same as a classic downhill type of board. Since it has big wheel cutouts, it prevents wheel bites even during sharp turns.


The trucks that come with Zeppelin longboards are 150mm Paris trucks. These are great for quick turning and serious carvings. The baseplate angle is at 50º that has a great mix of turn and stability.

The Paris trucks combined with the 23″ wheelbase makes this Arbor longboard responsive for riding on tight alleys and sidewalks. The result is a carving board that is easy to maneuver and a stable drop-through board.


Arbor Zeppelin uses 65mm arbor mosh wheels. These wheels are soft at 78A durometer. Arbor Mosh wheels are great for cruising and carving since it provides the right grip and the center set core absorbs shocks.

The drop-through shape and the wheels’ 36mm contact patch makes breaking into slides a lot easier. Because the wheels have a symmetrical lip profile, it offers a nice blend of roll speed and quick acceleration.


The bearings are ABEC5 with built-in spacers. It gives the wheel a good roll for a longer time. Since it has built-in spacers, the wheels are kept aligned even if you adjust them.


The Arbor Zeppelin has only two versions the Flagship and the Bamboo version. The Flagship design has a wood top and bottom finish, while the Bamboo version has a carbonized bamboo finish and has graphics at the bottom. Both have a nice and sophisticated look.

Pros and Cons of Arbor Zeppelin

Pros and Cons of Arbor Zeppelin

Are you ready to get your own Zeppelin board? Stop right there and hear out its pros and cons first before you purchase one.


  • Sturdy and lightweight deck

The zeppelin longboard is made of premium materials that make it a quality deck. It has a carbon fibre finish that makes it even stronger.

Since it’s only 7-ply it is more lightweight compared to other longboards with 8-ply. It can be easily carried around also due to its shorter length than most longboards.

  • Excellent carving trucks

The 150mm Paris trucks on this Arbor longboard offer excellent carving, have great leverage, and are efficient when quick turning. The Paris trucks work perfectly well with their 23″ wheelbase. Cruising along tight alleys and sidewalks made it easier and comfortable.

  • Shock-absorbing wheels

The momentum core on these Arbor Mosh wheels dampens bumpy rides, which makes it a good shock absorption wheel. The Venice formula also makes the wheels grippy and soft.

These wheels are great for cruising and carving. Plus it accelerates quickly while giving you a nice rolling speed.

  • With built-in spacers

Unlike with most longboard completes that do not have built in spacers, expect Zeppelin to have one. The built-in spacers that come with this Arbor longboard keep your wheels aligned all the time. Even if you try to tighten or loosen them, it will not affect the wheels’ alignment.

  • Environment-friendly

More and more skateboard companies are leaning toward a sustainable approach. But what keeps Arbor different is they also use recycled materials for their longboards and across other products. They not only donate a portion of their earnings to organizations that help protect the planet but they also use bio-plastics and sustainable fabrics.


  • A bit noisy

It makes a noise every time you ride this longboard. Although, most longboards are not that quiet.

  • The recycled glass re-grit is hard to replace

Just like most Arbor longboards and skateboards, they use a clear crushed recycled glass as grip tape. It provides a nice grip but is somehow hard to replace.

How Does Arbor Zeppelin Compare to Other Boards

How Does Arbor Zeppelin Compare to Other Boards

Is this smaller-sized longboard better than regular-sized longboards or other boards? Overall, Arbor has a proven track record of creating quality products from their snowboard line to soft goods and their skateboard range has the same build quality.

The Zeppelin comes in both complete and deck so you can easily customize it to your liking. However, Arbor made sure that their completes are fully assembled with only high-end components without compromising the environment. That being said, the Zeppelin components are well-matched. From the size of the deck, trucks, wheels, shape, and even the angles and geometry – all these were given great considerations to make this longboard one of the best.

The drop-through design for this board make it easier to push and footbrake which is perfect for most beginners. It also prevents wheel bites because of the big wheel cutouts. This makes tight carving smoother and cruising around alleys is made more comfortable.

The longboard deck material is 7-ply of Hardrock maple wood which makes it lightweight. Plus the premium Palisaner and carbon fiber bamboo finish give the deck just the right flex pattern. This makes the board easier to maneuver and control.

The wheels are also better than most longboards due to their softness and contact patch. It can overcome bumpy rides without having to stop or slow down. It also gives a longer roll speed and is quick to accelerate.

The Paris trucks that they also use with their other completes had proven to provide quick turning. They make turning feels like your floating. As mentioned earlier, all parts are paired perfectly for each other and the trucks combined with a 50º baseplate angle is a great blend of stability and turn.

The built-in spacers allow the wheels to be aligned at all times. It does not matter whether you loosen or tighten them, it will not affect the wheel alignment. Unlike with some longboards, the wheel alignment is compromised once you adjust them.

Although the graphics and designs are a bit limited, Arbor made sure that they are made with good taste. The wood finish makes the board look clean and stylish.

One downside of the Zeppelin is that it makes some noise when riding. But most longboards create a sound too. Another thing that some riders are not happy about the Zeppelin and other Arbor skateboards is the grip.

Since it is made of recycled crushed glass, it is hard to replace in case it is worn out. However, it may take a long time before it loses grip, so it won’t probably come to a point where you need to replace them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Arbor longboards made?

Arbor longboards and other products were originally designed and manufactured in San Diego, California. But recently it was moved outside of southern California.

Is Arbor Zeppelin for beginner?

Since the Zeppelin has a drop-through design, it is perfect for a beginner. Having a board that is low to the ground makes footbrake, pushing, and sliding a lot easier. Drop-through longboards are a great choice for learning the basics of longboarding.

Why does Arbor use water based sanding sealers?

Since Arbor is committed to sustainable manufacturing and minimizing its impact on the planet, water based sanding sealers are more environmentally friendly. This is the main reason they prefer to use this.

Are Zeppelin Longboards good for tricks?

Although it is not designed to perform skatepark tricks, you can still perform some interesting tricks like crafting and carving.

Does Zeppelin have a nice review among riders?

If you search arbor zeppelin review, you’ll find that many riders enjoy this longboard over comparable longboards and other Arbor longboard models due to its responsiveness and portability.

Is Arbor Zeppelin better than Landyachtz Dinghy?

The two boards are almost similar in size and functionality. However, Zeppelin has a better standing platform as it is wider than Dinghy, making it more comfortable for freerides and longer distance rides.


Arbor Zeppelin Conclusion

So, what can you say about this Arbor Zeppelin longboard? It sure is a compact and lightweight board that is great for beginners and anyone who enjoys campus and city commuting. No matter what your skill level is, this board is perfect for any kind of rider. Great for carving and will give you a smooth riding experience. All in all, Zeppelin is a good longboard that performs well, plus it more affordable than most brands considering the quality and high-end materials used to create this board.

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