How Much Does it Cost To Ship Skis (Complete Guide)

how much does it cost to ship skis

Wondering how much does it cost to ship a pair of skis? Turns out, it could cost anywhere around $35 – $350. 

The exact cost however is determined by the shipping service you choose and the weight and dimensions of your skis.

In this detailed guide, I’ll give you a rundown of the factors that affect the cost of shipping skis and the average costs of some of the most popular shipping services out there, along with their estimated delivery time. 

How Much Does it Cost To Ship Skis

The cost of shipping skis depends entirely on the shipping service you use, but the average cost to ship a pair of skis will always be in the range of $35 – $350.

Shipping costs won’t be the same for every pair of skis, the dimensions and weight of your skis will also need to be factored in. Plus, shipping firms often consider skis to be oversized because of their length and the difficulty of handling them.

shipping skis cost

In addition, there is a possibility that you will be charged an additional cost if the box you are sending has unique dimensions.

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Overall, shipping costs for skis are typically higher than other normal packages of the same weight.

So, the factors that affect the cost to ship skis are:

  • Shipping service
  • Where you want them shipped
  • Dimensions of the box (shorter skis would cost lower than a longer pair)
  • How fast you want them shipped

Let’s now take a look at the average costs and the delivery time of some of the most popular shipping services. In these examples, I’ll assume you are shipping them to Norway.  


Before we talk about the shipping services, it’s important to know that the most affordable way to transport your skis to your destination if you’re traveling for a ski trip is to pack them in your luggage.

In fact, you might not get charged at all on some airlines to bring your skis along on them, but others may impose a small price (still a lot cheaper) for bulky luggage.

Quick tip – you can take your ski bag in ubers!


FedEx is probably the fastest shipping service out there and they’ll ship as quickly as the next working day! However, they are the most expensive.

The charges that you will pay for FedEx will range anywhere between $40 to $350, and this will depend on the length of your skis. FedEx considers packages longer than 96 inches oversized.


For example, shipping from the US to Norway costs $83.68 (3.5kg).


Shipping skis through DHL would cost anywhere around $80 – $200. For example, shipping from the US to Norway costs $99 (3.5kg) according to the easyship calculator.

DHL would be a good option if you are shipping the skis internationally, however they charge a $89 fee per shipment for oversized packages which some larger skis will fall into.

If the package has a dimension that is longer than 47 inches, it will be considered oversized. Plus when shipping internationally you have to pay taxes and duty. 

On the plus side, DHL is reliable and delivers packages within 2 – 6 days.


If by any chance you can’t take your skis with you on an airplane or transport by car, shipping them through the United States Postal Service is likely to be the most cost-effective option available.


Shipping skis in USPS would cost around $25 to $100 depending on the size of the package. Plus, they have priority mail which delivers within two to four business days.

For example, shipping from Los Angeles to Denver will cost about $25.

However, USPS is not very reliable so keep that in mind too.


The next cheapest option after USPS is UPS. They‘ll cost anywhere around $40 – $110.

However you’ll have to pay $18 in oversized fees if the combined length of the package is higher than 108” or 165”.

The most cost-effective UPS option would be UPS Ground but they do not provide any kind of delivery assurance. For another fee, they will guarantee delivery. And again for another fee, they’ll take care of the packaging themselves. 

Tips For Packaging Skis for Shipping

Here are some helpful tips for packaging skis for transport while ensuring that they remain in good condition, when you’re using a cardboard box or even your ski luggage.

Use a sturdy and durable box: A box with around 200# burst strength would be a good option, or use your ski bag.

Package size: The dimensions of the package determine your shipping rate, not the dimensions of the skis themselves. So get the smallest box that can properly fit your skis.

Fill any empty spaces: If there is any space in the box, your skis will move around when they are being shipped and might cause damage. So make sure to put either bubble wraps or air cushioning.

Put on a good tape job: Use something like packing tape to create a watertight seal along the top and sides of the box. 

Pick up: After the package is done, you can contact your chosen courier to schedule a pickup or drop-off of the skis.

Bottom Line

Shipping your skis can be a practical option to transport your skis and its fast. Unfortunately it could be kinda expensive and would cost anywhere around $35 to a whooping $350. But you can cut costs and save money by comparing and evaluating the rates offered by the different carriers.

Keep in mind that the dimensions of the box, and not the skis themselves will determine the cost of delivery. For example, the shipping costs for a shorter pair of skis could be lower than those for a longer pair.

However, keep in mind that bringing them on the airplane with you will almost always be the most cost-effective method. 


What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship Skis?

When traveling to a skiing destination, bringing your skis on the plane with you is often the least expensive option for shipping skis. If that isn’t possible, USPS should offer the most affordable shipping prices among all shipping services.

Where Can I Find Ski Shipping Boxes?

You can use telescoping boxes (72 “x 8″ x 8″) which are offered by FedEx or your neighborhood hardware or ski shop. If not, Instead of a telescoping box you can use 2 medium-sized boxes (48″ x 6″ x 6”) to transport your items. Most USPS, UPS, or FedEx stores have them.

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