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Nicole Miller Luggage Reviews

Started over 30 years ago by an American fashion designer, the Nicole Miller company has experience designing everything from dresses, glasses and shoes

Their apparel has been featured on the runways in New York and Paris and even on the shelves of your local Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Primarily known for their bright prints and colors, they’ve taken their flair to create a unique and functional line of luggage.

Given their background, you know they’re going to be stylish.

But which one of their collections is the most durable and functional?

To answer that question, we give you the top 3 of Nicole Miller luggage reviews.

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Quick Comparison Table!

Nicole Miller New York Rosalie Softside



Nicole Miller New York Madison Hardside



Nicole Miller Rainbow



#1 Nicole Miller New York Rosalie Softside



In the past, suitcases were simple – they were either black, grey, green, or blue canvas, offered little to no support, and every passenger was worried whether their valuables would make it from drop-off to destination, safely.

Nicole Miller took all of those problems and came up with the answer in their Rosalie Collection.

The Rosalie Collection (available in 20”, 24” and 28”) offers an incredibly lightweight structure, accompanied by a variety of beautiful canvas colors, 360-degree spinner wheels, a sturdy side and top carry handle, expandable storage, and a multi-stage retractable handle so you can roll it down any street, airport, or ship deck with ease.

The lightweight structure of the Rosalie is one of the key talking points here, as all airlines have a weight restriction on baggage.

The Rosalie takes all of your worries away, with Nicole Miller designing the suitcase to only be roughly 8-12 lbs. (dependent on the frame size) – that’s extraordinarily light, so you can either leave some space to pick up a couple of extra souvenirs, or bring along those extra notebooks for you to document your travels, without fear of paying overweight baggage fees.


The Rosalie has some of the most exceptional colors offered for suitcases –  from a bold, rich navy to an intricate pattern in the Rosalie Grey.

The colors offered from Nicole Miller are: Navy, Silver, Blue, Beige, Black and White, Burgundy, Coralie Gray, Gray, Rosalie Gray, and Teal.

Spinner Wheels: 

Gone are the days where you have to drag your suitcase behind you.

The Rosalie Collection offers slick 360-degree spinner wheels, so that you can roll it behind you, upright, and sideways, making travelling through busy airports, bumpy roads or through tight spaces as easy as possible.

To compliment the spinner wheels, the Rosalie also includes a multi-stage retractable handle, so that you extend it to strap a purse or backpack onto it, or lower the handle for tight spaces.

Expandable Storage: 

The Rosalie is so light that adding in extra pieces of clothing, or leaving room for souvenirs is enhanced by the ability to expand the suitcase in order to fit all of what you need.



Nicole Softside Final Verdict

Nicole Miller decided to throw out the conventional suitcase, skip past the shell, and land on something modern with the Rosalie – this suitcase is specially designed for the eccentric and the chic.

A collection this reliable, and this good-looking, is a must-grab for yourself, that special person in your life, or a family member ready to take on the world.

#2 Nicole Miller New York Madison Hardside


There are two major questions, that, as a traveler, you look for when choosing the right piece of luggage to take on your adventure.

Is it going to keep my belongings safe on the inside?

Is it going to damage easily?

Nicole Miller threw both of those worries away, by introducing the New York Madison Collection.

This collection features a 20”, 24”, and 28” frame, a lined interior, top and side carry handles with a telescopic, push-handle system, and a sleek hardside for protection, with a leather strip across the front to bring it all together.

Coming in at roughly couple of hundreds  dollar mark for the whole set, this suitcase trio is the perfect way to travel in style – whether that’s by yourself, or with family and friends.


The New York Madison is offered in a 20”, 24”, or 28” frame, which is a perfect selection for a longer vacation or work trip. In addition, even the 28” frame only weighs in at about 12 lbs. – lightweight enough to be able to add in some additional clothing

Fully lined on the interior, with a hardside on the exterior, you can rest assured that your belongings will stay safe inside, thanks to this case.

The top and side carry handles make it easy to load into your car on the way to the airport, and to grab your suitcase quickly during a connection flight – the handles are made to withstand impact and aggressive grabbing, so you won’t have to worry about them being damaged during baggage check either.

The telescopic, push-handle system, in combination with the 360-degree spin wheels, allows you to adjust the handle to your desired height, and roll around the streets of whichever city you’ve set your sights on, with ease.

Nicole Miller decided to install a hardside for your suitcase, because, as we all know too well, your suitcase can go through some turbulence on the way to the destination – whether that’s a drop off a bus, or colliding with a wall.

Nicole Miller didn’t stop there with the modern design of the suitcase – they included an extravagant leather strap across the face of the hardside, pulling the whole piece together.

You can choose from three colors – Black, Burgundy and Peacock, you can choose which color best suits your personality – classic, modern, or eccentric.



Nicole Miller Madison Hardside Final Verdict

The Nicole Miller New York Madison Collection is a stunning set, with sophistication, elegance, and class, all rolled into one beautiful piece of luggage.

Whether you’re jetting off to the beach in Santa Cruz, strolling through the streets of Paris, or going on a cross-country trip across Canada, this collection will check off every one of your needs.

Did we mention the leather strap across the front? Just a beautiful touch.

#3 Nicole Miller Rainbow


As soon as you’re ready to hit the road on your next adventure, there’s more than enough things to worry about – including the precious cargo that you’re taking with you.

The Nicole Miller Rainbow 20-inch Hard-Sided Luggage Spinner brings everything you need in a suitcase to the table – and more.

The shiny-shell finish, and fully-lined interior accentuates the lightweight construction of this suitcase, while the telescopic handle and 360-degree spinner wheels produce some of the easiest mobility amongst high-end suitcases – without the high-end price.

This hard-sided luggage is perfect for you or your family to fill and get moving – whether that’s a weekend trip to grandma’s lake house, or on a beach in Havana.

This hardcase spinner is an absolute steal at $79.99, with other companies charging far more than that for a similar, albeit less eye-catching, suitcase.


The first thing that people will notice about the Rainbow Hard Spinner are the intricate designs that go into it.

With Lavender, Olive, Silver, and Spice in available colors, the Rainbow Spinner offers a variety of colors to make your mark while traveling.

The color of the suitcase is backed-up by the lightweight construction, shiny shell finish, and fully-lined interior – the perfect trifecta of sturdiness, weight, and safety, so you can be sure that regardless of the outdoor elements, your belongings will be kept safe and secure inside.

The suitcase is supported by 360-degree spinner wheels, so you no longer have to drag your suitcase behind you, worrying about scraping the bottom, or getting through the tight alleyways of Europe – you can roll it upright, or angle it behind you, with the telescopic handle adjusting to the perfect height and comfort level.

The Rainbow Hard Spinner also offers extremely sturdy handles on the side and top of the suitcase, so no matter who’s handling it, it’s safe and secure.



Nicole Miller Rainbow Final Verdict

The pros far outweigh the cons with the hard spinner, and with the hardshell, 360-degree spinner wheels, size, and colors available, this is a must-purchase.

The compactness and sturdiness of the hard spinner is undervalued by the price, making this one of the best bargains out there.

Nicole Miller did it once again – showing your adventurous side while giving you something that will protect all of your treasured valuables and clothing in a nifty, compact, suitcase.


As we have come to expect Nicole Miller Luggage Series come with some spectacular travel sets but may not be there yet to challenge the higher brands in terms of durability. Style-absolutely, yes!

So, it now comes down to your personal preference. We wouldn’t go as far as saying its Style over substance but there is a difficult choice to make. Hope you pick the one that suits your travel style

Happy Travels!

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