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18 Reasons Why It’s Worth Buying A Kayak For Fishing

18 Reasons Why It’s Worth Buying A Kayak For Fishing

Are you an avid fisherman? If so, you are probably always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to improve your fishing game. From new and innovative accessories to improved techniques, there is always something you can do to make fishing more enjoyable and successful. 

Using a kayak for fishing is becoming increasingly popular and it is easy to see why. With the many benefits associated with kayaks for fishing, they are also more cost-effective than other vessels, such as boats or canoes. 

This article will discuss the reasons why you need to consider buying a kayak for fishing

1) Kayaks offer incredible versatility when it comes to fishing.

Kayaking Versatality

When fishing, it is great if you can shake things up and do things a little differently every now and then. 

After all, while fishing in the same spot every time can be comforting and pleasant, it can get boring sometimes, especially if there are no good fish to catch. 

Owning a kayak allows you to get a wonderful change of scenery as it offers you amazing versatility. You can easily position yourself in practically any type of water body and you can have your pick of the fish you want. 

With a kayak, it doesn’t matter if you want to fish in the ocean, a large lake, a small pond or a lazy river: you can choose exactly where you want to be and your kayak will take you there! 

Fishing in a certain spot at a particular time of day is not always possible due to the position of the sun or the direction of the wind. Stationery fishing requires that you sometimes have to pack up your gear and leave the location when the sun begins to shine into your eyes or the wind starts to bother you too much. 

Kayaks allow you to shift position when you find that the sun gets irritating and you may find that you are able to stay out fishing for longer, which is definitely a great advantage! 

2) They are much more compact and portable than other types of boats.

If you ask any fisherman who uses a kayak, they will probably tell you that kayaks are much better than canoes, even if you only consider how compact and portable they are. 

This compactness and portability makes them easy to move around with you as you search for that perfect fishing spot. Many fishermen transport their kayaks on their cars and, when they are finished, store them in their garage at home. 

It is also quite possible that you won’t need outside help lifting and carrying your kayak and you could probably manage yourself. 

The smaller size of kayaks also means that you can easily fit into tighter waterways and smaller ponds, should you wish to do so.

3) Kayaks offer greater stability than canoes.

Kayak Greater Stability

Looking at the shape of a canoe and considering how stable they are on the water, you need quite a bit of skill if you want to remain high and dry above the water. 

Fortunately, kayaks are a lot more stable and there is almost no chance that it will capsize. The paddles, especially, make them very stable on water so you never have to worry about getting thrown into the water, even when the waves are quite choppy. 

4) You can use your kayak in smaller water bodies and deeper waters.

As every fisherman knows, shore fishing can be quite limiting and you can really miss out on some good fish as you are not optimally positioned right in the water.

With a kayak, this is simply not a problem and you can easily gain access to both smaller waterways and deeper water bodies alike. The vast majority of kayak owners state that they will never go back to a fishing boat or canoe as kayaks offer them far better access to previously unseen fishing spots. 

As you venture out into deeper waters, you have more of a chance of catching prime fish that rely on the safety of deeper waters. 

5) You are spoilt for choice with kayaks!

The kayak market is literally exploding at the moment and manufacturers are constantly coming up with new and more innovative designs and features. 

6) You don’t need to spend a fortune on a good quality kayak.

Kayaks Are Cheaper For Fishing

Another great benefit to purchasing a kayak for the purposes of fishing is that you don’t have to break the bank, nor does your budget need to be very high.

With an investment of only $1000 to $3000, you can easily afford to buy a premium quality kayak with a modern design. 

7) Kayaks are incredibly easy to launch into the water.

If you have ever owned a boat or canoe, you will understand how difficult it sometimes is to launch your vessel into the water. 

Kayaks do not pose the same problem and launching them does not even require a boat ramp! You can launch them from practically anywhere along the shoreline and you don’t need the water to be particularly deep, either. It is basically just a case of dump and go! 

In addition, you do not have to pay costly launching fees every time you use the boat ramp at your local waterway, saving you even more money in the long run.

8) They offer you an element of adventure.

With larger boats and canoes, you are limited in terms of where you can go and your fishing experience can sometimes get a little boring. 

Kayaks, on the other hand, do not give you the same problem and you can go wherever your adventurous mind takes you. Moving around in a kayak is fun, exciting and different and you will never get bored at staring at the same old scenery (as is the case with canoes and boats). 

Of course, fishing is your main concern with a kayak but if you can explore new and amazing places at the same time, why not? 

9) If fishing is your occupation, a kayak can help you to earn more money.

Earn More Fishes with Kayak

As mentioned above, kayaks allow fishermen to access additional waterways and bodies than traditional watercraft. They also enable you to stay out longer fishing, and this can result in more fish caught and more money earned if fishing is your job! 

Combine this with the relatively lower cost of buying a kayak and not having to pay insurance premiums or boat launch and registration fees, and you can make even more money! 

10) Kayaks are more economical to run than fishing boats.

In these tough economic times, folks are trying to save money wherever they can. If you have been concerned about the cost of fuel you are spending to run your fishing boat, you might want to consider switching to a kayak instead, which doesn’t need any fuel at all. 

The cost of a fishing boat is also quite expensive in comparison with a kayak and the money you save on the outright cost of your kayak and the fuel could mean that you can afford better fishing accessories and gear. 

In fact, a brand new kayak will only set you back from around $500 to $1500 and this will last you for years, if not decades. You could save even more if you opt for a gently used kayak and these are readily available and advertised on most social media fishing groups and publications. 

If you consider the fact that you do not need to insure your kayak (which is a good idea for a fishing boat) and you also do not have to pay any registration fees, this is an additional saving.

11) It is a great way to improve your fishing skills.

Kayaks offer you the unique chance to explore areas you would ordinarily have ignored due to not being able to access them. 

You are also lower down and quite close to the water, giving you ample opportunity to hone your fishing skills and improve your game. 

Many kayak owners who love to fish enjoy skipping their lure just below overhanging trees or below the docks where the fish are likely to be swimming. This angle makes it difficult for those in a boat to catch anything but kayak owners regularly strike gold in this position! 

12) Kayaks can be easily customized.

Kayaks can Be Customisable

Most kayak owners do not only have a kayak, but also a few accessories to go with them. 

These accessories help to make water navigation easier, help you to construct your own fishing command center and make finding better fish a cinch. You don’t need accessories or to customize your kayak but this obviously makes the experience better.

When you purchase a new kayak, they are already well set up for a great fishing experience but you can easily make adjustments so that you are comfortable.

13) You will enjoy a calmer and more peaceful fishing experience.

Part of the charm and appeal of fishing is the tranquility and peacefulness it offers one. 

If you decide to use a fishing boat, this can detract from the relaxing fishing experience you are going for. After all, no one enjoys listening to the roar and the rumble of a boat motor when you could be listening to beautiful bird song and the water gently lapping against your watercraft. 

Luckily, a kayak does not have a motor and you can sit back and enjoy all the sounds that nature has to offer.

What’s more, you have a better chance of catching something amazing as there is no motor to scare them away!

14) Inflatable kayaks offer even more versatility and convenience.

While most fishermen opt for non-inflatable kayaks, if space is at a premium for you and you are struggling to find space to store it or if you don’t enjoy lugging it on your car, you could always opt for an inflatable kayak. 

Inflatable kayaks can be easily packed away once they have dried out and don’t weigh all that much, either. 

15) Kayaks can cover a surprisingly large distance over the water.

Although they seem less powerful and slower than fishing boats or canoes, kayaks can actually cover a huge distance in the water. 

Paddling with your kayak in the ocean or on a river means that you easily cover a large distance in only a short space of time. 

16) They are the perfect choice for those who are concerned about reducing their carbon footprint.

Distance Covered By Kayak for Fishing

Caring for and preserving our natural environment is important if we want to leave future generations with a beautiful planet. 

If you are serious about making your own, significant difference in reducing your own carbon footprint, a kayak is the natural choice over a fishing boat as it uses no fuel that goes back into the atmosphere and pollutes our waterways.

In addition, because you can only reach a certain top speed with a kayak, you don’t run the risk of damaging the vegetation and the shoreline surrounding you.

Of course, this has a positive effect on the fish in the water as well and you are more likely to have a wide range to choose from. 

17) Kayaking offers you an excellent workout.

If you spend a lot of your free time fishing, you probably struggle to fit in time to exercise as well. 

Obviously, you don’t want to cut short your time fishing in favor of working out so a great compromise is to get fit and burn calories while you are fishing! A kayak gives you this opportunity and you will soon find yourself paddling with much more ease, building more muscle and getting more toned. 

18) Kayaks are inexpensive and very easy to maintain.

Anyone who has owned a boat for more than a few years will know that when you start to have problems with the motor, this can set you back a lot of money. 

Boats also require regular maintenance and upkeep and this can cost you a lot in terms of time and money. 

Owning a kayak is far less costly as there is no motor, so therefore no moving, mechanical parts to have to replace and repair every now and then. 


As you can clearly see from the above, owning a kayak for the purposes of fishing can offer you numerous benefits. 

It therefore makes a lot of sense for any serious fisherman to consider investing in one of these popular vessels. Whether you enjoy fishing in the ocean, on a local lake or simply on the pond in a nearby park, a kayak can help you to take your fishing experience to the next level.

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