How to Tighten Ski Goggles (Explained)

how to tighten ski goggles

It’s SUPER important to have well-fitting and comfortable ski goggles while you’re on the slopes. If your goggles are too loose, they can fall off while you are skiing or let in cold air and fog up the lens.

A well-fitted pair of goggles should fit snugly against your face without any gaps around the bridge of your nose and your forehead.

In this article, I’ll show you how to tighten ski goggles step by step so they fit well and protect your eyes from the wind, brightness and snow.

How Tight Should Ski Goggles Be?

First, you want the goggles to be tight enough that they will stay on your head while you are skiing. If they are too loose, they could easily fall off, which would not only be annoying, but could also be dangerous.

How tight should ski goggles be

Second, you want the goggles to be tight enough that they will seal around your eyes. This is important because it will keep the cold air in and prevent any snow from getting into your eyes.

Finally, you want to make sure that the goggles are not so tight that they are uncomfortable to wear. If they are too tight, they will give you a headache.

And if you are wondering if you should wear your ski goggles under or over the helmet, check out our quick guide for a breakdown of pros and cons of each style.

Quick tip for new skiers – take your helmet with you to the store and if you are buying new goggles. Try the goggles on while wearing the helmet. If the goggles require adjustments, have them adjusted and try them on once again with your helmet on.

When To Adjust Your Ski Goggles

Always try to adjust your goggles before you hit the slopes. Making adjustments indoors is the best option as it will prevent the lens from getting foggy. 

When To Adjust Your Ski Goggles

Moreover, attempting to tighten your goggles while skiing could lead to accidents. As your ski poles need to be gripped firmly for balance, do not leave room to loosen your grip and make adjustments.

How to Tighten Ski Goggles In 7 Steps

Most modern ski goggles feature the same adjustment strap (Take a look at our recommended list of ski goggles here). The strap allows you to conveniently tighten or loosen the goggles to get the perfect fit! 

Simply put, tightening involves shortening the length of said strap. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Having worn the helmet, wear your ski goggles

Step 2: Estimate the amount/length that needs to be tightened.

Step 3: Remove the goggles.

Step 4: Hold the goggles in one hand and use the other to grab the adjustment clip at the back or side of the goggles

Step 5: While holding the part of the strap located closest to the adjustment clip, pull on the clip to tighten.

Step 6: While wearing your helmet, wear the goggles to ensure they are well-fitted. 

Step 7: If the goggles require further adjustment, repeat the process until the correct fit is reached.

That’s it! Adjusting your ski goggles is really easy and is almost the same on all the different brands out there.

Bottom Line

The ideal fit for ski goggles is not too tight or loose. When correctly fitted, there will be no airflow between the foam on the goggles and your face, Therefore, if you do find your lenses becoming foggy, it is likely that your goggles need to be tightened. 

Similarly, if you notice excessive pressure or discomfort after a few hours of skiing, your goggles need to be loosened. 

The bottom line is that your ski goggles should be comfortable enough to wear all day long.

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