Ultimate Review of the Best Costco Beach Chairs in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Costco Beach Chairs

Growing up, I always spent my summers on the beach with friends and family. We’d play games, make sand castles, throw frisbee and swim.

And after getting tired, we would relax on the sandy beach.

Only that our idea of relaxing was staking out our sand territory, and happily spreading our colorful beach towel, and laying flat in the sun.

By then, we thought beach chairs were for the old bums…

We never thought twice about sitting in an upright position.

Now, I’m all grown up, and as an adult, I can’t imagine a great beach day without sitting on my favorite chair.

Of course, you can always use a cooler, but that is if you want to leave the beach with an aching back and fatigue.

Also, coolers can’t hold my drink of choice upright and sand-free.

But on the other hand, the best beach chairs are necessary for comfort, guarantee safety and come with a long list of features and accessories.

Of course, beach chairs have changed a lot since my childhood.

Today, there’re more lightweight options, and the modern beach chairs come packed with fun accessories like drink holders, storage pouch, attached umbrellas, pockets, and so much more.

Many of them can even be transported on your back or slung over your shoulders.

Now, while you can snag a beach chair at your local department store, it’s easy to make the wrong decision if you don’t pay attention to certain features.

This is why we recommend the best Costco beach chairs.

And in the guide below, I’ll share everything you need to know about selecting a Costco beach chair. Plus, I’ve included my favorite Costco beach chairs, which I’m sure you’ll love.

Quick Comparison Table!

Tommy Bahama Beach Chair


Tommy Bahama 2-Set


Coleman Portable Quad Chair


Kingcamp Low Sling Folding Chair (H4)


GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker



The Best Costco Beach Chairs For The Money

The Best Costco Beach Chairs For The Money

#1 Tommy Bahama Beach Chair - EDITOR'S CHOICE


An old-teak and canvas chair is my favorite beach chair, especially if it comes with a detachable foot rest.

But it’s super expensive, and if you don’t have the money for the teak chair, the Tommy Bahama Chair is your best option.

Exactly how good is the Bahama?

Let me count the ways why the Tommy Bahama Beach Chair is my favorite option.

One, it’s a versatile and flexible option and can fold into a whopping five positions.

My favorite and most comfortable position is when it lays flat, like a beach towel, so it’s comfortable for me to read my favorite book or experience a full-on sun-bathing.

If you’ve also lugged all your beach crap from the parking spot to the shore, you know how convenient it is to have a seat that you carry on your bag/back. It leaves the other hands free for the cooler and bag.

It’s exactly the second reason I love the Tommy Bahama Chair.

The Bahama is a lightweight backpack chair, and you shouldn’t have any problem moving it from one spot to the other.

Another thing I love with Tommy Bahama is the unmatched versatility.

The seat comes with a large adjustable pillow, cup holder, cell phone holders, an arm pocket for your drinks and keys, and a storage pouch. Simply put, it’s like the Swiss Army knife of Costco beach chairs.

My favorite extra in the list of Bahama’s accessories is the insulated large storage pouch that keeps my snacks warm or drinks cold for a longer time.

Finally, Tommy Bahama is a well-known and quality brand.

The rust-proof aluminum frame assures you of the chair’s durability, while the durable polyester fabric will offer adequate lumbar support.

Plus, the padded backpack straps allow equal distribution of weight during transport, so you won’t get fatigued easily or develop soreness on your shoulders.

The only issue I had with Tommy is they’re a bit pricier than comparable models.

But I can assure you they’re worth every penny and offer an abundance of virtues that you’ll love in your next outing.



#2 Tommy Bahama 2-Set - Best Value


The Tommy Bahama 2-Set would have easily been our editor’s choice were it not for the low seat height.

For most users, the low height is a positive because it easily fits in most tents, and kids love to sit on the chair.

But for me, or at least most seniors, getting up from the low seat height is a bit challenging. I still give it a 9 out of ten because it’s not their fault I’m old.

But everything else of the Tommy Bahama 2-Set is awesome.

Though it comes at a little higher price point, remember you’re getting two chairs for the purchase. So, you’ll always have an extra seat for your friend, significant other, or pup to sit alongside you by the shoreline.

The Tommy Bahama 2-set is also a lightweight, portable seat that I can carry like a backpack. They’re quite handy when hiking down the ocean to the less accessible spots.

Plus, they can be used as a backpack with straps and a place for stowing your towel.

The heavy-duty fabric used on this set of Costco beach chairs is quite heavy, which is nice for durability. Plus, it blocks the sun from burning my skin through the seats.

It also comes with so many storage containers, making it easy to bring your stuff to the beach.

For me, the cup holder is a nice addition, providing a nice storage location for those important beverages, or my phones and keys, while remaining easily accessible.

As with our top pick, the Tommy Bahama 2-set includes five reclining options. I like adjusting the high backs to a flat position, so I can lay flat on it to catch some rays with a breeze passing underneath.

Plus, it comes with an integrated adjustable pillow. The neck support can adjust up and down with Velcro straps to support my neck, rather than putting me in an unhealthy, uncomfortable forward head posture.

Folding the Tommy Bahama Chairs is also a breeze. Once you figure out that it needs to be turned over so you can hold one leg in each hand and quickly push them together, you’ll love how easily it collapses.



#3 Coleman Portable Quad Chair - Budget Option


The Coleman Quad Chair is our to-go option for a higher vantage point.

Unlike our second pick, the Coleman doesn’t sit low to the ground, so it’s a great option for those who have bad knees.

Users with back problems or surgery also won’t struggle to get out of the chair by themselves and frequently use the seat.

But Coleman’s selling point is the cooler bag’s design. The Quad is among the few beach chairs with a bag positioned at the front rather than the bag. While it seem like a trivial adjustment, it’s important because I can effortlessly grab my beverage without reaching far too around the back of the chair.

Coleman construction is also on point, and the material used here are common in some high-end chairs.

In fact, the Quad has the highest weight rating on our list and has a generous weight capacity of 325 pounds.

While not as padded as I would have hoped, Coleman is still comfortable to use, even for extended periods.

I’m particularly a big fan of the fabric as it absorbs sweat and doesn’t make me hotter. It’s thick, but I had no problems with that as it’s easy to clean and cool.

Coleman’s ergonomics are also on point, and I love how well raised the backrest is. I’m 5’7′, and the chair hits the back of my head when I lean, so I can feel comfortable throughout my lounging without worrying about a neck sprain.

Coleman stability is better on firmer and more level ground though. However, its still easy to plant it on the beach and watch the beautiful sunset.

Finally, it’s an inexpensive option, so if you’re on a tighter budget, this would be a great pick.



#4 Kingcamp Low Sling Folding Chair (H4) - Best Low-Profile Chair for Beach and Concerts


I’m a soccer dad and can’t get enough of this Kingcamp Low Sling Folding Chair.

I bought this great chair because it qualifies as one of those low-back options you can take to a soccer match, outdoor lawn concerts, or even the beach.

It seats pretty low and at a modest height of 7.9″; it’s pretty low for a perfect beach chair and should comfortably fit even in the three-sided shade covers.

While allowing you to put your feet in the surf, it’s also just high enough to keep your bottom from hitting the sandy beach.

I also love how the chair collapses into a carry bag, therefore taking up much less room in my vehicle. It’s also easier to pack.

Plus, it comes with elastic cords on the shoulder strap for extra convenience when throwing it on your shoulder and head to the beach. Most people, though, don’t even bother with the carry bag, as the chair is still easy and light to carry.

As a true beach chair, the Kingcamp Folding Costco Beach Chair sits on the ocean shore without sinking. They come with nice sturdy “disk” feet that help to stabilize the chair. They sink nicely into the sand, helping to create a nice comfortable experience.

I’m a big fan of the mesh insert that keeps me from sweating so bad during the hot summer days. It’s a nice addition that feels comfortable and breezy, perfect for the hot summer days.

Comfort on the KingCamp Folding Seat doesn’t end with the mesh inserts.

Each of the KingCamp options sports a foam-wrapped arm rest, which is a nice change from your traditional plastic armrests. It’s comfortable to use, and unlike the cheap offerings, it doesn’t dig into your arm.

However, Kingcamp Folding Seat is slightly heavier than normal Costco Beach seats, but that is because of the heavy-duty and weather-resistant steel frame construction. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and will last for a long time.

Finally, when you’re done for the day, you’ll love how it folds up easier than a pop-up tent. And so far, the chair hasn’t collapsed on my head or pinched my fingers.



#5 GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker - Best Costco Rocking Chair


The Costco GCI Freestyle is one of the unique beach seats from Costco, thanks to the rocking design.

It utilizes a spring-action rocking technology patented by GCI, which helps deliver a smooth rocking experience.

The GCI Outdoors offers an outstanding rocker with easy motion- the best of both worlds.

The shock absorbers on the back legs keep it smooth and easy, allowing for a gentle rocking motion.

I find the design not only comfortable but also great for use on uneven ground. Besides the beach, I usually take mine to my grandson’s baseball games. It’s great for the park and beach volleyball, too.

Even with a rocking design, GCI Outdoors folds up easily for storage and transportation purposes. The fold and design make it a great option for picnics, beach trip, camping, and backpacking.

Plus, it utilizes an EAZY-FOLD technology, so it opens and closes safely.

Using the GCI Outdoors is also pretty darn comfortable. It’s a bit higher than many of the best beach chairs, and at 19.1”, it should be easy to get up and stand from the chair.

Durability is also on point, thanks to the sturdy, powder-coated steel. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, and the rust-resistant steel frame makes it the perfect choice for maintaining smoothness, even after the weather takes its course.

Plus, it comes with a host of accessories, including cup holders, an adjustable pillow, a storage bag, and a cell phone holder.



Best Costco Beach Chairs Buying Guide

Best Costco Beach Chairs Buying Guide

It’s important to understand the features of a beach chair for easier selection.

Knowing what you need in a chair will help you choose an option best suited for your needs.

And in the text below, I’ll share everything you need to know about selecting the best beach chairs.

But first, let’s look at the different types of Costco beach chairs.

Types of Beach Chairs

Generally, the main purpose of a chair is to offer maximum comfort, regardless of whether you’re sitting or carrying it.

Now, knowing the different types of beach chairs will help you choose the right one for you.

One of the popular chair designs is the classic.

Classic chairs are your usual foldable one that keeps your feet closest to the ground. While some of them willfully recline, the classic design doesn’t allow you to lie down entirely.

The second design is the Chaise lounges.

As their name suggests, the lounge chairs are best suited for tanning or if you wish to take naps during the day.

The chaise lounges have varying levels of recline, which creates a customized relaxing experience.

But their flaw is their massive size, which makes them bulky and challenging to carry.

The final design is the Zero Gravity Chair.

A zero gravity chair doesn’t recline fully but offers plenty of positions for better back support.

The zero-gravity chair is a slight improvement from the classic chair as they come with a kickback for elevating your feet.

Features to Consider When Selecting the Best Beach Chairs

Now that we understand the different types of chairs, consider the features to consider when buying a Costco beach chair.

The first thing to consider is weight.

You need to ensure the chair you pick will handle your weight and be light enough for you to carry.

You don’t want to pick an option that is burdensome to carry.

Secondly, you need to consider the material.

This is usually indicated on the specs list, and checking on the quality of a beach’s chairs material will tell you a lot about its durability, quality, and longevity.

Another thing I usually like to see on my chairs is the accessories.

The best beach chair should have a drink holder, cup holders, side tables, storage bags, and an adjustable pillow. I know some of the added features are unnecessary, but they make life more convenient and fun.

Of course, beach chairs with such extras are a bit more expensive than your standard, frills-free option.

Best Costco Beach Chairs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I use camping chairs on the beach?

A: Yes, but they don’t offer the same comfort and experience as the beach chairs.

Typical beach chairs are shorter than your camping chair, so they allow for better back support since your feet are closer to the ground.

The legs on beach chairs are also connected for better stability.

Plus, unlike camping chairs that generally have open backs for better ventilation, beach chairs are closed for better durability.

Q: What’s the importance of zero gravity technology on chairs?

A: Zero gravity is an engineering technology that maximizes your comfort levels by optimizing your weight distribution on your chair.

Chairs with this technology allow better recline levels, giving you a feeling of weightlessness by taking gravity off your back.

The ergonomic benefits are they decrease tension and body pressure points.

Q: Can beach chairs double as camping chairs?

A: Generally, camping chairs have added benefits for safety, which a beach chair lacks,

For example, beach chairs have reflectors, ribbons, whistles, and canopies.

There would be no issue using a beach chair for camping, but you’ll miss out on the essential safety features of the camping chairs that would help you when you’re in danger.

Plus, Costco beach chairs are generally bulky than camping chairs, so you might get exhausted faster backpacking with them.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Costco Beach Chairs Wrap Up Our Choice

Our winner for the Costco beach chairs reviews is the Tommy Bahama Beach Chair.

We choose this option because it hits all the spots for the best beach chairs.

It’s nice, offers a comfortable position, and the functional beach chair offers a unique experience on the beach.

Also, it has more to offer than most of the chairs on the list, and I would definitely recommend it.

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