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Em Glassie

Climbing Expert - Consultant
Rock Climbing
Adventure Sports
I’m Em, a writer, climber, and sports enthusiast. I grew up playing and watching team sports, so rock climbing modified my mentality. Instead of competing against others for a clear-cut win, I was competing against myself to be a better athlete than I was the day before. With the help of amazing friends, I quickly became hooked on pushing myself mentally and physically, amazed by what I could accomplish. The mentality shift overflowed into helping others learn and grow self-confidence in their own capabilities. I became a rock wall instructor to encourage new and veteran students alike to hit their limit and then reach a little further. In combining two passions of mine, teaching rock climbing and writing, I always hope each story encourages you to try something new, expand your knowledge, think critically, and reach higher than you ever thought possible. On belay, my friends. I believe in you.

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