Can Skis Fit In These 9 Vehicles? (Solved)

Can Skis Fit In These 9 Vehicles

Transporting skis inside a vehicle can be a bit tricky and requires careful planning, especially if you have a smaller car.

In this post, I’ll talk about 9 vehicles and conclude if we can fit skis inside them. For a more generalized guide, check out our post on how to transport skis in a car.

Will Skis Fit In A Ford Edge?

Yes, most skis will fit in a Ford Edge easily enough, but the proper placement of them inside the vehicle should not be taken for granted when it comes to the safety of you, your fellow passengers, and other motorists.

Considering the physical dimensions, the 2020 Ford Edge has a length of 189 inches, which is about 15 feet and 8 inches. The longest skis, designed for tall, advanced skiers, can exceed 6 feet in length, but will not exceed 15 feet.

Will Skis Fit In A Ford Edge

Even though you might need to put the second-row seats down if you plan to carry a lot of other gear and luggage, shorter and smaller skis will fit in a Ford Edge without any hassle and would not give you much reason for safety concerns, as they will remain behind the driver and passenger seats, if not in the trunk itself.

As long as they fit in the trunk or within the boundary of the second-row seating area it is less likely for them to slide forward during the drive and cause you trouble.

Can You Fit Larger Skis In A Ford Edge?

Longer skis that are designed for advanced skiers can fit a Ford Edge but due to its seat layout you have to be extra cautious if you plan on fitting them inside.

Skis longer than 6 feet will have to be placed through the space between the driver and passenger seats with the second-row seat lowered. Your skis would be right next to your elbow as you drive, so make sure it is not a distraction or an annoyance that affects the quality of your driving.

As the skis will be close to the driver console and the windshield, it will also be a good idea to find a way to fasten the skis in place so that they wouldn’t get in the way of your driving or break the windshield if you hit the brakes suddenly.

Can You Fit Skis In A Jeep Wrangler?

Yes, you can fit skis in a Jeep Wrangler. A 4 Door Wrangler would accommodate your skis better than a 2 Door Wrangler. 

Can You Fit Skis In A Jeep Wrangler

However, it depends on how many passengers you have and how many sets of skis you have because being somewhat narrow, it doesn’t quite keep up with the cargo capacities of other vehicles.

But that does not mean that the cargo space is poor, it is fairly good. A 2 door Wrangler has a rear cargo area of 41 x 44 inches while folding a seat will give 72 inches, which can easily accommodate shorter skis. A 4 door Wrangler has 6 ft if the seat is folded which can fit most skis.

The bad news is there can only be 2 passengers.

If you plan on transporting skis on your Jeep Wrangler, you will need to make sure that they are securely fastened and that they do not obstruct your view while driving.

Can You Fit Skis In A Rav4?

It’s going to be a pretty hard task trying to fit your skis or snowboards into a RAV4, especially with the other gear and stuff that you will possibly have to carry.

You might be able to fit a pair of smaller skis in if you don’t have many passengers or equipment, but it would be better if you could opt for an uber ski instead.

Even though the RAV4 is a good car to take on trips and adventures, and it can carry a lot of equipment, you might be better off getting a ski rack for your skis.

Can You Fit Skis In A Prius?

You can fit some skis inside the trunk of a Prius, but if your skis are too long to fit inside the trunk, you could still fit them in the car if you go about it right.

Can You Fit Skis In A Prius

Even though the exact measurements of the skis as well as the other gear and goods that have to be carried must be taken into account to make an accurate statement about the matter, it will be fair to say that you can fit a fairly long pair of skis in a Prius with three passengers inside by folding one of the rear seats down, in the manner of generally speaking.

Can You Fit Skis In A Toyota Camry?

A Camry has a pretty large trunk, and by folding down one side of the rear seat, you will be able to easily fit your skis inside.

The length of the skis is going to play an important role in this scenario too. If it’s a single pair of skis, you have the option of having the skis stick out through the small edge between the rear seats.

Fold one of the rear seats down, push your skis through the trunk in a manner that it stays aligned with the edge of the other upright seat, then bring the folded seat back up.

This allows you to be able to use all rear seats, so you could call it a win-win situation.

Can You Fit Skis In A Tesla Model 3?

Fitting some decent-sized skis in a Tesla Model 3 will be possible if only the driver is in the car, or maybe even one other passenger so that rear seats could be lowered on one or both sides to make room.

If you need to carry skis in a Tesla Model 3 and have a few passengers as well, a trunk pass-through between the rear seats will be your best bet.

Unfortunately, though, the Tesla Model 3 does not have that feature. If you are crafty, you might be able to make your custom pass-through, as shown in this video.

Can I Fit Skis In A Hyundai Elantra?

 A Hyundai Elantra would do just fine for a two-person ski trip.

It will accommodate large skies with the rear seat lowered and the comparatively more spacious trunk would allow smaller skis to fit in.

Can You Fit Skis In A Chevy Malibu?

Whether the skis will fit inside the 2022 Chevy Malibu will depend on the size of the skis.

With the width of the Chevy Malibu being 73 inches, only skis that are about six inches shorter than that will be able to fit inside the trunk, and more than one pair of skis at the same time won’t.

Longer skis will have to be loaded through the trunk with the rear seat lowered. 

Can Skis Fit In A Sedan?

Carrying skis in sedans is possible if passenger space can be sacrificed and some effort is taken to protect the interior.

Can Skis Fit In A Sedan

If other gear and luggage can be kept to a minimum, most sedans would accommodate skis quite well.

It is a very subjective matter though, depending on the particular model of car, the number and size of skis, the other gear, and luggage that has to be carried, passenger count, etc.   


It is very tricky to say how well any particular model of vehicle will accommodate skis without taking very specific details about the size and the number of pairs of skis in question, the other gear, and goods that have to be carried, the number of passengers and even how big they are into account.

If you are concerned about damaging the interior of your vehicle, the safety of your passengers and yourself, and a convenient driving experience, you can consider going for a roof rack or a ski rack that suits your vehicle, and possibly a sealed rooftop storage unit as well.

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