Electric Bike Battery Care – What You need to Know!

electric bike battery care

Electric Bike Conversions have two different style electric bike batteries available for you to choose from. You can choose either a down-tube battery or a rack battery for your ebike.

For full specification and information on the different style of electric bike batteries please follow the link about ebike accessories.

General Maintenance of Lithium-Ion electric bike batteries

General Maintenance of Lithium-Ion electric bike batteries

Lithium-ion electric bike batteries works by lithium-ions moving from positive to negative during charging and then the other way while in use. In theory, a battery working in this manner should work forever but unfortunately over time and with repeated charge/discharge cycles, electric bike batteries will slowly diminish in terms of holding a full charge.

To help get the best out of your electric bike batteries, Electric Bike Conversions recommend that you follow these easy steps:

• Use your bike regularly.

• Don’t charge the battery up after short journeys. You are best to wait until your electric bike battery is down to below half full before recharging

• Avoid leaving your electric bike batteries out in the cold. Yes the battery will work in cold conditions but bring them inside when not in use and especially when charging.

• Avoid shocks, very bumpy roads, pot holes etc

• If you have a rack style battery, lightly grease up the contacts and sliding rails to aid removal.

Electric bike batteries contain electronic components as well as the lithium-ion cells. Any excess exposure to extreme humidity could oxidize the copper on the circuit board just like it does on your copper pipes at home. If you get caught out in the rain do not fear. All you need to do is give your battery a wipe with a clean towel when you get home.

In the winter months you might not be able to use your bike as much or at all. If this is the case, again follow these simple steps to help prolong the life of your battery:

• Always switch your electric bike batteries off when stored.

• Every month it’s recommended you check the battery via the indicator on the side of the battery. If your battery is still full when checked just give it a quick 15 minute top up charge. If one LED light has gone give it a 30-45 minute charge.

Following these simple steps will help to prolong the life and the range of your battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do electric bike batteries use Lithium-ion?

Lithium-ion batteries are lighter than other battery chemistry types, also lithium-ion technology is evolving and is more reliable than other types of battery.

What is meant by the terminology C?

C is the capacity of your electric bike battery. It’s the 13A in our down-tube battery.

What is BMS?

BMS is the Battery Management System. All batteries will have small imbalances between cells so the BMS tries to balance the cells when charging and discharging. Without the BMS, batteries will have a shorter life span and could be dangerous to handle.

Do I need to run deep charge cycles?

Deep Charge Cycles are not appropriate for these modern batteries.

What does “Conditioning” a battery mean?

This is where you fully charge and then discharge the battery for the first couple of times of use.

What is the ‘Trickle Charge’?

All chemical devices will lose their charge through diffusion. The rate of natural discharge is called its trickle current. On most modern batteries this is normally around 3% per month.

Can batteries from one Electric Bike Conversion company be used with other suppliers parts?

We have spent a lot of time and resources to ensure that all the parts we sell are compatible with one another. In principle, these electric bike batteries should work with other bits and we can sell these separately, but without any warranty.

How do I return electric bike batteries?

If you need to return a battery to you will need to ensure it’s packed in a secure box and covered with at least 2 inches of bubble wrap.

Not all couriers will carry batteries.

Regardless of which courier you use you will need to ensure that the battery is turned off and you will need to place a battery sticker on the parcel. 

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