Can You Lose Weight Riding An Electric Bike?

Can You Lose Weight Riding An Electric Bike

The fact that the electric bike is equipped with its own electric motor should not make you think that it is harder to lose weight this way rather than doing other types of training. So not only is riding an electric bike good for weight loss, electric cyclists are more likely to ride their bikes more often and for longer distances another factor that will likely lead to more pounds shed.

The best thing about riding an electric bike is that you can tailor the assistance to your personal needs. I still have an electric bike for riding to the store and doing recovery rides, and I will always be grateful for this technology.

When I started riding at a faster pace, I switched to the “E-Bike sport” category on Strava to be fair to unassisted riders. I also added high-intensity interval training to my program, doing sprints on the stationary bike at the gym, which is a nice complement to the aerobic work I do on my e-bike.

And most e-bikes have between four and eight levels of pedal assist, which allows you to adjust the amount of extra power the motor provides. And while there are whole categories of e-bikes dedicated to fitness, any e-bike can give you a good enough workout to lose weight and feel healthier.

Can You Lose Weight Riding An Electric Bike?

As cycling with an e-bike seems to be a less cumbersome task, people take the initiative to go on a “cycling holiday with friends for a day or two”. Even before you start cycling, there are a couple of important things you should do and that is to adjust your electric bike to your height.

It seems like a great fitness tool, not least because it will show how much power you (not the motor) contribute to the effort it takes to propel the e-bike forward. Another study, this one from Miami University in Ohio, found that even riding an e-bike at the highest assistance setting involved modest to rigorous physical activity, enough to help “increase caloric expenditure for weight control.”

According to one case study, if a man rides for an hour without electric assistance he burns 552 calories, but if he rides for the same one-hour duration on an e-bike he expends 444 calories of energy. You’ll still exercise and the e-bike will still take the pain out of hills and headwinds, you’ll just put in a little more effort yourself and burn more calories.

Thanks to the electric motor that you can operate when you feel most comfortable, you’ll be able to do your workout with complete freedom and autonomy on any occasion. It could be a group of cyclists or even just a friend you convinced to get an e-bike after discovering how much fun they are.

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