Ultimate Review of The Best Dirt Bike Goggles in 2023

Best Dirt Bike Goggles

What are some of the most important motorcycle safety gear equipment?

In my opinion, helmets and neck braces top the list in order of importance.

They’re closely followed by the knee guards, elbow shins, and gloves.

But for dirt bikes, it’s a bit interesting, especially seeing goggles ranking so high up and arguably as important as the helmets.

Yes, I know most riders care less about their choice of goggles- after all, how complex can they be?

In fact, many dirt bike riders often see them as an aesthetic accessory or something that can be substituted with sunglasses or even snow goggles.

But the truth is, the best dirt bike goggles help protect your vulnerable eyes.

See, when I first began dirt biking, I made the mistake of wearing hard contacts.

I thought I’d feel cool, but after several tries, I simply couldn’t ride with them in.

They dried out my eyes, and when riding with friends, I had to ride either at the front or at the back to avoid the dusty trails.

The soft contacts were a bit better, but not good either. They still bothered me.

I switched to sunglasses, but still, I found them uncomfortable, especially when the wind was whipping at around 40 mph. I even had them pop out severally.

As a last-ditch effort, I decided to try the motocross goggles. I had seen them with fellow dirt bike riders but hadn’t been a fan.

My decision couldn’t have come at a better time because I had just relocated to rural Florida, and here, I found too many things flying around in the air.

The dirt bike goggles saved me a lot from potential eye injuries from the flying rocks, mud, and sand, which would have easily passed through my sunglasses or hard contacts.

Through trial and error and racing with different goggles, I also discovered some dirt bike goggles are more comfortable, convenient, and easy to use than others.

For example, my first goggles, Smith Goggles, were protective but didn’t feel comfortable enough. It had a small goggle frame, and wearing it proved challenging.

The good news is, you don’t have to make the same mistake I did. I’ve prepared a guide, reviewing some of my favorite dirt bike goggles you should consider.

Quick Comparison Table!

Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles


Fox Racing Main Stray


Scott Prospect Goggles


100 Percent Accuri OTG MX Goggles


Strata MX Goggles



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Best Dirt Bike Goggles for the money

#1 Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles - EDITOR'S CHOICE


I wanted to go with goggles from an established brand for our top pick.

See, I had been disappointed severally by the low-class, cheap motocross goggle brands and didn’t want to make the same mistake again.

Oakley seemed like a great brand.

It has been in the market for quite some time now and has built a great reputation for its incredible products.

The brand, however, has a range of dirt bike goggles, most befitting the top position.

But after a thorough review of the existing options, I chose the Oakley O-Frame Goggles.

It’s an entry-level product, and a great offering, especially my budget. I loved it because I had already spent the bigger part of my budget on other bike gear.

More importantly, it came with plenty of positive reviews and seemed like a great choice.

But how good is the O-Frame MX, and how does it fare against the more expensive Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles?

Out of the box, Oakley O-Frame Goggles is exactly as described.

The materials are all decent quality and have a nice look. A matte black carbon finish, for example, looks aesthetic, while the band itself has an incredible amount of tack to hold it well under my helmet.

Meanwhile, the frame fits my small noggin well and is flexible to form. I feel like I can almost bend them in half without them breaking. Don’t try.

But ultimately, the performance of any goggle comes down to lens visibility.

Oakley O-Frame MX Goggle doesn’t disappoint.

See, I was looking for something that would work in the rain when riding my dirt bike, and all the previous cheap dirt bike goggles seemed to fog up.

I’ve no fogging issue with this one.

Like the premium Oakley Airbrake MX goggle (PRIZM lens technology), these babies offer excellent visibility since they’re not prone to goggles fogging. The anti-fog coating used on the lenses holds up well in different conditions and will keep you at the top of your game.

And that’s not all; the scratch-resistant Lexan lens used on this goggle is sturdy. They’re impact-resistant and scratch-resistant, so I didn’t have to worry much about their state even after biting dust severally. They also offer UV protection.

I can ride motocross with confidence, knowing that these lenses will stand up whenever my dirt bike trails take me or throw at me.

The Oakley O-Frame MX Goggle lenses are available in the clear optically correct lens.

Does it matter?

Yes, it has leveled up my performance, especially for the days I need to head to the trails in low-light and overcast conditions.

Heck, with these, I’ve even taken my trail riding in the dark, just before the sun comes out, and have never experienced any issues with visibility.

Meanwhile, Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles comfort is super impressive.

It’s designed for comfort, and numerous features support this.

A triple-layer foam fleece, for example, helps to absorb sweat while offering a plush and comfortable experience. I now find more joyriding for hours.

There’s also an adjustable lining or straps that help with a secure fit. It’s made to fit the various head sizes, and my partner has no issues borrowing mine when I’m not on the rails.

Overall, the Oakley O-Frame MX Goggle is a great purchase.

It’s easy to use, reliable and safe. I would also recommend it to anyone who needs an inexpensive motocross goggle from a reputable brand.



#2 Fox Racing Main Stray – Value Purchase


Fox Racing Main Stray offers value for money.

It captured my attention because it’s nearly perfect, comfortable, and easy to use.

I barely notice their presence when I wear these goggles, and I’m happy with the experience.

My first impression was that Racing Google was a solid product. You can’t go wrong with this.

It fulfills its very function, feels nice, has no distortion on the optics, and after using it for several months, the goggles are still new.

The lens quality and visibility of these goggles are also incredible.

My only concern with the polycarbonate lens is that it’s displayed as colored/tinted, but it’s a clear anti-fog lens in real life.

But once that is out of the way, you’ll love it for what it is.

Personally, I can’t get enough of how it has made my riding much better. It’s among the best motocross goggles, especially on cloudy days or when riding in the forest landscape.

It gives a clear view, more like I’m using my naked eyes for the view, only that I now have more protection. Sometimes, I can’t even really tell whether I’ve the goggles on me.

On top of that, it doesn’t fog. I’ve been riding it on rainy days, and even under 30 Celsius sun, and it doesn’t seem like it has fog or anything.

I’m saved from constantly needing to wipe it to clear the moisture build-up.

The comfort of the Fox Racing is also unmatched. It works well and fits great.

According to the manufacturer, the motocross goggles are meant to be a universal fit, and after pairing them with the V1, I love the strap and fit. It’s like one was built for the other. So, seamless.

Even better, they’re comfortable to wear with or without a helmet.

Fox Goggle also ticks all the boxes on the safety rating.

When using it for my winter riding, I hardly get windburn or watery eyes from the weather. It’s unlike my previous cheap motocross goggles as it’s well-ventilated and keeps any debris away from my eyes.

I’m thoroughly impressed with the protective element and the overall quality of these goggles.

And the best part with these goggles is that using them is a breeze.

The variable lens system with a quick release makes it easy to replace it if it breaks or scratches. It’s easy to snap the lens out and swap it.

Overall, the Racing is quite an incredible purchase, offering the best bang for your buck.

It’s amazing how well it keeps my eye protected and lasts for long.



#3 Scott Prospect Goggles – Widest Field of View


You can never go wrong with a product from a brand that has been in the game for more than five decades.

That’s Scott for you.

They’ve been in the game for a long, and have quite an extensive range of products in their stable.

And today, we’ll review one of Scott’s pioneer models, the Scott Prospect Goggles.

I’ve spent quite some time with this goggle, and I’m quite happy with its overall performance.

I could easily tell this goggle is a premium choice and deserves the high price tag out of the box.

It feels premium, has a nice finish and has many well-thought-out features.

But one striking thing with the Scott Prospect design is that it dwarfs many of the best dirt bike goggles on our list and in the market in general.

It’s humongous, but as we shall see later, the size is helpful with visibility.

Even then, this motocross goggle doesn’t feel bulky or anything. The face foam around the removable nose guard is scalloped in a neat design, so it doesn’t obstruct my view or even squash my nose.

My first impression was that I thought it wouldn’t fit in any of my helmets for its size. But I was mistaken because it’s quite convenient, and the helmet design isn’t different from the traditional options we’ve already reviewed.

Performance-wise, Scott Prospect has nice visibility.

And not only that, it has a wide field of view.

Slipping it over my head, I was impressed by the fit and feel.

But that’s not the best part.

It’s big, eliminating the claustrophobic feel that comes with other goggles.

The larger point of view eliminates this tunnel-like sensation, giving you a wider field of view than any other goggle I’ve reviewed.

It’s a necessary element, especially when you need an unobstructed field of view. Personally, I love this design because it lets me see more of what’s ahead and sideways for better bike control and avoiding nasty collisions.

What about the performance of the lenses?

It’s also up there, right with the high-end goggles.

The clarity is nice, and I can’t get enough of the anti-fog solution lenses.

I no longer have to worry about moisture build-up on my lenses when riding on the rainy trails. Plus, even when I pause in my rides, it’s immune to fogging and keeps clear at all times.

Meanwhile, the quality of the lenses, especially the orange version, has great clarity and contrast.

Yes, I’ve never been a fan of tinted lenses, but this one is different.

It doesn’t create issues as other tinted lenses do and gives me a healthy balance of UV protection, harmful blue light shield, great clarity, and contrast.

Donning the Scott Prospect feels nice, and I’ve no trouble using it for the extended dirt bike trails.

The triple-layer face foam used hugs my skin well and wicks away sweat and any form of goggle stickiness.

On the other hand, a no-slip silicone strap maintains the goggles in position, even when I’m riding through rough patches.

It’s very forgiving and doesn’t cause any pressure points on my skin.

On top of that, I was impressed by the presence of articulated triggers that help the helmet fit just about any size of helmet shape and size.

Overall, I’m pleased with the Scott Prospect, and I can’t get enough of how premium it feels. I’d buy it again.



#4 100 Percent Accuri OTG MX Goggles – Best OTG MX Goggles


Accuri OTG MX Goggles are to be worn over the glasses.

I don’t use them much because I only need to wear glasses when reading and not ride.

But my dirt can’t do without the OTG Goggles because he needs glasses when dirt bike riding.

Now there’re a few brands that specialize in selling OTG goggles and will let you enjoy trail riding without having to leave your eyewear at home.

One such brand is 100 Percent.

They’ve the Accuri OTG, and it’s what my dad is using now.

He was impressed by this purchase from the word go because it came with a curved frame to accommodate the prescription glasses.

The dual injection frame is also a tad wider than the normal goggles, and again, this goes a long way to support his prescription glasses.

Visibility performance is also right up there with some of the high-end OTG goggles in the market.

It’s supported by a flexible dual injection frame, which is quite handy at offering more peripheral vision. Yes, it may not have a wide field of view like the Scott Prospect, but you can look down the line and ahead simultaneously when riding straight.

While still on the frame, I was also impressed with its sturdiness and durability.

The flexible urethane used is sturdy and doesn’t break even when flexed. It also takes on my helmet quite well, offering a secure fit.

Fitment on this purchase is also wonderful, thanks to the wide strap.

My dad says the goggle doesn’t have any pressure points and doesn’t feel loose either.

Ventilation is perfect, and the free flow of air helps avoid moisture build-up or fogging.

And finally, visibility isn’t affected in any way. The contrast on this is amazing, and he can effortlessly make out even on dusk or overcast days.



#5 Strata MX Goggles – Best All-Around Motocross Goggles


Strata MX Goggles are pretty comfortable, good quality, especially for the price.

They also offer a great field of view, and their high-quality & anti-fog lenses will block sunlight and keep you cool.

My first impression with these motocross goggles is they’re high quality and don’t seem like they’ll break anytime.

The frame material, for example, is super sturdy and doesn’t come with a plastic feeling that many goggles do.

Similarly, the straps feel premium and provide enough tack to hold your helmet.

Simply put, the quality on the Strata MX is right up there with some of the high-end options, such as the Scott or Oakley goggles.

Moving on, Strata’s visibility is incredible and something that I’ve not come across.

The tint on the goggles is just right for the Colorado sunshine.

I was concerned about the visibility range because it’s a bit dark with its tint, but the moment I slipped them on, I didn’t have to worry anymore.

It feels just right at home, and I even barely notice I’ve the motocross goggles on me.

And the good thing is the entire experience doesn’t feel claustrophobic. There’s no tunnel vision, and I don’t feel like I’m struggling to see what is around me.

On top of that, the experience is so much nice, especially without thinking much about fogging. I’ve used it in the rain a couple of times and even ridden my bikes in the dense rain forests, and I’ve not experienced moisture build-up or anything.

Even after wearing this bad boy for 12 straight hours, I didn’t feel fatigued or see the need for removing it.

It feels ultra-comfortable and soft. The cushioning used on the interior is plush and works hard to wick the sweat and extra moisture away.

Plus, it cushions your noggin and doesn’t result in any pressure points on the helmet.

Fitment is also amazing, thanks to the adjustable straps.

They’re lined with a soft material and don’t feel like they’re digging into your head.

Plus, the straps are long enough to allow for a customized fit and support different helmet shapes and sizes.



Best Dirt Bike Goggles Buying Guide

Best Dirt Bike Goggles buying guide

By now, you should be having an idea of what dirt bike goggles you think are fit for you.

If not, don’t worry.

In this section, I’ll share everything you need to know about selecting the right dirt bike goggle for your needs.

Before then, let’s briefly look at some of the reasons you should consider wearing goggles when riding a dirt bike.

Importance of Goggle for Dirt Bikes

Are dirt bike goggles necessary?

It’s not, but it’s important to have one.

A goggle is protective gear and will keep your ears from harm’s way.

See, during trail riding, you’re exposed to many things, including flying elements.

Debris such as sand, insects, and leaves can easily harm your eyes, especially when going at high speeds.

Along with the debris, your eyes are also exposed to other elements such as hail, rain, wind, and snow.

They can affect the visibility of your bare eyes, and for a high-stake game like dirt biking, it can be quite dangerous.

Simply put, the best motocross goggles are there to cushion your eyes against any damage from elements. On top of keeping your eyes safe, it helps with the performance by ensuring you’re not distracted by elements or poor visibility.

Choosing the Right Dirt Bike Goggles

Now that we’ve seen how motocross goggles can keep us safe, we’ll move on to the most crucial section.

Below, I’ll share what to consider when making a dirt bike goggle selection.


Ventilation refers to airflow.

Why is the flow of air important in a dirt bike goggles?

Proper airflow is important to keep you comfortable.

When there’s proper airflow, all the moisture and sweat build-up is wicked away for a comfortable experience.

It’s particularly important if you’ll be riding your bike for long distances in sunny conditions. It helps to keep you cool.

Anti-Fog Lens

The lens is an essential part that protects your eyes and allows you to see.

It’s, in my opinion, the most important part of a dirt bike goggle.

Now, there’re various designs and shapes for the enduro goggles.

Shape-wise, I prefer the curved design over the other cheap motocross goggles designs because it gives a good peripheral vision.

Meanwhile, there’re two main designs for the dirt bike goggles, including the tinted and clear tear-off lenses.

A clear lens is great, especially at night when there’s not enough natural light.

On the other hand, the tinted versions are great, especially during the day, because they allow better contrast and visibility.

Some of the tinted lenses, for example, will even adjust the light setting to match with that of the changing weather.

Either way, the best dirt bike goggle lenses should also protect against damaging UVA and UVB rays.

They should also be the anti-fog lens.


Generally, the goggle’s fit will ultimately depend on the shape of your head.

However, some will fit better than others.

Ideally, the best dirt bike goggles have face foam that touches evenly against your face.

The face foam shouldn’t be too loose to fall off in action. And it shouldn’t be too tight either to cause irritating pressure points for headaches.

And if it’s possible, I would recommend that you try the goggles, especially if you’ll be wearing them with a helmet.

You need to ensure the helmet fits inside the eye socket.


Fogging happens when there’s a build-up of moisture inside the lenses.

It’s not only an inconvenience, but it can affect your visibility.

The good news is some of the best goggles come with an anti-fogging coating that will discourage moisture from condensing on the lenses.

As we had mentioned earlier, others have improved airflow, which is quite helpful in mitigating the effects of fogging and condensation.

But if your goggles have none of that, you can consider the anti-fogging solution. It’s particularly important during cold weather.


Best Dirt Bike Goggles faq

Along with clear and crisp visibility, the other important role for goggle lenses is protecting your eyes.

The best motocross goggles feature impact and scratch-resistant properties to shield your eyes from bike falls and crashes.

Such lenses are usually molded out of reliable materials such as polycarbonate.


You’ve a reliable anti-fog lens, and the only thing that will complete your goggle’s overall durability is the frame.

I recommend picking motocross goggles made out of flexible yet reliable materials such as polyurethane compounds.

It should also offer a secure fit without slipping down your face or irritating your skin so much.

What’s the Best Way of Cleaning my Dirt Bike Goggle?

As it’s to be expected, once you head out on the trails, your enduro goggles are going to get dirty.

And if you care about them, you’ll want to give them a clean.

But how do you do it?

It’s simple.

Simply soak them in the water, preferably warm, soapy water.

Don’t mistake using harsh detergent, as this may corrode the liner.

After soaking for a few minutes, wipe them gently with a soft microfiber cloth.

Pay special attention to the lenses to avoid scratching. Also, try not to pull the lining.

After the clean, let them dry in a properly ventilated room.

Avoid using heat for drying as this may damage the polycarbonate. Leaving them in dry sunlight isn’t advisable either, resulting in faster degradation.

Why Should I Avoid Cheap Dirt Bike Off-Road Goggles?

It’s tempting to purchase the dirt-cheap bike goggles, but as much as we’re all trying to save, I would advise that you go to the bottom of the barrel with standard motocross goggles.

The reason is motocross goggles are there to protect your eyes; they’re the first line of defense, and you won’t want to low-ball.

Cheaper goggles are flimsy, less reliable, and don’t last long.

Their performance is also usually wanting, as most of them aren’t even well-ventilated and will cause your ace to overhear.

But more importantly, these cheaplings don’t feature an anti-fog lens with UV ray protection.

So, you risk your eyes getting damaged from prolonged exposure to UV rays.

While they may work well in shadow areas, they won’t protect you from the full glare of sunlight.

Best Dirt Bike Goggles Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can ski goggles double up as dirt bike goggles?

A: The answer is no.  Snow goggles can’t be used for dirt biking.

The only exception is downhill motocross goggles.

Q: How do I prevent my dirt bike goggles from fogging up?

A:  There’re numerous ways to keep your dirt bike goggles from fogging.

The most common one is using an anti-fogging coating or cleaner. It helps to keep the fog and condensation of moisture at bay.

But the foolproof way of preventing fogging is investing in a goggle with an anti-fog. It might be an expensive purchase, but worth every bit of it.

Q: Do dirt bike lenses scratch?

A: Yes, like any type of goggle lenses, dirt bike lenses scratch, especially if not well-taken care of.

However, the level of scratching will also depend on the quality of the lenses.

The high-quality lenses with scratch-resistance, for example, barely scratch, but again, you still need to take care of them.

Ensure you use a soft microfiber cloth, for example, during cleaning.

Some motocross goggles are also shipped with quality wipes for easier and stress-free cleaning.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Dirt Bike Goggles wrap up

We’ve finally come to the end of our best dirt bike goggle review.

Our selection has some interesting choices, all good in their own right, but our winner goes to Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles.

It wins over the competition because it’s a product from one of the established brands in the market and carries the DNA of a high-quality goggle.

Yet, it comes at a fraction of the cost of many high-end options and doesn’t fail to deliver in terms of performance, ease of use, visibility, and reliability.

I would recommend it!

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