Ultimate Review of The Best Dirt Bike Gloves in 2023

Best Dirt Bike Gloves

What was your first dirt bike ride experience like?

Mine was pretty awful.

I got debilitating blisters, which felt like giant holes in my hands.

It was a painful experience, and I didn’t think I’d ever be a motocross rider. After all, it’s bad when you can’t ride because of blistered hands.

Of course, I had heard that I had to wait for my hands to form calluses, but I only had so much time. And even then, my hands were soft and still got toasted pretty bad.

But I wasn’t to throw in the towel that easily.

I had to come up with a solution to work eliminate the blisters.

First, I tried the palm savers but didn’t use them for long. They were bulky and gave me a ridiculous amount of arm pump.

I then tried the antiperspirants. They weren’t good either. Yes, they kept me dry but felt bothersome to use.

Tapes were a bit better, but my sissy hands sweated more than normal, creating moisture that peeled up the tape. The tape got bunched up, resulting in an awkward and bulky feel.

I then came across gloves, and this is where my woes turned into blessings.

Up to then, I hadn’t thought much of the dirt bike gloves. I even saw them as an overrated accessory or just a marketing gimmick that would fail as other solutions I had tried before.

But I was wrong.

Dirt bike gloves are an effective cure for blisters. Yes, depending on the size, design & thickness, they may take time to get used to, but once you get the hang of them, you’re good to go.

Personally, I’ve been using them for the past several seasons, and what I can tell you is I’ve not experienced any more blistering.

And here’s the kicker!

They also helped me tremendously in other biking areas.

Along with keeping my hands free from blisters, for example, the best dirt bike gloves have also improved the overall grip on my bike and protected me from common injuries such as scrapes and cuts.

I also love how they shield my hands from the flying objects such as trees, rocks and other debris on my trails.

Of course, through testing and trial, I’ve also realized that some of the dirt bikes gloves have better performance and value for money than others.

The good news is, you don’t have to take chances with the selection because I’ve compiled a guide sharing some of my favorite dirt bike gloves. I know you’ll also love them.

Quick Comparison Table!

Fox Racing Dirtpaw Race Gloves


RIGWARL Touchscreen Skeleton Gloves


Troy Lee Designs


Alpinestars Men’s SMX-1


COFIT Motorcycle Gloves



The Best Dirt Bike Gloves For The Money

Best Dirt Bike Gloves for the money

#1 Fox Racing Dirtpaw Race Gloves - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Fox Racing DirtPaw opens up our list of the best motocross gloves.

I love the Fox Motocross Gloves for their simplicity and unmatched performance.

They also come with a range of great features, and it even surprises me why Fox lists them as “entry-level” gloves.

Out of the box, I was impressed by the choice and quality of material used .

The stretchy polyester is exactly what you would expect from MX gloves.

Even after using the gloves for several seasons now, I’ve not experienced any fraying, especially on the stress points such as knuckles.

I’ve also taken them through some rough rides, and my motocross gear takes a beating because of it. Yet, even after multiple crashes, they don’t seem like they’ll tear any time soon.

Durability aside, they’re also comfortable to wear.

When they arrived, I thought the Fox Racing Motocross gloves would be too hot to wear. But that’s far from the truth.

I’ve been trail riding them in the hot Texas heat, and my hands don’t feel sweaty or hot. If anything, I love how the polyester fabric wicks away the sweat throughout my rides.

On top of that, I’ve no problem wearing gloves for the extended ride sessions. The moisture-wicking interior lining on this glove feels plush and comfortable. The feel-good experience eliminates fatigue and allows me to enjoy every second with these gloves on.

They’re also pretty much seam-free, especially around the area where your thumbs meet your palms. I’ve not experienced any skin chafing or rubbing, and I’m quite happy with these even after riding hard in them.

The other incredible benefit of this glove is the touchscreen compatibility.

While these gloves aren’t strictly made for touch screens, I’m pleased that I no longer have to worry about stopping and taking my gloves off to reply or even take a shot of my buddy crashing on the rocks.

Fox Racing Motocross gloves also check on all the boxes, especially adjustability.

It features a wrist wrap, which motocross riders can tighten or loosen for a customized fit.

My only concern with the fit is the wrist opening is a bit narrow, so it’s a bit of a struggle to get them on. But once you’re inside, they fit just fine and snug.

And more importantly, they give you better control of your ride.

The silicone grip fingertips on the brake and clutch make handling the control levers much easier and convenient. I enjoyed a more controlled and precise feel of the lever fingers.

Protection-wise, I love how the padding is expertly placed in the right places.

The padding on the palm, for example, feels good and isn’t too thick or too thin. While I would have preferred some extra silicone grip on the palm, I can’t complain about how it feels for now, as it gives me extra confidence and safety.

Knuckle protection is nice and a step up from the traditional MTB gloves.

It’s not excessive either, yet it keeps me protected on the trails.

I didn’t experience any hard imprints or pressure points like when I used my cheap bike or gym gloves for trail riding.

And for full protection, the Fox Racing motocross gloves feature a direct-inject rubber reinforcement.

Simply put, using the Fox Racing gloves inspires more confidence, and in case of a crash, it keeps my hands protected.

Overall, I don’t think you can get a better deal for the best motocross gloves than Fox Racing.

It’s a standout pair and a reliable pick.



#2 RIGWARL Touchscreen Skeleton Gloves -- Best Touchscreen Gloves


I ordered the RIGWARL Touchscreen Skeleton Gloves because I needed lightweight, grippy, and breathable pair of gloves.

It seemed like the perfect option.

First, I can’t say enough about the price.

These pairs of gloves are dirt cheap and the ideal alternatives to the expensive branded gloves that  I destroy in a month. They hold up for quite a long time like some of the best motocross gloves.

The second reason I’m impressed with this pair is definitely the design.

I’m a weirdo who loves wearing gloves, and it doesn’t get any weirder than having skeleton gloves.

The skeleton pattern doesn’t disappoint. It looks great, and I can even use them for making custom sliding gloves for my dirt bike.

My son also loves wearing them and says he’s always asked other riders where he got them from.

And the good thing is the graphics appear to be screened, so no need to worry about fading, cracking, or peeling.

Design-wise, these gloves feel pretty thin.

In fact, so much that when I’m not using them on my bike, I use them as “search” gloves for my police work. They’re not too thick and enough for me to feel what’s in their pockets. Plus, I got tired of not telling whose gloves are who as of this standout pretty well.

While remaining thin, they don’t feel like they’ll wear out quickly. They also don’t feel cheap and not quality, either.

Instead, they’re super sturdy and will stand up to whatever you throw at them.

And the best part is they offer a near-skin experience, so I’ve no problem using the globes on my iPhone. I could text very well with them.

Protection-wise, these are some of my favorite gloves to wear when I’m on my bike.

Yes, they’re light but have great wind resistance and don’t allow wind to breeze in.

The palms have a sticky synthetic suede-like material that provides incredible grip on the bar.

Meanwhile, the breathable mesh section at the back provides a nice airflow. The breathability on this glove is awesome and will help to keep your hands cool when it’s hot.

And when it comes down to it, the gloves give me even more protection.

See, I’ve taken several spills on some steep and rocky sections of my trails, and I only had a small cut on my palm.

I wish I could say the same for the rest of my body!

Anyway, this glove is protective and has kept me from getting worse.

Fitment on these gloves is also fabulous.

The gloves are stretchy and have a stretchy Velcro closure.

My only concern with the Velcro is that it’s a bit flimsy and comes off after a few uses. Otherwise, the fit is amazing.

Overall, the RIGWARL Touchscreen Skeleton Gloves is a great purchase and a cool option for the themed kits or events.

While it’s unsuitable for heavy-duty enduro riding, it works perfectly well for most casual trail riding.



#3 Troy Lee Designs – Best MX Gloves for Sand Dunes


I sometimes ride in the open desert rough terrain, and the Troy Lee Designs Motocross gloves seem like a great option for the task.

They’re incredibly breathable and protective; I also tend to ride super-fast, and I love how they block the wind pretty well.

Of course, for a desert glove design, breathability is a top priority, and fortunately, the Troy Lee MX gloves haven’t failed me.

These gloves are rather thin, and hence their name Air Glove.

They also have plenty of vents, especially on the top section, and have kept me comfy even in temperatures of 75 and above.

Using the TLD in sunny Texas conditions feels quite nice and comfortable.

But for such a lightweight glove, I thought the Troy Designs would compromise protection and durability.

I was wrong.

It may not be the sturdiest glove out there, but the impact areas are solid.

I’ve used and clipped these MX gloves at speeds of 70+, and I love how they shielded my hands from the crazy slides and impacts.

For the price, I’m impressed at how protective they feel.

And here’s the kicker!

They’re durable, too.

I’ve used them for several seasons now, and they’ve been on and off a hundred times off my hands, and they still retain their appeal. They look like the day I first bought them.

There’s no fraying, and the seams don’t look like they’re becoming undone or anything.

The mesh upper with laser-cut perforations has lasted much longer than I would have expected, even after constant whipping of the desert shrubbery and tree branches.

What about the overall comfort?

Troy Lee Designs doesn’t fail in this department.

When in use, I hardly notice its presence on my hands. In fact, they feel like an extension of my hands, and I’ve not experienced any awkward bunching and seams playing around.

The gloves also have a natural feel and offer a near-no-glove experience.

A benefit of this design is the controls to the bike levers become super easy, and in fact, more like you’re using your bare hands for control.

The other feature that helps control the grips and brake levers is the silicone strips on the underside of the fingers.

It helped me grab the levers with more power, giving me more control of my bike. Since I’ve been using them, I’ve never felt like my hands are slipping or like I’m losing control of my bike, even in the middle of the rain or the sweltering Texas heat.

Of course, it’s inevitable that the Troy Lee Designs MX gloves will get dirty, and you’ll need to clean them.

The good news, cleaning, and maintenance of these motocross gloves are one less thing to worry about.

It’s because they’re machine-washable and don’t require a lot of effort to eliminate the dirt and stench.

Overall, Troy Lee deserves to be on our list of the best MX gloves.

It’s an ultra-light, easy-to-use, and breathable glove that you can trust in your next off-road escapades.



#4 Alpinestars Men's SMX-1 -- Best All-around Motocross Gloves


I bought the Alpinestars Men’s Gloves for riding my bike in mostly urban areas, and it has served me well.

The pair is reliable, and I’m impressed at how it has cushioned my hands from the nasty falls onto the asphalt.

They do their job quite well, feel protective, prevent blisters, and are quite solid.

Out of the box, I love everything with these gloves.

The finish and construction are great, while the choice of material is incredible.

The goatskin on the palm isn’t only a head-turner, but it lasts for quite a long time and will protect the enduro rider in case they go down.

Along with the polyblend reinforcements at the knuckles, this pair of MX gloves has come to my rescue severally when riding.

For example, there’s a day I had a low-speed slide when taking a corner, and the leather overlay used on the glove helped to shield my palms from the abrasive asphalt.

Yes, the glove burned a hole through it on the textile fabric, but I’m glad it wasn’t my palm because it could have been nasty.

Performance-wise, this pair ranks up high with some of the best motocross gloves in the market.

The gloves themselves, for example, have a touch-sensitive fingertip, so it’s easier to use them on my iPhone without having to remove them.

Of course, as with many touchscreen gloves, using the Alpinestars Men’s SMX-1 with your phone is a bit of a hassle. Hit or miss, but at least I won’t have to take off my gloves, which is freaking GREAT.

There’re plenty of mixed reactions to this when it comes to ease of use.

Some users claim the glove is a bit small, but in my experience, they do fit, perhaps more snugly than ideal.

If I were to purchase these gloves for a second time, I would probably size up, especially if you’re an off-road rider with thicker or bigger hands.

Otherwise, once you find the right size, you’ll love the overall experience. They feel comfortable, easy to wear, and generally nice.

Along with the awesome fit, these gloves are also quite airy.

The airflow on these gloves is super impressive, and I’m impressed at how they eliminate the stickiness and sweating when riding.

Even better, they feel comfortable wearing for extended periods and off-road riding.

The stitching on the interior of these gloves and the side doesn’t irritate or cause chafing a bit.

My only concern with these gloves is they’re not machine washable.

But otherwise, everything else on these gloves is super amazing. They take a little breaking in, but I recommend this as the best motocross gloves for summer riding.



#5 COFIT Motorcycle Gloves -- Best MX Gloves for Young Riders on a Budget


Cofit Motorcycle Gloves are pretty decent.

While coming at a slashed rate, they feel and look exactly like some of the high-end motorcycle gloves I’ve worn.

In fact, I was genuinely surprised at the look and the feel of these gloves for the price.

In real-world testing, Cofit Motorcycle gloves don’t disappoint either.

My first impression is they’re solid and look like they’ll stand up to a lot of abuse.

The polyester used here is as solid as it can get, and after several seasons of using the glove, I’ve not experienced any fraying or anything.

On top of that, the medium thickness is nice, and it appears like I should expect to be served for quite a long time.

The fabric feels dense, and from what I can tell, it offers a nice protection performance.

I’ve been in sticky situations several times on these gloves, and they’ve come to my rescue, leaving me without scrapes or cuts.

Many riders are impressed with their overall protection for the price and how well they shield me against the scrapes and slides.

Another plus with the Cofit motorcycle gloves is how comfortable they feel.

I mean, I can use them with my iPhone’s finicky touchscreen, and that’s really nice.

Wearing them for extended periods doesn’t feel like a chore either. The interior moisture-wicking lining is plush and comfortable for a nice feel.

Fit is also great, and even when I curl my hands to grab the bars or into a fist, I don’t feel the pressure in the knuckle area.

While still on the knuckles, it’s also good to mention that the pads are fully-padded, which boosts overall comfort and maximum protection for the ultimate off-road experience.

And before I forget, Cofit is ambidextrous, so that I can use any glove for any hand. Nice.



Best Dirt Bike Gloves Buying Guide

Best Dirt Bike Gloves buying guide

I’ve narrowed your selection of the best dirt bike gloves to the top five options.

Now, if you’re still undecided on what glove to choose, here’s a comprehensive guide that will help.

This section will share everything you need to know about selecting the right dirt bike glove for your needs.

Before then, let’s briefly look at the different types of dirt bike gloves.

Types of Dirt Bike Gloves

The two common types of dirt bike gloves are:

1)      Full-fingered gloves

As their name suggests, the full-fingered gloves usually cover the entire of your hand, offering complete protection.

Most of the full-fingered design ends at the wrist, though some options may extend well up into your arm.

2)      Fingerless gloves

The fingerless gloves only cover your palms and back of your hands, leaving your fingers exposed.

The fingerless gloves are more breathable and offer a full range of motion but may not be as protective against scrapes and other finger injuries.

How to Choose the Right Dirt Bike Gloves

Now that we know the different types of dirt bike gloves, let’s move to the next section and see how to select the right glove for your needs.

Range of Motion

The ideal dirt bike glove should offer an unrestricted range of motion.

It should simulate a bare-hand experience.

Having unrestricted motion is necessary for better control of your motocross.

Size and Fit

Next, you need to consider the overall fit.

See, having a too loose glove keeps on striking your skin and may result in the development of blisters.

On the other hand, a too-tight fit will obstruct your range of motion and impede overall control.

Simply put, the ideal motocross glove should have a normal fitment and should feel snug.

You should be comfortable wearing it, even for extended periods, without the fatigue of anything.


Durability is important for a dirt bike globe because you don’t want to be replacing yours often.

No, in most cases, the choice of material determines the overall durability of gloves.

Some of the popular materials for gloves include:


Leather dirt bike gloves are some of the expensive options.

However, they’re popular because of their classic appeal and unmatched durability.

The leather gloves will stand up well to the rough weather conditions and rides.

They tend to get hot, though, but they’re comfortable once you break them in since they mold to your hand’s shape.


Synthetic gloves are usually made of spandex, polyester, and faux leather.

These gloves are generally inexpensive.

Performance-wise, they also breathe well, especially during warmer conditions.


Hybrid is a combo of leather and synthetics.

It strikes a balance of both worlds, providing a reasonably-priced glove that is durable and with great breathability.

Features to Consider in a Dirt Bike Glove

Best Dirt Bike Gloves faq

Here are some of the crucial features for every dirt bike glove


I would advise you to choose a reinforced motocross glove.

Reinforcements on the gloves offer additional support and protection.

They come in handy, especially after an impact crash.


Thumb padding is necessary for added comfort and protection.

The extra layer of fabric, especially on the fingers and palm, gives you the extra safety you need in case of a crash.

Air Vents

Having air vents on your dirt bike glove is necessary for proper airflow and ventilation.

It helps to wick away the moisture and sweat, keeps you cool, and is generally more comfortable.


If you regularly ride in the cold weather, you need a motocross glove that will keep you warm and prevent your hands from freezing.

Insulation is especially handy for synthetic gloves because they tend to be more breathable.

Tips of Selecting the Right Bike Glove

Here are some handy tips to have within your next selection:

1)      Check the fit

The ideal motocross glove should have a snug fit.

It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

2)      Break-in leather gloves

Leather gloves may make you feel uneasy about wearing them for the first time.

But once you break into them, you’ll love how well they mold into your hands after regular use.

3)      Consider the size

Size is necessary for fitment.

Choose an option that doesn’t feel too big or too small for extra protection.

4)      Dry hands

An effective way of preventing blisters from developing is ensuring you dry your hands before wearing the gloves.

Remember, if there’s any moisture or sweat between your hands and gloves, it may create friction which may later result in blisters.

Best Dirt Bikes Glove Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How should dirt bike gloves fit?

A: They should be too tight or too loose.

Instead, they should fit snugly.

They should be comfortable and shouldn’t result in blistering, hand numbing, or fatigue.

Q: Are motocross gloves necessary when riding a motocross?

A: In my opinion, no.

But my best advice is to wear one, especially when riding off-road, because of the numerous benefits, including greater hand protection, comfort, and greater control.

Q: What’s the proper way of caring for and cleaning your dirt bike gloves?

A: A motocross glove can last long if well taken care of.

A good way to care for your dirt bike globe is cleaning them after every use and storing them when completely dry.

The good thing is most of the gloves are machine washable, but for the leather gloves, you need to clean them by hand.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Dirt Bike Gloves wrap up

I’m through with my review of the best motocross dirt bike gloves.

And our winner is the Fox Racing Motocross gloves.

I chose the Fox glove because it’s from one of the reputable brands in the world.

More importantly, Fox Gloves have really excelled in all the critical departments for dirt bike gloves.

Fox Gloves scores highly in all these departments from the performance, ease of use, protection to comfort.

I would recommend it.

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