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Samsonite Centric Review Hardside PC

Travelling is about enjoying what the world has to offer, not about worrying if your souvenirs are going to make it back home with you. The Samsonite Centric has everything you need, to be able to travel unhindered – whether that’s through the cobblestone streets of Rome, or the snowy mountains of Alberta.

Most travelers have a few worries about luggage when they decide their next destination:

  • What if someone mishandles it?
  • What if I roll it down the street?
  • What if it’s too heavy?
  • What if it gets damaged?

The Samsonite Centric solves all of your problems with its unbelievably light design, accompanied with scratch-resistant hardside twill texture, extremely sturdy frame, and added security in the TSA-designed locks attached to the suitcase. 

Samsonite has come up with a solution for you so that you can explore every inch of the globe without having to worry about your luggage.

Leave home to experience, and enjoy, knowing that your baggage is safe.

We searched the internet high and low, researched and tested them in-house, jumped on them, sat on them and what not to write this great review of the 3 piece hardside Samsonite Centric collection.

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The Samsonite Centric is unique in its design, because it offers a scratch-resistant twill texture, absorbing impacts along the way. With three handles –  two on the top of the suitcase and one on the side, along with a handle cup along the bottom, you can carry this suitcase any way you’d like.

Offered in three different sizes (3pc luggage set includes 20”, 24” and 28” models), the Centric gives you the possibility to bring anything you’d like on your adventure – it also includes an extra expandable 1.5 inches on all models, just in case you want to throw a couple of extra “just in case” socks in there with you.

Weighing in at 9 lbs, for the 24″ model, the Centric is as lightweight as it is durable, so you can fill it right to the brim without worrying about paying extra for luggage fees; in addition, lightweight aluminum tubes that snap in place are featured as a sturdy attachment, so that you can roll your luggage around without a hitch.

Samsonite understood exactly what you were looking for when it came to walking through different terrains – they developed  360 degree spinner wheels for increased mobility, so regardless if you like to drag your suitcase, or roll it upright, you can always rely on the comfort and design of the Centric. 

Full-zip interior dividers allow you to sort out your dirty laundry from the clean, or make sure your belongings are in a safe, stored away area of your suitcase for easy access. The cross straps provided in the Centric allow you to pack your things efficiently and effectively while keeping your valuables nestled in and amongst your clothing.

One of the biggest difficulties that most suitcases have is that you need to buy a TSA approved lock and (hopefully) remember where you left the key. Samsonite eliminated this problem by adding in side-mounted TSA locks, throwing away the key for good – all you have to do is remember your passcode (the notes section of your cellphone is perfect for this).

Samsonite Centric also presents itself in a range of colors, so whether you’d like to match your shoes or remain discreet, it has you covered. Choose from classic black, blue slate, bronze, burnt orange, Caribbean blue, purple, silver, or teal.

Pros – What We Like!

samsonite centric set orange


Starting at roughly $100 for the 20-inch suitcase, the Centric is one of the most affordable suitcase models in the market for what it has featured.

While you may be able to find less expensive suitcases out there, none of them come close to the standards that the Centric provides, from durability to security.

The Centric’s larger versions of the 24” and 28” come in at $120 and $136 respectively, making it just as affordable for full set – perfect for a gift to your departing graduate, or to treat yourself during the holidays.


Samsonite believes so deeply in the Centric that it is providing a 10 year limited warranty to all of its customers.

Samsonite’s mission is to provide the best suitcases on the market, and a 10 year warranty which when reviewed proves that the durability is there to last.

Light and durable

Samsonite really upped the suitcase game this year through the lightweight infrastructure, making this suitcase one of the lightest hard-shell bags on the market.

Any bumps, scrapes, or bruises along the way can be easily taken care of because of the polycarbonate (PC) material of the suitcase, as well as the valuables that you bring along will be nicely protected on the inside from the harsh elements of the outside.

Whether you’re checking your bag, or bringing it as a carry on, the Centric has the ability to pop back into shape after it’s put under pressure – so don’t worry about the airport workers throwing your bag onto a truck or someone shoving one too many carry-ons against it – your bag is safe and secure from the worst elements of travel. 

Cons – What We Are Not Huge fans Of!

Samsonite centric opened luggage

No product is perfect, and while the Centric does offer some amazing capabilities, it has its own hindrances as well.

The Larger Sizes

The 24” and 28” versions of this suitcase will be too large for a carry-on, but the 20” should do – just be sure to check with your airline beforehand prior to boarding; while it is the smallest version, some airlines are picky with the carry-on luggage, and may charge you at the gate to check-in your bag.

More damage on “The Brights”

While the brightly colored design may attract travelers who love to stand out, we should warn you that any scratch or scuff will look more apparent on these ones.

Similar to light-colored cars, and white shoes, these brightly colored ones can get the marks out, but will be more noticeable at first – a little TLC during, and after travel, however, will make your suitcase look like new again.

Verdict – Final Thoughts

woman preparing her luggage for travel

The Samsonite Centric’s pros far outweigh its cons, and with its light and durable casing, along with the added element of the spinner wheels, this is your perfect travel companion.

Samsonite understood that travelers wanted two things – a sense of security, and a sense of freedom; with the Centric, you’ve got everything you need to hit the road, the air, or the sea, and travel without worry.


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