Ultimate Review of The Best BMX Pegs in 2023

Best BMX Pegs

Pegs or no pegs?

There’s so much divisiveness amongst the pegless street riders versus the peg’d riders.

Personally, I hate to be fully pegless because there’re plenty of times when I ride pegless, then seeing something and thinking, damn, I wish I could grid that.

Don’t get me wrong; you can always pedal grind. I’d even go as far as to say pegless riders have been some of the most influential riders around (Steve Hamilton, Garret Byrnes & Ian Schwartz).

They’ve had a massive influence in BMX, and I’ve had mad respect for these guys.

But here’s the thing, I feel there’re not many downfalls to riding with bike pegs because if you’ve them on, you have the option to grind, but if you don’t, you’re screwed if you want to grind.

With a peg on my bike, I’ve so many opportunities and options I can do. It also opens up so much to areas I can perform tricks.

Of course, you don’t need pegs to do whips, barrel rolls, and barspins, but that’s it!

But with a peg, I can do grinds, 180s, ledge grinds, double peg, flatland maneuvers, hang fives, stalls, stall on back wheels, stalls on front wheels, and every other trick I can do pegless.

That being said, I’m not trying to throw shade at the pegless riders because you can always get really creative going pegless.

My aim is to share how you can take your performance to new levels with the best pegs in the market.

Based on my experience, I’ll share some of my favorite BMX pegs and discuss why you should consider them for your bike.

Plus, if you’re interested in purchasing any of them, I’ll share a definitive buying guide to help with the selection.

Quick Comparison Table!

Novatec Steel Pegs for 3/8 inch axles




Black Ops Lead Foot BMX Pegs


KINSPORY Aluminum Alloy Bike Pegs


Odyssey G-Sport Pleg 2+ BMX Pegs


Odyssey Graduate BMX Peg



The Best BMX Pegs For The Money

Best BMX Pegs for the money

#1 Novatec Steel Pegs for 3/8 inch axles - EDITOR'S CHOICE


My son loves these, and so do I.

The Novatec steel pegs are easy to install and make his bike look cooler than before. Even better, they’re easy for other kids to stand on while they ride around.

From the first glance, you can already tell they’re heavy and sturdy.

See, I was looking for a metal set because I don’t trust plastic, or at least don’t want to keep replacing them, and honestly, nothing beats the clinking sound of Novatec steel pegs when doing grinds.

The pegs are pretty much indestructible and will take all the abuses of stunt riding like a champ.

On top of that, I don’t worry that they would snap off because they can withstand a rider weighing 200 pounds and more.

The tubular steel construction materials are also high-grade across the board, and the heavy riders can use these with absolutely no worry about them sliding or becoming compromised.

Performance-wise, I’m pleased that Novatec comes in a 3/8” axle fit and 4.3” in diameter.

While they’re not extra-wide, they’re definitely wide enough to offer a large surface area for the rider’s foot to grab onto or even accommodate a secondary rider without feeling like they’re sliding off.

They work great for my son’s bike because my younger daughter wants to ride with him, so having some pegs for her to use helps both of them.

And the good thing is Novatec’s body is covered with a textured grip, ensuring your shoes don’t slide off when riding. The ridged surface promotes greater friction, ensuring a safer peg grind and more control.

Installing his bad boy is also a breeze. While the metal peg didn’t come with instructions, most BMX riders find themselves up and running in minutes.



#2 ODYSSEY MPEG Axle Peg - Lightest BMX Pegs


Odyssey has been a personal favorite, and their quality products and reasonable pricing woo me off.

After reviewing several of their products, we chose the ODYSSEY MPEG Pegs, and I’m pleased with its performance.

I bought these for my son’s Redline Recon BMX Bike, and they work great.

They’re super sturdy, installation is a breeze, and you can’t beat the price.

The first thing I noticed with these pegs was the 14mm strong metal construction. It’s more durable than any other pegs we’ve come across. Even after constant abuses, I don’t see like I’ll be replacing the pegs anytime soon.

It takes all the abuse of stunt riding and tricks like a champ and can withstand “scourging” from course rails.

The three anti-roll positions impact the longevity of this peg, and even when my son wants to crook grind down a set of 17 stairs, these puppies will withstand the beating.

The other benefit with the ODYSSEY MPEGs Axle Peg was the weight.

It comes at only 1.3 pounds and is significantly lighter compared to its competitors. Yes, not the light as some plastic BMX pegs, but light enough to allow my son to perform tricks.

The peg doesn’t add any extra weight to your bike, and when riding or performing tricks, you barely notice its presence, which is necessary for the weight weenies.

I also considered the ODYSSEY MPEG Axle Peg because the forks on my old BMX had really small dropouts, and the last pair of pegs wouldn’t fit.

This option is different because it comes with a thin diameter, which is what I needed. It fits well on my bike, with no room to spare. Plus, the right fit makes it easy to perform my finisher tricks.

ODYSSEY MPEG Axle Peg is threadless, and this is a plus for me.

There’s no need to match specific thread measurements. It saves me the hassle of matching the peg with specific thread measurements of my BMX.

Secondly, I love grinding and am impressed at how they slide well, especially in coping quarters.

When in use, I don’t experience any spinning or shifting whatsoever, which is necessary to enhance my overall performance.

Installing the ODYSSEY MPEG Axle Peg is a breeze and doesn’t take more than 10 minutes tops.

And the good thing with the pegs is they come with inserts, so I don’t have to worry much about fitting these on the smaller diameter axles.

Plus, it comes with adaptable axle sockets, and this ensures that all the axles are usable.



#3 Black Ops Lead Foot BMX Pegs – Budget Pick


The Black Ops Lead Foot BMX Pegs are a more affordable option for the average rider.

But don’t let the price fool you; they’re sturdy, reliable, and good performers. It’s no wonder they rank so high up on our list of the best BMX pegs.

As with most BMX pegs on our list, Black Ops Lead Foot BMX Pegs have a structurally sound body as they’re produced from fine steel.

Steel, as we know, is robust and reliable. The Black Ops Lead Foot BMX Pegs feels solid enough to slam rails and get a beating without breaking.

The sweet nectary sound of that metal clink when you finally connect your pegs on the rails you’ve been eyeing all day alone is worth every penny.

On top of that, the steel on this peg is knurled and grooved.

So, unlike my previous steel BMX pegs, Black Ops Lead Foot BMX Pegs aren’t slippery when performing tricks.

The knurling on the pegs runs deep enough to hold my shoe in place, but not so much that it’ll tear up the rubber or my skin when I accidentally rub my leg on it.

I often use it on my 6-year-old son’s 14″ BMX bike. It’s more for him to have fun.

Plus, the peg’s design ensures greater stability and control while performing ricks or peg grinds as the surface is less-smooth.

The Black Ops Lead Foot BMX Pegs were also specially designed for the BMX course and objective, evident from the tread patterns and dimensions.

It is quite adaptable and comes with the thread pattern of 3/8 x 26t, which suits most common BMX bikes. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check before purchasing.

When put on the rear wheel, the metal pegs also do quite well as a set of passenger pegs. My son has no problem carrying his buddies or little sister.

We love these pegs because they are also really easy to install.

Before, we tried another brand and couldn’t get them to fit no matter what we did, but these went right on with no hassle.

They’re straightforward to install and will pretty quickly attach to any 3/8″ axle. However, we found out that they really do best when installed on tires at least 26″ diameter. Anything smaller than that, and they start looking a little chunky and may throw you off balance.

Width-wise, I’d suggest you take extra care when selecting because there’s a slight difference in the overall width of the pegs.

The black version is slightly wider and slightly larger than the silver version.

I prefer the black version (1.6″ diameter) because they offer just a bit more surface area, perfect for my sons who prefer to have passengers street riding on their bikes. Plus, it offers a greater surface area for shoes to make contact with the pegs.



#4 KINSPORY Aluminum Alloy Bike Pegs – Best BMX Pegs for Beginners


Kinspory is an aluminum alloy BMX peg for beginners.

I love these because they’re a compatible set with most BMX bikes and are easy to install.

The pegs are, however, perfect for beginner riders looking for their first pair of BMX pegs. They also double up as the ideal option for kids.

Their alloy construction means they strike a balance between reliability and user-friendliness.

My first impression was that the pegs came in light, which is good for beginners who don’t want to be weighed down during their performance.

Yet, even when maintaining their lightness, they don’t feel flimsy or like the cheap plastic pegs.

Instead, they’ve the sturdiness and reliability of aluminum and will provide you with confidence when performing tricks.

Personally, I’ve beaten the crap out of them, and so far, I’ve not experienced any bending, no wiggle, and it’s still in good shape.

I could sum them up as sturdy and smooth. And if you’ve dealt with the loose, spinning pegs when trying to nail your latest trick, you’re really going to love these pegs.

We’re pleased with the special pins that keep the pegs fastened in place.

Plus, they’re easy to install, and no need to worry if you’ve 3/8” axles because there’s an included adapter, which makes the whole process quite convenient.

Overall, these are not only high-quality but work as hard as you do.

They also look good and will fit no matter what designs you’ve on your BMX bike.



#5 Odyssey G-Sport Pleg 2+ BMX Pegs – Best Plastic BMX Pegs


G-Sport is another one of my favorite BMX brands.

The craftsmanship and quality of these products are top-shelve, and I wouldn’t hesitate to run my bikes exclusively on the G-Sports part.

The G-Sport is an upgrade to the popular OG Pleg, and you can tell from the word go that the redesign is a success.

This new version incorporates some new design aspects that we’ve come to love.

The two major upgrades include the new 7075 aluminum core and a proprietary plastic sleeve.

Two of the major working points of these new pegs focus on stiffness and overall damage prevention.

The plastic peg achieves this in several ways.

One, you’ll notice the reduction in the overall peg diameter of the new plastic sleeve. Next, the length of the inner core is also a lot thinner. It’s reduced by approximately 75% of the length of the plastic sleeve.

All these exclusive changes are made to stimulate the BMX riders, allowing them to perform the high-risk stunts and be as rough as possible.

Now, unlike my previous plastic-sleeved pegs that had the habit of wearing thin, the length adjustment of the G-Sport allows them to remain sturdy, whatever the conditions.

Even when I rough the plastic pegs and beat the crap out of them, they hardly start to roughen, bend or degrade.

The length adjustment allows me to be rough with the bikes as normal and not worry about replacing the inner core.

Overall, the Odyssey G-Sport Pleg 2+ BMX Pegs is a great choice for BMX riders, and it’s a peg I would highly recommend.

The plastic peg is built with stiffness and solid construction in mind to help prevent damages and increase the overall longevity of your pegs.



#6 Odyssey Graduate BMX Peg – Simple BMX Peg


Odyssey Graduate BMX Peg is a simple, frill-free plastic peg.

Unlike the traditional plastic pegs, there’s no state-of-the-art blended plastic or even special hardened inner core.

The only distinct feature on these pegs is the Odyssey BMX logo on the face.

However, the Odyssey Graduate Peg is still a great option, especially for kids.

They’re, however, not ideal for the hardcore street rider or anything but will work well for grind descent. Personally, I like using them for flatlands.

The Odyssey Graduate BMX Peg is made from 4130 Chromoly core with an outside diameter of 1.5” and a length of 4.5”.

Unlike our previous plastic pegs, this one has the inner core pretty the same size as the outer sleeve.

While the design drives up the weight to 127 grams per peg, it’s not so much to make a difference. I barely notice the pegs on me.

The Chromoly pegs are nice, and the plastic slides well on the waxed ledges and rails. They’ll also last for a long time.

Installation is a breeze, as they come attached with a ¼” hole for drilling and tapping into the frame.



Best BMX Pegs Buying Guide

Best BMX Pegs buying guide

To help you narrow your BMX peg selection, we’ve compiled a guide, sharing everything you need to know before your next purchase decision.

What are Bike Pegs for?

A bike offers an awesome way to get from one place to the other and exercise.

However, it does more than that; you can use a bike for a little riding style and perform tricks.

Bikes with pegs are particularly entertaining, and for BMX, they’re primarily used to showcase tricks and add a little flair.

High-quality pegs expand the purpose of a bike, and in some casual bikes, they can even be used to hold other passengers on the front or back of the back.

However, they should never be used as a form of transport.

Plus, experienced riders should always be wary of the potential dangers of having too many people on pegs and how much weight is on the street bike at once.

Factors to Consider when Selecting the Best BMX Pegs


Generally, the most common materials used for BMX pegs are metal and plastics.

The structural integrity of both materials is different, so it’s obvious each possesses its pros and cons.

Metal pegs are more durable and will take a beating more than plastic ones.

Metal pegs have a more slippery surface than plastic pegs, so generally ideal for the more experienced riders.

However, keep in mind plastic pegs aren’t entirely plastic.

Usually, they’re sold as sleeves, encasing a thin metal inner shell. The sleeve sits flush to the internal metal, so they’re equally durable and less prone to break, but not as the true metal pegs.

The good thing with plastic pegs is while they tend to wear off quicker than the metal option, they can be interchanged and replaced after a couple of months.

Axle Size

Next, after the choice of material is the axle size.

The vast majority of pegs are designed to fit the 14mm axle standard found on most street bikes and park bikes (BMX), which is beefier than the 3/8” axle on race bikes.

The 14mm is ideal for BMX bikes because it can effortlessly handle the forces extended by stunt riding.

However, many pegs come with an adapter/reducer to enable them to fit the 3/8″ standard axle size, in case you want to try some stunts on your race rig.


Best BMX Pegs faq

BMX pegs are available in varying lengths, ranging from the micro pegs to the universal 4” pegs.

There’re also longer versions of up to around 4.4” for riders with big feet or those who feel longer pegs offer better grind.

The micro-pegs offer the ability to pull off grinds and protect your axles without being as obtrusive for air tricks and jumping as “normal” pegs.


A typical; peg diameter is 1.5″, though some riders prefer some “skinny” pegs for lighter weight.

NB* Some of the BMX pegs feature anti-roll slots to prevent rotation.

These pegs will also feature an anti-roll pin to keep it in place.

Can you Add Bike Pegs to Any Bike?

So far, we’ve only mentioned BMX pegs.

BMX bikes are the most common bicycle that bike pegs can be attached to.

However, you can certainly add pegs to any bike, provided they’ve the proper wheels to support the pegs.

If you don’t own a BMX or street racing bike, you generally can’t attach the peg, or at least you shouldn’t try.

Usually, bike pegs are meant for BMX tricks and to be used on street and trick bikes. If you try to put it on the regular bikes, you could hurt yourself or those around you. This is not to mention it can damage the axle and frame of your bike.

Best BMX Pegs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I put pegs on my BMX?

A: The decision to put pegs on your BMX is personal. However, if you prefer performing tricks, particularly the grinds on a pegged bike, I would recommend you put the pegs on your bike

Q: What are good pegs?

A: Good pegs should be durable, reliable, and withstand the weight and abuses of stunt riding.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best BMX Pegs buying guide

Our winner for the best BMX pegs is Novatec Steel Pegs for 3/8 inch axles.

It’s a reliable and easy-to-use BMX peg.

The peg is tough as nails and will stand up to the abuses of stunt riding. And not only that, it can support riders of up to 200 pounds, so it’ll accommodate even the plus-size riders without breaking, bending, or anything.

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