What Boat License do I Need: Everything You Need to Know

What Boat License do I Need Everything You Need to Know

Is it a requirement to secure a boat license before you can pick boating as a hobby? Wouldn’t it be nice if you can sail away as soon as you’ve finished learning the basics of boat operation? A few months back, you were invited to a boating trip, and from then on, you’ve been spending more and more of your free time cruising along the waterways.

You’ve finally found an outdoor activity that quenches your thirst for both adventure and leisure. But before you take over the boat’s wheel, it may be best to obtain your boat license first. In this guide, we will give you everything you should know about boat licensing and provide you with helpful pointers on how to go about the process.

Do I really need a license?

Do I really need a license

To put things simply, yes. The majority of states require boat owners, boat operators, and recreational boaters to obtain a boating license. Only eight out of the fifty states do not require boaters to get their boating license. Regardless of existing laws in your state, the process of obtaining one involves a course on how to become safe boat drivers – knowledge that you simply don’t pick up anywhere else.

Is a boating license required in my state?

If you live in the United States, your state may require you to obtain a license to drive a boat legally. It all depends on the state that you live in. If you do not live in Hawaii, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Arizona, Wyoming, South Dakota, or Maine, you will need to secure a boating license. Some states require boating licenses for individuals of specific age groups.

Before you can take a license, it is imperative to get yourself insured. If you are planning to purchase a boat, make sure to factor in boat insurance to ensure adequate coverage in boating emergencies and other unwanted events.

On the other hand, if you are looking to operate a motorized boat, you must complete registration for your watercraft in your home state. Some states strictly enforce boat registration rules, while other states are lenient regarding this rule.

Do you need anything to drive a boat?

Do you need anything to drive a boat

If you are a first-time boat owner, your dealer will provide you with an overview of obtaining a license in your state. A valuable state-by-state resource for boaters may also be viewed at the National Association of Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA), containing vital information about boating safety, boating license test, and other requisites for each state. 

You may also visit online resources, including BoaterEXAM.com and Boat-Ed.com that will show you an approved online course available, as well as information on boating education, boating education card, and other requirements that you need to complete. Bear in mind that not all states offer online courses, so make sure to verify where you need to take an in-person safety course. Boater education training courses typically last for eight hours that are divided into two to four sessions. 

Is boating safety the same as boating license?

Is boating safety the same as boating license?

need to renew every year, a process similar to when renewing your car registration. When registering a personal watercraft, make sure to have all the essential paperwork, including boat title and bill of sale, from your dealer or previous owner.

On the other hand, a boating certificate is something that you need to accomplish once. You may apply for it anytime, but experts recommend getting a boating license before a boat purchase.

Do I still need a boating license if I already completed a boating safety course?

Getting a boating certificate means that you were able to undergo and successfully pass a boating safety course. Only you have sufficed these requirements that your home state can legally allow you to operate a boat. Upon boater education safety course completion, you will receive a certificate, or what is most commonly known as a license certifying you can legally drive a boat.

Additionally, suppose your boater education card is approved by your state boating law administrators and recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard. In that case, your certificate is good for life and will be considered valid even when you move to another state.

In most states, laws, and regulations state that you are not required to pass another boating safety course. Boaters under certain age groups are deemed to take and pass the boater education course to obtain their boat licenses.

Do you need a captain’s license to drive a yacht?

Do you need a captain's license to drive a yacht

If you’re interested in driving your own boat or work as a yacht operator, you must carry a captain’s license. The U.S. Coast Guard mandates yacht operators or those chartering passengers for hire to undergo a boat safety education course in their state. Boaters need to complete the course and obtain a captain’s license, too.

There are specific requirements that boaters complete before license application. The type of boating license will depend on your boating safety education background and boating experience to make sure that you are fully knowledgeable about safety requirements.

What are the different types of captain’s licenses?

What are the different types of captain's licenses?

There are different types of captain licenses offered to those who are interested in obtaining them. The licenses are categorized based on the type of vessel and tonnage of boats that you wish to operate:

  • Master Inland
  • Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vehicles
  • Master Near Coastal

Once you have successfully completed the boater education, safety course and fulfil all requirements, your captain’s license will be valid for up to five years. If you wish to continue chartering passengers using your yacht, you will need to retake the boater education, safety course, and the captain’s exam.

What’s the biggest boat you can drive without a captain’s license?

What's the biggest boat you can drive without a captain's license

In most states, any sized vessel chartering passengers for hire will require a captain’s license. You will be required to undergo a boater education and safety course to obtain a boating certificate. Boat size is not a determining factor in getting a captain’s license. So long as you are receiving a license to drive a yacht for hire, you are deemed to undergo a boater safety education course.

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