Ultimate Review of The Best Womens Rollerblades in 2023

Best Womens Rollerblades

Are women’s inline skates any different from men’s skates?

Or rather, can a woman use the men’s inline skates?

The answer to this is a bit subjective, but for the most part, men’s skates are not different from women’s skates.

However, they’re key differences between these two boots, making them suited for one gender more than the other.

Traditionally, the differences were based on the colors and aesthetics, but more than that.

Even today, rollerblades for women are predominantly chic and colorful, but several performance features separate the two.

The first one is the last, or rather the width of the inline skate.

Women’s skates tend to be narrower than men’s, giving it a more contoured shape to a woman’s feet.

The second difference is the height of the cuff. And the reason is women are typically shorter than men, bringing their calf muscles lower.

But with all the differences, women can still go for a men’s rollerblade, especially if they’ve wider feet. However, if you do that, you need to buy a skate one size smaller than yours because men’s roller skates are generally larger.

But in my opinion, my recommendation would be that you choose an inline skate specifically built for women.

These inline skates are tailored with a woman’s needs in mind, especially your feet’ shape and structure.

Of course, I know choosing the right pair of rollerblades feels like an uphill task for many ladies.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

I’m here to help you pick your favorite pair of rollerblades.

Later on, I’ll also share how to select the right women’s rollerblades for your needs.

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Quick Comparison Table!

Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT Women’s Inline Skates


Roller Derby Women’s V-Tech Adjustable Inline Skate


Zetrablade Elite Women’s Inline Skates


PAPAISON Adjustable Inline Skates


Roller Derby Aerio Women’s Q60 Inline Skates



The Best Inline Skates for Women For The Money

Best Womens Rollerblades for the money

#1 Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT Women's Inline Skates - EDITOR'S CHOICE


I’ve always dreamt of rollerblading, especially with the greats.

The Bladerunner Pro XT has been my first step to materializing my dream, and it’s surely coming to fruition.

Before I purchased these, I did a lot of research because I wanted affordable blades that were not crap.

The Advantage Pro XT seems like the perfect option to learn with.

They feel pretty comfortable, easy to use, and quite supportive. I love them.

Plus, they come with plenty of beginner-friendly features, which we shall look at shortly.

Out of the box, the Bladerunner Pro XT looks great. The hot pink is nice, and as I found out later, it’s also a great conversation starter, and I’ve already collected several friends.

Aesthetics aside, the shell construction is also incredible.

Yes, it’s not the best but acceptable for the price.

The synthetic material feels okay, but low-end. However, even after abusing the skates, the material seems to hold up pretty well so far and doesn’t seem like I’ll be replacing them anytime soon.

My only concern with the shell is that it’s a bit stiff, and I agree with other reviewers that it may take some time to break into the boot.

But not a deal-breaker because once you break into them, they get comfortable and provide the freedom you need.

Support on the Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT is incredible, and in my opinion, it is one of the reasons this inline skate is perfect for beginners and intermediate skaters.

There’s plenty of arch and foot support and balance. For the time I’ve been rolling with these durable skates, I’ve not experienced any issues with my ankle spraining, pain or anything even after the extended inline skating sessions. It also allows me to stay upright when speed skating.

The comfort level also feels amazing, and I’ve managed to roll in these without any problem.

A padded liner eliminates the need for skate socks, and even then, I don’t get the gnarly blisters and pain from the friction of the skate.

Size-wise, Advantage Pro XT runs true to shoe size.

I’m a size 7 Nike, and I ordered size 7 for the boot, and I’m beyond happy. They fit like a glove.

And the good thing is I’ve zero problems with the width and have no problems donning and doffing the boot.

Performance is also nice and quite decent for an entry-level inline skate.

These little ladies, with 80mm wheels with ABEC 7 bearings are stellar on an appropriate surface and have picked a lot of speed on these.

On top of that, the wheels are pretty soft, which is a good thing, especially considering how smooth they feel when you skate on them. They feel grippy and have zero issues using them on cracked surfaces, bumpy sections, or rough terrain.

The wheels are also large enough to smoothly ride on almost any surface.

Of course, you also need a magnificent braking system for such a fast inline skate, and the Pro XT doesn’t fail in this department.

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You get a detachable heel brake, which can bring you to a halt in an instant.

Overall, I’m impressed with the Pro XT.

It’s quite a practical option, and while it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the high-end options, it has everything beginners, and intermediate skaters may need to start their inline skating journey.



#2 Roller Derby Women's V-Tech Adjustable Inline Skate – Best Rollerblades for an Adjustable Fit


Just got these new Roller Derby Inline Skates, and so far, I love what they offer.

They seem like the perfect fit, especially with their adjustability properties.

Plus, their price is a bargain, especially compared to the quality, design, and features they offer.

Out of the box, the Roller Derby Women V-Tech Inline Skates look so much better in person. I was skeptical about the mint color, but I knew I had made the right choice once they arrived.

There’re other color choices, too, and whatever selection you pick, you’ll be impressed at how they correspond well with the wheels, aluminum frame, and stopper.

Style aside, these bad boys have a nice quality, and you can see they’ve nice attention to detail when it comes to the construction.

The reinforced polymer shell is sturdy and has taken a beating with me trying to remember rollerblade. Yet, they’re holding up well to the wear and tear of a new skate and still in great shape.

Overall, the build quality seems fine, especially for a budget skate, and I expect them to give me several seasons of service.

While still on the construction, the support provided by these is nice. Unlike the cheaplings in the market, the brooches on these close so well that there’s no game on the ankles.

But the most important feature, or rather the selling point of the Roller Derby Women V-Tech Inline Skates, is their adjustable sizing. At least, in my opinion.

See, these inline skates have a snug fit and can extend sizes. They expand from sizes 6 to 9 and are great to have, especially if you don’t know what exact size.

I purchased them purposefully for this reason and that they can grow with me if need be.

I’m also thinking they would be a great selection for the teens and kids whose feet keep on growing and need a skate they’ll not dump because of size.

And here’s the kicker!

Adjusting the size is a breeze. A simple button pushes the boot from one size to the other. I mean, it can’t get any simpler than that.

Using these boots also feels nice, and I haven’t experienced any problems so far.

First, I’m impressed at how lightweight they come.

My old skates were excessively bulky, but these seem unusually lightweight, perfect for casual/city skating and recreational inline skating.

And make no mistake, their lightness doesn’t compromise on their sturdiness. As we mentioned above, they’re solid, and I don’t feel like they’re cheap or like they’d crack, even if I run into anything.

The interior of these skates is also lined, so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable to wear them for extended sessions.

Yes, they don’t feel like wearing a pair of Nike or Jordan, but a vast majority of rollerblades aren’t comfortable either.

At the least, I’m glad they don’t hurt, make my feet go numb, or even cause blisters or anything.

But as I found out, having some thick speed, skating socks, and leggings may help to improve the overall comfort.

Performance-wise, I’m impressed with these skates.

I can ride them at moderate speed in my crappy neighborhood without my legs going numb from the shaking or killing my back.

Riding on the sidewalks and busy streets is also a breeze.

The 76mm wheels, combined with the Bevo Gold-7 bearings, do a decent job outdoors and indoors.

Plus, the wheels are grippy and just large enough to roll over most of the obstacles.

Overall, the Roller Derby Women V-Tech rollerblades seem good quality and reliable.

I would buy it again.



#3 Zetrablade Elite Women's Inline Skates – Best Rollerblades for a Budget


I’ve had these Elite Women’s Inline Skates from Zetrablade for a couple of months, and I love them,

I wear them for outdoor use and make a lot of nature trails, and they seem to hold up just well. They’ve not broken, stained, or faded in color.

They also feel pretty awesome to use, especially the airy design that makes them comfortable for long-term use.

My first impression of these rollerblades is how cool they look.

The electric blue looks just like in the photo. Users can also pick from the black variant. Either way, these colors aren’t too bright or too dull, and if they’re your favorite colors, you’ll enjoy acquiring these pairs of rollerblades.

For the price, I’m impressed with their durability.

They’re well-crafted and durable for sure. I’ve been using them almost daily, and remember I’m still learning, so they’re a bit of a scuff. However, the monocoque aluminum frame is sturdy and has stood up, and it seems like it’ll take me several years without breaking.

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Beginners also enjoy using the Zetrablade Elite rollerblades because of their low center of gravity and four-wheel design.

When roller skating, I have no fear that I’ll stumble because the low center of gravity design inspires more confidence and provides a lot of balance. I came close more than a few times but didn’t actually fall or wipe out even once.

Along with the stability, the support on this inline skate is also nice. A high cuff, for example, keeps my ankles from spraining or rolling when I get into an awkward feet position.

What about comfort?

I chose the Zetrablade Elite rollerblades because of the mesh liner. I figured having a mesh in my skate would help with breathability, especially when it gets hot.

And true, it keeps my feet airy, and the best part is that it doesn’t constrict my feet. It feels loose and seems like it stretches because of the soft boot design.

The mesh liner isn’t the only comfort feature on this bad boy.

There’s also a plush performance liner. I love it because it eliminates the extra friction between my feet and the shell, keeping me from blisters, ankle pains, and lace pains.

And because secure fit matters as much as comfort and durability, these inline skates also have a secure lace-up system.

The laces are a great change from the traditional binder clasp I had on my old pair. They secure my feet well and make the boots fit like a glove.

More importantly, they eliminate the shaky wheels, unsteadiness, and feet wobble.

Size-wise, they allow for a great fit and take minimal effort to get into and out of.

Fit is particularly important for me because I’ve wide feet and most inline skates make me go numb after wearing them.

The Zetrablade Elite Women’s rollerblades are different because they’re a nice fit and come with a closure system that I can adjust for a customized fit.

They glide on these are pretty nice, especially on the sidewalk and the uneven pavement.

A combination of the 80mm/82A wheels and the SG65 bearings does a decent job of keeping me entertained.

The aggressive wheels and blades work well on different terrains, including outdoors and indoors.

Overall, a lot has gone into these skates, and I would hesitate to recommend them to beginner skaters. It’s exactly what beginners need on a pair of rollerblades.



#4 PAPAISON Adjustable Inline Skates - Best Rollerblades for Boys & Girls


I’ve been teaching my daughter to skate, and it was challenging explaining the skating concept to her without actually having a skate nearby.

So, I researched the best rollerblades for kids, especially girls.

I was a bit overwhelmed with the current selection, but I settled on the Papaison Adjustable rollerblades after going through the reviews.

I’ve been using them in my daughter’s skating lessons, and we’re both loving the experience.

It has plenty of things to love and support beginner skaters.

First, these size adjustable skates come with light-up wheels, which is sort of cool. The four illuminating wheels will light up automatically once my daughter starts skating, and she can’t get enough of them. She’s always insisting that we ride in my neighborhood at night. Crazy.

Secondly, these inline skate wheels come in a nice presentation.

I mean, most skates within this price range come with the bare minimum and probably an Allen Wrench for tightening the skate.

Papaison Adjustable rollerblades are different.

In addition, the wrench, the manufacturer has included a host of awesome accessories, including a heel brake pad and hardware for swapping them out.

But what adds value to the Papaison Adjustable rollerblades purchase is they also come with skate socks.

How cool is that?

And the best part is the included socks are not flimsy or sketchy as you would imagine.

They’re reinforced in the correct locations for outstanding durability and feet protection.

Out of the box, everything on these boots seems well constructed and tough.

Everything checks on all the boxes for durability, and it seems like it’ll take a beating. The quality materials used here are solid and will let you enjoy your boots for a long time to come.

The boots are also quite comfortable, with the material feeling quite breathable. I like that they cater to users with sweaty feet.

Sizing these boots for my kids was also a breeze.

First, the boots came in four different sizes, so picking the right size for my kids was easy.

On top of that, the boots came with a top strap that clicks in place when snapped. It allows for a more customized fit.

So far, I’ve not heard my daughter complain about the size or fit.

And unlike her previous skates, she doesn’t complain about blisters, ankle bites, or any pain. Simply put, she is racking up miles on this skate and enjoying every bit of it.

Performance is as important as durability, and comfort and these ladies don’t fail in this department.

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The 82A PU wheels are perfect for both indoors and outdoors skating.

My daughter has been going for rides with them every morning in my neighborhood, and she feels quite confident and stable on them.

With the skates tightened well on her feet, she doesn’t feel wobbly, and I’m comfortable with how she’s smooth skating.



#5 Roller Derby Aerio Women's Q60 Inline Skates - Best Casual Inline Skates for Women


Our last pick on the review list of the best inline skates for women is the Roller Derby Aerio Women’s Q60 rollerblades.

It’s a nice option for those who don’t need anything too fancy.

Personally, I enjoy using them for cross-training, street skating, and light blading for the days I’m not on my bike or doing some runs.

They are pretty decent and feel well made.

The skates are of good quality and well-built on the technical side of things.

While they’re a semi-soft boot, they feel nice and don’t seem like they’ll need replacement anytime soon.

The boot also prioritizes comfort, with the memory padding helping to keep my feet free from blisters and ankle pain.

Support is also top of the line, though I could use more support.

I would give lateral support a 7 out of 10, but I can’t complain about the price.

Plus, they’ve a nice lacing system, which I use to adjust, and a Velcro closure system around the ankle for a customized fit & ankle support.

Overall, I don’t think the casual skaters will regret ordering these, especially if they’re looking for something basic and for the light skating duties.

The fitting is nice and doesn’t come as a surprise, considering they’re soft boots.

In fact, they feel more like a shoe, almost like my Nike sneakers on wheels.

They also glide nice and fit true to shoe size.

I’m a size 7, and I ordered size 9, and I’m amazed. There’s plenty of room for my toes without the skates being too big.

The laces and closure system also come in handy at strapping and tying down my feet, so they don’t feel like they’re going anywhere.

On the road, these rollerblades roll nicely, and I can easily pick up speed fast with these.

The large 80mm wheels are also perfect for varying conditions, starting from concrete streets to brick sidewalks.

They may not have the extra shock absorbance like some of their high-end counterparts, but they’re overall nice and feel good to skate on them.



Best Rollerblades for Women Buying Guide

Best Rollerblades for Women Buying Guide

In the section below, I’ll detail what to consider when selecting a woman’s inline skate.

Hopefully, by the end of the guide, you’ll be in a better position to make the right decision in your next purchase.

Key Consideration When Selecting the Right Women’s Inline Skates

Types of Inline Skates for Women

There’re two main categories for rollerblades for women.

1)      Recreational rollerblades

2)      High-performance rollerblades

Before you choose an inline skate, you need to identify the type of skating activity you wish to do.

The choice of skating activity inspires the type of rollerblade you’ll choose.

For example, a recreational inline skate would be perfect if you need a skate for leisure activities such as beachside cruising or simply running errands.

Recreational skates are generally inexpensive and more comfortable.

Recreational skates also come as quad skates (four wheels). They’re more stable than the traditional inline skates with all the wheels in a straight line.

On the other hand, high-performance skates are suitable for a competitive edge or workout routines.

These skates are usually performance-oriented and come with bigger wheels for speed and shorter cuff for mobility.

Choosing the Best Inline Skate for WomenChoosing the Best Inline Skate for Women

Along with the type of skating, there’re other important factors to consider when selecting the right inline skate for your needs.

The first one is determining your skill level.

Skill Level

The skating needs for a beginner are vastly different from those who have been in the skating game for a long time.

Therefore, what a beginner needs for their skate is different from what advanced skaters require.

Beginner & Intermediate Level Skates

These skates are usually soft and comfortable.

The beginner & intermediate skates have small wheels, not focusing on speed.

Instead, they prioritize stability.

The other important feature of these inline skates is a braking system. Professional skates don’t have a braking system because speed is critical.

Advanced Inline Skates

The advanced inline skates are usually at the higher end of the skate lineup.

These skates are built with speed in mind and usually come with large wheels.

They’re also mostly used for competitive sports, so comfort usually takes a back seat. Instead, they’re more supportive, and most of them lack the stability of beginner skates.

Aluminum Frame

The next important feature to look out for is the frame.

It’s one of the important features, in my opinion, because it secures the wheels on the boot and is in proper formation.

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The frame, especially the rigid one, allows for an incredible power transfer.

Rollerblade frames come in different materials, but generally, recreational boots have lighter and inexpensive plastic frames. Other options also include a composite frame or carbon fiber frame.

On the other hand, competitive roller skates need something sturdier, which can support the demanding needs of professional inline skating. The metal alloy frames, such as lightweight aluminum frames, are an incredible choice for these skates.


Bearing is a US rating system that determines how smooth a rollerblade can roll.

Usually, the rating is scaled from one to nine.

The cheaper, recreational inline skates have a lower ABEC rating, while the high-performance skates have a higher ABEC rating.


Women skaters can’t underestimate the importance of the shell or boot.

It affects the overall comfort and overall durability.

I suggest you pick a women’s rollerblade with an inner comfort lining. These boots offer plenty of padding for shock absorption and will generally wick away sweat and keep you comfortable.

Also, choose an option with breathability properties to keep your feet cool and free from odor.


Best Rollerblades for Women faq

Bearings have the greatest speed on a rollerblade, but wheels come second.

Size, in particular, largely determines how easy and fast you roll.

Generally, larger wheels have more speed than smaller wheels.

It’s the reason the larger wheels are mostly found on competitive skates.

The other element to consider is their hardness, usually measured in a durometer.

Harder wheels generally don’t wear out easily and are perfect for use on harder surfaces such as asphalt. They’re not comfortable, though.

On the other hand, the softer wheels are comfortable, have much grip, and wear out fast. They also lack rolling speed.


Color doesn’t affect the performance, but most ladies usually look for something chic and aesthetic.

The good news is there’re an array of color options to pick from.

On top of that, you can also request a customized option, but keep in mind it’ll be a bit expensive.

Lacing Mechanism

Fit is necessary for your rollerblade. It avoids ill-fitting skates.

Generally, you can find a right-sized boot, but if you’re looking for a customized fit, you’ll definitely need a lacing system.

The right lacing system should secure your feet in the boot without causing constrain or anything. The ideal lacing system should mold into your feet and accommodate the contours well.

Also, keep in mind several types of lacing systems are available, and the right one will depend on your needs.

Some of the popular lacing systems include buckles, knobs, and shoelaces.

Best Inline Skating for Women TipsBest Inline Skating for Women Tips

Here’re are some of the handy tips you should know when selecting and using a rollerblade;

1)      I suggest you choose a lightweight rollerblade, especially if you’re looking to skate for extended periods. The lighter options hardly fatigue users. Yes, they tend to cost more but are worth it.

2)      To keep your rollerblade running for years, it’s always good to perform routine maintenance. Nothing big, but an occasional cleaning is sufficient to prevent damage from the unwanted debris.

3)      If you’re torn between two sizes, I recommend sticking with the smaller size. The smaller skates will definitely hug your feet better, which offers more control and prevents unwanted friction, which may result in blisters and general discomfort.

4)      As a rule of thumb, always have your protective gear on, even when performing recreational skating. In particular, never hop on a rollerblade without a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee-guard on.

Best Inline Skates for Women Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can women use men’s inline skates?

A: Yes, they can, but I would not advise.

See, women’s inline skates are specifically designed to provide support and comfort for a woman’s feet.

Plus, they’ve special features to support smooth and comfortable skating.

Q: What’s the ideal size for a woman’s inline skate?

A: Generally, the size for your inline skate should be similar to that of your shoe. For example, if you wear a size 7 for your shoe. Consider a size 7 for your skate.

Q: Is protective equipment necessary when skating?

A: Yes, I can’t underline the importance of having your helmet, knee braces, and ankle braces when skating.

The gear will eliminate injuries and offer the assurance and confidence you need for a comfortable skating experience.

Q: Between shoelaces and buckle lacing system, which is better?

A: It depends on your needs.

The laces, for example, are inexpensive and provide an evenly distributed pressure.

On the other hand, buckles are more durable, highly adjustable, and quick to tie. But they’ve stiff pressure, which some users find uncomfortable.

Q: Can I skate anywhere?

A: Yes, you can skate for most of the outdoor spaces.

However, it’s good to check with your city before hitting the trail and bike path. Some streets, and sidewalks, for example, have skating bans.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Rollerblades for Women wrap up

We’re through with our list of the best rollerblades for women.

And our winner is the rollerblade Advantage Pro XT.

It scoops the top position because of its unmatched performance, comfort, and ease of use.

This inline skate for women ticks on all the boxes and will allow you to enjoy every second you’re on the skate.

I would recommend it.

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