Trap Wobbler or Oscillating base? Must-have Accessories for Trap shooting

Trap wobbler or oscillating base

Trap shooting is quite an expensive sport to get started in and certainly more expensive to get the hang of. With high-quality guns costing upwards of £4000 and a subscription to an expensive gun club just to use the facilities, it can be off-putting to many people.

Fortunately, there are accessories that can help to ease the costs and help you to get the hang of the sport. In this article, we’re going to look at two of the most useful accessories, the trap wobble base, and the trap oscillating base.

The Differences Between The Wobbler And Oscillating Base

The Differences Between The Wobbler And Oscillating Base

Successful shooting calls for accurate timing, sharp reflex, and precise control. Whether you’re looking up to bird hunting or a forthcoming trap contest, a clay thrower can be a great way to practice and improve your aim.

These must-have trap shooting accessories enable you to alter the angle and height of the target and even throw multiple targets so you can make every shot you encounter at the range.

So, what’s the difference between Wobbler and Oscillating Base?

Well, when you’re setting up your trap, you have the option to make it oscillate or not. If you do choose to make it oscillate, you can set it to throw at two or more fixed angles of upward trajectory. The trap will then swing horizontally and launch the clays in random directions side to side through an arc of approximately 60 degrees.

If you don’t want the trap to oscillate, you can still get decent targets. For example, it’s best if you can set the trap where you can’t see- think of something like a tower. With your machine oscillating, you can achieve some good shooting. Another option, yet, is to set the machine way to the side so it throws across the field angling towards and away from you.

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On the other hand, a wobbler is a type of clay target that oscillates vertically and horizontally. That means in addition to oscillating horizontally, it moves up and down between its highest and lowest points.

Wobblers are fun to shoot and can do wonders for your aim. In the UK, it is referred to as ABT (Automatic Ball Trap). It’s just like normal trap shooting, except there are 5 cages and the trap is 16 yards away, throwing the clays out at 80 mph. Scoring is 3 for 1st barrel & 2 for 2nd, so a round of 25 clays carries a maximum score of 75.

Additionally, wobbler for automatic traps delivers the opportunity to experience a lot of different target presentations. If you’re just working with a machine, it will only give you the same target presentation again and again.

EasyBird Oscillating Base

EasyBird Oscillating Base

If you’re looking for an excellent accessory for your SST or 180 – Sporter Electric Trap, then the Oscillating Base is a great recommendation. With two ranges of horizontal motion – including a full 45-degree option – and a “two hole” setting that meets the regulation for throwing angles of greater commercial traps, the Oscillating Base makes a perfect choice for angling targets.

The wobbler kit moves left to right and up and down offering you different shooting angles so you can make all the shots without problems. The whole thing is easy to put together too, after watching a YouTube video. Plus, the holes for installation come already drilled.

Overall, you’ll be impressed by this oscillating base for your clay pigeon thrower. It’s also one of the cheapest skeet throwers that work flawlessly, making it a great option for the everyday trap enthusiast who’d like to save a little money.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Realistic targets that enhance shooting confidence
  • High contrast targets for great visibility
  • Improves shot placement
  • You can mount it on a Bowman Supermatch one
  • Easily accessible power cord for quick disconnection
  • Great on Doubles traps, 6-Packer, and EasyBird Auto-Feed 

Wheelybird and Workhorse Wobble Base

Wheelybird and Workhorse Wobble Base

The Wheelybird and Workhorse Wobble Base are two of the most popular trapshooting bases on the market, and a great way to improve your shooting skills.

Both products are known for their quality and performance, and they each have their own unique features. The Workhorse Wobble Base provides realistic shotgun recoil, while the Wheelybird comes in handy for a more challenging moving clay target.

Both products are designed to help improve your shooting accuracy and consistency. The Wheelybird is a portable trap that can be easily moved from one location to another and features a built-in wobble base that creates an unpredictable shooting pattern, making it ideal for trap shooting.

Meanwhile, the Workhorse Wobble Base is a more permanent solution designed for a fixed location. It also has a built-in wobble base, but it is heavier and more durable than the Wheelybird.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Delivers a more realistic shooting experience
  • Works with Champion Wheelybird
  • Durable built-in wobble base
  • Auto adjustable wobbler kit i.e. it can move trap left/right and up/down

EasyBird Wobble Base

EasyBird Wobble Base

The EasyBird Wobble Base from Champion is a great way to add some challenge to your everyday trap shooting. It is an innovative new product that makes it easier than ever to keep your bird feeder in place. It has been designed to fit any standard bird feeder, and it features a unique weighted base that keeps the feeder level, even in windy conditions.

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Perfect for lengthy practice sessions and back-forty shooting, the EasyBird can manage high volumes without struggle. This modern Easybird Wobbler vertically oscillates to deliver multiple flight paths, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a bit more of a challenge.

The Wobble Base is also easy to install, and it’s backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you’re looking for an easy way to keep your bird feeder in place, the EasyBird Wobble Base is the perfect solution.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Offers a variety of flight paths
  • The gear motor and wears are protected by the 3-amp circuit breaker
  • Delivers vertical movement range of 25 degrees
  • Can work independently or with EasyBird Oscillating Base
  • Compatible with EasyBird full automatic traps

Trap Taxi

Trap Taxi

Trap Taxi is yet another excellent way to perfect your trapshooting. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Trap Taxi has a range that’s perfect for you. And with prices starting at just $5 per session, it’s arguably the most affordable way to get your trap shooting fix.

Trap Taxi is also a great option if you want to move your traps around easily. This pull trailer has been developed to handle plenty of traps, including the 180-sporter, SST, and EasyBird™ auto-feed traps. You can also make your trap even more portable by hooking it up on a small tractor or ATV.

However, it seems that Champion has discontinued these Trap Taxi systems and is no longer selling them separately as an accessory. You might not be able to find them from Champion or even at any other sources.

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Perhaps the closest alternative that we’d suggest would be the small Atlas Cart. Although it’s a little bit more expensive, it’s a much better cart overall and serves great for a Champion EasyBird machine.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Benefits easy transport
  • Compatible with 180-Sporter and SST with standard or oscillating base
  • It’s also easy to mount and fits just about any smaller trap machine
  • It comes with a battery tray for quick and convenient storage pull
  • Specially designed pull trailer
  • ATV trailer tongue pivots/locks for easy maneuvering

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Trap shooting is a lot of fun, but it is even more fun when you have a great selection of trap accessories. But let’s be honest. Not every shot that you take will be perfect. This brings about the need for the right tool to help launch those clay pigeons far into the air where they belong.

Without the wobble base it is difficult to master the split target and without the oscillating base, throwing targets at multiple fixed angles can be extremely challenging. We hope this article has provided some insight into the two different styles of bases available.

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