Champion Wheelybird Vs Wheelybird 2.0 Auto-feed Trap Thrower

Champion Wheelybird Vs Wheelybird 2.0 Auto-feed Trap Thrower

As with any sports or physical pursuit, the key to success is repetition and sustained practice. This is especially true for clay pigeon shooting, and more specifically trap shooting discipline.

Trap shooting, as a sport, has evolved from being a game for hunters to a game for shooters of all levels. It is a fun and exciting sport and there can be a huge interest to learn a new skill.

Even the most seasoned shooters in the world have earned their reputations by taking down tens of thousands of clay targets while tuning their accuracy and hand-to-eye coordination down to a tee. Indeed, breaking clay targets is a great way to spend time outdoors with friends.

That said, however, not everyone has the budget or personnel to stuff a manual thrower or, in more dire cases, throw the targets by hand. We now have the automated trap thrower thanks to contemporary low-cost manufacturing and the creative efforts of trap shooting aficionados.

From newbies to experts, there is a trap thrower for everyone!

Two of the most popular, all-time favorite automatic trap throwers are Champion Wheelybird and Wheelybird 2.0, its updated version. Coming from the same brand- Champion Range and Target- both have certain similarities and dissimilarities in their functionality and end results.

So in this article, we will compare the functionality of these two throwers, focusing on key features that set them apart to help determine which one is better for clay pigeon shooting.

Champion Wheelybird vs Wheelybird 2.0: Overview

Champion Wheelybird vs Wheelybird 2.0 Overview

The best part about these two automatic trap throwers is that they provide a smooth experience to the shooter; they allow you can concentrate on your aim as opposed to focusing on the thrower itself. So for the enthusiastic trap shooter, these are two great options that can help refine your shooting skills.

The Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap, on one hand, is one of the best in its class. It is easy to use, reliable, and effective, and it boasts a wide variety of uses, including hunting, and clay target practice. The unit is made of high-quality materials that make it not only durable but also very easy to set up and use. Plus, it is affordable and easy to find too.

On the other hand, the Champion Range and Target Wheelybird 2.0 Automatic Trap is a top-of-the-line clay pigeon trap, perfect for those who want to get the most out of their shooting practice.

This unit boasts a number of features that make it stand out from the competition, including a fully automatic clay feeding system, a recoil-reducing gas spring, and built-in wheels for easy transport. With its high-quality construction and attention to detail, the Wheelybird 2.0 is sure to give you years of trouble-free use.

Champion Wheelybird Automatic Trap Thrower: Features and Performance

Champion Wheelybird Automatic Trap Thrower Features and Performance

Well, as mentioned, the Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap is a top-of-the-line clay pigeon trap that is designed for both serious trap shooters and beginners alike.

The WheelyBird features a unique auto-feed system that can hold up to 50 targets at a time, making it ideal even for long shooting sessions. Additionally, the WheelyBird is made from high-quality materials and is built to last, making it a great investment for any trap shooter.

On the flip side, though, the Wheelybird is not an all-perfect trap thrower and we can’t afford to give a blind eye to some of its downsides. For instance, we came across users reporting that the init is rather heavier and that even though the remote cord is long enough, the battery cables are short.

Others, however, stated that some of these issues are rather common and therefore not a big deal. But here’s a more detailed review:

Champion Wheelybird Auto-Feed Trap: Assembly

Starting with the assembly, the Champion Wheelbird Auto-Feed Trap is great out of the box. It boasts an excellent built quality, all the nuts and bolts are tight and the whole thing is designed to remain stable, even on hard flat surfaces.

The assembly instructions are simply okay. The entire process is moderate and with your trap partner, you can get the whole unit set up and working in just half an hour. Plus, it comes with a foot pedal cable and wireless remote control to make work easier.

If you’re considering tosing the unit in your SUV, then you might want to clip on the handle mount so that you can pivot it up. Then run hot water through the guard tube to get it straightened up a little bit, as it comes coiled up and appears crooked when you install it on the unit.

We also love the fact that the user has the ability to have everything wired with two-pin waterproof disconnects, which you can be found on Amazon.

That means the wireless remote control, the actuator, and the thrower; all will be powered by the battery through the stated two-pin waterproof connectors.

Champion Wheelybird Automatic Trower: Performance

When it comes to throwing targets at various angles or directions, this auto feed trap thrower from Wheely bird will hardly disappoint.

It comes with an adjustment knob that allows you to adjust the angles up to 30 degrees. And as you probably already know, shooting clays launched at varied angles can be a lot of fun and can effectively help you get better in the practice.

Another thing worth mentioning about this unit is its ability to launch complete or rather intact clay birds. In fact, this trap thrower will hardly break 4 or 5 clay pigeons out of 200 shots. The fact that this device is designed to launch almost every target undamaged makes it a worthy investment, certainly worth considering.

Moreover, it comes with a wireless remote to help shooters throw targets from a distance. Most importantly, the remote’s range is long enough, adding to the unit’s overall best features.

You’ll have no issues running the unit at a distance of about 30 yards or so. In other words, the overall performance and control over the unit will hardly be an issue for you and your shooting buddies.

Champion Wheelybird Automatic Trap: Capacity

Champion Wheelybird Automatic Trap Capacity

The WheelyBird Automatic Trap Thrower is equipped with an upgraded stack holder that can accommodate up to 50 clay pigeons at a time.

That means you will have enough time to make your shots and less time to worry about the need to load in and out every now and then. There’s also the 25 Foot release pedal that allows for a variety of shooting positions, making the overall range time even more adaptable.

The Wheelybird clay thrower also features fully adjustable launch angles, which range from zero to thirty degrees. This provides the much-needed flexibility and freedom to alter your shots while at the shooting range.

While the overall capacity of this unit is awesome, we, however, wish that the target holding magazine was better and easier to operate. This is something most users didn’t seem to like as well. The clay birds can hold an impressive fifty clays at once, but stacking them is a little challenging.

Champion Wheelybird Auto-Feed Trap: Portability

Small in size, with a compact and lightweight design, you will find this unit very easy to handle. Despite its rather diminutive size, the Wheelybird has been designed to deliver a tremendous punch, rivaling larger traps with a maximum launch distance of 55 yards.

The whole unit is fairly easy for just about anybody to handle. It is simple to move it from one spot to another; thanks to the lightweight construction and durable rubber tires.

Besides, this unit barely weighs 48 pounds- although some might find this to be slightly on the outer edge. In addition, there’s a pull handle incorporated into the design to enhance mobility.

Wheelybird Auto-Feed Trap: Additional Accessories

Even though the Wheelybird is a good machine overall and a super nice unit, especially when it comes to loading up a stack of clays, we would recommend you invest in certain necessary attachments and accessories. That is if you want to get the most out of this unit.

For instance, you may want to purchase a wobbler kit to make the thrower more versatile as well as improve target launching angles. Otherwise, continuous action from the same angles could become pretty boring without a wobbler. You’d be better off with various shooting positions.

Other users deemed it fit to install the wireless remote before starting the automatic trap. Just keep in mind the little risk involved; if you hold down the button, the unit might launch doubles once or even twice.

Also, remember that the battery needed to power this device is not included in the packaging. Therefore, in order to power this device, you must purchase a 12-volt marine battery. Additionally, since clay pigeons are not included, you will need to buy them as well.

Wheelybird Auto-Feed Trap: Common Issues

There are drawbacks to this thrower, though. First, it is heavy (the two-wheeled frame helps for easy transportation), bulkier to store, and doesn’t have varied throw patterns unless you get the wobble base for it, which often costs more than the actual thrower. Not to mention that you will have to bring a 12-volt battery with you.

Also, as earlier mentioned, the remote cord is long enough but the battery cables are not. As a result, the battery must be placed really close to the device- say, three feet away. You will definitely need to think about cable management.

Moreover, during launch, there’s a significant amount of energy is released. Without a post through the back bracket, as instructed in the manual, the trap bounces around far too much.

Lastly, attaching the clay magazine rods can be a little tricky at first, but you soon get the hang of it.

Other than that, this thrower works great and launches clay fast and long. We can still excuse the unit given that the price is relatively lower than that of other comparable options. Besides, there are more benefits than drawbacks.

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features and Benefits
  • Compact and lightweight design to enhance mobility
  • Wobble base-compatible for a variety of launching angles
  • 50-clay target capacity means more time shooting and less time loading
  • Over 3000 launches from a fully charged 12v deep cycle battery

All things considered, the Wheelybird automatic trap is a great unit for every enthusiastic trap shooter. It is super cool to load up with a stack of clay pigeons so there’s no need for constant reload. All you need to do is step on the pedal and it launches.

The assembly part of it is moderate and you can have the whole unit all set up and running in less than thirty minutes. It’s a great recommendation overall, so thanks, Champion Range!

Champion Wheelybird 2.0 Auto-Feed Trap Thrower: Features and Performance

Champion Wheelybird 2.0 Auto-Feed Trap Thrower Features and Performance

As you may have already figured out, the Wheelybird 2.0 auto feed trap is an improved version of the original Wheelybird model, and it comes with some excellent upgrades.

There is now a foot pedal and wireless remote control to allow for more flexibility in terms of shooting angles, with a quicker cycle time of just 1.75 seconds.

When compared to its predecessor, the Wheelybird 1.0, the Champion Wheelybird 2.0 reveals some significant upgrades in various aspects. The stack holder, for instance, is a big improvement as this unit is capable of holding 50 108mm and 110mm clay pigeons.

Additionally, the magazine’s plastic top makes it simple to access the clay pigeons. The target cage, however, still needs work as it takes some effort to put it on.

Champion Wheelybird 2.0 Auto-Feed Trap Thrower: Assembly

One of the best things about this trap thrower is its easy straightforward assembly. Everything works smoothly, a few steps to put it together, clear instructions, and the whole thing is nicely made. Plus, the package includes DVD instructions in it.

The assembly instructions are pretty good; even a novice will find the initial setup of this device to be fairly straightforward. All you need is a couple of spanners to tighten everything up. Check the instructions carefully and make sure the unit is uncocked when working on it.

Normally, it should take about 30-45 minutes to put the unit together. Then get yourself the marine deep cycle 12 Volts battery for that maiden test.

Based on previous users’ reviews, this unit ruins no clays and the adjustments work perfectly right out of the box. The launch also covers the complete distance and height. You’re bound to be impressed by the speed and accuracy.

Champion Wheelybird 2.0 Auto-Feed Trap Thrower: Performance

When it comes to functionality, this product exceeds expectations by far; excellent quality and great performance. The Champion Wheelybird 2.0 allows you to adjust the angles up to 30 degrees. Although it would have been great if the unit included a wobbler base, we can’t just overlook the versatility offered by this unit.

Just like the Wheelybird model, this version runs on a deep cycle battery (12 Volts), so we recommend that you get a battery as well when you purchase the device. On average, you can make about 3000 shots with this device on a fully charged battery.

Still, on the pro side, another thing that we found pretty impressive about this unit is the wireless remote control. The Wheelybird 2.0 features a wireless remote control that makes for much easier and more effective launch times.

We really love that the remote can be set for a delay or at nil to launch one target after another; the cycle time is about 1.75 seconds. With this feature alone, you and your trap partner can throw targets with a simple click of a button.

As stated, a wobble base on this unit can be a huge plus, but if you only want to launch clays in one place all the time, then of course you can do away with such extra accessories.

The delay function is also important to note. You can delay targets from launching on this device so that you have enough time to prepare for the following shot. This can be wonderful, especially for shooters who prefer practicing alone.

Champion Wheelybird 2.0 Auto-Feed Trap Thrower: Capacity

Champion Wheelybird 2.0 Auto-Feed Trap Thrower Capacity

The Champion Wheely bird auto feed 2.0 reveals some significant upgrades in various aspects, especially when compared to the initial product model.

One such big progress is the upgraded stack holder; this unit can easily accommodate 50 108mm and 110mm clay targets, without falling short on custom shooting arrangements.

We also appreciate the fact that the magazine’s plastic top makes it simple to access the clay pigeons. The target cage, however, still has room for improvement as some users stated that it is a bit challenging to put on the clay birds.

Champion Wheelybird 2.0 Auto-Feed Trap Thrower: Portability

The base features durable rubber tires that facilitate portability, thereby making transportation easier. The best thing about these tires is that aside from improving mobility, they don’t increase the overall weight of the product, meaning you can move the thrower around without problems. Thanks to the lightweight construction.

Champion Wheelybird 2.0 Auto-Feed Trap Thrower: Additional Accessories

The Wheelybird 2.0 is a verified purchase. Other than the 12V deep cycle battery (which is delivered separately), perhaps the only thing that would be advantageous is the wobbling.

This thrower from Wheelybird lacks a wobbler, but if you’re not planning on shooting targets in multiple locations, then you should be fine without the wobbler.

If you decide to order a wobbler kit with it, you will need to drill a hole for the handle because the wobbler is set up on a different base.

Champion Wheelybird 2.0 Auto-Feed Trap Thrower: Common Issues

We only had room for two criticisms. It would be great if the hose that is meant to be used as a safety circle was supported from the front as well; it goes a little bit too far and might be rather inconvenient to lower it far enough to comply with trap laws.

The next issue is remote; it doesn’t work beyond about 60 yards, which means you’ll have to keep advancing on the clay until the Wheelybird responds. Otherwise, these are just minor issues if you’re up to just practicing and not hosting a meet.

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features and Benefits (2)
  • Includes a foot pedal and wireless remote control
  • Quicker recycle time
  • Cord wrap for storing cord
  • Supports custom shooting arrangements
  • Launching range of up to 70 yards
  • Solid durable tires to enhance mobility
  • Over 3000 launches from a fully charged 12 volts battery (deep cycle)

Overall, it seems that the original mobile trap by the Champion has undergone some significant upgrades. The bundled wireless remote is the first major upgrade to the model 2.0.

It can trigger the reap from a great distance and has a delay that can be programmed up to 15 seconds. Although some stated that the first model created by Champion is still the best, the Wheelybird auto trap 2.0 is definitely a verified purchase.

Wheelybird vs Wheelybird 2.0: The Verdict

Wheelybird vs Wheelybird 2.0 The Verdict

In their respective fields, both are outstanding throwers. However, we would rate the Champion Wheelybird 2.0 higher just for the purpose of comparison.

It’s easier to put together, has a greater magazine, and has a wheeled cart. The amazing delay feature also provides you time to maintain the aim prepared for the next target.

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