Ultimate Review of The Best BMX Travel Bag in 2023

Best BMX Travel Bags

Taking your bike on holiday is one of the fantastic lifetime experiences-nothing can beat that.

But sometimes, the experience can be gut-wrenching, especially when it comes to logistics.

Besides the handling surcharge that can at times rival your fare, there’s also the risk that your baby might get lost or mangled in transit.

Personally, I do quite a lot of flying with my bike, and one thing about my flying experience is that it can be a real pain in the butt.

Every time I fly, it’s like a roll of the dice; I don’t know what to expect during check out. I can’t mention the number of times my bikes have been annihilated, entirely trashed by the airlines. It’s like someone was literally jumping up and down on them.

However, with time, I’ve also realized that you can stack the odds in your favor by doing just a little research and packing your bicycle with care.

See, the most tricky part with traveling your BMX bike is actually dragging it to the station or airports. Apart from that, logistics aren’t difficult.

Now, most airlines and trains insist you should pack your bike in a case.

Usually, the two popular options are a bag or bike box.

The boxes airlines provide in the US are massive, which is good because it means I don’t need too much disassembling of my BMX. In some cases, I can even fit two in the box.

They’re also cheap.

But the greatest problem with boxes is they’re a pain to lug around because of the weight limits. This means a bump in the baggage costs.

Enter bike bags or travel bags.

I prefer bike bags because they’re a lot easier to pack and keep my bike from rubbing against other baggage during transit.

Sure, the specialist travel bags can be expensive, but they ensure there’s less risk of your bike getting damaged. On top of that, it holds everything in the bag together, including the extras such as pumps and water bottles.

Lugging bags around is also easier because some of them even come with rollers.

Of course, this is not to mean there are no downsides to using a travel bag.

But have you ever tried dragging a bike box around the train station or even finding a  taxi big enough to carry one?

This is why I usually recommend travel bags, and in the guide below, I’ll share some of my favorite BMX travel bags.

Quick Comparison Table!

Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro


Callaway Odyssey BMX Travel Bag


DK Golf Flight BMX Bike Travel Bag


B&W International Bike Sack


TUYU Bike Travel Bag 1680D



The Best BMX Travel Bag For The Money

Best BMX Travel Bags for the money

#1 Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro - EDITOR'S CHOICE


I don’t think you can do any better for a travel bag than the Evoc Travel Bag Pro.

I mean, it’s the perfect compromise between a bike case and a softshell bag. You get the best of both worlds; increased protection of a hard shell case and weight-saving properties of a softshell.

See, the Evoc Bag Pro is unlike your typical travel bag.

From the word go, you can tell Evoc has really put a lot of thought into the design of this travel bag.

It has designed something of a hybrid, not a soft bag and not a hard case.

Transforming this case from storage mode to bike-ready mode requires you to set up the hard plastic frames, which do a good job of protecting your bike. The frames also give the bag stability and shape.

Along with the frames, there’s also a sturdy fabric for added protection. The nylon used on the Bike Travel Bag Pro is super-solid and padded enough to keep your bike from nicks, scratches, or anything on the frame.

Of course, with the added frames, and sturdy fabric, we thought the Evoc would be super heavy. We were mistaken.

Sure, it’s one of the heavy bags on the list, but not egregiously heavy, and will even save some of the valuable pounds if you’re approaching the weight limit.

Size-wise, this Evoc Bag is huge and has plenty of storage spaces. It has a decent volume of 310 liters, and this is a good thing because it means it can work with anything from road bikes, downhill bikes, giant bikes to street bikes.

The big size is a boon because I no longer have to break my BMX to the smallest details. I simply remove the fork, frame, pedals, handlebars, and I’m good to go. It saves the time needed for breaking my bike and gives me more ride time.

Once I pack my bike, I also find it quite easy traveling with the bag.

It’s easy to roll, and the meaty 4.5″ diameter rubberized rollers will go over the cracks, small pebbles, and everything else with relative ease. Plus, the case doesn’t feel tippy; instead, you benefit from a nice, planted feel.

Evoc Travel Bike Bag also scores highly in the ease of storage.

It packs down super easy, and when I remove the rods, I can compact it small enough to fit in my bedroom shelf.

It’s an important metric because I don’t travel a lot, so the bag is usually sitting in my garage or basement most of the time. I can save on some space.

My only knock on this bike travel bag would be on safety.

It doesn’t come with built-in locks or anything to keep the prying hands at bay.

But does it matter? Personally, I think the safety devices are all gimmick. After all, if someone wants your bike, they can as well take it with the bag.



#2 Callaway Odyssey BMX Travel Bag -- Dedicated BMX Travel Bag


This is the second Callaway BMX Travel bag I’ve purchased, and I love everything it has to offer.

In particular, I’m pleased that it’s one of the few dedicated travel bags for BMX bikes.

While it’s advertised for BMXs up to 20 inches, we have no problem squeezing my wife’s small, fully-broken down mountain bike. Of course, you need to check the size first.

Nevertheless, the greatest benefit of the small size is I never face any trouble when flying. I mean, it more or less fits like a golf bag, so I no longer have to incur additional baggage charges or anything.

On top of that, transporting my bike in this bag has to be the easiest job in the world.

It’s super-compact and light. I can use the two robust wheels to push it over the pavement or haul it single-handedly on one hand when I’ve to hold other baggage on my other hand.

Protection is also amazing, and for the time I’ve been with this travel bike bag, I’ve not come across any issues. No nicking, so scratches, no dents or anything.

The nylon cover used here is ultra-thick and will shield your bike against the external elements.

On top of that, it comes with sturdy straps and multiple tie-downs that keep everything in place, even during rough and bumpy rides. Heck, the straps are so robust that you can use this bag in bondage sex if you like😊

And here’s the kicker!

Extra storage compartments, bike-specific handle locations, and an interior tool pouch are just the right size for holding your accessories and tools.



#3 DK Golf Flight BMX Bike Travel Bag -- Best Bike Travel Bag for Air Travels


If you’re often traveling by flight, the DK Golf Travel bag is a must.

I got several of them for our family on a trip to Malibu, and I couldn’t have asked for more on a travel bike bag.

Firstly, it’s a lighter bag. This is good because it doesn’t add much weight to your luggage, so no bump in the baggage charges.

It also has a generous amount of volume storage space to accommodate your bike and every other accessories.

On top of that, there’re handy straps to hold your bike in position even during rough landings or messy takeoffs.

Simply put, the DK Golf doesn’t gamble with your bike’s safety and will ensure there’s plenty of safe and secure storage space.

While remaining lightweight, I’m pleased with the level of protection it offers from other luggage and external elements.

The durable rip stop Cordura takes all the abuses of flight travel and even the bumpy rides on my Jeep.

Unlike my previous bag, this one doesn’t show signs of seams becoming undone at the top corners and tow handles. They’re not blown out either, and even after using it for several seasons now, it still looks as new as when I first purchased it.

Along with the fabric, there’s sufficient padding inside the bag, and this cushions my bike from the unwanted jerks, yanks, and pulls that may result in abrasion and scratching.

Another plus with this purchase is the built-in wheels. They come in handy at enhancing the overall portability.

And the good thing is once I start rolling the bag, I can do it with confidence because they feel sturdy and don’t seem like they’ll break out from their housing.



#4 B&W International Bike Sack – Best Value for BMX Users


There’s no better travel bike bag you can get for the money than the B&W Bike Sack.

It’s the ideal option for casual riders on a budget.

Secondly, it’s mainly tailored for riders looking to transport the larger bike, yet, it features the competitive features needed for moving BMX bikes.

It comes with a generous volume of 235 liters, and this is sufficient to accommodate most BMX bikes and other bikes, including the fat bikes and giant bikes.

But unlike other big travel bags or the traditional cardboard box, it doesn’t feel bulky, clumsy, or anything. In fact, when traveling on the plane, I’m glad that I don’t “piss off” the baggage handlers.

As you can expect from a premium bike travel bag, the robust nylon used in constructing this sack is heavy-duty.

It’s fairly tough and doesn’t show signs of wear or tear even after using it for several flights.

The material used isn’t flimsy either, and in terms of durability, it’s unlike my previous sack, which showed ripping and distress on the stress points.

Of course, don’t expect protection that matches the hard shell casings.

However, I’ve found out a few tricks that may help with extending the sack’s protection.

You need to reinforce the bottom with plywood on the exterior and use a PVC pipe system to anchor your bike in position. Also, consider using a self-inflating mat, or rather any extra padding for additional protection.

Once you do this, you’ll benefit from unmatched protection, and depending on the size of your bike, you can even put shoes, bike pumps, and other little items in the BMX bag.

And the good thing is the bike also comes with interior storage pockets and a tool bag for holding the wheels.

The separate compartment for holding wheels makes this sack a great option for traveling by bike on a train or car.

Overall, the B&W sack is a nice option, but I also feel there’re two main ways B&W can make this travel bag better.

The shoulder strap is unusable and can’t properly carry the BMX bag. Lengthening it would make it practical.

Secondly, I wished there were wheels. Portability would be much easier.



#5 TUYU Bike Travel Bag 1680D -- Budget Pick


For the price, I didn’t expect much from the Tuyu Bike Travel Bag.

But after several seasons using the  BMX travel bag, I can’t really complain.

It’s sturdy and large enough to fit my 29er road bike. No frills.

The first thing I noticed with this bag was the size.

It’s huge and enough to accommodate different types of bikes.

You simply need to take off the front wheel, handlebars, and saddle, and from there, you can even fit an XL mountain bike with just barely a tight squeeze.

Another attraction of this travel bag was the choice of material.

It boasts heavy-duty Polyester construction. The material is exactly as advertised and will stand up to all the transit challenges and more.

It doesn’t wear, show signs of ripping, distress, or anything.

The material will also shield your bike against any form of damage. However, from experience, the padding isn’t sufficient. So, it’s always a good idea to pack your padding for unique protection.

Personally, I use pool noodle padding, which has helped keep my bike safe and protected even in the most challenging situations.

Meanwhile, I’m also pleased that this BMX travel bag comes with smart pocket designs. They’re pretty handy in offering excellent practical storage for my road bike accessories, spare parts, and tools.

And like the main compartment, the small pockets are made of heavy-duty polyester, so they’ll stand up to whatever abuse.

After you’re done with the Tuyu, you’ll be glad to know that it can be compacted for easy storage.



Best BMX Travel Bags Buying Guide

Best BMX Travel Bags buying guide

In the section below, I’ll share everything you need to know about selecting the best bike travel bag.

Here, I’ll list the important features to consider before making a penultimate decision. Hopefully, by the end of the guide, you’ll make the right decision when purchasing a new BMX travel bag.

Factors to Consider when Selecting the Best BMX Travel Bag


One of the important factors any BMX rider should consider is portability.

You can choose a BMX travel bag with rollers (wheels) or not.

Usually, I recommend choosing BMX travel bags with rollers because they ease movement from one location to the other.

However, the no-roller travel bags can also be a practical solution, especially if you’re a rider that often makes short car trips, short periods, and doesn’t hold your bike for long.


The other element to consider is how much space can your travel bag accommodate.

Travel bags are available in different sizes and are suited for holding different bike shapes and sizes.

A voluminous bag may not necessarily be the best option for you, especially if you’ve a small bike.

Instead, I would advise you to choose a BMX travel bag size that is just big enough to accommodate your bike.

Storage Pockets

Along with the main storage compartment, I advise you to choose a travel bag with storage pockets.

Having interior pockets is a practical way of holding the tools you need for rebuilding your bike.

It can also provide the much-needed space for items such as tires.

Low Weight

Again, this comes down the size.

The bigger travel bags are generally heavier, so you need to avoid them to keep low baggage costs.

Consider a lighter option so that even portability should be a non-issue.


Another essential element is the level of protection a BMX travel bag offers.

Ideally, the best BMX travel bag should be sufficiently padded to keep your bike free from scratches or other damages.

Mostly, the BMX travel bag relies on durable nylon fabrics and padding to protect your bike.

Best BMX Travel Bags faq

Also, some of the high-end options even include supports and crush poles made out of aluminum. The poles are necessary for avoiding crushing your frame, pedals, and other components. Meanwhile, the support helps them maintain their shape.

6 Handy Packing Tips for Boxing your BMX Bike

1)      Deflate the tires

Most airlines insist you need to deflate your bike tires because of the change in pressure- they may burst.

They don’t need to be pancake-flat, though.

2)      Understand your setup

Before disassembling your BMX bike, ensure you know everything and be sure that you can assemble back effortlessly.

If in doubt, you can use a pen to mark or write down as you disassemble.

3)      Pack wisely

When packing, it’s good that you optimize your space.

Be practical on what you pack where, and how you do it.

4)      Protection

While a BMX travel bag alone is ideal for bike protection, it doesn’t harm adding some foam wraps to keep your BMX bike from scuff marks.

If you’re on a budget, stuffing some clothes can help.

Be wary of the weight limit.

5)      What to remove

When disassembling your bike, know that you don’t have to remove everything. Or rather, see what you can and what to leave.

The wheel and fork are usually removed. Some may even require the removal of seat posts and saddles.

But be considerate if you’ll be removing the cables or anything fragile or delicate such as cables.

6)      Pack some baby wipes

Having wipes is necessary as they’re brilliant at removing dirt or grease after working on your bike.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best BMX Travel Bags wrap up

Our winner for the best BMX travel bags is the Evoc Bike Travel Bag.

It’s one of the best sellers and a value purchase that comes complete with many features to promote safe and sound BMX travel.

While it’s a bit on the higher side, it’s a premium purchase and ticks on all the boxes for the BMX travel bag.

I would highly recommend it.

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