Helpful Tips On Riding Your Ebike

Helpful Tips On Riding Your Ebike

Biking has been a wonderful god-send boon for me personally ever since I made promise to myself to lead a healthy and fit life and get to a much better version of myself. One key question I keep getting asked in my cycling groups, triathlons and even amateur events is “where do we get started and how?”

I know there is lots of information out there in the wild wild west of internet so this is my humble viewpoint on getting fitter, looking & riding your bike better, staying safe and feeling happier when you’re riding your bike.

Without further ado…

Ebike Riding Tips

Ebike Riding Tips
  1. To prevent your muscles from feeling sore, remember not to hunch your shoulders. Try to move your head every 5 minutes or so to avoid your neck muscles from feeling tight.
  2. By tilting forward on your saddle, you can work on strengthening different muscles. Moving forward works on you quadriceps, whilst tilting back works on your hamstrings.
  3. Try not to move your upper body too much as this could put pressure on certain muscles which could cause back problems later in life.
  4. Remember to keep your shoulders behind the front wheel axle. If you lean forward to far this can make the bike hard to handle and could cause the rear wheel to skip up into the air.
  5. If you don’t have a chance to slow for an obstacle, quickly pull upward on the handlebar to lift your front wheel. You may damage your rear wheel slightly but this could help to prevent a crash.
  6. Relax your grip on the handlebars. When riding your bike on smooth roads, practice wrapping your hands over the handlebar. This not only will help prevent muscle tension, but will also help for a smoother ride.
  7. Make sure to change hand positions. Grasp the drops when you’re riding fast and hold the brake-lever hoods for those cruising rides. When going up a hill, hold the top of the bar to sit upright and straight and make sure to open your chest for easier breathing.
  8. Keep your arms in line with your body, not spreading your elbows out. This is an easy way to make yourself go faster with no extra energy needed.
  9. If the ride is becoming tough, increase the force of your breaths rather than the frequency.
  10. If you’re riding in a group, make sure to always keep your hands in contact with your brakes. That way, you are always prepared to slow down if needed.
  11. When riding on the road and the traffic is very slow, make sure to say in the center on the road. You can usually move as fast as cars in slow traffic. If you hug the curb, you’re less visible and drivers will be tempted to squeeze by you, which could be quite dangerous.
  12. When riding on the road, stay far enough in the traffic lane to avoid being hit if doors on parked cars suddenly open.
  13. When you stop at a traffic light, move to the center of your lane. This will prevent drivers from edging forward and trapping you between their car and the curb. When the light changes to green, accelerate to your cruising speed before moving right to allow the car to pass you.
  14. A chirp noise is almost always coming from the chain. If you here this noise, the chain needs lubrication.ebike tips
  15. Clicks during sprinting sometimes come from two spokes rubbing. Put a little bit of oil on each spoke intersection to stop the clicks noise.
  16. When you start to feel tired from a hard pace, try this breathing technique: Instead of drawing air into the lungs then quickly letting it out, push the air out and let it naturally flow back in your lungs.
  17. Always ride with your elbows bent and your arms and shoulders relaxed. This will avoid muscle tension.
  18. Every now and then, take one hand off the bar and shake it. This relaxes your shoulder and elbow and encourages blood flow to your hand to prevent numbness.
  19. To make your tires last a little bit longer, switch them from one wheel to another every 500 miles.
  20. If you’re getting pain in the front of your knees, raise your saddle until your knees stop hurting. If the pain is in the back of your knee, lower your seat instead.
  21. If your hands are hurting, you’re probably putting too much weight on them. Raise your handlebar or shorten your stem. Also check the saddle. If it is angled downwards, you could be sliding toward the bar to much which could also cause pain in your hands and wrists.
  22. If you have difficulty riding in a straight line, focus your vision about 20 feet ahead of you. This should help with your balance.
  23. When you get home from a cold and muddy ride, Don’t just go inside and leave your bike the way it is. Instead, hose your bike while it’s still wet, dry any moving parts with a towel, and remember to lube the chain. This only takes 5 to 10 minutes and it could save you 20 to 30 minutes in future.
  24. When drinking from a water bottle, don’t tilt your head to drink. Tilt the bottle and squeeze the water in. This way you’ll have more control.
  25. If you’re out for a really cold ride and you want to keep a bottle of water from freezing, carry it in your jersey pocket so it can absorb some warmth from your body.
  26. Two easy ways to improve your bike’s performance, remember to inflate the tires before every ride, and keep your chain lubed.
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I will try and add more as I move along my own cycling journey with a bit of fitness thrown here and there, where possible. I hope you find these tips useful and really glad for you taking time to read these. If you have any feedback, please leave me a comment below.

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