Ultimate Review of The Best BMX Sprocket in 2023

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There’re two main reasons you would want to upgrade or replace your sprocket.

One is to replace the worn parts, and the other is to alter the final drive ratio for whatever reason or application.

Now, I often see a lot of street BMX riders thinking that replacing a sprocket will make their bikes faster.

That’s not entirely true.

See, a sprocket isn’t a gear; it’s a sprocket.

It’s sized up just like a chain and by the pitch size. You can’t mismatch different chains and sprocket chains.

However, that doesn’t mean upgrading to a new sprocket is inconsequential to your overall speed.

I can attest to this because after replacing my old sprockets, I managed to hit new ceilings.

For example, I optimized the force I could exert with my legs and the maximum cadence to turn my legs.

Simply put, my performance has gotten better over time.

And here’s the kicker!

I no longer have to worry that my chain doesn’t mesh correctly with the sprocket teeth. Or even that my sprocket has worn out or chain slacked or isn’t engaging correctly.

Now, whether you want to improve your performance or want more efficiency in your riding experience, here’s a review of the best BMX sprockets in the market.

Quick Comparison Table!

Black Ops Micro Drive BMX Chain Ring


Big Roc BMX Sprocket


SUNLITE Single 1-Piece Chainring


Odyssey La Guardia MDS2


Haro Team Vintage Disc Sprocket



The Best BMX Sprockets For The Money

Best BMX Sprocket for the money

#1 Black Ops Micro Drive BMX Chain Ring - EDITOR'S CHOICE


We choose the Black Ops Micro Drive BMX Chain ring as our top pick because it appeals to the casual BMX rider.

It’s also my favorite chainring, and I love it for several reasons.

One, it comes at a pretty affordable price. I still can’t believe what Black Ops has done at this price point.

Secondly, this front microdrive sprocket is available in three different sizes. It can support multiple tooth sizes, which is a good thing because it gives riders different options and choices for purchase.

Along with the incredible compatibility , I’m also pleased that it comes in different colorways. Yes, aesthetics don’t matter much, but I don’t mind having a nice-looking sprocket on my bike.

Performance-wise, the Black Ops Micro sprocket is a blast.

It’s the real deal, and I’m pleased with the numerous performance aspects that it comes with.

First, it boasts of a proprietary 1/8″ quiet drive system. The benefit of having this system installed on my bike is I can now enjoy quieter rides. I no longer have to announce my presence from afar because of noisy sprockets.

The other thing is about compatibility. See, for my previous fang sprocket, I had to bear with the roller hitting the top of the peaks of my chainring. In turn, the chain ended up becoming so loose that I couldn’t pedal without the chain skipping or falling off.

All of that is now gone with the Black Ops Micro spline drive chainring. It fits most of the BMX bike pedals and has no compatibility issues whatsoever. The 3/32″ and 1/8″ chain compatibility even fits the 3-piece BMX cranks and has awesome compatibility with all chain widths of multiple sizes.

On the trail, I’m a fan favorite of the 28T sprocket teeth. It’s a nice compromise, offering a pleasant hill-climbing experience and the high gear ratios to get some decent speed on the flats.

My son loves the spline drive sprocket installed on his bike because he can now ride alongside me without fatiguing, even when racking up miles.

Durability is also on point on the Black Ops Micro spline drive sprocket.

Sporting a thick width and CNC Machined alloy steel, this bad boy looks like it was built from a solid metal block.

It’s nearly twice as thick as my old Fang sprocket and will stand up to all the punishments and abuses you throw at it. It doesn’t snap or anything and will last for a long time.

Finally, installing this spline drive sprocket is a snap.

It doesn’t take much effort, and all you need to do is remove the crank and slide the gear off the hub. The sprocket is splined, so it’s held in position by the crank arm and drive pinion.



#2 Big Roc BMX Sprocket – Budget Option


I’ve to be honest; I was hesitant with the Big Roc purchase because it seemed like it was on the generic side of things.

It also came in cheap, and I thought it wouldn’t be the right pick for my needs.

However, since I wanted a sprocket that I could use to replace my old bike, and I didn’t want to ball out either the Big Rock seemed like a great choice.

I’m glad I acquired it because it has served me well so far, and I can’t complain,

It’s light and seems like it’s decently made.

For the price, the quality and strength are more than worth it.

It’s an easy replacement for riders looking for a budget pick that is reliable and performance-oriented.

It comes with some attractive attributes that I’ll share with you shortly.

First, it comes in different colors and seems to be the right size for most BMX bikes.

The 25T sprocket teeth variation on this pick is ideal for use on BMX bikes and other categories of bikes.

It meshes seamlessly with your chain rain and won’t result in a too tight or too loose chain for use.

When riding this full guard sprocket, you’ll also realize how the pedaling transitions are seamless, regardless of the conditions.

Using it on the trail is as fun as using it on the flatlands or even on hilly sections.

And like our top pick, this bad boy doesn’t cut corners with the overall durability.

It boasts of CMC machine aluminum alloy. The strength of the sprocket is unmatched.  It will stand up to all the abuses of performing tricks and so much more.

Overall, the Big Rock is an awesome purchase and perfect for those who need an inexpensive yet reliable sprocket.

It’s compatible with most BMX chains and even comes with a 23.8mm center round hat washers diameter for easy fitting.



#3 SUNLITE Single 1-Piece Chainring -- Best BMX Sprocket for Casual BMX Riders


My 4-year son’s bike came with a 28T stock sprocket at the front.

While it was great for tackling the hills, it was usually a menace for my kid when going flat or downhill.

So after much review and asking around, I was recommended the 32T Sunlite single chainring.

This full guard sprocket was a great purchase, fitting perfectly on his bike,

More importantly, it has leveled up his performance, and he’s much faster now in his profile racing and hill climbing. It’s also quite sturdy, and I didn’t take much time installing it.

While it’s still an inexpensive purchase like the Big Rock, I didn’t have any doubt about its performance because it’s a product of one of the most reputable brands in the market,

The quality of this sprocket is top-shelve, and having spent a lot more on some expensive purchases, I don’t find any option that comes close to these.

It’s well made and sports the same CNC Machined aluminum as some premium competitors, such as the Astro sprocket or Sabotage sprocket. It stands up to the abuses and punishments of stunt riding like a champ.

My son has used his for several seasons now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to give up on him any time soon. He loves it.

Plus, it has awesome chain compatibility.

Its listed gear is 1/8″ thick and has 32 teeth. But there’re other sprocket teeth variations, including 28, 44, 46, 48, and 52.

My kid loves the 28T version because he really enjoys the extra power it provides.

Plus, the smaller chainring gear means less weight. It also means a shorter chain and less friction over the gear teeth. But for me, I’m impressed at how it has upped the ground clearance under the bottom bracket. It

While on clearance, I also found that the sprocket will accommodate the 1-piece BMX cranks if there’s enough clearance on the frame at the chainstay to accommodate a larger sprocket.

Installing this chainring is super easy and won’t take 10 minutes max.

When installed, you’ll also love how it makes pedaling much easier and efficient, even than my previous 44 teeth Imperial sprocket.

The only knock with this purchase is that it doesn’t come with adapters, so you need to buy or use the 24mm crank.

But otherwise, it’s everything a casual rider would be looking for in a simple and affordable BMX sprocket.

Its simple design is compatible with nearly every chain and bike, so you hardly have any issues with the sprocket.



#4 Odyssey La Guardia MDS2 – Best BMX Sprocket for Experienced Riders


Fourth on our list of the best BMX sprockets is a great option for experienced riders.

Like most of the sprockets on our list,  Odyssey La Guardia MDS2 utilizes CNC machined aluminum.

It’s not only super light, but it’s also designed to be super-tough.

With such a design, the sprocket will effortlessly take on the daily riding challenges, street use, and even trail abuse without skimping.

It’s super thick and significantly more reliable than most of its competitors. In fact, its build quality makes any other sprocket look like trash. It takes all the beatings and doesn’t wear out.

Before we look at the performance, it would be good to mention that the sprockets are available in two different color schemes.

I love the black variation because it meshes well with my bike.

Now, into the performance, and you’ll love everything about this Odyssey La Guardia MDS2.

First, it has chain compatibility of 1/8″ X 3/32″, and this is to mean it can accommodate nearly all chain widths.

Remember, this option is an upgrade to the already popular Million Dollar Sprocket. The original version was successful, especially in the compatibility department, and would effortlessly mesh with the half-link chains. It also had the material thickness for greater strength.

Another point is that it comes with 25 sprocket teeth, so it will work well in different conditions.

Whether on the trail, flatlands, or any terrain, you’ll love how much power and cadence it provides.

It provides so much power for your every pedaling effort, and you’ll love every moment on your bike.

Setting up this Odyssey La Guardia MDS2 sprocket may be a bit challenging, though. I would recommend a heavy-duty chain and chain tensioner. The process is a tight wrap.



#5 Haro Team Vintage Disc Sprocket – Best Disc Sprocket


Our final pick is unlike any other sprocket on the list.

It’s the best disc sprocket.

The Haro Disc is more than a name, but it’s also one of the most durable options in the market/web.

It boasts of a CNC Machined aluminum construction, so it easily stands up to all the rigors of stunt riding. It’s also reliable and doesn’t wear out or get fatigued from regular use or weather inclement.

The sprocket is thick enough to compensate for the design and maintain its structural integrity.

Haro is also a cool-looking and lightweight sprocket that is a joy to use.

Personally, I love it because it’s pretty versatile and can be fitted up to eight different angles.

On top of that, it has chain compatibility of 1/8″, so it’ll easily fit in most BMX chains.

It also comes with different teeth versions, starting from 25T, 28T, to 44T, so yes, you can never be out of choice with this sprocket.

Overall, the Haro Team Vintage Disc Sprocket is an incredible option, thanks to its wonderful attributes.

It wins over its competitors in many ways, including better compatibility, performance, and ease of use.



Best BMX Sprockets Buying Guide

Best BMX Sprocket buying guide

A sprocket goes by many names, including a cog, chain wheel, and chainring.

Whatever the name,  it plays a critical role in the overall performance of your bike.

There’re different types of cogs, and each design is suited for a different riding style. The choice of sprocket will also determine how much stress is exerted on the drivetrain.

Now, in the section below, I’ll cover everything you need to know about sprockets, starting from their different designs, how to choose a sprocket, and the frequently asked questions about sprockets.

Hopefully, by the end of the guide, you’ll be more informed when making your following selection of the best sprocket.

Different Types of Sprockets

We’ll start our buying guide by covering the different types of sprockets that exist in the market.

There’re three common types of sprockets, and they include:

1)      Spline drive

These sprockets are like their name suggests; they attach to the crank arm through the spindle.

Therefore, they’re usually specific in application because they can only work in specific types of spindles. So, you need to choose an option that will support your crankset.

The ideal sprocket should match the diameter and number of splines in your spindle.

While at it, you need to account for the bore.

It’s the hole in the sprocket where the spindle passes through the crank.

It’s an important element because it determines whether the spindle will coordinate with the bore size. There shouldn’t be a mismatch on these elements.

2)      Bolt Drive

This is a popular sprocket design, which usually comes with nearly every stock bike.

It’s easy to identify the bolt drive.

You need to look at the back of it, and you’ll notice a bolt that runs through the BMX sprocket, then threading into the crank.

3)      Guard Sprocket/ Bash Guard Sprocket

A guard sprocket isn’t an actual type of sprocket.

Instead, they’re built-in components meant to protect the chain and sprocket’s teeth.

Therefore, instead of hitting your chain or BMX sprocket, the guarded sprocket acts as a protective layer to prevent breaking or anything. This is important, especially when jumping, falling, or performing tricks.

The plastic guard sprocket comes either as an additional attachment or a one-piece design.

This guard version is the most popular.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best BMX Sprocket


Sprockets come in different sizes.

Usually, the number and size of teeth determine the size of sprockets.

The sizes range from 45 teeth, going all the way down to the small 16-20 less teeth range.

A general rule of selecting the size of your sprocket for your BMX is it should fit into the standard 2.75 gear ratio.

The gear ratio on a bike refers to the number of front teeth divided by rear driver teeth.

Tooth Count

Best BMX Sprocket faq

While still on the size, you need to consider the teeth because they affect the overall riding performance.

In particular, the gear ratio affects the control and performance.

For example, a smaller sprocket gear ratio makes it easier to pedal but requires more cranks for top speed.

On the flip side, the more significant the difference, the harder it is to pedal, but more effort cranking forward.

The choice of a bigger or smaller gear ratio will ultimately depend on the type of riding.

For example, most trail riders prefer the larger sprockets because it requires less effort to gain momentum.

On the other hand, the flat riders require smaller sprockets because it is easier to gain speed.


A rider can also choose to use aftermarket sprockets, especially if you’re looking for greater aesthetics.

The CNC machined options are customized with different patterns and cutouts.

But take note while they’re aesthetically pleasing than the original options, they tend to be generally weaker.


Sprockets are made out of different materials.

But mostly, it’s a variation of aluminum and steel.

Aluminum is popular because of its high strength-to-weight ratio. It’s also popular for its weight savings properties.

Steel, while generally strong, it’s significantly heavier. To cut on the weight, the manufacturers make the steel sprockets thinner, negating the steel’s strength benefits.

But the good news is steel is also cheaper because of the less-complicated manufacturing process.


Sprockets are available at a range of prices.

They’re not expensive, though, because most decent options are between $40 and $70.

The cheaper options, usually between $20 and $40, are less durable and might be prone to bending.

On the flip side, the higher-priced items are made of high-quality materials and have immense strength and durability.

Mounting BMX Sprockets on a Crank

Generally, BMX sprockets are fitted into the crank arm either through bolting or pressing.

Whatever method a rider chooses, the important thing is to ensure proper coordination and that everything is compatible.

Best BMX Sprockets Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the best sprocket for BMX?

A: There’s no best sprocket.

The right one for your mountain bike will depend on whether it can match your crankset. It’ll also depend on your overall riding style.

Q: How can I make my BMX sprocket faster?

A: It’s easy to increase the low-end power of your BMX bike by increasing the size of the rear chainring or decreasing the front sprocket size.

However, reduce the rear sprocket and increase the front BMX sprocket if you want to maximize the top size.

Q: What size sprocket do I need BMX?

A: The size will depend on your BMX Crankset.

The ideal size should match the number of teeth and be compatible with your drive system.

Q: Is a bigger sprocket faster BMX?

A: Not necessarily.

Depending on whether it’s the front or rear, it may improve your performance but not more speed.

Q: What’s the best gear ratio for BMX?

A: The best gear ratio for a BMX bike is 44/16.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best BMX Sprocket wrap up

Our winner for the best BMX sprocket is the Black Ops Micro Drive BMX ChainRing.

It wins over the competition because of its unmatched reliability, ease of installation, and performance.

More importantly, it comes at a pretty reasonable price and is compatible with most bikes and cranks.

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