How To Keep Your Phone Warm While Skiing

How To Keep Your Phone Warm While Skiing

Mobile phones have been a part of our daily life for a long time now and we need to have them on us wherever we are. 

A smartphone is a useful thing to have when skiing too, as it helps you to communicate with fellow skiers, take pictures of the fun you have so that you can look back at them later on, and find rescue if you face an emergency in the hills.

If you are someone who loves skiing, it is useful to know how to keep your phone warm in the freezing temperatures when you engage in your favourite sport, as very cold conditions can drain your phone’s battery fast and affect the performance of its touch screen.

I’ll show you a few ways on how to keep your phone warm while skiing in this quick guide.

Things You Can Do To Keep Your Phone Warm While Skiing 

There are few options for you to keep your phone protected from cold weather when you ski, and they are mostly about insulating the phone and where you keep it. 

Here they are:

Keep It Close To Your Body

One thing you could do to keep your phone from getting cold is to keep it close to your body, ideally your chest, as it lowers the odds of physical damage to the phone in case you fall too.

Put your phone in a pocket of one of your mid layers of clothing, by your chest, that can be zipped closed, and it will help keep your phone warm.

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Insulate Your Phone From The Cold

There are a few ways you can insulate your mobile phone from the elements when you ski. Try them and stick to what works best. 

Use A Protective Case 

There are smartphone cases specifically designed to protect phones from the elements, like Otterbox Defender and thermal cases from various manufacturers.

Use A Protective Case

They are designed to insulate your phone, sometimes with stuff like aerogel.

Use A Jacket With Specifically Designed Pocket 

There are jackets available in the market with pockets specifically designed to protect your phone from extreme low temperatures.

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For example, Life Pocket is one such jacket model that has this special feature.

Use A Ziplock Bag

Putting your phone in a ziplock bag, sealing it shut, and putting it in a pocket close to your chest on your inner layer of clothing will help to keep it warm too. 

Use A Woollen Sock

You can also put your phone inside a woollen sock and keep it in a pocket close to your chest to keep it warm too.

Use Hand Warmers 

In addition to keeping your phone close to your body and keeping it insulated, you can also provide heat to it by using air activated hand warmers to protect it from the harsh cold of the winter as you ski.

All you have to do is simply shake it and stick it to the back of your phone – it will provide heat for about eight hours. 

Use Hand Warmers 

It will be a good idea to put your phone in a sock and then stick a hand warmer to the sock to prevent your phone from overheating, and check your phone from time to time to make sure it does not.

Avoid keeping your phone inside a ziplock bag or a protective case together with hand warmers as it can cause the phone to overheat too. 

Quick Recap 

A smartphone is a useful thing to have with you when you go skiing, but freezing temperatures can affect your phone’s battery life and touch screen, so you need to find a way to keep warm during your time on the hills.

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You can keep your phone warm by keeping it close to your body, insulating it with a ziplock bag, wool sock, special case, or a jacket with a special pocket as well as using hand warmers.

Choose something that best suits your needs and works best for you, and have your digital companion working properly for you throughout your ski adventure.


Can I Use My Phone While Skiing?

Yes, you can use your phone while skiing – but it can be risky and dangerous because you need to pay full attention to your surroundings. And like I said, the cold is not good for your smartphone and causes a number of issues.

Do You Get Phone Signal Skiing?

Yes, you get phone signals while skiing in almost all the areas of ski resorts. However some remote areas of unpopular resorts may have poor cell service. So it’s always best to do some research on the resort you are planning to ski.

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