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How to Use Electric Assistance Levels on an E-bike?

How to Use Electric Assistance Levels on an E-bike

There are many ways to increase the electric assistance level on your e-bike. The levels you use depend on your needs, your fitness level, and the terrain you ride on. A high motor assistance level will turn your wheels faster with the same amount of pedaling effort as a low motor assistance level.

A low motor assist setting will reduce the electric assistance to a minimum. To maximize your electric assist, select a PAS level that works for your riding style.

When you turn on your electric bike, it will start at level one. If you are not used to riding an e-bike, you may need to change the settings if this is your first time. Using all three levels at the same time will allow you to ride smoothly.

While you are learning how to use the different levels, remember to plan your route carefully and keep a high cadence to prevent wobbling.

If you want to increase the amount of electric assistance, you should start with a low assistance level. This is because you will have to pedal more in order to move forward.

It can also affect your balance, so it is best to use a high level. But remember that it is always better to use a high power level for more power transfer to the motor. This is the best way to increase your electric assistance level.

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