Ultimate Review of The Best BMX Grips in 2023

Best BMX Grips

Most of my riding is usually on the road, and I spend quite a bit of time with my hands on the bike handlebars.

And for the longest time, I had to bear with an unpleasant riding experience, especially when riding for long distances.

A serious problem for me was the exposed metal clamp on the handlebars. When the temperatures dropped, the steel bar got really cold and forced awkward maneuvering to avoid touching the clamp.

But it was just an inconvenience, and I didn’t give much thought to it. After all, my performance wasn’t affected in any way, and I was enjoying the moment.

That changed when I began having problems with hand numbness after 15-20 minutes of cycling. I also began to experience tingling in my fingers, and I could no longer sustain my marathon rides.

As a quick remedy, I decided to get some gloves so that my skin doesn’t contact the metal.

It helped and even dampened the vibrations on my hands.

But here’s the problem; I sweat a lot. My hands would get sweaty when wearing the gloves, leaving me with a funky, musty smell.

Plus, it didn’t make my ride any better because it didn’t offer as much grip as my bare hands did.

Out of desperation, I visited my local bike shop for advice, and they recommended some ergonomic BMX bike grips.

I hadn’t thought much about them before, but anyways, I had them mounted immediately, and the difference was instant!

Of course, I felt a bit funny/weird having them on at first, but after a few tries, I got the hang of them.

The numbness that I was having went away, and today, I don’t experience any hand issues or anything.

And here’s the kicker!

The grips have really improved my performance in many ways.

For example,  they’re supportive, comfortable and their design offers a good platform for spinning.

Unlike gloves, they offer more grip since they’re integrated into your bike handles and I can use them bare hands.

They also don’t feel squishy at all; instead, they’re more forgiving while offering the support I want.

Now, if you feel you need one of these, I can suggest a few decent options.

I’ll share some of my favorite BMX grips in the guide below and explain why you might find them an exciting choice.

I’ve also included a handy buying guide, so you can go through the guide if you’ve time. It’ll help you choose the best grips on the market.

Quick Comparison Table!

GPMTER Bike Handlebar Grips


BV Bike Handlebar Grips


Vans x Cult Flangeless Odi Bike Grips


ODI Longneck ST Handlebar Grip


Fuzion Pro Scooters Hex Grips



The Best BMX Grips For The Money

Best BMX Grips for the money

#1 GPMTER Bike Handlebar Grips - EDITOR'S CHOICE


I’ve to be honest, I didn’t think GPMTER would be this good.

But did the job on our old Roadmaster Bike.

I selected them for the price because I didn’t want to put a lot of money on an old bike. But surprise, they were much better than I expected.

See, I’ve had experience with $50 grips before, but these, nearly a 10th of the price, feel just as good, if not better, than the premium options.

These non-slip on grips were far nicer than expected. Very soft rubber compound and looked great. The quality is also awesome, and not just for the price. Installation is a breeze, and the grip is incredible.

One of the things I quickly noticed with the GPMTER Bike Handlebar Grips was the choice of material.

Yes, I wouldn’t say the rubber used here is super fancy or anything, but it ticks on all the boxes for the best material for BMX grips.

First, the rubber is soft. Although not as soft as my old neoprene foam grips, they offer a comfortable surface and don’t feel squishy either.

The rubber’s texture is also nice, and you can even feel it through your gloves. Riding these without gloves is incredibly comfortable. They’re light, too, and don’t rub my hands to get blisters or calluses.

While remaining soft, they don’t compromise their sturdiness an inch. The material is dense and is tough.

The bike I’m using is for dirt trails, and for several seasons now, I’ve used these grips without the worry of them tearing or wearing.

They don’t disappoint even when abused, and unlike my previous grip that became gummy after exposure to the sun, I can leave mine hours on end without worrying about anything.

Along with the unmatched durability, I’m pleased with GPMTER’s grippiness.

These are really grippy, almost feeling like they suction your hands on the bars.

The high-quality non-slip rubber lives up to its name, eliminating any form of sliding or slipping.

Regardless of the existing weather conditions, the high-friction rubber gives you more confidence that you won’t slip and fall or lose control.

I can’t get enough of this feature because I sweat abnormally in the hot summer and usually get wet and slippery. Now all the slicky feeling is gone.

Comfort is also prioritized on these grips, and you’ll enjoy every second on your bikes.

A special layer of extra gel provides for a soft and comfortable experience. It’s plush and nice, so you won’t feel fatigued or develop any blisters.

On top of that, the grips fit on the handlebars like a glove and are comfortable in the long run.

Installing these bad boys is also a breeze and won’t take much of your time.

The idea of using a clamp mounting instead of relying on friction is outstanding. The setup, consisting of a locking aluminum collar at the end caps of the bar, keeps the grips from slipping off or rotating.

It’s an incredible system and one that will ensure your grip always stays positioned in the right place, even when you abuse them.

Unlike the cheap and flimsy alternatives, this option doesn’t rotate like a motorcycle throttle or anything. It doesn’t fall off either. The clamp lock secures and tightens them in place to avoid loosening.

And here’s the kicker!

The GPMTER Bike Handlebar Grips will fit nicely over a standard bar.

This means they’re perfect for BMX bikes and mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, folding bikes, and so much more.

They’re the right size, easy to install, fitting down the bar.

On top of that, the grips come complete with an Allen Wrench, which helps with the installation. I was a little worried that I might require a bike multi-tool, so this was definitely a plus in my books.

Overall, I’m happy with this purchase.

It comes at an unbeatable price, and yet it has the performance and features of a high-end BMX grip.

It’s my top recommendation for the best BMX Grip.



#2 BV Bike Handlebar Grips – Most Secure BMX Grip


I ordered the BV Bike Handlebar Grips because they matched up with the colors of my bike and because of their good ratings.

What I didn’t know was that I got a bargain purchase.

Along with the awesome look and feel, these are pretty reliable, durable and will stand up to anything you throw at them.

The best part, though, is they utilize a double lock-on system, so I do not worry about the grips loosening or falling off when I’m on the fly.

And there’s more to come!

The first impression of the BV Bike Grips is they look nice and appealing. The cool Maya-inspired grip pattern is a joy to look at, and the different color options will effortlessly match any of your bike’s color schemes.

Simply put, the BV Bike Grips provide an aesthetic accessory for your bike and will get heads turning at all times.

Moving on, the grip’s performance is on another level.

First, it was the clamps for me.

The double lock-on design is great, unlike the generic systems that tend to disappoint now and then.

It consists of aluminum C-rings that secure the grip tight on the handlebars.

When installed, I couldn’t help but notice how the grips felt solid on the bars. There wasn’t any wiggling, and they couldn’t slide around either.

The benefit of this double clamp design over most BMX grips is when installed, they stay in position forever. They won’t fall out or move around, even after hard riding and a couple of crashes. I would easily rebuy these.

But there’s more to these grips!

I’m pleased with the rubber grip pattern that offers a stable and tacky surface grip.

When riding, you feel like your hands are firmly “glued” on the handlebars, yet, it’s easy for you to make an effortless adjustment on your hand position.

On the trail, I felt more confident and secure that I’ve better control of my bike. And for whatever stunts I was going for, I had that reassurance and peace of mind that the grips wouldn’t fail me.

On top of that, these grips elevate the overall comfort, so I can ride for hours on end without fatigue.

The TPR material (rubber compound) used here has great shock-absorption properties and will relieve the pressure from your hands when riding.

Personally, I noticed a huge difference in the hand fatigue and numbness I used to have with my previous grips. It was not present on these. Plus, I could now stay on my bike for much longer and cover a much longer distance.

Durability is also on point on these grips.

Since installing them, the rubber compound hasn’t torn, or the end caps come off even after crashing.

I’ve already put over 100 hard miles on trails on them. And over the course, they’ve been abused and even smacked against tree branches a couple of times, and have nothing to show for it. Nice.

Installing the BV Bike Handlebar Grips is effortless and doesn’t take much time.

They come with hex pattern keys (diamond checkering) for loosening and tightening, thus allowing for a good and secure fit.

And the best part is they’re made to fit any straight handlebars, so they can work well for a mountain bike, BMX, to cruiser beach bikes.

Overall, I think the BV Bike Handlebar Grips is one of the few grips that have it all.

It’s secure to use, reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and comes at an affordable price point. Real deal.



#3 Vans x Cult Flangeless Odi Bike Grips – Best Value


I’ve used the Odi products before and can tell you they’re one of the best value brands in the market.

In fact, I can challenge you to find a brand that is more widely accepted in the BMX world than Odi.

I’m also a big favorite of Vans and have owned several pairs of Van’s shoes in my lifetime.

So, when I saw grips made from a collaboration of two of my favorite brands, I could resist getting them.

The Vans x Cult Flangeless Grips are the ultimate BMX grips, and I’m happy with these.

They’re super comfy, without getting too slick when my hands sweat, and I’ve had no problems with the grip either.

The flangeless grips are reliable, too, and I have used them for several seasons now, I don’t see like I’m going to change them anytime soon.

One of the things that attracted me to these grips was the aesthetics. The Vans x Cult Flangeless Odi Mountain Bike Grips look great.

They’re aesthetically appealing and come in different colors. In fact, I’d go as far as to say there were too many for me to choose from

But I’m happy with the color green as they match my seat, which is so important.

Moving on, I am happy with the sizing and compatibility.

Each of the grips features a 143 mm size length and has a good-sized diameter, meaning they’re great for use for most bikes.

While they’re not as wide and more extensive as the Odi Rogue or Shadow Conspiracy, they’re still better suited for my bulgy hands.

Meanwhile, I’m impressed with the level of excellent grip they offer.

Of course, the grip isn’t like the actual Van’s sole, but the classic Van tread grip pattern has plenty of excellent traction.

The waffle grip pattern will firmly latch onto your hands and keep you in control, even in wet weather conditions. It’s a God-sent feature for users with sweaty hands like me.

ODI grips hold up well in harsh weather. I use them even when it’s raining, and they don’t slip. Plus, they don’t get too sticky either in the heat.

Along with the good grip, the waffle design is also unique in its way and a perfect conversation starter when I head out for group rides.

You would think the Odi grip would be rough on your hands for such a grippy rubber compound.

I also thought so, but after installing them, I noticed how soft they were. Not too squishy, but just comfortable enough not to cause calluses or blisters.

The material is so plush that some of my friends use it on wheelchairs, crutches, and walkers. No slipperiness.

On top of that, the grip doesn’t disintegrate like some cheap rubber, or rubber-like compound does. They’re by far more durable than the generic or stock-on grips that come with BMX bikes.

Installing and using these Flangeless Bike Grips is also effortless.

The flangeless grip design comes in handy for making quick adjustments on the fly without compromising my safety.

I also benefited from the traditional lockjaw clamp that keeps the grips from slipping or falling off when on the fly.

However, getting these grips on the handlebars is a bit challenging at first, but once you get it right, you’re good to go.

It remains in place, and there’s no twisting or wonkiness. The grips feel hearty, and you’ll enjoy every second with them.

The only knock is they can be a bit challenging to install.



#4 ODI Longneck ST Handlebar Grip – Best All-Around Mountain Bike Grips


I recently switched from BMX to MTB and didn’t like the cheap stock grips it came with.

Plus, I didn’t want to go with the lock-on design or fat foam grips that everyone in the MTB space seemed to have.

Instead, I wanted a classic mountain grip that would work well in any condition and stand up to the punishment of stunt riding.

The ODI Longneck seemed like a great choice.

First, it was the size.

As its name suggests, the Longneck mountain grip is a fairly long handlebar grip, and this seemed like the perfect length for my large hands.

Plus, it offered enough length to accommodate my brakes and shifters, even on a modern wide flat bar.

The Longneck lock-on grips are also well-made and comfortable.

They’re also suited for the experienced BMX riders, and on my Razor Bike, I had to cut off the flanges to different grip lengths for them to work.

But the good news is that it’s really easy to do with a sharp knife.

When installed, there’s a collapsible rib pattern that gives BMX riders more grip surface area. This is necessary, especially for riders who want to perform tricks and turns.

The ribbed grip pattern is super grippy and will latch onto your hands as their life depends on them.

On the trail, you don’t have to worry about slipping your hands off the handlebars or even losing control.

Sweaty hands or wet weather are no longer a concern for me.

While remaining grippy, the rubber compound used here is really soft. So soft that it saves you from the hassle of wearing gloves.

Unlike my previous grip, this mountain bike grip isn’t rock hard or anything close to that. It doesn’t add calluses or cause the formation of blisters.

Instead, this lock-on is plush, super comfy, and pleasant to have on your handlebars.

Installing these rubber grips is also an easy task and doesn’t require much thought. Only a few users found it challenging, but there’re plenty of videos on YouTube to guide you.

A simple spray of hair spray or using zip ties allows the lock-on grips to slide right on, and when the hairspray dries, it turns to glue, so the grips are on super tight.

On top of that, the ends of the grip are open to allow riders to insert end caps plus to hold the grips in place.

With the end caps installed, there’s no loosening, wiggling, or falling off the plugs.

Overall, the Odi longnecks are an incredible purchase. Easy to use, reliable, and can accommodate a variety of handlebars.



#5 Fuzion Pro Scooters Hex Grips - Heavy Duty BMX Grips


Our last pick, the Fuzion Pro Scooters Hex Grips, are my favorite grips.

They’re wider, bigger, and a gateway to bolder rides.

I prefer them over others because I’m a big guy, and I don’t enjoy the pressure that some grips put on my hands-on bumps and stuff.

These are wide, big, and super-cushiony to accommodate my bulgy hands while maintaining a sleek and stylish design.

Unlike the thin skinny grips, the Fuzion Pro Scooters Hex Grips don’t dig into my hands or anything. The new, wide design is definitely going to change your ride and offer an extra-plush feel.

Another draw with this pick is that the Fuzion Pro Scooters Hex Grips are multi-purpose grips that work well for different bikes.

They’re not only suitable for BMX bikes but also scooters and bikes. Or rather anything with handlebars.

Using the Fuzion Pro Scooters Hex Grips is super easy, thanks to the classic grip design.

So, whether you need to use the grip on the street, skate park, or trail, they inspire more confidence and give you the support you need for added control and stability.

Personally, I’ve used the grips in some pretty darn conditions, and I didn’t feel slippery at all. I’ve used them in rainy and humid conditions and didn’t feel like my hands were slipping off.

I also have sweaty hands, and even when I’m using the grips in the hot summer Florida sun, I don’t get inconvenienced.

Durability is also one less thing to get concerned about on these grips.

The custom nylon bar ends used in constructing the grips are sturdy and tough. They take a beating like a champ, and they don’t look like they’re worn even after using them for several seasons.

I’ve also repeatedly abused my BMX bike grips, crashing them and using them in unfavorable conditions, and they still perform like the day I bought them. I’ve not encountered any durability issues.

Overall, the Fuzion Pro Scooters Hex Grips are a practical option suitable for different riders.

They’re also cool, and their hex grip pattern offers unmatched grip and sturdiness.

Simply put, you can’t go wrong with these.



Best BMX Bike Grips Buying Guide

Best BMX Grips buying guide

Grips shouldn’t be overlooked in a bike.

Remember, they’re one of the contact points on your bike, along with the pedals and saddle.

The rubber grip will affect your overall comfort, endurance, and bike control.

But unfortunately, BMX grips come in different shapes, forms, designs, materials, and so much more.

This makes selection quite a nerve-wracking experience.

Of course, you can try different bicycle handlebar grips to figure out what works for you eventually, but many of us don’t have the resources and time to do that.

The good news is I’ve prepared a handy buying guide for you.

In the best BMX grip buying guide below, I’ll share everything you need to know about selecting the right grip for your needs.

But first, let’s learn the benefits of having BMX grips on your bike.

Advantages of BMX Grips

There’re numerous benefits of having mountain bike grips on your bike.

They include:

1)      Comfort

Premium BMX grips offer a great amount of cushioning, support, and shock-absorption abilities.

Therefore, riders will always benefit from next-level comfort and will enjoy every moment on the BMX bike.

2)      Control

BMX grips offer a generous amount of grip and tackiness.

This way, users benefit from unmatched finesse and greater control of their BMX bikes, both on the ground and in the air.

3)      Style (personal expression)

Alongside performance, BMX grips offer a great way to express your personality.

The choice of color, design, riding style, pattern, or tread tell a lot about you.

Types of BMX Grips

Now that we understand the benefits of a grip, let’s look at the different designs.

1)      Flanged Grips

The flanged grips are the traditional form of BMX grips.

One of the greatest benefits of this design is that it allows users to achieve consistent hand placement.

As its name suggests, this design comes with flanges on the inside edge of the grip.

This way, it creates a backstop for your hand, which is essential for the young riders.

2)      Flangeless grips

The flangeless grips are suited for performing stunts and tricks.

They’re great options because they don’t get in the way during landings.

BMX Bar Ends

Bar ends are positioned at the “end” of the grip to prevent it from slipping off the handlebar.

They’re also necessary for helping you avoid hurting yourself.

Some BMX grips don’t come with this option, while most of the premium bike grips offer the bar end in their package.

The two popular types of bar ends are “push-in” and “lock-on BMX grips.”

Factors to Consider when Purchasing the Best BMX Grips/ Key Features

In the section below, I share the key features to get the right pair.


The grip is necessary for riders, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of blisters or an uncomfortable riding experience.

Instead, it should be soft.

Having a cushioning system on the surface is necessary for a pleasant grip.

Usually, cushioning is determined by different factors, including the material used, grooving, tread pattern, etc.

Best BMX Grips faq


Tackiness may well be defined as “grippiness.”

See, due to the dynamic nature of BMX riding, riders will require more traction on the handlebars.

This is necessary for promoting better performance, such as stunts and tricks. Grip with tackiness also allows riders to achieve predictable and consistent performance.

Ease of Installation

Installing a grip should be easy, effortless, and shouldn’t take much of your time.

The ease of installing a grip will depend on the design or rather variants of the grip.

Two of the popular designs are slip-on design and lock-on design.

Slip-on design, as its name suggests, is installed by sliding them on the bike handlebars. It leverages friction for the bicycle handlebar grips to stay in place.

The slip-on design bars are easy to install, simple, and require less precision.

On the flip side, the lock-on grip comes with a slip-on design rubber sleeve secured by clamps with bolts and aluminum alloy locks on the outside edge.


Having a well-built and designed grip is necessary.

It’s important for durability so that your grip can last for a long time and doesn’t strip easily.

Usually, most bike grips are made out of rubber because of their inherent tackiness and cushioning abilities.

But whatever material you choose for your grip, ensure it’s reliable and quality.


The best BMX grip should promote a nice handling experience.

At the very least, it should help with controlling your BMX bikes.

Plus, it should provide a pleasant experience during inclement weather. For example, it should help you avoid slippage or anything during wet weather or humidity.


When shopping for a grip, ensure you consider the accessories that grip comes with and their quality, too.

While most grips come with end caps for a nice finish, the quality can vary so much.

Secondly, for mountain bike grips such as the lock-on grips, consider whether they come with bolts, aluminum locks, aluminum alloy locks, and screws for installation.


BMX grips come at different prices; some are cheap and others expensive.

Find a grip that is within your budget. Secondly, it should also address all your riding needs.

Best BMX Grip Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I prevent slippery bike grips?

A: One way to avoid this is choosing a weather-resistant material. It should be impervious to water and sweat.

Q: How do I make my grip long-lasting?

A: Alongside choosing quality material, you can also use grip covers to protect your BMX bike.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best BMX Grips wrap up

Our winner for the best BMX grips review is the GPMTER Grips.

In my opinion, they’re the best grips on the market.

They’re a practical grip that ticks the boxes in many departments.

I love everything about this grip, from the choice of material, ease of installation, tacky grip, and ease of use.

And the best part is that it comes at a reasonable price, especially considering the quality it puts on the table.

I would recommend.

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