Who Are Electric Bikes Good For?

Who Are Electric Bikes Good For

Some people see the rise of electric bikes as a threat, as if regular bikes will disappear when everyone goes electric. In comparison, 30 percent of people with electric bikes use them once a day, while a whopping 81 percent use them at least once a week.

If you want to know more about it, feel free to download my e-book entitled Practical Guide to Electric Bikes on Amazon Kindle. E-bikes, an attractive technological compromise between a standard self-propelled bicycle and a scooter, look almost identical to regular bicycles, but are equipped with battery-powered electric motors that help you pedal, slightly squeezing each stroke.

In Europe there is a similar class of electric bikes, called speed pedelecs, which have become popular with commuters. Electric bikes eliminate many of the obstacles and challenges people face with traditional pedal-powered bikes, but they are not perfect.

For example, if you suffer from knee pain or exercise-induced asthma, electric bikes can breathe new life into the sport of cycling. In addition, many bikes now offer the option of a second battery for double the range or, in the case of the Company Model X electric bike, three (one in the rear rack and two in the front basket, for a range of up to 200 miles).

If you have no interest in an electric road bike, you might find yourself with a high-capacity electric cargo bike that can haul 400 pounds of stuff while still cruising at 15 mph. As electric bike options expand, brands are integrating batteries more seamlessly, making the bike look sleeker (and more like a real bike).

But this comes at a cost and many people will want to know, when will electric bikes get cheaper?. Recently some compromises have been made whereby pedal-assist electric bikes can reach about 28 miles per hour assisted, but only if the rider pedals rigorously. I spend a lot of time answering pointed questions in the Comparison section of the Electric Bike Review Community Forums where people share their budget, height, weight, intended use and style preference.

While E-Bikes are becoming all the rage now, there are still some of us who prefer other things like an Electric Scooter. Given the variation between acceleration-only and pedal assist electric bikes, that is really a floor that can go up as riders contribute pedal power to the system or take advantage of different drive systems.

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Lisa Hayden-Matthews

Lisa Hayden-Matthews

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