Can You Leave an Electric Bike Outside?

Can You Leave an Electric Bike Outside

E-bikes should not be left outdoors without a protective cover; over time, dew and moisture will penetrate the electrical components if left outdoors. Keeping an e-bike in a covered area in a garage or indoors is the best way to store your e-bike and prevent it from rusting.

It’s easy to install but not as secure as Bosmere Trimetals or Suncast storage units, but it will work to keep the elements off your bike. An electric bike can be more susceptible to damage with long-term outdoor storage, as the battery and other electrical components can be affected by moisture.

Riders should avoid leaving an electric bike outside for an extended period of time, especially in bad weather, to protect the electric bike from water damage. If you live in a rainy climate or are particularly concerned about water damage, it may be helpful to choose an electric bike that has a high IP rating.

Can You Leave an Electric Bike Outside?

Properly storing and caring for your ebike is a common sense practice that every cyclist should do. If your garage is prone to flooding and you have nowhere else to store your e-bike, consider placing it on a high shelf or rack so that it doesn’t get damaged by water.

If you have multiple bikes, then you’ll benefit from having these solutions because they involve placing your bike upright to save space. Storing a bike with wall racks involves buying additional products to be able to do this, such as a gravity bike rack for tight spaces or a vertical hanging system bike rack.

Batteries are the beating heart of your ebike and, like a human heart, are the most sensitive part of the whole. The manuals include important information and protocols regarding the specific brand and type of battery for your electric bike.

Aside from proper battery care in winter, it is very important to be aware of how to clean your bike for proper winter storage. Follow the proper cleaning instructions for your electric bike to ensure that it is kept in optimal working condition, and to stop your battery from running out mid-ride check your electric bike frequently to maintain it.

To learn more about the water resistance of your e-bike’s battery, check the Ingress Progress (IP) code. Be sure to remove the battery and clean your e-bike with soap and water to remove dirt from the previous season.

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