How Fast Do Police E-bikes Go?

How Fast Do Police E-bikes Go

The police department’s response to this is, in my opinion, a little odd and, well, unhelpful. They don’t have an answer to that question, either.

Here’s what they say: “Our officers can go as far as 50 MPH (30 mph) at a sustained rate of 20MPH.” (That is the International police cadre cadence, which varies depending on the officer’s rank and his/her experience.) I’ve been around police officers for decades, including many who were once E-bikes officers. I have a mate who is a police officer for more than 20 years, so let me put this into some historical perspective for them.

I’ve noticed that officers are not as adept as they think they are with electric bikes when it comes to going over 20 miles/hour. This may not be because they aren’t used to electric bikes, but because their motorbike experience isn’t up to par on a bike with motors, gas pedal assist and motor pedals (no throttle) that have to be taken out to get them into a traffic-calming lane. I’m not suggesting this has anything to do with the motor bikes they were previously trained on, but it is something that needs to be taken into account.

There are two types of e-bikes: pedelec and throttle. Pedelecs only allow the user to control the speed through the power provided by the battery. Throttle e-bikes give the user full control of the speed a bit more.

These Class 3 e-bikes are also known as speed-pedelecs. RECON Power is one such bike that is supplied to the FBI’s uniformed police, which is part of the Bureau’s Security Division. So if there are guys on Top 2.0s going 50 mph, shouldn’t the police have their own 50 mph e-bikes to catch them?

This bike is made exclusively for law enforcement and may not be available to ordinary citizens. Considering this is a police bike, you won’t find the Trek Electric Police bike at your local bike shop, nor will you find it online. It’s equipped with a powerful motor that propels it to top e-bike speeds and is paired with a high-capacity battery to ensure long-range operation.

For example, the Los Angeles Police Department requires its officers to first pass a 40-hour basic bicycle patrol course on a conventional service bike before successfully completing and passing its e-bike course before officers can use e-bikes. The introduction of the Bosch pedal-assist system on the Trek electric police bike means patrols can last longer and cover a wider geographical area.

Recon is the leading supplier of electric police bikes to law enforcement, with police bikes in more than 35 states. The Electric Police is powered by a powerful 350W Bosch Performance Speed motor that was built for endurance riding.

The downside is that they won’t be able to stop speeding Teslas on the freeway like cops can with Zero electric motorcycles, but the advantages for lower intensity police contacts could make up for it. A few years ago, the company broke the Guinness World Record for the longest electric bike ride on a single charge without pedaling.

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