100+ List of Creative & Fun Hobbies to Try in 2023 (Start ‘Em Here!)

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Oh, my! Does the title sound exciting? Or is it terrifying? Well, what with previous years bringing us the kind of events and experiences we’ve never faced before (most of us at least), we need something to keep us away from challenging thoughts about life. 

Even though the challenging years have come to an end (we know, it isn’t happening soon enough), you’ve got lot more to look forward to –  to try something new and unique in your life. Before you wonder, we’ve got some hobbies that couldn’t have been possible to be practiced through pandemic, much thanks to the virus. But you sure can add them to the list and give them a try soon enough (fingers and toes crossed). 

Okay, with the disclaimer done, let’s not waste any more time reading the introduction. Dive straight into the list of creative and fun hobbies (some of which would already be your favorites and are probably keeping you sane right now). 

We’ve got not 10 or 50, but more than a hundred hobbies to make you smile, laugh, feel better, and hope for better days. We’ve divided them into sections so that you’ll find it easier to categorize them based on your interests. 

Here we go, readers! 

Start with Inexpensive Hobbies

1. Rock Painting

Rock PaiintingThe first hobby on our list is something people of all ages would love to try. Rock painting is a creative hobby where you simply paint on a small smooth rock that fits in the palm of your hand. Buy a set of acrylic paints and let your mind wander. You can paint any design/ pattern on it.

2. Reading Challenge

Reading ChallengeYou might wonder what’s creative about reading (if you are not a book lover). But if you are, we don’t have to tell you anything. Every year, reading clubs and website release a list of challenges for readers to try. This helps in picking books you wouldn’t otherwise consider adding to your TBR.

3. Genealogy

Things to Consider Before Taking That At-Home Genetic TestGenealogy is the study of families and histories to create the family tree of a person. Many young and old folk these days are showing interest in tracing their ancestry and finding out the origins of their family and family name. It is a research-intensive hobby and takes time and effort.

4. Attending Free Online Classes

Free Online ClassesFree online classes are just that- free. The courses might be limited, but you still have a lot of options to choose from. In fact, the beginner courses for most subjects are free. So if you are not sure about which one to join, you can try the free classes and then decide.

5. Beachcombing

Beach CombingBeachcombing is a super cool hobby if you live near the sea or an ocean. While each country has a different law about what you can and cannot take from a beach, you can still search the beach for shells, tiny pebbles, or anything interesting. Maybe you’ll find a message in a bottle.

6. Watching News and Documentaries

Watching News and Documentaries

This doesn’t cost you anything extra, right? You are already paying the bills. Watching news will help you stay abreast of the latest political and social scenario. Documentaries are 30-60-minute long videos with vital information about a selected topic. You can gain a lot of knowledge about things that interest you.

7. Practicing Minimalism

Practicing Minimalism

Minimalism is gaining popularity these days. It is a way of life where you live with as little stuff as possible. You cut down unwanted expenses, buy things that you really need. No hoarding or stocking. You don’t waste or throw away food. You reuse bottles, boxes, dresses, etc. and lead a simple yet satisfying life.

8. Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is a daily practice and is similar to diary writing. Except that you write your bullet journal the first thing in the morning and add to it as the day goes by. It is your to-do list, your idea book, and your companion. In simple and neat pointers, you remind yourself of the important things.

9. Decluttering


The term says it all, right? Who doesn’t have a house full of things, some of which we don’t even need? Getting rid of them by either donating or selling is one way of decluttering. You can also use the unwanted items to create something new and artistic.

10. Joining Free Community Events

Joining Free Community Events

Community events will help you socialize and make friends with people in your area. Free events are an easy way to get out of the house and mix with the crowd. Talk about common interests, learn something new, volunteer to help others, and have a day full of activities and fun.

Let’s Move Outdoors

fun outdoor hobbies

11. Cycle Racing

Cycle Racing

Oh, well. Is cycling fun? It depends on the person, right? You can make it fun by organizing cycle races and taking part in them. This helps you get your daily exercise and also keep the competitive spirit alive. Form a team or join an existing one.

12. Hiking/ Rock Climbing

Hiking Rock Climbing

Hiking is a famous weekend activity in many places. If you don’t want to go the same route, try rock climbing. Join a club so that you don’t have to go alone. You get to spend a full day outdoors, climbing the hills, and reach the top. The thrill of standing on the top of a hill is amazing, isn’t it?

13. Camping


Whether you pick a forest or a valley, camping is a great way to get away from the busy city life and breathe fresh air for a night or two. Take your telescope along, watch the stars, build a campfire, read your favorite book, or just relax and unwind.

14. Museum Hopping

Museum Hopping

Museums are homes for history with visual effects. There is so much you can know about your country, region, land, and heritage. Museum hopping is a fun activity even if some people feel uncomfortable and call them cold houses. If you already have a wild imagination, we don’t have to tell you how to come up with some outrageous theories, do we?

15. Fossil Hunting

Fossil Hunting

This can either be a professional hobby or an amateur one. While professionals hunt and collect fossils for scientific research, amateurs do it for personal study. All of us have varied interests, and studying fossils is a creative one. You can reach out to professionals if you find anything intriguing and different.

16. Exploring

What do you explore? Anything, really. Explore your city, town; visit the countryside, the woods, the hills, the outskirts, or the hidden alleys and tunnels. Talk to people who belong to the region. But make sure you don’t venture into the dangerous areas without proper protection, especially as it turns dark and the day ends.

17. Parachuting


Parachuting is exhilarating and terrifying. It is also risky and needs expert guidance. If you are in the mood for some extreme sport to keep you occupied, parachuting is a good one to try. Contact registered clubs, check their safety certificates and make sure to follow their instructions.

18. Playing a Travel Guide

Playing a Travel Guide

If you have already explored your region and there is nothing left to discover, become a travel guide in your part-time. Take your friends or family on a tour of the unknown areas of the place. Meet a travel agency and offer your services to show something unique and different in your region to the tourists.

19. Gardening


Gardening is a complete hobby. It is time-consuming, soul-satisfying, and even cost-intensive. You learn, you grow, you teach, and you share the bounty with others. If your garden isn’t as big, no problem. You can decorate your kitchen counter with potted herbs and tiny blooms.

20. Backpacking


This is a low-cost way to travel to a new destination. All you need to do is pack your essentials in a backpack and hop from one place to another. You live in cheap lodgings, find ways to try things for free, eat at inexpensive diners or outlets, and add new experiences to your list.

For Men

fun hobbies for men

21. Learning Survival Skills

Learning Survival Skills

So, it’s time to check out some hobbies men would enjoy, and the first one is none other than learning and practicing survival skills. From starting a small fire to purifying water, cooking with bare minimum items, and dressing a wound, survival skills teach how to stay alive in extreme conditions.

22. Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a way to build physical, emotional, and mental strength. It helps in improving concentration, building endurance, and provides a way to release your pent up emotions. Kickboxing needs regular practice and has to be learned from an expert trainer. You can even take part in competitions and win prizes.

23. Spear Fishing

Spear Fishing

Spearfishing is an ancient method of fishing. It is a simple technique where you throw a sharp and pointed stick/ harpoon/ spear on a fish that floats close to the shores. The pointy end hooks the fish, and you pull it out along with the spear. Make sure to check the local regulations before you plan a day out.

24. Fencing


Fencing is yet another ancient game. Two people with long and thin swords face and fight against each other. You attack and defend. You have to be alert, agile, and utterly focused when fencing. Should we add that you need proper training before you accept a challenge?

25. Weightlifting


Lifting weights at home is one thing; doing at the gym is another. There is a right way to lift weights without straining your muscles or hurting your back and shoulders in the process. Listen to your trainer. Weightlifting helps with body balance and muscle-building. You can also take part in the challenges.

26. Reviewing Gadgets

Reviewing Gadgets

Are you a gadget fan? Do you like to try new gadgets that are released into the market as soon as possible? Reviewing them might be the right hobby for you. You can share the reviews on your blog, YouTube channel, or send them to related websites. You might even get gadgets for free/ discounted prices to review them.

27. Beer Tasting

Beer Tasting

Beer tasting is the same as wine or cheese tasting. For beer lovers, this is an excellent hobby and fun way to taste different beer and give your opinion about them. You can also learn more about how they are made and try making some at home. It is quite easy.

28. Cliff Diving

Cliff Diving

Live dangerously, right? Those who live near the hills and seas love to dive from the top into the cold sea waters. It is a casual sport for many of them, but needs a lot of skill, be it swimming or the ability to calculate the trajectory for your dive so that you come out alive.

29. Hatchet Throwing

Hatchet Throwing

Hatchet or ax-throwing is yet another dangerous game that became famous in the 2000s. Both men and women seem to be enjoying it, though it is the men who love to indulge in it quite often. Set a target and throw the ax as close to the bull’s eye as possible. And no. It is not as easy as it sounds.

30. Storm Chasing

Storm Chasing

Whether you are a photographer, a self-proclaimed weatherman, or someone who lives for the thrills of life, storm chasing is for you. A storm chaser travels to locations where hurricanes are wreaking havoc and brave the storm to take pictures and share the latest details of the situation with others.

For Women

fun hobbies for women

31. Learning Karate

Learning Karate

It’s time to check some creative, useful, and fun hobbies for women. We are going to start with some physical skills like karate. It is a martial art form that teaches the art of attacking and defending. Even though it isn’t creative, it is an important skill to master. And of course, giving a creep a good kick in the gut is highly satisfying.

32. Dancing


Whether you want to be a ballerina or a hip hop dancer with swoon-worthy moves, dancing is a lovely form of expression. It doesn’t have to be limited to a hobby, either. Become a teacher, a choreographer, or create your own dance form. Oh, yes, it is possible.

33. Photography


Amateur photography is a lot of fun, even if others tend to get annoyed as you stop to click pictures. You can join professional courses to take up photography as a serious hobby and choose your niche. Let your photographs reflect the artistic and creative side of you.

34. Scrapbooking


Scrapbooking is a method of collecting memories in the form of images and paper cuttings. These are stuck to single sheets in a book with the related details mentioned along with the picture. Maintaining a scrapbook will make sure you don’t forget any important events from your childhood or school/ college life.

35. Video Gaming

Video Gaming

Videogames are so much fun, aren’t they? Whether you like to play it alone or with your girls’ gang or with your partner and kids, it is a relaxing and exciting hobby. When you don’t want to step out of the house for an adventure, video games provide you a perfect opportunity to enter a new world.

36. Learning Magic Tricks

Learning Magic Tricks

Magic shows are entertaining, aren’t they? Even when we know that they are simple tricks, we love watching some unexpected happen. Learning magic tricks is equally fun. You get to see how magic is actually done and learn the science behind the art. It won’t be long before you create your own magic tricks.

37. Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing

Do you love you create new dress designs? Are you a fashionista? Why not take it up as a serious hobby and share your designs with the world? You can set up an online store to sell the dresses you design and take orders for exclusive pieces.

38. Quilting


Quilts are warm, cozy, and comforting. They are made with love and affection. Do you know that there are more than 25 types of quilting patterns and designs? Quilting is a beautiful way of using old blankets to create new ones in unique designs. It can be simple and easy, or truly complex and hard. Start learning online for free.

39. Home Baking

Home Baking

If your cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and bread are famous in your friends’ and family circle, you can set up a home-baking business and earn some money. If you are one of those who can’t bake a cake without burning it but love to eat some yummy cake, it’s time to start learning. Baking is therapeutic. There are no two ways about it.

40. Breaking World Records

Breaking World Records

This is nothing but fun and creativity at its best. Which record you want to pick and try to break is for you to decide. Do you want to go the serious way and work on it for months and years? Do you want to try something quirky and silly? The stage is all yours. Rise, break records and shine.

For Couples

fun hobbies for couples

41. Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Aren’t hobbies more fun when you do them together with your significant other? Wine tasting is one such romantic hobby many couples like. Visiting vineyards, participating in wine-making, tasting new flavors, and spending some cozy time with your partner is a great way to keep your relationship happy and healthy.

42. Snorkeling


Swimming in shallow waters using a diving mask and swimfins such a fun activity, isn’t it? You don’t even have to be a swimmer to snorkel. You can still enjoy the beauty of marine life by exploring the shallow waters with your partner. You don’t have to carry the oxygen tanks deep into the sea, as in the case of scuba diving. Cool, right?

43. Giving Body Massages

Giving Body Massages

Well, this definitely sets the mood for the day or rather the night. Apart from treating yourself and your partner to a relaxing massage to drive away the stress, you also add some spice to your routine life. How creative you can get is in your hands. *take the hint*

44. Tennis


If both of you enjoy sports, team sports are the best way to spend quality time together. But if you don’t want to play with others, tennis might be your choice of the game. Whether you play mixed doubles, doubles, or singles by competing against each other, you don’t need to rely on others to play the game.

45. Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing

Salsa, tango, waltz, quickstep, Spanish bolero, Cuban bolero, etc. are some famous ballroom dances for couples. Join a dance class with your partner and have fun gliding on the dance floor- at the studio, at home, and other events. It is a super fun way to stay fit and enjoy the beauty of life.

46. Sailing


What can you do when you want to get away from the mad rush of everyday life? Sailing is one way to escape into the blue waters and relax under the azure sky. You don’t need to own a boat. Renting one would serve the purpose just fine. Take turns sailing and enjoy the tranquility nature has to offer.

47. Cosplaying


If you and your partner love to dress up or like to imagine how the two of you would look in the costume from your favorite movie/ show/ book, cosplaying is the perfect hobby for you. Cosplay events are full of energy and fun. However, you can turn it into something cozy for just you and your partner.

48. Road Trips

Road Trips

If sailing doesn’t make you excited, why not go on a road trip? Pack a backpack, fill the car tank, and drive away to your favorite place. Listen to music, take breaks in the fields or by the lakes/ river, camp under the night sky, and discover something new along the way.

49. Star Gazing

Star Gazing

Didn’t we just mention camping under the night sky? Why not make it a regular practice? Setting up a tent and telescope in your backyard or even on the terrace or the balcony of your home works. The aim is to have a clear view of the sky and watch the stars sparkling and shining at you from above.

50. Socializing


Meeting friends and new people can be a fun hobby when you have someone to tag along. Socializing is also a good way of expanding your circle. This, in turn, will help you discover new ideas, opinions, and views, which can enhance your life. Socializing and partying with a partner makes it even better.

For Elders

fun hobbies for elders

51. Aquascaping


Seniors tend to have a little more time on their hands after retirement from work. They look for hobbies that are not too easy or too hard but are time-consuming and satisfying. Aquascaping ticks all boxes. Simply put, it is the art of growing a garden underwater in an aquarium.

52. Collecting Things

Collecting Things

What do you like to collect? Coins, art pieces, stamps, cigars, maps, books, leaves, shells, or scarabs? Whatever it is, start a collection and add to it. It’s a nice way to stay occupied (cleaning and arranging them) and also a chance to learn something new. There are no age restrictions to learn, right?

53. Growing Bonsai Plants

Growing Bonsai Plants

Growing a bonsai needs a lot of care and attention. You can showcase your creativity by trimming the plants in the most attractive and appealing designs. Each cut has to be carefully planned and executed to get the right result.

54. Food Preservation

Food Preservation

Jams, pickles, and sauces are some common ways to preserve food. These tasks are usually done through the summers where the fresh harvest is released in bulk and is available for a lesser price. You can also sun-dry or freeze fruits and vegetables for the coming days.

55. Astrology


Astrology, tarot reading, fortune-telling, etc. are different concepts that deal more or less with the same subjects. Astrology, however, is more vast and complex. You can pick any of them and learn to keep you occupied. Wouldn’t it be nice to give your friends and family some advice, even if it is for fun?

56. Cartography


Also known as mapmaking, cartography is the art of studying and drawing maps. It involves both scientific and artistic methods. In fact, if you are comfortable with using software, you can create maps using graphic design. They can be of real places or imaginary ones.

57. Fishing


Fishing is a relaxing hobby. It is fun when you’re having a good day, and the fishes decide to take your bait. You don’t have to stop after fishing. Why not cook the fish on the riverside by lighting a small fire. Make sure you have the permission, though.

58. Bird/ Butterfly Watching

Bird Butterfly Watching

If you love spending time outdoors, bird watching and butterfly watching are some fun hobbies to have. You can make a note of what you see and learn more about them from books or the internet. If you have a garden or a park nearby, you know where to plan your hobby.

59. Antiquing


Antiquing can simple or a full-time obsession. Searching and shopping for antique pieces is an engaging hobby that requires a good bank balance. Or, you can simply check them out without buying any. You can take pictures and collect those instead.

60. Learning Tai Chi

Learning Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise form. Unlike other martial arts, tai chi has slow, languid, and deliberate movements that suit older people. Breathing exercises are also a part of it and can help you keep your health ailments under control when you follow it along with the doctor’s prescription.

For Kiddos

fun hobbies for kids

61. Model Shipbuilding

Model Shipbuilding

After seniors, let’s take a look at hobbies for the little ones. Kids are always creative and imaginative. The hobbies should encourage them to channel their quest for knowledge and their mischief. Model shipbuilding is sure to keep them occupied for hours. Make sure you teach them to clean up the place afterward.

62. Visiting Zoos and Conservatories

Visiting Zoos and Conservatories

Teaching children to be compassionate towards animals is very important. Take them to conservatories. Allow them to ask questions. Talk about nature, wildlife, and the need to save animals. Let them reach out to animals. Ask for their favorites.

63. Finger Painting

Finger Painting

Finger painting is a messy hobby. But it is so much fun to participate in, right? Unless you have OCD, you cannot resist something like finger painting. Yeah, cleaning the place would be a headache. However, you can teach your kids to help with cleaning. They paint, they make a mess, and they clean it too. Fair deal, isn’t it?

64. Sculpting with Playdough

Sculpting with Playdough

We’ve got to be careful when giving them sharp tools, right? But with plastic knives available, we can afford to be a little lenient. Playdough is a favorite for many kids. Let them use their creativity to make something different or new. You can also give them a picture to copy and recreate.

65. Puppetry


Puppetry is a fun way to play with toys. Kids already make up scenarios when playing with toys. Join them in a course to refine their skills and take them to the next level. Puppetry is a dedicated art form and can boost your child’s confidence in many ways.

66. Flower Pressing

Flower Pressing

Flower pressing is an ancient form of preserving flowers and using them to make art. You can get flower pressers for decent rates (the basic ones) to teach your child. Let them pick and choose flowers and preserve them using the tool. It’ll keep them occupied, and they’ll also get to know about the different types of flowers.

67. Playing T-ball

Playing T ball

T-ball is a simplified version of baseball. A ball is placed on a stand that reaches the shoulder-level height of the kid. The kid then whacks it in the direction pointed by the coach. It is not only fun but also a good way to get your 4-6-year-olds some exercise and vitamin D.

68. Speed Cubing

Speed Cubing

This is nothing but solving a Rubik cube in record time. Apart from the basic Rubik cube, you can find tiny ones, triangle-shaped ones, and some really complex cubes that need intense focus and concentration. This will help kids in analyzing and improving their concentration levels.

69. Making Bookmarks

Making Bookmarks

This is a fairly simple hobby, right? But it has many advantages. Kids get to make things from existing stuff and also learn to give them away as gifts. It doesn’t have to be only bookmarks. Greeting cards, letters, tiny art pieces, and whatnot- let them come up with an idea. You can help them execute it.

70. Lego Collection/ Building

Lego Collection Building

Today’s kids love Lego. They want to own every single collection that’s available in the market. Since it can strain your budget, you can tell them to use the existing sets to build different things. All they have to do is let their imagination run wild. And they are pretty good at it anyway.

Unique Hobbies

unique hobbies

71. Cheesemaking


Have you tried making cheese at home? It takes some work for sure. If you are looking to develop and try some unique and different hobbies, cheesemaking is a good place to start. It would help if you get fresh milk. Do your research, buy the required stuff, and start a sample batch.

72. Keep Pets- But Choose Differently

Keep Pets But Choose Differently

Pets are fun to have around at home. But there’s nothing unique about it. Now, if you have pets like a chameleon, an octopus, some crabs, or maybe even monkeys, you’d have more than your hands full, right? You can proudly flaunt them among your friends and family.

73. Trivia Gaming

Trivia Gaming

Are you a repository of information that may not even be of any use? Yes? In that case, here is a way to make use of it. Trivia gaming is picking up popularity in clubs. They have gaming nights where teams participate in answering trivia questions within the stipulated time to win the rounds and the event.

74. Creating Sand Art

Creating Sand Art

This is amazing, isn’t it? If you haven’t seen sand art, you should check out the videos on the internet immediately. It requires skill, practice, focus, and precision. You can start learning on your own by watching the videos.

75. Mixology

Mixology is the skill of mixing up drinks to create unique flavors of cocktails. Some of the drinks are exclusively mixed for high-end parties and events. If you take the mixology course, you can become a full-time professional and earn good money for the range of cocktails you create.

76. Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting

The main aim of the ghost hunting team is to visit the places that are said to be haunted and search for evidence (or the lack of it) that supports the presence of ghosts. They use electronic devices to detect changing frequencies. Remember that this is not a job for the weak-hearted.

77. Attending Dog Shows

Attending Dog Shows

Whether you have a dog or just happen to love them, dog shows are colorful events. Imagine looking at all kinds of dogs dressed up and proudly displaying their skills. Sigh, we already love it.

78. Shuffle Boarding

Shuffle Boarding

This is a fun game to play with your gang. You have a long stick with the bottom end curved so that it can push the puck across the deck board to its right place. You’ve got to move your puck from the low-scoring areas to the high-scoring region. And no, it is not that easy to play.

79. Windsurfing


What if you want to surf and sail at the same time? Try windsurfing. Also known as sailboarding, it is a mix of surfing and sailing on the water. The board has a sail you’ve got to control so that you move in the right direction and stay afloat. As with every other sport, training is important.

80. Stone Skipping

Stone Skipping

Do you love it when the stone your fling into the water skips and skips before sinking? Stone skipping is tough (we’ve tried). The excitement of watching the stone skip on the water is priceless. Reminds you of those scenes from movies? You can do that too, with some practice and skill.

Indoors is Fun Too

fun indoor hobbies

81. Making Chocolates

Making Chocolates

Oh, yummy. Making chocolates is no big deal. We aren’t processing cocoa fruit to make chocolate. You only use the chocolate compound to make smaller pieces of chocolate by mixing up two or more types (dark, milk, white) by adding extra flavors or ingredients. It is a simple and easy process, though a little bit messy. Who doesn’t like some chocolate mess, though?

82. Lockpicking


Wondering how this is an indoor hobby? Well, you start by learning how to unlock paddle locks without using keys. It’s something you sit and practice before experimenting on a door. And should we add that it’s safer to try on the doors at your home rather than neighbors? *wink*

83. Writing Letters

Writing Letters

People hardly write letters these days. Why not bring it back? Send handwritten letters to friends and family. Find a pen pal and exchange letters in an old-fashioned way. You can also send some surprise letters to your grandparents or great aunts and uncles to surprise them.

84. Airbrushing


Airbrushing is a form of painting. You need to buy the necessary equipment for this one. You can airbrush a canvas, a wall, a door, the ceiling, a counter, a table, furniture, your car, or even cakes. Watch videos on the internet to get an idea about how it is done. Start small, take the necessary precautions, and keep practicing.

85. Podcasting


Podcasts are famous in today’s world. People prefer to listen as they multitask rather than sit and watch an interview or read a lengthy blog. You can share your views, ask for opinions, inspire others, and talk about things that matter. There are free websites to upload and share your podcasts. Listening to them is also a hobby.

86. Restoring Books

Restoring Books

Old books need a lot of care. The pages fade and start to come out. The binding breaks and loosens up. Tiny silverfish start living between the pages if you don’t get rid of them. Restoring books is an art. It requires skill, equipment, practice, and patience. But it is a highly satisfying hobby.

87. Building Miniatures

Building Miniatures

Mini model structures look really cute, don’t they? They add a lot of charm when used as decorations. Why not make them at home. You will need to buy the required items, though. Take a picture of what you want to replicate and start working on it. You won’t even know how many hours would have passed.

88. Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

Tarot cards have a strange allure. Each card has a meaning and significance, which is usually the opposite of what we think it is. Learning tarot reading is a fun way to spend your free time. Who knows? You might turn out to be a natural at it and even offer sessions for friends and family.

89. Storytelling


We have been able to pass some valuable lessons down the generations only due to storytelling. It is the oral form of presenting a story. Storytelling is quite popular around the world. You can create a YouTube channel and share the long-forgotten stories with others.

90. Doing Puzzles

Doing Puzzles

Puzzles are meant to keep the brain sharp and active. Whether you like cardboard puzzles or prefer online games or like to complete the crossword and Sudoku in record time, solving puzzles and creating them brings a lot of happiness. Right?

Earn Some Money

fun hobbies to earn money

91. Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Hobbies can be fun, creative, and still bring you some money on the side. Dog lovers need not look any further. Take up dog walking as a hobby to spend time with the fur babies and even get paid for it. You can also teach them some cute antics.

92. Wrestling


Wrestling is essentially a combat sport where two people fight each other using nothing but their hands and legs. There are rules about where not to hit the other person, which will be taught during the training. If you are always gearing up for a fight, you know you’ll enjoy this hobby and also earn the prize money by winning.

93. Buying and Selling

buying and selling

This hobby needs quite a lot of planning and research. Of course, you’ve got to have the knack for knowing which pieces to buy and whom to sell them to. After all, the aim is to make a profit and earn some pocket money.

94. Making Homemade Soaps

Making Homemade Soaps

Chemical-free organic soaps are much in demand. Mixing up flavors, ingredients, and creating soaps in various designs, patterns, and variants not only brings you happiness but also brings you money from sales. Just remember not to hand out too many free samples. You should at least get back your investment, right?

95. Selling Handmade Jewelry

selling homemade jewelry

Designer jewelry is always famous. But not everyone wants to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on it. When you design and sell your pieces for a much lesser price, it won’t be long before you see an increase in your client base. And creating new designs makes us feel wonderful, doesn’t it?

96. Earning Through Calligraphy

Earning Through Calligraphy

If you are confident of your calligraphy skills, don’t limit them to writing cards and messages for dear ones. You can take up commissions that pay you to display your lovely handwriting. Handwritten wedding invitations are vogue. Make the most of it.

97. Bartending


Mixing drinks, creating cocktails, and doing it with flair will earn you a lot of money. Bartending is a fun hobby to pursue. It also has the potential to become a full-time job. Toss the cocktail shaker high in the air and flaunt your skills. Go for it.

98. Playing a Musical Instrument

Playing a Musical Instrument

Brush up your rustic skills, start practicing, and join the local musical band. Let music open new doors of opportunities and make you famous. Community gatherings, church events, parties, weddings, pubs, bars, etc. are some places you can play your instrument and mesmerize the audience.

99. Investing in the Stock Market

Investing in the Stock Market

Wondering where the fun lies in this hobby? You’ve got to ask a finance lover this question. They swear that not many things are as exciting as playing the stock market game. The questions of what, which, when, and how much are the challenges, you need to face and win. It is fun as long as we win, isn’t it?

100. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

Being creative brings out the best in us. Graphic design helps in unleashing our creativity on the internet. And if this brings us clients, projects, and money, aren’t that wonderful? If this isn’t your area of expertise, you can still learn and give it a try.

A Few Extra Hobbies

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101. Fruit/ Vegetable Carving

Fruit Vegetable Carving

Phew! We did 100 hobbies already. Why not a few more for fun? Heard of fruit and vegetable carving? We’re sure you did. There are so many videos on YouTube that display high-level skills and also teach beginners. Etching cute details on fruits and vegetables need focus and a steady hand.

102. Surfing


Sea and ocean lovers here is your favorite hobby. Surfing on the high waves makes you feel as if you’ve conquered the sea. It is thrilling and wonderful. It also needs training and practice. Standing on a surfboard as it jumps on the water is no small feat.

103. Flying Drones

Flying Drones

Drones are easily available these days. While there are some restrictions on flying drones, you can still go ahead and use them to take pictures or videos. Have drone-flying competitions with friends, explore the region without moving from your place, and discover something new and exciting.

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So 103 hobbies it is then, huh. How many have you already tried? How many are you going to add to your list? Haven’t you done something listed in the kids’ section? Want to give it a try now? Go ahead, readers. 

The aim is to be creative and have fun. Let your hair loose and forget the worries for a while. And if you can get some additional benefits in terms of gaining knowledge and money, it’s a win-win situation. Let’s make the most of our hobbies, shall we? See ya soon!

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Lisa Hayden-Matthews

Lisa Hayden-Matthews

An avid Skier, bike rider, triathlon enthusiast, amateurish beach volleyball player and nature lover who has never lost a dare! I manage the overall Editorial section for the magazine here and occasionally chip in with my own nature photographs, when required.

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