How To Secure Skis In Truck Bed (3 Easy Ways)

How To Secure Skis In Truck Bed

You’ve just loaded your skis into the back of your truck and now you’re ready to hit the slopes! But wait – how are you going to secure your skis so they don’t slide around or fall out while you’re driving?

The good news is, there are a few simple ways to secure skis in truck bed. And in this post, I’ll talk about 3 of them.

1. Use A Ski Bag

The easiest option that you can opt for is a ski bag. 

All that you have to do is to load the skis into the ski bag and it will keep the skis together and protect the skis from all the other stuff in your truck bed. 

But make sure to use bungee codes to tie it down or otherwise it’s going to move around when you drive. Using something like a wedge is another effective way to prevent the ski bag from moving around. 

Use A Ski Bag

When choosing your ski bag, always consider the size. The ski bag should have a good fit to your ski board so that it won’t move around. A rule of thumb is to choose a ski bag that is no longer than 15 cm than your skis.

Also read our guide on packing two skis in one ski bag.

Focus on the padding for extra safety, wheels for increased mobility, strength and other features like carry handles to provide comfort. You’ll probably come across different types of bags like these:

  • Sleeve bags: Practical and cost effective.
  • Coffin bags: Super durable and has the space and strength to carry multiple skis, poles and other accessories and clothes. 
  • Hard cases: Known as tubes provide really good protection.
  • Wheeled bags: Great for long-distance travels. 

Any of the first three types of bags should be good for securing skis on a truck bed.

However, if you are looking for the highest level of safety when transporting the skis in a ski bag, invest in a securing system or a rack for your truck which we will talk about next.

2. Ski Racks: Make One Or Buy One

The safest way to secure skis in a truck bed is to use a ski rack. You can buy one for around $100 – $300 or you can make one at home!

Even though building one might sound like a daunting task, it’s not. Plus,  it will surely be rewarding, fulfilling and save you heaps of money. 

To make one, you only need carpet trips, wood, glue and some kind of material to prevent the rack from sliding around. You can use a saw to get the work done. However, if you are looking to make the process easier, using a CNC router is highly recommended. 

Test your creativity by making your own design or you can even look up inspirations on Pinterest. When creating the slots on your rack, get the measurements of your skis to get the perfect fit.

Here’s a quick guide on how to make one:

  1. Cut two identical main pieces with slots and at least two cross bars (three cross bars recommended for a larger rack to hold four or more skis).
  2. Cut the slots by hand or using a programmed CNC.
  3. Sand the wood and fit the cross beams onto the side plates.
  4. Apply wood glue to the joints, clamp and let dry.
  5. To ensure stability during transport, attach carpet strips or anti-slip material to the bottom of each main piece.
  6. Add foam or carpet strips to the slots to prevent scratches on your skis.

If you do not have the time to build your own ski rack, simply buy one. Do not forget to research about the manufacturer and the quality before you buy. 

Read how to make a ski roof rack at home here

These racks can be placed into slots or the trails in the truck bed. You can also find ski racks that can be placed on top of the truck bed rather than having it placed inside the truck bed.

3. Using A Sliding Tray  

The last but definitely not the least option on how to secure skis in truck bed is to use a sliding tray. 

Using A Sliding Tray 

Buying a sliding tray is a great investment for anyone with a truck as it transforms the truck bed into a two-story storage space. These are mounted in the truck bed and can be slid in and out.

However, if you plan on using a sliding tray, it is a good idea to secure your skis in a ski bag. 

One of the downsides of using a sliding tray is the high cost. But if you are a DIY pro, you can take up the challenge of building your own sliding tray to save money and get the job done.

You can always get some inspiration from Pinterest or even look into the tutorials on YouTube. 

Final Thoughts

Securing your skis in truck bed is important because not only does it protect your precious skis from damage, but it also keeps you and other drivers on the road safe. Imagine hitting the brakes or going over a bump and having a ski fly out of the back of your truck and into traffic – yikes!

You can either use a ski bag, or build something like a ski rack or a sliding tray. If you have the budget and ski often, buying one of these would be a smart move.

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