Ultimate Review of The Best Dirt Bike Stand in 2023

Best Dirt Bike Stand

Until recently, I didn’t see the need for a dirt bike stand.

After all, why would I need one while there were plenty of inexpensive…err, free plastic milk crates all over the place?

And the good thing is the crates came sturdy, beefy, and simple as they could get.

Plus, I’m DIY enthusiast, and the use of crates made more sense for me.

But here is the thing, DIY can only take you so far.

As you would have imagined, there were plenty of downsides to using the crates.

First, the crates didn’t give me the option of adjusting my bike’s height. And now that I’m getting older, I found it quite difficult to bend over and perform the routine maintenance tasks on my motorbike.

The crates also couldn’t lift my bike on the support, and even after seeking help from my better half, the task just seemed quite challenging with the potential to damage my bike.

But the final straw came when my bike toppled from the crate. Glad I wasn’t around because it could have been a disaster. Yes, there’s always the risk that the crate will fail in their support and let the bike crash on you.

Enter dirt bike stands.

These are the modern alternatives to crude and basic crates.

In my opinion, stands are a real game-changer and critical in a sense they grant you convenience and practicality during the regular maintenance routines.

Personally, my dirt bike stand has come in at the right time because I just acquired a new Kawasaki, with a 15” ground clearance, so kind of high to use with milk crates or anything.

With my dirt bike stand, I can adjust the height setting to suit my maintenance needs and handle any routine repairs with ease.

Plus, it’s super compact and portable, so I always have it close by me, even when I’m hitting the trails. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Bye crates!

Now, if you’re interested in one of these, I’ve compiled a guide outlining some of my favorite dirt bike stands in the market.

I’ve also included a handy buying guide that will help with the purchase process.

Quick Comparison Table!

Pit Posse Scissor Floor Jack Lift Table Stand


BikeMaster Easy Lift


RISK Racing Bike Stand


Matrix Concepts C1


Extreme Max Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table



The Best Dirt Bike Stands For The Money

Best Dirt Bike Stand for the money

#1 Pit Posse Scissor Floor Jack Lift Table Stand - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Wow! I wish I had gotten this lift stand years ago.

See, after years of struggling with back pain, Pit Posse Dirt Bike Lift finally came to my rescue.

I’ve already used it a couple of times to take my dirt bikes completely apart, and it holds my bikes well, not to mention how it has saved me from backaches.

And from the word go, you can tell Pit Posse bike stand isn’t your run-of-the-mill table stand.

Everything on this scissor lift speaks a lot about the quality craftsmanship and detailing that it has gone through.

The powder coating, for example, is excellent; the rubber on the top section is thick, and once you understand how every part fits, the entire stand seems quite functional.

It’s also quite heavy-duty and looks like it’ll lasts for quite some time.

On top of that, it arrives compact, so I hardly trip on anything while walking around it—all in all, no complaints.

While remaining compact, I was impressed with how the working deck was bigger, more than it appeared in the picture. It’s a whole lot better and larger.

The deck has a generous sizing of 13 3/4″ x 16″, which is enough to hold almost any dirt bike. I’ve even added a wooden top on it, so when I’m not using it for my dirt bikes, I can use it as a carving stand for chainsaw carving.

And that’s not all; the deck has an anti-slip rubber to keep the bike from sliding when you’re working on it.

It also features a drain hole, which is useful, especially when I’m performing the oil changes and don’t want to mess up my garage.

But Pit Posse’s selling feature, at least according to me, is the height adjustment.

See, Pit Posse scissor lift is a top-shelve and versatile stand that allows riders to easily adjust and set their bike’s height to a comfortable working position.

The stand lowers to a minimum height of 13”, which is short enough to place even the heaviest bike without a struggle. I can do it on my 300-pound Kawasaki without a helping hand.

From there, I can pump it to a comfortable working height. It goes up more than high enough to get the work done.

The maximum height is 36″, which allows me to work on my bike, even when seated.

Pit Posse will get your bike up to make wrenching much easier than laying it on the floor or bending over.

Now, I’ve seen many users complain about having problems with the hydraulic and that it takes many pumps of the pedal to get it moving.

Yes, you’re right; I also experienced the same right out of the box. But here’s a quick fix; simply add hydraulic fluid in the cylinder.

After a few pumps, you’ll realize pumping gets easier.

For me, at least, I can get to full height in less than 20 pumps.

And the good thing is even when the bike is lifted, the stand feels incredibly stable, and there’re no signs of wobble. This is because once you get your bike to the desired height, you can lock the wheels for a stable experience.

Of course, with your bike so high, the last thing you would want is to have it come crumbling down on you.

The good news Pit Posse has given a lot of thought to this, and there’re some important safety features to inspire more confidence when working on your bike.

A safety pin, for example, runs through the frame and will keep your bike from disengaging and slamming unexpectedly.

There’re also loops to attach tie-downs for securing your motorbike.

Setting up Pit Posse is also a breeze.

It doesn’t come with a user manual, and I was a bit confused, especially about where to put the D-ring. But looking at the pictures solves it all. It’s as simple and easy as that.

My only complaint with the Pit Posse is that inserting the safety pin can feel a bit challenging. It doesn’t seem to go all quite far enough.

But otherwise, everything else on this purchase is top-notch.

I would recommend it.



#2 BikeMaster Easy Lift – Best Bike Stand for Chain and Wheel Maintenance


BikeMaster Lift is our runners up on our review of the best dirt bike stands, and I’m happy to say it has been perfect for me.

See, I had been looking for the right stand for my needs, and all the options I came across seemed to have some downsides.

Yes, the BikeMaster is by no means perfect, but it has a lot to love, especially if you love taking routine maintenance on your road bikes.

My first impression was that its design looked good, and the construction was great. I’ve used it for several seasons now, and it appears strong enough to last for years.

Performance-wise, it lifts well and lifts my Yamaha effortlessly. While it doesn’t have the best ground clearance, I can slide the booth under most of my family’s dirt bikes, at least, and once it’s in place, it raises the motorbike without wobble or anything.

Assembling BikeMaster Easy Lift is also a breeze and only took about a minute max. The lift arm is the only part you need to attach, and even then, it doesn’t require a tool.

Lifting my Yamaha with the BikeMaster Easy Lift was super easy and convenient- it lives up to its name.

In fact, after trying so many other stands previously, this one is the easiest due to its fulcrum engineering.

The simple and sturdy lever is free from hydraulics, and while it requires an extra muscle oomph than the foot-operated jacks, you don’t require giant muscles to get your motorbike off the ground. Any teen or adult can use it.

I’m a short guy, and having a stand with a lift option is impressive. I no longer have to ask for a helping hand getting my 300-pound motorbike off the ground.

And the good thing is the deck height on this bad boy is fully adjustable, so I can always set the height to suit my needs.

Initially, my biggest concern was BikeMaster Easy Lift didn’t have an impressive height range and didn’t fold flat. But after a couple of uses, I found it quite handy than I had expected.

Yes, it only raises my bike for a few inches, but it works well for me, at least because I mostly wanted a stand to make it easier to apply chain lube after washing my bike.

On top of that, the height is also just high enough to get the wheels off the ground to allow for an easier pedal push, changing tires, and chain maintenance.

Simply put, it’s the right option for those looking to perform the simple, minor regular upkeeps. I wouldn’t use it for serious long-term overhauls.

Moving on, Bike Master has given a lot of thought and consideration to both the rider and bike safety.

The threaded bar onto which the lever spins , for example, features a screw lock nut to prevent accidental disengagement. It gives me the reassurance that my bike won’t come crumbling down and injure me.

Safety on the BikeMaster Easy Lift doesn’t end there!

The pad on which your motorbike rests has an anti-slip material that will stop accidental bike slipping.

When lowering the bike, a piston works well to help with a slow and gradual descent. The damper shock will slow the descent speed, which is necessary to avoid slamming your bike from hard landings.

BikeMaster Easy Lift’s lifting capacity isn’t an issue for its size.

It has a decent capacity of 350 pounds. It’s not the highest, but toe-to-toe with most stands; you get an additional 50 pounds capacity.

Now, that may not seem like much, but in real life, it opens up a whole lot of doors on the dirt bikes you can use with the BikeMaster Easy Lift.

To give you an idea of its functionality, it’ll work well with most small, sub 250cc road bikes, including the popular Honda CB250, Rebel, and Ninja 300.

For me, at least, it lifts my Honda CRF250L, which is at 320 pounds. It’s just fine.

Overall, the BikeMaster Easy Lift seems like a nice purchase.

It might not be the ideal option for serious repairs and overhauls, but it’ll do well for most tasks.

Plus, it comes at a pretty affordable price.



#3 RISK Racing Bike Stand – Premium Motorcycle Stand


The Risk Racing Bike Stand is one of a kind fixed-type box stand.

I’m impressed with this stand because of its performance and because it comes with some cool features not seen in other stands, such as magnetic panels to keep your nuts/bolts & tools organized.

Out of the box, I was also worried that I would have difficulty assembling the Risk Racing Stand, but it was effortless to assemble the whole thing when it arrived.

The quality was also quite impressive, and I haven’t been disappointed so far.

Everything, including the leveling nuts, and threads are of high quality, and I love how they lock in place nicely.

The finish is also impressive, and generally, the quality levels up to the price I paid for these stands.

Performance-wise, there’s one thing that really struck me about the Risk Racing Bike stand.

And this is how well it kept my dirt bike level.

Risk Racing Stand utilizes anodized lightweight aluminum turnbuckles to keep my bike perfectly level when working on them. No more nose dive.

It’s unlike my previous options that allowed one side to make contact with the ground. My previous experience felt like I was working at a moving restaurant table. It kept on jostling back and forth. Super annoying.

Risk Racing Bike Lift is different because my motorbike feels level, even when both wheels are raised in the air.

This way, it’s easier for me to perform my maintenance routine without struggling so much. In fact, I’m enjoying every bit of it and doing it more than I did before.

And the good thing is once I lift my bike, I no longer have to fear that it’ll come crumbling down on me.

The top deck on Risk Racing Bike Lift is oversized to accommodate the largest dirt bikes in my garage. Even better, the top is rubberized with an anti-slip pad that will prevent my bike from sliding off the motorcycle stands. The dense and gas-resistant rubber is also held in place by rivets.

Another incredible feature of this purchase is the magnet side plates.

See, with any motorbike repairs, loose bolts and nuts can fly everywhere, resulting in a lot of frustration.

The manufacturer has fitted the Risk Racing with magnetic plates to make maintenance more organized to eliminate this.

And make no mistake, it works.

Initially, I thought I was kinda cheesy, but after trying it, I found it to be quite helpful, honestly.

And finally, I’m impressed by the large drain hole on the deck that helps to make my oil changes more convenient and mess-free. I can’t get enough of it.

Overall, I’m pleased with Risk Racing.

Sure, it’s one of the expensive purchases, but it offers unmatched versatility and will make your routine maintenance and dirt biking experience more enjoyable.



#4 Matrix Concepts C1– Simple Dirt Bike Stand


The Matrix Concepts C1 is one of the basic and frill-free dirt bike stands we’ve in the market.

It’s also a budget purchase and one of the best dirt bike stands for those looking for an inexpensive option.

Now, while all that may point to a flimsy product, it’s far from the truth with the Matrix Concepts C1.

This stand has a great performance and competes favorably with some of the more expensive adjustable lift stands.

In fact, it’s as good as the expensive purchase without the price. It doesn’t feel cheap, and the only difference is Matrix Concepts lacks the fancy funnels for oil changes.

But I can do well without these extras. I just placed a bucket under this booth, and I’m good to go.

Out of the box, you can tell that this stand looks cool, and the choice of color is impressive. Not that colorways matter, but having that look nice is a bonus for me.

Moving on, the construction of this masterpiece feels solid, and even after using it for several seasons, it doesn’t appear like it’s going to break any time soon.

The welds are quite incredible and don’t seem like they’re going to crumble under the weight of my Kawasaki motorbike.

It’s also sturdy and exactly what you would expect from a reputable brand.

The carbon steel tubing will stand up to whatever abuse you throw at it and even accommodate bikes up to 300 pounds.

On top of that, users will also benefit from a wide 10″ by 10″ deck that can host even the largest bike.

The deck is fitted with a non-slip pad, which is a necessary feature to have, especially when you don’t want your bike sliding off when working on it.

Another safety feature that impressed me was the anti-rock (lever lock) design. It comes in handy by preventing my bike from rocking or even nose-diving when I’m working on uneven ground.

Overall, the Matrix Concept is a nice and modest purchase that will hold your bike securely.

It doesn’t come with many features as other stands do, but it’s basic enough to do what it promises.



#5 Extreme Max Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table – Best for Easy Operation


Extreme Hydraulic Lift is a differently-engineered stand, perfect for different lightweight dirt bikes.

I purchased this stand because I’m getting older, and my back needed something to help with the backaches.

The Extreme Lift Table seems like the ideal option.

One of its unique features is that it cannot only get your motorcycle in the air but will allow you to adjust the height according to your needs.

It gives you a generous working range of up to 34.5”, which is great when you want to work while seated.

Adjustability aside, the construction of this height-adjustable stand is also awesome, and I’m impressed by its quality build.

The welding appears to be pretty tough, while they stand well-built. It easily handles lifting the larger bikes and other heavy items that could cause problems with the standard dirt bike stands.

And while lifting and at full height, it doesn’t feel wobbly or appears like it will lose stability at any time. I love it.

On top of that, it comes with some heavy-duty wheels, but I wouldn’t move it while it was loaded. The rear wheel comes in handy by offering a secure lock when the adjustable lift stand is on heavy load, enhancing the overall performance.

Like many ramps on our list, this option can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

It didn’t come as a surprise, considering it’s meant to accommodate dirt bikes, generally lighter than other bikes. For me, at least, it effortlessly supported my Kawasaki Ninja.

I wouldn’t recommend using it for Enduro bikes, motocross bikes, or typical cruisers. Most of those are above their weight limit.

Using Extreme height adjustable is a breeze, and this is because it utilizes a foot-activated release trigger. It’s easy, simple, and unlike the leaky, hand-based hydraulics, this system is less of a hassle and demands less maintenance.

I also noticed that lowering this model is convenient, and by applying gentle and progressive pressure on the foot pedals, I achieve a controlled descent. I didn’t have to worry much about slamming my bike.

Overall, the Extreme Max is an incredible purchase, and I love it for how it makes lifting my bike



Best Dirt Bike Stand Buying Guide

Best Dirt Bike Stand buying guide

I’ve already narrowed your selection of the dirt bike stand to the top 5 best stands in the market.

However, if you’re still undecided on what purchase to pick, our guide below will help selection.

Here, I outline everything you need to know about lift stands and how to select the best one for your needs.

But first;

Why Do Dirt Bikes Lack Kickstands?

The main reason dirt bikes lack kickstands is because they may open during races.

Now, this might seem like just an inconvenience for a regular bike, but for a dirt bike, it can throw you off, resulting in a fatal accident.

The second reason why dirt bikes lack kickstands is because of weight.

Having kickstands increases the overall weight, which translates to less efficiency and lesser edge than your competitors.

Why Should I Have a Dirt Bike Stand?

Lift stands aren’t a necessity.

But having one makes your life easier.

Here’re some of the benefits of having a dirt bike stand.

1)      Easy repairs

A dirt bike stand helps with repairs.

Remember, some repairs might require lifting, and having a stand will help you lift and lower your bike effortlessly.

2)      Easy oil changes

Simple tasks such as oil changes can be costly if you do them frequently and always use your mechanic.

Instead, having a dirt bike stand will help correctly position your bike and make it easy to open the large oil drain hole and change the oil.

3)      Quick Tire Changes

Whether it’s a puncture or simply wanting to upgrade to a new tire, having a dirt bike stand will make accessing your dirt bike wheel a lot easier and convenient.

4)      Easy cleaning

Your bike will definitely get dirty.

And as a good owner, you need to take care of your thorough bike cleaning.

An adjustable lift stand makes the process thoroughly.

5)      Save space and easy storage.

A dirt lift stand allows your bike to stand on its own, mostly vertically.

This helps to save on the available space.

Secondly, by storing your bike from the ground, you relieve the suspension and wheels from the burden of shouldering the heavy bike. It translates to extended life.

Different Types of Dirt Bike Stands

In this segment, we’ll look at the different types of dirt bike stands and give a summary of what option might be right for your needs.

1)      Triangle stand

This is the simplest form of dirt bike stand.

I wouldn’t advise you to get a dirt bike triangle stand because your bike will pretty much stand on its weight and doesn’t offer much support.

However, a dirt bike triangle stand comes light, compact, and might just allow you to perform some maintenance.

2)      Standard stand

It’s also known as the static stand and is a great stand, especially if you want to get one or both wheels off the ground.

Some are foldable and compact, but not as much as the triangle stand.

The greatest downside to the standard stand is finding balance to level your bike.

3)      Lift stand

As its name suggests, the motorcycle lift stand has an adjustable height stand that can move up or down.

A good thing with dirt bike lift stands is that they use a simple leg paddle lever to adjust the height.

4)      Adjustable stand

The adjustable stands have plenty of resemblance with the static stand.

But a difference between these two is you can adjust the height on the adjustable stand.

5)      Hydraulic lift stand

The hydraulic stand is similar to a lift stand.

Both are adjustable, but the benefit of the hydraulic scissor stand is getting the right working height as they tend to adjust to greater height ranges.

Hydraulic scissor lift stand is ideal for taller users.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Dirt Bike Stand

In the detailed section below, I’ll share what you need to consider when selecting your next dirt bike stand.

Here, I outline the critical components you should consider to ensure you make the right dirt bike stand purchase.

Weight Capacity

The first component to consider on a dirt bike stand is the weight capacity, or rather how much weight it’s rated to hold.

See, if you choose a dirt bike stand with a lower weight capacity, then it’s likely to offer unstable lift, flimsy support and may even fall on when you’re working on your bike.

So, first things first, consider the weight of your bike.

From there, choose a dirt bike stand with a higher weight capacity.

Don’t mistake choosing a dirt bike stand with a similar weight capacity because you might do some mods that may increase the overall weight.

If needed, invest in an expensive, high-quality stand with a higher weight capacity.


There’s a lot that determines the overall quality of a motorcycle stand.

For example, the manufacturing process can have a huge impact on the quality of a stand.

However, the choice of material also determines the overall dirt bike stand quality.

I would recommend you choose a dirt bike stand made out of metals, overall other materials.

Anodized aluminum and steel are great choices because of their strength and sturdiness.

They’ll offer the right support for your motorbike, last long, and provide a sturdy and stable lift.

Also, consider the stand with a coating on the exterior. The coating should help to keep the stand from elements such as rust.

Range of Height Adjustments

Best Dirt Bike Stand faq

Height adjustment is probably the most crucial element for a dirt bike stand.

I would recommend you choose a motorcycle stand with multiple height adjustments for the ultimate convenience.

Pick a stand that keeps your bike erect, lift one tire or even both tires.

Having a stand that can lift one tire, for example, is necessary when you want to drain the oil pan.

And having a lift stand that can lift both tires is necessary if you need to change or replace the wheel tires.

In addition, having a stand that can change the height settings is necessary when you want to work on your bike in a comfortable position.

It saves you from the unnecessary lumbar strain, and the time spent working shouldn’t be taxing.


Performance refers to how convenient the motorcycle stand does your work.

Having an anti-slide top rubber pad, for example, will eliminate the chances of your bike sliding and give you an easy time fixing the bike.

Dirt bike stands with a large drain oil, on the other hand, will help it collect the excess oil, which again helps with the overall performance.

The final element to a lift stand’s performance is functionality.

The best dirt bike stand should work well without breaking and should get damaged easily.

Size/Weight; Ease of Use

When heading out on the trails, most dirt bike riders want to lighten their load as much as possible.

And therefore, having a lightweight stand and compact dirt bike stand is necessary.

Your choice of dirt bike stand should offer portability for easy transportation.

Even better, some of these stands have great mobility, coming with wheels to support the easy movement.


Like many dirt bike accessories, the price of a dirt bike stand is mostly proportional to the quality and number of features.

But it doesn’t mean you should only go for the super-expensive purchase.

No, there’re less expensive and reasonably priced bike stands with the performance and quality you need.

Just weigh your options, and look for a dirt bike stand that you feel will address your needs most.

Why You Should Avoid the Triangle Dirt Bike Stand

The triangle dirt bike stands are inexpensive, but I strongly suggest you ditch them.

The reason is your bike sits under its weight, and while it might not seem like a biggie, it translates to faster wearing out of the suspension.

This ultimately results in inexpensive and regular maintenance.

Secondly, the support system offered by the triangle bike stands isn’t secure and is likely to knock out.

And there’s nothing worse than having a bike bump on you.

What’s your idea of a “High Quality” Dirt Bike Stand?

Well, there’re several opinions on what the best dirt bike stand should be like or should feel.

But in my opinion, the best dirt bike stand should have several traits.

It should be sturdy enough to accommodate a motorbike for the weight for which it’s rated.

Secondly, it should be durable and long-lasting, meaning you should have to repair it frequently.

A top dirt bike should also be quite practical, helping to secure your bike and even do the heavy lifting.

Simply put, here’s a summary of what I think should be the best dirt bike stand:

  •         Sturdy
  •         Can secure my bike
  •         Portable
  •         Long-lasting
  •         Can lift the bike off the ground

Dirt Bike Stand with Lift Assist

Dirt bike stands are built differently.

Most standard dirt bikes in the market are pretty basic and simple.

While all of them have an option to secure your dirt bike to help it stand, not all of them have a lift assist.

See, not having to lift your dirt bike is important, helping to save your bike during routine maintenance.

And that’s not all!

A top dirt bike stand should be able to lift your bike high enough to allow you to work in confidence.

It shouldn’t go halfway, and this is important to eliminate the back pains and aches that come with bending.

Best Dirt Bike Stand Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I leave my dirt bike on a stand?

A: The answer is a yes and no.

See, the overall safety is determined by your stand’s capabilities and conditions.

However, if you’ve the correct bike stand for your bike weight, then it’s perfectly safe to leave it on the stand.

Q: How high does a stand go?

A: The height to which a motorcycle stand can go depends on the individual model.

Some have a fixed elevation, while others can be adjusted to different heights.

However, most of them go from a low of 14 inches to a high of 40 inches.

Q: Is it possible to change the rubber on my bike stand?

A: This will depend on whether it’s replaceable or not.

Otherwise, if you attempt to replace your rubber pad on a non-replaceable bike stand, it may ruin your lift stand.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Dirt Bike Stand wrap up

Our winner for the best dirt bike stands is the Pit Posse Scissor Lift Stand.

It’s an incredible lift stand that comes with everything you need to perform routine maintenance on your bike.

Sure, it is a bit expensive, but that is compensated for with ease of use, versatility, and unmatched support.

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