How Much Do Jet Skis Weigh? (You Would Be Surprised!)

How Much Do Jet Skis Weigh

Planning a jet ski escapade with your family or friends soon but have no idea which jet ski to get? Are you wondering if your car can tow your jet ski (personal watercraft/PWC) or if you need a bigger car or even a truck?

Well, the answer would depend on the kind of jet ski that you have. There are several brands and models out there and you must be aware of the weight of your jet ski. Weigh it using some weigh bridge or simply refer to the owner’s manual/manufacturer’s specs.

Apart from the jet ski’s weight, there are other factors to consider such as the jet ski trailer weight. Of course, you’ll be needing a trailer to tow your jet ski as you can’t put your PWC on top of your car. So, here’s everything you need to know about your jet ski’s weight and other factors to consider.

How Much Does a Jet Ski Weigh on an Average?

How Much Does a Jet Ski Weigh on an Average?

If you are planning to buy a personal watercraft, one of the things you need to consider is its weight. A lot of people tend to overlook the PWC weight which is essential so you can decide which trailer to get and if your car can accommodate such loads.

The average jet ski weight is around 800 lbs. But since jet skis come in different sizes and models, average jet ski weights can be significantly less or more than 800 lbs. Take for example the Yamaha Superjet that only tips the scales at 375 pounds. If there’s a lightest jet ski, there’s also the heaviest jet ski which is the Kawasaki Ultra 310LX at 1,074 lbs.

Types of Jet Skis

Types of Jet Skis

If you are confused about which jet ski to get, here are the different types of jet skis. Again, aside from weight, you need to consider how you want to use your jet ski, your budget, your trailer, and your car tow trailer to decide which is the right one for you.


If you are a bit tight on the budget, you may opt for a Lite Recreational jet ski. They are the most affordable and fuel-efficient. This is a good choice to enjoy your summer vacation on the water. You can easily tow this with a small car as they are lightweight and compact.

This type of PWC is somewhat new. Thanks to the introduction of Sea-Doo Spark, this category was created. However, Sea-Doo Spark and other rec-lite jet skis are not suitable for rough water.

Recreational Jet Skis

This is another affordable PWC that the family can enjoy. Recreational jet skis are powerful enough to pull a waterskier or tubes. So, if you also enjoy waterskiing, this may be the best choice for you. It can fit three adults and has reverse and braking features.

Some jet skis that fall under this category are Yamaha VX Cruiser, Sea-Doo GTI SE, and Kawasaki STX 15F. Recreational jet skis are somewhere in between luxury and rec-lite in terms of size.

Tow Sports Jet Ski

This is almost similar to recreational jet skis, but with a more powerful tow feature. Waterskiers and wakeboarders will find this type enjoyable for their watersport. It can also carry at least three adults.

The Sea-Doo Wake model is a nice choice if you are looking to get a tow sports jet ski.

Luxury Jet Ski

People who are into luxury and power features will find luxury jet skis perfect for them. They are spacious enough to accommodate three adults with additional luxury features like GPS, adjustable steering, customizable color schemes, and integrated speakers. Perfect for touring in the ocean while enjoying the luxury features. As the name suggests, this type is more expensive because of the added features.

Sport Fishing Jet Ski

Fishing enthusiasts will find sport fishing jet skis a dream come true for their love of sports and fishing. It is designed to bring them closer to the action and enjoy deep sea fishing.

Performance Jet Ski

If you want high speed and muscles, a performance jet ski is the one for you. Upgrades like impellers, scoop grades, upgraded injectors, race sponsons, and intercoolers are just some of the things you can enjoy with a performance model.

Just to give you an idea about price and jet ski weight, the more expensive a jet ski, the heavier it is. For recreation or rec-lite versions, they usually weigh between 500 to 700 lbs. Luxury and performance jet skis normally weigh 700-1000 lbs, so you can also expect them to be very expensive.

Factors Affecting Jet Ski Weight

Factors Affecting Jet Ski Weight

Aside from the jet ski’s actual weight, several factors may still affect its total weight. These factors can either make your jet ski weigh heavier or lighter. Remember that most manufacturers only advertise the jet ski’s dry weight, not including all the other stuff you may want to add.

Just to clear things up, the dry weight is the actual weight of a jet ski without all the added stuff on it. It’s when the PWC is completely empty including fuel and oil. Curb weight on the other hand is the weight of the personal watercraft when it is full and prepared to go. When purchasing one, it is important to be clear whether they refer to the dry weight or curb weight.


What you wear can also add weight to your watercraft, like a helmet and life jacket. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear them just because they increase jet ski weights. Your safety should always be your top priority and wearing safety gear should be observed all the time.

Accessories and Other Features

The kind of features and accessories you add will have an impact on the overall weight of a jet ski. Whether you include a wakeboard rack, fishing accessories, or even a built-in cooler for your jet ski, these additional features and accessories can increase your jet ski’s total weight.

Fuel Capacity

Another thing you need to consider is your gas tank. The average jet ski needs fuel to run. Again, this may not be included in the manufacturer’s weight advertisement. So, need to consider whether the fuel capacity of your jet ski. Normally, the jet ski’s gas tank is at 90% capacity when manufacturers advertise curb weight.


Jet skis have compartments to use as storage. Again, this may affect the weight of a jet ski. The more spaces for storage and cubbyholes, the heavier your PWC will be. So it is important that you consider your storage capacity as well.

Engine Type

Now, you need to know what your jet ski’s engine is. Find out whether you have a simple two-stroke or an advanced four-stroke engine. Apart from performance and power, the engine stroke also differs in weight. A two-stroke is lighter than a four-stroke engine.

Hull Material

Another factor that can contribute to the jet ski weight is the hull material. Fiber-reinforced plastic, Polytec, and NanoExcel are materials that are lightweight but are also strong.

How Much Does a Jet Ski Trailer Weigh?

How Much Does a Jet Ski Trailer Weigh?

For jet skis to be used in water, you need to tow them with a vehicle. Your chosen vehicle should not only consider the watercraft weight but also the jet ski trailer weight. This is the only way you can decide which vehicle to use to tow a jet ski.

Just like jet skis, trailers also differ in weight and style. When choosing a trailer, you need to consider how much the jet ski weighs. For an ultra-lightweight PWC, you can try a single jet ski trailer. This type of trailer usually weighs 195 lbs. A double jet ski trailer normally weighs 340 lbs and is suitable for PWCs that weigh around 300 lbs. Double jet ski trailers are suitable for carrying two jet skis only.

Double-elite jet ski trailers will be more than enough to carry PWCs that total 500 lbs and over in curb weight. An average-weight jet ski is suitable for double-elite trailers as these can weigh around 2,900 lbs. If you need to carry two jet skis or more, you can opt for a double-elite trailer. You may very seldom need to use a four-place trailer as these jet ski trailers weigh around 5,400 lbs.

When towing multiple jet skis, you may need heavier and larger jet ski trailers. The kind of vehicle you will be using to tow your jet ski and trailer may not matter much as you can use a truck, SUV, or car. Give more importance to your jet ski weight, type of trailer, and towing capacity.

Opt for a lightweight aluminum trailer if you don’t want a heavy one. Trailers made from other materials can be heavier and should be considered on the vehicle towing capacity that you will use.

Triton trailers are considered lightweight because most of their products are aluminum trailers. The material used has a significant effect on how much a jet ski trailer weighs.

Jet Ski Weight Limit

Jet Ski Weight Limit

How much does a jet ski weigh is as important as its weight limit. A lot of people get confused between jet ski weight and weight limit. Jet ski weight is either the dry weight or the curb weight, while jet ski weight limit is the load capacity a certain PWC can hold including the fuel, additional accessories, storage, and the number of passengers.

So be very careful when reading the labels whether they are referring to jet ski’s weight or weight capacity. Typically, a jet ski has a weight limit of around 500 to 600lbs with a passenger capacity of about 1-3 people.

Never go beyond your jet ski’s maximum capacity as it can affect your watercraft’s stability. Apart from that, it will make it harder for you to control your personal watercraft.

When planning a jet ski trip, always consider the number of passengers and their weight, your gas tank, and other accessories. Any extra weight on your jet ski’s weight limit should be removed to avoid any injuries or accidents.

If you get into an accident because of exceeding the PWC’s weight capacity, you can get into a lot of trouble and expenses. You wouldn’t want that, so always be careful and never ignore your jet ski’s maximum carrying capacity.

Some of the Best Jet Ski Models and their Weight

Some of the Best Jet Ski Models and their Weight

If you are looking to buy yourself a new jet ski, here are some of the best in the market. This includes their weight and maximum capacity. But you should also check a jet ski weight chart just to be sure.

  • Yamaha SuperJet has a weight of 375 lbs with a maximum passenger of one. By the way, this the lightest stand-up jet ski.
  • Sea Doo Spark 2up 60HP’s weight is 410 lbs with a maximum weight capacity of 352 lbs. The Sea Doo Spark 3up 90HP weighs 425 lbs with a max capacity of 450 pounds.
  • Kawasaki Ultra LX has a weight of 932 lbs with a maximum weight capacity of 496.
  • Yamaha FX HO weighs 836 pounds with a maximum weight capacity of 530 lbs
  • Sea Doo GTX Limited 300 weighs 849 lbs and its maximum weight capacity is 600.
  • Sea Doo RXT-X 300 has a weight of 829 pounds with a max capacity of 600.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About How you can Leave a Jetski in the Water

How heavy is a jet ski and trailer?

It will all depend on the model or type of jet ski and trailer you have. But in general, jet skis weigh around 350-1000lbs and trailer weight can range between 195 to 1,200 lbs. So, if you add the weight of the trailer and your PWC, it can range from 550 lbs and up.

Can I pull a jet ski with a car?

Yes, you can use your car to tow a jet ski but it will still depend on the weight of your jet ski trailer and your watercraft’s weight, and most importantly your car’s towing capacity.

How much towing capacity do I need for a jet ski?

Depending on the model and material, 350 to 500 lbs is what an average trailer weighs. This typically has a towing capacity of 2,000 to 3,000 lbs. But you can still find railers that can carry more and bigger jet skis.

How heavy is a Seadoo jetski?

Sea doo has a long lineup and they all differ in weight. Take for example the lightest sea doo which is Sea-doo Spark 2up that weighs 410 lbs. Their heaviest model is the Sea-Doo Fish Pro 170 with a weight of 858 pounds. The average weight of a Sea-doo jet ski is around 400 to 800 lbs.

What are the best jet skis in the market?

It would all depend on whether you are looking for a recreational, luxury, or performance jet ski. Also if you prefer stand-up jet skis or sit-down jet skis. But some of the best jet skis to consider are Sea-Doo GTI SE, Sea-Doo GTX, Yamaha VX Cruiser, Sea-Doo Wake, and Kawasaki Ultra LX.

What are some of the lightest jet skis?

The lightest is the Yamaha Superjet with a weight of 375 lbs, but other lightweight jet skis are the Sea-doo Spark models with a weight that ranges from 410-446 lbs.

What is the slowest jet ski?

The Ultra LX of Kawasaki is the slowest PWC product with a top speed of 54 mph.

Are stand-up jet skis harder to learn?

There are a lot of things to learn when riding a stand-up jet ski compared to a sit-down variant. You have no choice but to stand which makes it harder to ride. While with a sit-down jet ski, you can easily figure out how to ride in just a few minutes. 

What are the different types of PWC trailers?

A single jet ski trailer can carry a single jet ski while a double jet ski trailer can accommodate two jet skis at the same time. Trailers for 3 jet skis are rarely seen or used. But they are typically used to 4 to 6 jet skis all at once. Aside from the number of PWCs, a trailer can carry the curb weight of a jet ski is also considered when choosing a trailer. Some also take into consideration their tow vehicle when buying a trailer.


Do you now have an idea of which one to get as your first jet ski? You know by now what the average PWC weight is and the factors that can affect how jet skis weigh.

Knowing the difference between the dry weight and curb weight of your PWC can help you consider whether you need a double trailer or a bigger trailer overall.

How much does a jet ski weigh is an important consideration when scouting the market for one. Again, different trailer weights, jet ski curb weight, and maximum weight capacity must all be considered when purchasing a jet ski and also the towing vehicle you plan to use.

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