Can A Mid Drive Electric Bike Have A Throttle?

can a mid drive electric bike have a throttle

Mid-drive motors do not usually come with throttles. This is because the bike’s motor is pedal-activated, so electric bikes with mid-drive motors are usually pedal-assist bikes. You’ll get a lot more torque with a mid-drive motor compared to a hub motor that offers similar power though. The Steps 6100 mid-drive motor is used on some high-end city e-bikes, like the recently released Triumph Trekker model.

This is probably why many manufacturers prefer to sell most pedal-assist electric bikes without a throttle. The bikes also feature backlit displays, 9-speed Shimano drivetrains, alloy pedals and all-terrain tires. The average drivetrains use a complex gearing system and torque sensor for the motor to provide electric assistance through the pedal cranks. This is especially true when comparing a mid-drive motor with a torque sensor to a hub-drive ebike without one.

Can A Mid Drive Electric Bike Have A Throttle

Speed pedelecs exist in the UK, but they are legally considered mopeds, not e-bikes. One of the most important decisions to make when buying an ebike is whether you want to opt for a hub-drive or a mid-drive motor. Unlike pedal assist systems, which only provide electric power when you pedal, throttle-activated systems can be driven simply by pushing or turning a lever. Perhaps at some point in the future you will consider adding throttle assist functionality to your electric bikes.

As you know, e-bike throttles are located on the handlebars, which increases the likelihood of riders accidentally operating them. However, with advances in research and technology, many bike manufacturers are now opting to use mid-drive motors on some of their higher priced bikes.

Many electric bike brands have released at least one or more models in their range that can be classified as fat wheel electric bikes. We provide valuable and informative articles to guide you in your purchases by partnering with knowledgeable cyclists and trusted bike shops and brands that sell their products online. So if you are after one, just drop us a note!

Remember – The throttles on electric bikes work like those on traditional motorcycles: they twist to move the electric bike forward. Perhaps the most important reason why many mid-drive bikes feel more natural to ride has little to do with the drive technology itself.

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