Ultimate Review of The Best BMX Seats in 2023

Best BMX Seats

Ask any BMX rider, and you’ll realize we usually ask little of our saddles.

We barely sit on the saddles when riding. So, unlike the road and mountain riders that spend long hours on the seat, comfort and lightness usually take a backseat when selecting the right BMX seat.

However, it doesn’t mean any seat will do the trick.

Stock BMX seats can be a great starting point, but I came to realize they’re not built with performance in mind.

My first retro BMX, for example, came with a wide, fat seat, which felt generally nice and comfortable to use.

It was nice for a start, but as my skills progressed, I realized that it severely limited my BMX stunt capabilities.

It made it harder to move around and get in my way when performing the flatlands tail whips.

On top of that, it could catch my feet, especially at the back, when doing the bunny hops.

My awakening moment came after I upgraded the existing seat with a BMX saddle

I only wish I had made the switch earlier as my BMX riding became more enjoyable and effortless.

I agree, the new saddle wasn’t the comfiest option, but it was tough enough to take on the occasional impacts when landing from the air.

It was also subtle enough not to feel awkward when doing tricks, which are the order of the day with BMX riding.

Now, I’m assuming you’re on this page looking to level up your BMX riding with new BMX saddles.

You’re in the right place because I’ve dug up some of the best BMX bike seats in the market.

Here’re some of my favorite BMX seats.

Quick Comparison Table!

Velo Gel BMX Bike Seat


SUNLITE MX Juvenile Saddle


Vinqliq Professional Bike Saddle


Mongoose BMX Seat


Velmia Bike Seat



The Best BMX Seats For The Money

Best BMX Seats for the money

#1 Velo Gel BMX Bike Seat - EDITOR'S CHOICE


The Velo Gel BMX Bike Seat opens our review list of the best BMX seats.

I purchased this because I needed a better seat for my bike as the stock seat was angled, stiff, and had no movement.

The Velo Bike Seats seemed like a great option for the 26” BMX.

Out of the box, this seat looks the part of a BMX seat, especially a dirt jumper.

It’s aggressive and chic at the same time, maintaining the classic look of my BMX.

But more importantly, I love that it delivers on all fronts.

The seat is well-crafted, with the two-part leather and fabric looking quite outstanding and comfortable. It also has just the right amount of padding.

Vel’s dual cover seat protection is particularly handy for durability.

Even after several months of “extreme” use, the seat doesn’t seem to wear, and there’s no significant damage.

In other words, Vel will serve you for longer and take its durability a step further than most BMX seats.

But what is durability without comfort?

Vel doesn’t skimp on this department either.

It’s so much better than the cheap hard plastic seats I’ve been using before.

The saddle has a layer of cushion, not the super thick soft cushioning, as you don’t really want that on a BMX.

Instead, it’s decent and has the right amount of cushioning to allow me to cruise for several hours while dropping the butt soreness that comes afterward.

Plus, the fabric is slick, so it keeps reducing the friction to a minimum. Dope.

I also chose the Vel BMX Seat Bike because of its superior compatibility and will work perfectly for most small to standard BMX applications.

In particular, if you ride anything below size 26”, then it’s probably one of the best BMX seats you can get.

Remember, it’s not integrated, so riders can always choose your ideal seat pole or fit it to any BMX bike. It’s a nice feature and will greatly draw riders looking to customize their BMX bikes.

Overall, the Vel BMX Bike is an incredible bike seat. My only issue is the fabric material on the sides. It works fine but tends to scuff, especially when laid down.

But that’s not a dealbreaker, and for the price, it’s hard to beat this one.



#2 SUNLITE MX Juvenile Saddle -- Most Affordable BMX Seat


Our second pick, the Sunlite MX Juvenile Saddle, has been a great replacement for the 10-year bike.

We needed a replacement on his busted-up seat, and this one is a direct match for the original but better in terms of comfort, ease of use, and performance.

The other reason I choose the Sunlite MX Juvenile Saddle is that it’s an inexpensive purchase and probably one of the most affordable BMX saddles that made it onto our list.

But don’t take its low cost for poor quality or anything.

The seat fits snug and doesn’t wobble.

It also feels comfortable and a bit larger than the original fat seats, so it feels like it will support my son’s weight a lot better.

Unboxing the Sunlite MX Juvenile Saddle, you’ll notice it’s shaped like a typical bike seat. It’s not extremely padded or bulky like the product photo suggests.

Instead, it’s nicely shaped and seems like a perfect fit for my son’s bike and his street racing needs.

The build quality for this saddle is also impressive, and its quality doesn’t appear to have changed for the several months we’ve been with it.

Our old saddle was torn up from repeated crashing, but the soft, waterproof vinyl material on Sunlite MX Juvenile Saddle seems like it will hold up to crashing and much more.

The constant falling, dragging, general clobbering, and exposure to elements seem to have no effects on this saddle.

I’m impressed with this saddle’s construction and understructure, and it appears it’ll hold up for several years without peeling, splitting, or fading.

The other impressive benefit of the Sunlite MX Juvenile Saddle is comfort.

If I’m to take my son’s word for it, he says the saddle feels nice on his butt, and he has no problem riding his bike for long hours.

The fact that it’s nicely padded and cushioning translates to more comfort and a pleasant riding experience.

It’s unlike the hard plastic bike seat that feels uncomfortable and causes a lot of butt pain.

Installing the Sunlite MX Juvenile Saddle is one of the easiest parts.

It comes with the necessary hardware and took me about 5 minutes max to install, and most of the time was spent loosening the rusty singular bolt holding the old bike seat.

And once I mounted, we loved that it offered enough adjustment for proper positioning. I can set it to whatever angle I want, and it comes with a seat clamp attached already.

Plus, it’ll fit on most standard seat posts.

Overall, BMX riders can’t go wrong with the Sunlite MX Juvenile Saddle, especially on a budget.

It doesn’t compromise the quality either and has by far surpassed my expectations.

I would recommend it.



#3 Vinqliq Professional Bike Saddle – Multi-purpose BMX Saddle


Right at our half-section of the best BMX seat, we’ve a multi-purpose and versatile seat.

The Vinqliq Professional Bike Saddle goes above and beyond traditional fat BMX bike seats.

It also has a load of awesome features, which will match your BMX cycling needs.

But the greatest feature with this bike seat, at least in my opinion, is how versatile it comes.

Beyond BMX bikes, it’s also useful for other bike designs such as MTB, road bikes, and much more.

Multi-functionality aside, this awesome professional bike saddle also has a solid construction.

I was impressed with its build quality and choice of materials.

For example, the premium PV leather plus other materials combine to give a solid and tear-free bike seat.

This seat will take on the abuses of BMX riding like a champ and hardly crack, even after aggressive riding and stunts.

Meanwhile, the seat’s comfort is also unmatched.

I like the saddle because the material doesn’t stick to my bike pants, so I’ve no issues getting off the saddle.

The polyurethane foam pad on this seat is also compressed down to the plastic base, which is necessary for comfort, especially for the longer rides.

When I switched the saddle on my road bike, I was pleasantly surprised that I racked over a 100-mile run with a ton of climbing and didn’t feel pain or any soreness. I finished with a smile on my face.

On top of that, this seat features a hollow-out and ergonomic design that relieves my crotch area. It makes for no-numbing long rides.

The cut-outs are also necessary for the necessary breathability and make me feel cooler and more comfortable, especially for long-distance riding.

Installing this bike seat is also a breeze, and I didn’t even need the manual.

But what I loved most about the installation was the positioning gauge that made it easy for me to set the saddle in the same position when adjusted.

Overall, I’m impressed with the Vinqliq Professional Bike Saddle.

It has plenty of premium features and feels solid, even for intense rides.

The seat is also pretty multi-functional, and I can use it on pretty much all of the bikes in my garage and be sure of an exhilarating and comfortable ride.



#4 Mongoose BMX Seat – Most Stylish BMX Seat


Our list of the best BMX brands can’t be complete without mentioning Mongoose.

After all, it’s one of the trusted BMX companies and reputable for manufacturing quality BMX accessories.

And for our review today, we look at one of its top seat offerings, the Mongoose BMX Seat.

It’s a comfortable seat, fits nicely, and feels sturdy.

Out of the box, it looks incredibly stylish and is available in two main colors-white and blue.

White is my favorite color and goes well with my Mongoose bike.

However, it needs regular cleaning because it tends to get dirty easily. But it’s a fantastic product overall, and dirt isn’t a big issue for me because I mostly use it for street and park riding.

The quality of material on the Mongoose Slim BMX Seat is also nice and feels durable. A vinyl cover lets the seat withstand daily use while extending its longevity.

It’s hard, though, but not like the plastic seats. I can ride it for hours without soreness.

Plus, I’ve realized it doesn’t crack or break down, even when exposed to elements, especially the sun.

The seat is also sufficiently padded for more comfort.

It has plenty of foam padding, making it nice to use daily.

And unlike most BMX bike seats, the Mongoose BMX Seat has a unique feature that makes it ideal for stunt riding and tricks.

It’s one of the few BMX seats with a rear bumper, which prevents scuffs while saving the rider from shocks and bumps.

The rear bumper is especially a handy feature for me because it minimizes the risks of falls and spills while facilitating a smoother ride.

Installing this bad boy is also pretty easy and doesn’t require much effort.

And the good thing is it’s a universal set, so it’s likely to fit a range of BMX bikes, including yours.

Plus, it comes with a seat post, completing the overall value it provides.

Overall, you can go wrong with the Mongoose BMX Seat, and I’m impressed with its performance.



#5 Velmia Bike Seat -- Premium Option


Our final pick, the Velmia Bike Seat, is a great option that will certainly get you flying through the street.

I love this bike seat because of its unique nose.

The nose isn’t only aesthetically pleasing, but it certainly makes this bike seat feel more comfortable and supportive.

I hardly slip forward on my ride as my traditional fat bike seat would, and I no longer need constant repositioning.

Comfort on this seat doesn’t end there!

The polymer on this seat has a special memory effect, so it’s much more comfortable to use.

Velmia seat padding feels firm but not solid for excessive give. Instead, it provides you with sufficient power while shielding you from any type of saddle bone/butt pain.

There’s also no soreness whatsoever, and feels pleasant to use at all times.

For example, there’re cut-outs on this seat that promote proper air circulation, keeping you away from unpleasant sweating in your crotch area.

So, I can always bike with confidence knowing everything is super-comfortable downstairs.

Durability is also on point, but the main highlight of the solid design is the additional welded seams.

They’re completely waterproof, so I have no issues using this seat for the wet rainy days or the dewy mornings.

Mounting this bad boy on my bike seat is also super easy.

It comes with a standard width of 7.3″, which is a great fit for most bikes.’

On top of that, other features include a standard size clamp for mounting. It’s adjustable for the angle, and I can set it to whatever style or design I want.

Overall, the Velmia Bike Seat is nice, and though it runs a bit expensive, it provides real value for your money.

I would recommend it.



Best BMX Seat Buying Guide

Best BMX Seats buying guide

I’ve shared a list of the best BMX seats, and I’m hoping one of the listed options fit your bill.

If, however, you’re still undecided on what option to choose, I’ve compiled a detailed buying guide to help with the selection.

I’ve listed everything you need to know when making your next BMX seat selection in the section below.

Types of BMX Saddles

The first thing we shall focus on is the different types of BMX saddles.

Usually, the categorization of the BMX seat is based on the seat post fitment used and seat shape. It refers to how the seat’s bottom is secured or attached to the bike’s seat post.

Generally, BMX seat posts are shorter than the MTB or road bike seats, and in most cases, a large part of the post sits inside the top tubes.

That said, here’re the five common fitments/shape for BMX seats.

1)      Integrated BMX Saddle

The integrated saddle is by far the most common saddle available.

As its name suggests, this saddle has both the seat and the seat post integrated into one unit. They’re detachable and can’t be separated.

When purchasing the integrated seat, it’s critical to consider the fit with your bike’s seat post tube.

It should match the interior diameter.

The good thing is the integrated seat comes in different sizes, ranging from 21.0MM to 36.0 mm.

2)      Pivotal Seat

A pivotal seat is a new standard shape, which has become quite common over the past few years.

Spotting a pivotal seat is easy because the seat post is molded with adjustment grooves, onto which the BMX seat rests.

They’re quite a unique saddle design and will only support seats with a pivotal design.

3)      Railed BMX Saddles

The railed BMX saddles are popularly known as the “micro-adjust” seat post.

Micro-adjust shape posts have a close resemblance to the MTB saddles or road bike standard seat.

These seats come with twin rails underneath, further secured by a corresponding twin bolt clamp.

4)      Standard BMX Saddles

The standard BMX saddle is basic and simple.

They usually consist of a metal pipe design slotted into a seat top tube and clamped using the “seat guts.”

Generally, this straight saddle design is often found on affordable BMX bikes.

However, most BMX riders who perform tricks find this design obstructive.

5)      Tripod Seats

The tripod seat is yet another new and upcoming design developed by Fly Bikes.

They come with a triangular plate mounted at the top of the seat post. The triangular plate is then saddle bolted for security.

Factors to Consider when Selecting the Best BMX Seats

Now that you’ve determined the type of saddle for your BMX bike, you need to consider the factors that will ensure you get the right saddle for your needs.


One of the important considerations for any BMX bike is durability.

In most cases, the choice of material determines the overall durability of a BMX seat.

The most durable seats, in my opinion, are made from the molded plastic hull and have minimal polyurethane foam padding.

You also need to consider the cover used on the seat.

Typically, it’s a choice between leather or synthetic.

Leather is more comfortable and feels supple but expensive.

On the other hand, synthetic, especially nylon, is less comfortable but more durable.

You can also opt for Kevlar, which is even sturdier, but be ready to pay more.


Best BMX Seats faq

Choosing a well-padded seat will provide you with ample support and great cushioning. No more butt pains.

It’s especially important if your BMX bike doubles as a cruiser.

Width Matters

BMX seats are available in three primary widths.

They include:

1)      Slim width

2)      Mid-width

3)      Flat width

Slim width seats are popular with race riders.

The reason they’re unobstructed and don’t interfere with pedaling motion or the frame.

On the other hand, the mid-width helmet is common with the street and park riders, while flat saddles are common with jump riders.

Flat seats are easy to grip in between your thighs and particularly handy for tricks that don’t require the use of hands.


Finally, you need to consider bumpers.

They’re important because they help absorb the shock against impact and crashes.

Usually, Kevlar or plastic bumpers at the side of the nose will do a tremendous job of neutralizing any impact.

Best BMX Bike Seats Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What’s the proper way of caring for my saddle?

A: Depending on the material used, you can take care of your saddle by regularly cleaning it.

For example, if your saddle is coated with leather, you can wipe it with a moist cloth before allowing it to dry in a cool place.

Q: Do all saddles come with a seat post?

A: Not all saddles come with a seat post.

Most of them don’t have one, so it’s a good idea to check the specifications.

Q: How do I install a saddle on my bike frame?

A: Usually, most saddles come with mounting hardware for easier installation.

There’s also a manual to guide the installation.

Plus, you can check on the numerous installation tutorials online.

Q: Why do BMX seats point up?

A: The BMX seats are usually pointed up, which helps with the rider’s control, especially when performing tricks.

 The pointed seat is necessary for providing pivot and lever on the race track, especially through the jumps.

A pointed nose is also helpful in providing more clearance for the rider.

Q: Why do BMX seats have low seats?

A: With the pointed nose, low seats provide more clearance.

The low seats allow acrobatic movements and ensure the rider is clear of the frame, especially when performing bunny hops.

Q: Can I use my BMX for long-distance riding?

A: I wouldn’t recommend it.

The seats on a BMX bike are designed for speed and not optimized for comfort.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best BMX Seats wrap up

Our winner for the best BMX bike seats is the Velo Gel BMX Bike Seat.

It plays and looks the part of a dirt bike seat.

The seat exceeds my expectations by far, both in performance and ease of use.

Plus, it comes at an affordable price tag, and I would hesitate to buy it once again.

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