How Long Should Ski Pants Be? (Solved)

How Long Should Ski Pants Be

I still remember the first time I bought a pair of ski pants. I went with one of the same lengths as the trousers I had that day. It was just enough to cover half my shoes.

Big mistake! A few minutes into skiing, my pants kept going up while snow and the chilly wind started coming inside through the gap between the boot and my ski pants.

That’s when I realized that I should have bought ski pants that were longer.

If you are wondering how long should ski pants be, this post is for you. I’ll walk you through everything I learned over the years about how long your ski pants should be.

How Long Should Ski Pants Be?

Your ski pants should ideally be 4-5 inches longer than your usual pants. For example if your normal jeans are 25 inches, go for a pair of 29 -30 inch ski pants.

At the very least, your ski pants should be 2 inches longer than your normal pants to cover the ankle. On the other hand, your ski pants should not be more than 8 inches longer than your regular pants.

Quick Tip: Take your ski boots with you when you are buying ski pants and try the pants on with them. And also read our awesome guide on can ski pants be hemmed.

Why Shouldn’t Ski Pants Be Too Long?

While it’s okay to get a pair of pants that’s about a couple of inches longer than the recommended length, anything longer than that will open the door to a number of issues. Some of the main ones are:

Why Shouldn’t Ski Pants Be Too Long

Cause Accidents

Your pants might go over your ski boots while skiing and affect your ability to control your movements.

This could result in a lack of edge control, difficulty turning, slowing down, or making sudden movements. Ultimately, this may even cause you to fall which could result in an injury.

You Will Have To Keep Adjusting It

Wearing ski pants that are too long can be inconvenient as you will have to constantly adjust them at the hips and ankles to fit properly, potentially causing discomfort and it might even affect your appearance.

Damage The Pants

Your ski pants may come out of the boot and get damaged while you are skiing. They could rub against stones and other obstacles on the slope and get torn.

If this happens, it’s going to be pretty hard to tailor your ski pants

Why Shouldn’t Your Ski Pants Be Too Short

The only drawback of wearing ski pants that are too short is that they will start sliding up when the wind hits you while skiing creating an opening between your pants and boots. This allows the super cold air to enter inside causing discomfort.

Why Shouldn’t Your Ski Pants Be Too Short

While shorter ski pants will allow better maneuverability, they do not offer as much protection as long pants, leaving your body more exposed to the elements.

How To Adjust Ski Pants That Are Too Long

If you’re having trouble with a pair of ski pants that are too, here are a few simple ways to adjust their length:

  • Fold up the pants
  • Roll the pants into your snow boot or the gaiters
  • Wear your ski pants above your waist. This can be risky if you are skiing on ice.
  • Take the ski pants to a seamstress and have them sew it to the correct length
  • Consider using a ski pants altering and hemming service for professional modifications.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, ski pants should be long enough to cover your boots, but not so long that they get in your way. The ideal length is about 4 or 5 inches longer than your normal jeans but it will vary depending on your height and the type of ski pants you are wearing.

If you are unsure, err on the side of too long rather than too short because you could always fold it or have it hemmed.


Is There A Shortage In Longer Ski Pants In The Market?

Yes, there is a shortage of ski pants with long inseams. This is because some brands consider the inseam to be dependent on size. It is almost impossible to find ski pants with inseams beyond 36”. There are still some brands that make longer inseams for ski pants, such as Columbia and Arctix Youth.

Is It Difficult For Ladies To Find Longer Inseams?

Yes. The average height of a US woman is 5’4″ to 5′ 7″ which requires an inseam of 28″ – 32″ for their normal trousers. When finding ski pants, the inseam length has to be 32″ – 36″. It is possible to find ski pants with that particular inseam.  But, it is hard for women to find ski pants beyond that length. Even if there were ski pants in such lengths, they would be in Men’s wear.

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