Ultimate Review of the Best Costco Water Bottles in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Costco Water Bottles

Last summer, I spent a week canoeing in Algonquin Park, northern Ontario.

It was an idyllic time, and I really enjoyed the mirror flat lakes, cooking over the fire, and sleeping under the stars.

It was the greatest trip I’ve been on by far, and I relish the journeys and expeditions with all my senses.

I remember the color of the trees in the golden hours, the smell of pine, and the smooth resin of the paddle.

The taste I remember, however, was that of iodine. The rooty, disinfectant taste from the little grey pill we popped and squirmed as we drank our water. It was meant to keep us safe from waterborne infections.

While I found it a great way to keep the water pathogens at bay, it didn’t come out as the one-stop solution for me.


Having suffered from E. coli and Salmonella from my last outing, I’d wholeheartedly recommend bringing your water with you.

Nowadays, I prefer carrying boiled water from home. It gives me the reassurance that I’m gulping something safe.

See, for many of the places I visit, drinking water from the tap, rivers, fountains, or local vendors is a guaranteed ticket to the toilet bowl.

But with my bottled water, I’m assured I won’t have a diabolical Montezumas revenge infection.

You’ll never catch me anywhere without a water bottle in hand, whether working in the office, working from home, in the wild, or even in the streets.

And the good news is, some of my favorite water bottles even have a purification system that eliminates all the pathogens in the water- so I don’t need to drink chlorinated water. I find them handy when I’m out of the water and need to cleanse the available water.

Others have a vacuum seal that keeps my drinks warm, and I use them to hold my hot coffee at the office hours after I prepared.

Now, whether you need a water bottle to keep your liquids warm/cold, hold your drinks, or purify your water, here’s a list of the best Costco bottles in the market right now.

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Quick Comparison Table!

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle


GRAYL Geopress


Takeya Actives Insulated Water Bottle


Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle


S’well Stainless Steel Traveler-16 Fl Oz



The Best Costco Water Flasks For The Money

The Best Costco Water Flasks For The Money

#1 LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Our first pick, the LifeStraw Go, is a second-generation filtered bottle from the house of LifeStraw.

It’s my favorite Costco water bottle, and I love it for its simplicity of magically turning stank ass giardia-ridden water crawling with millions of things into drinkable, healthy water.

LifeStraw Go uses a two-stage filtration system to remove odor and chemicals, including chlorine from the water, and remove any unpleasant aftertaste.

The LifeStraw filter, fitted inside the bottle, also removes 99.999% waterborne bacteria and 99.9% protozoa.

Simply put, this bottle works like a Spartan warrior against all the toxic shit waiting to enter your system. For me, it works well and saves me from a running stomach. And when traveling, it means a dependable water supply for personal use.

While the LifeStraw Spartan works well for drinking purposes as it purifies water as you suck, it’s not good for cleaning teeth. The Grayl Water Bottle is a much better option for this, so it’s helpful to have both or buy a large water bottle for teeth cleaning.

The Grayl allows you to use purified bottled water for rinsing hands, rinsing toothbrushes, and any other use you can think of other than drinking.

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But apart from that, the LifeStraw Go is an incredible choice, perfect for everyday use or outdoor use.

The 22oz capacity makes the LifeStraw Go a practical hydration vessel, good enough for thirsty hikers or even sweaty travelers waiting in line in the train station.

While there’s an option of a full-liter, I like the 22oz option because it’s the Goldilocks size. Big enough to quench my thirst and small enough for portability.

The 22oz version comes in at 9.25 inches long and 3.14 inches in diameter. While it’s slightly slenderer, it’s the same height as most hiker’s water bottles and easily fits into the mesh side pockets of my day packs and backpacking packs.

Plus, it comes with a carabiner, which I can always hook on the lid and clip on my backpack where I could get to it easily enough.

LifeStraw’s BPA-free plastic is also tough as a nail and will survive a 10-feet fall when full of water. I’ve not smashed mine against anything, but I did gently knock it around with no damage. It seems sturdy, and I plan to use it daily to drink from the mountain streams over the next few weeks.

I’m also surprised at how easy it is drinking from the LifeStraw Go straw. Although the flow rate is slightly slower than my camelbak straw water bottle and requires more suction power, I don’t find it difficult to drink from.



#2 GRAYL Geopress - Best Bottle for Purified Water


The LifeStraw Go was a great water bottle, but it had one serious limitation. It doesn’t protect you from viruses.

It’s understandable, though, considering it’s just a bottled water filter and not a purifier.

But with the Grayl, you don’t have to worry about any global pathogens, from viruses, bacteria, cysts, chemicals, heavy metals, and even microplastics. Basically, anything and everything, except maybe zombie viruses 😊

Anyways, the Grayl Geopress is a near-instant water purification bottle that allows you to drink from nearly any water source safely.

It’s from one of the well known brands in the market and utilizes a purification technology to eliminate any waterborne pathogens, including norovirus, hepatitis A, bacteria such as e Coli, salmonella, and dysentery. It also filters out particulates such as chemicals, heavy metals, and plastics.

And yes, it works because, in the last few months, I’ve drunk from rainwater barrels, stagnant pools, tap water, and from brooks, without getting a one-way ticket to the toilet or even getting any stomach complications.

The Geopress makes my water clear and palatable while stopping me from getting ill, even when leaning over the stinky, slime-filled pond.

I also have to admit that it’s the first time I’ve seen a “push system” work to purify water, and it has some big advantages.

It’s a unique filtration system, different from sucking or gravity. While it makes you work a little bit for your purified water, the process of pushing water in the outer sleeve up and through the filter is super easy and fairly fast.

In fact, I can filter 24oz of pure drinking water in a record 8 to 15 seconds! How fast is that?

But my selling feature is how well it eliminates cross-contamination!

See, I’ve used a water purifier bottle before, but they didn’t fully protect me from getting ill by allowing dirty water to get onto the spout.

With the Grayl, you don’t have to worry about any of that. It features a SimpleVent cap over the spout protecting it from dirty water. So, there’s no way contamination can happen even by accident.

Grayl is also designed to survive your many adventures and keep working perfectly as long as you need it.

The thick, BPA-free plastic is tough, really tough. I’ve traveled with this bottle a lot and used it regularly. I’m also not super careful with my things, and so far, it has survived without a scratch. I feel these Costco water bottles were built to last and didn’t damage easily.

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Plus, the bottle is portable. While it’s a bit larger than its sibling, the Grayl Ultralight, it easily fits in a normal side pocket of a backpack and can hold up to 24 oz of drinking water.

It’s a little heavy and bigger than Ultralight, but it comes with extra features Ultralight doesn’t and is enough for most of your daily water intake.



#3 Takeya Actives Insulated Water Bottle - Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle


If you’d like a chameleon of a bottle, something that can adapt to almost any situation, whether sitting at your office desk, commuting on the subway, or for adventures, you’ll love the Takeya Actives.

It’s primarily marketed as a stainless-steel water bottle for gym goers, but even if you’re not looking for a bottle for working out, this option is great for holding your drinks.

One of the favorite features of the Takeya is the two drinking options.

There’s a narrow spout with a hinged pop-up top. It’s my favorite drinking option because it flows easily and has a drinking experience like normal glass. Yet, it stays out of your face and won’t splash on you when walking or even on a treadmill workout.

The second option is the larger screw-top opening, which I find great, adding ice, plopping some lemon wedges, and adding an electrolyte powder and supplements. It also makes it easier to clean the bottle.

Takenya is also made out of a double wall of insulated steel. During testing, I filled the bottle with cold water, and after six hours, the water inside was still as chilly as it was when I filled it.

Another feature I loved with the Takenya BPA-free water bottle is the handle. It’s wide enough for three fingers to hold and will swing comfortably by your side as you walk. It’s by far the easiest Costco water bottle of our bunch to carry without a bag.

Takenya is also available in a wealth of colors and sizes. I’ve the blue color, which elicits ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ at the office.

I chose the 22 oz option- the most recently introduced size to the lineup. I believe it’s the Goldilocks size; not too big, not too small.

It slides into the space leftover in my backpack like a final piece of a puzzle, yet, it holds enough water to quench my thirst during my yoga classes.

A silicone rubber base comes standard on the Takenya and will prevent it from sliding or making noise on hard surfaces. I can keep it comfortably on my desk without fear of tipping it over.

Plus, I always feel comfortable tossing it in my tote bag along with my computer and phone because it doesn’t leak.



#4 Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle - Most Popular Costco Water Bottle


It’s easy to think that items you see pretty everywhere are overrated.

Some maybe, but the Hydro Flask lives up to the hype.

Hydro Flask is among the most popular bottled water brands in the US, and everyone looking for a water bottle goes for this model.

But how good is it?

I’ve used the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottle, and I find it larger than most water bottles in our bundle. The good news is, it’s perfect for everyday situations, from hiking, adventure to use on your office desk.

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Hydro Flask’s signature feature, however, is the double-wall vacuum insulation. It utilizes a proprietary TempShield Technology to prevent condensation and heat transfer to the outside of the bottle, so it’ll keep your drinks hot or cold for hours on end.

For me, at least, I felt giddy the first time waking up to a bottle of chilled water with ice still in it. A standard lid with a honeycomb structure helps with insulation.

The lid is also leak-proof so I don’t have to worry about throwing the bottle along with my laptop in my tote bag.

But what really sets this bottle apart from other vacuum-insulated metal bottles is the distinct, trendy look. The bottle is available in 14 different shades, and then there’re the limited editions the brand is constantly rolling out.

Drinking from this bottle is also a breeze, and as its name suggests, it has a wide mouth, so drinking water is a lot easier.

Plus, it comes with a generous capacity of 946 ml, and this is enough for most users to hit their daily water quota without needing to make multiple trips to the tap water for refilling.



#5 S'well Stainless Steel Traveler-16 Fl Oz - Most Stylish Costco Water Bottle


Looks aren’t everything, but the S’Well Traveler in white marble promises both style and practicality.

S’well’s shape is comfortable to hold and carry around. In particular, the texture is amazing, truly excellent, and offers a comfortable grip.

The bottle’s performance doesn’t disappoint either. As with all the bottles in S’Well’s range, it utilizes therma-S’Well technology and triple-layered insulation so your drinks can stay cold for up to 24 hours.

For me, at least, I don’t have to throw away half of my coffee because of getting cold before finishing it. Now, five to six hours later, it’s still steaming and already paid for itself.

I also love the wide-mouth design, which is great for adding ice to the water. It also makes it easier for me to drink from.

My favorite feature, though, has to be the condensation-free exterior. Unlike other insulated Costco water bottles that leave pools of water behind, S’Well remains dry, no matter how cold my water was.

It’s an excellent bottle for keeping hydrated at your desk, or even putting it in your tote bag, along with paper documents or a laptop.

Plus, it holds a generous capacity of 470 ml, so it’s not too big to carry and will still offer a serious hydration hit.



Best Costco Water Flasks Buying Guide

Best Costco Water Flasks Buying Guide

What makes a great Costco Water Bottle?

Here’re some of the factors to consider when making a purchase.


The choice of material generally determines the durability of a bottle.

A bottle made from metal, such as steel, is generally more durable and wear-resistant than plastic options.


A bottle’s capacity indicates how much liquid it can hold.

For example, the small coffee-type bottles may hold as little as eight fluid ounces, while larger models can hold up to 2 liters or more liquid.

You should choose your bottle’s capacity depending on the intended use.

For example, if the intent is to take it to work and fill it multiple times during the workday, it’s probably fine to have a bottle that holds a relatively small amount.

If you can’t refill your bottle frequently, such as cyclists preparing for a lengthy bike ride, you need a bottle to hold enough water to last the entire day.

Insulation and Heat Retention

It’s also good to keep in mind how good a bottle can keep your drinks cold or hold.

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Generally, the stainless-steel bottles offer two types of insulation: double wall or vacuum-sealed.

Double-wall bottles have two layers between your hands and your drink. The layer of air between them insulates them, making it difficult for heat to pass through.

On the other hand, vacuum-sealed Costco water bottles use a vacuum to create a barrier and stop convection from keeping your drinks at a steady temperature.


Most of the weight on water bottles comes from the contents rather than the bottle itself.

But if you need a lightweight bottle, a single-wall bottle or plastic bottle is better.

Lightweight bottles are perfect, especially when you need to go backpacking.


Even for bottles at the low end of the weight range, most people prefer not to carry a bottle around in hand.

A bottle with a handle will make it easier to carry the bottle.

Some may also include straps that easily fit into car cup holders and bicycle cup holders.

A tight-fitting lead also offers greater portability since you don’t have to worry about the contents sloshing out of the bottle.

Aesthetic and Extra Features

If you care much about style, you can choose a water bottle with a unique design that suits your taste.

Heck, Costco members can even custom order empty bottles with personalized design themes.

Plus, some of these options come with accessories such as straw shakers and easy-to-open straws.

Costco Water Delivery Review- Best Water Delivery Services

Costco water is a bottled water delivery service for Costco members. It is among the best water delivery services in the US.

While it bears Costco’s name, Costcowater delivery service is fulfilled by DS Services.

Price of Costco Water Delivery Service

Costco water delivery services or the DS Services has two membership tiers; Gold Star members and Executive members. Your tier determines the amount you pay.

The subscription services for Gold Star members is slightly higher than what the Executive members pay.

Executive Costco members pay $60 more per year than the Gold Star members for the Costco water delivery service membership. So, executive members receive all the benefits and better price points for delivery services.

To get started, every Costco member needs to sign up to receive service from Costco water delivery services for one year and accept water delivered three- or five-gallon water bottles for a delivery frequency of four weeks.

Features of the Costco Water delivery Services

Costco water delivery service uses spill-proof water bottles that won’t leak even when turned upside down in a water cooler or water dispensers.

Plus, members can access a plan with bottom-load dispensers for the five-gallon bottles.

The Costco water delivery membership also offers the option of choosing between spring water and purified water.

Who is Ready Refresh?

Nestle owns ready Refresh, and this means that all water brands available for the Costco member service fall under the Nestle company.

Under the DS Services, regional bottled water brands include Poland Spring water, Primo Water North America, Crystal Springs, Culligan water, Deer Park, and more.

Types of Bottled Water Costco Offers

The three types of bottled water the Costco water delivery service offers are:

1)      Springwater

2)      Purified water (Pure water)

3)      Water Dispenser

Best Costco Water Bottle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How many ounces are in a standard water bottle?

A: A standard bottle is approximately 17 ounces.

Q: How often should I wash my Costco water bottle?

A: You should clean and sanitize your spring water bottles regularly.

A quick wash daily is a good rule of thumb, along with a weekly sanitization in a dishwasher.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Costco Water Flasks Wrap Up Our Choice

Our winner for the best water bottles for Costco is LifeStraw Go.

It may not purify water to eliminate viruses, but it filters water to the best drinkable state.

It’s easy to use, too, reliable, and cost-efficient. I would highly recommend it.

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