Packing Two Pairs Of Skis In One Bag (Complete Guide)

Two Pairs Of Skis In One Bag

While ski trips are undoubtedly fun, packing for one can be quite the opposite. From getting your gear together to ensuring your bags are within the weight limit, there’s always a lot to think about.

For that very reason, double ski bags have become a game changer for anyone packing for a vacation on the slopes. Not only are they specially made for two pairs of skis, but they also come with added internal and external pockets that leave room to pack gear such as poles and gloves.

But what if you don’t have a double ski bag and you are wondering if you can fit two pairs of skis in one bag? This post is for you! I’ll give you a rundown of how you can fit 2 pairs in one ski bag and I’ll give you some tips on packing two pairs of skis into one bag.

Can I Pack Two Pairs Of Skis In One Bag?

It might be possible to pack two pairs of skis in one regular ski bag, but it depends on the size and design of the bag as well as the size and shape of the skis.

But if you have a double ski bag, you can easily fit two pairs. These bags are freely available and especially crafted for this very reason! True to their title, they are built to let you carry two sets of skis in one bag at ease.

Can I Pack 2 Pairs Of Skis In One ski Bag

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However, if you hope to pack two pairs of skis in a regular ski bag, your answer will be a little more subjective. As ski bags come in a variety of sizes, your best bet will be to simply try it out.

If both pairs fit, and you’re simply taking a road trip to the location, you should be good to go! On the other hand, if you hope to fly to your destination, a few factors need to be considered.

Note for travellers: If you’re flying to your ski destination, make sure you check the weight limit and travel insurance conditions well in advance. Although you might be able to fit both pairs in your bag, you may not be allowed to do so if it exceeds the weight limit.

Additionally, be well informed in terms of whether you are allowed to claim two pairs of skis— in the situation that they are lost while travelling.

How To Pack Two Pairs Of Skis In One Bag

Let’s now take a look at how to pack your ski bag.

Step 1: Prepping Your Ski Bag

This one’s pretty simple. First, lay your bag flat with the lid and roll the top handle open. Next, unclip the compression straps and run them through the centre webbing loop.

Step 2: Place Your Skis In The Bag

While this may not sound like a step that needs an explanation, there are a few tips that could really help. When you place the first set of skis in your bag, make sure the sidewalls are facing the top and bottom of the bag.

Next, run the compression strap back through the webbing loop; to hold the skis in place. Once they are in place, place your second pair of skis in the bag and do the same. Feel free to tighten or loosen the compression strap based on the width of your skis.

Step 3: Adjust The Length Of The Bag

Having made sure your equipment is secure, begin adjusting the bag to the correct length. While the bag continues to lay flat, hold the padded top and start rolling it towards the tips of the skis.

Once you reach the tips, form a handle by engaging the clips that are on either side. You can use this handle to conveniently roll your bag around.

Step 4: Prepare The Bag For Travel

The final step! After closing the lid of the bag, take the compression straps and engage the clips. Next, tighten them to keep your contents well-secured and in place.

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Best Ski Bag For Two Pairs Of Skis

In case you couldn’t fit the two pairs of skis in your regular ski bag, your best option would be to buy a double ski bag if you don’t want to take two ski bags with you. Here’s a ski bag I recommend:

Best Ski Bag For Two Pairs Of Skis

Backcountry – Double Ski And Snowboard Rolling Bag ($249)

While this bag is certainly on the pricey side, it is an investment (and let me tell you why!). 

The Double ski and snowboard rolling bag from Backcountry is carefully crafted to make your ski trips a lot easier. From its roll-top closure to oversized wheels, the bag is designed to fit two pairs of skis (while limiting bulk) and allows you to swiftly roll your bag by your side for a hassle-free travel experience.

That’s not all. The bag also comes with waterproof lining, padded edge protection, an adjustable length and a range of vibrant colours.

Additionally, it is tear resistant and is compatible with the Modular Pursuit bag carry system. For a quick look at this great bag, click here.

Bottom Line

It is possible to pack two pairs of skis in one ski bag, depending on the size and design of the bag and the skis. It is also important the weight of the skis if you are going to be flying with the bag.

When packing, make sure that both skis fit securely and do not damage the bag or other items inside. You could use some additional padding if they fit too tight to help protect the skis and prevent them from getting damaged during transport.

If you can’t fit both skis in a regular bag, your best bet is to buy a double ski bag or just carry two ski bags with you. Do check out the backcountry double bag if you are in the market! 

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