Is Montec A Good Brand? (Explained)

Is Montec A Good Brand

Founded in 2006, Montec is relatively new in the world of ski brands. While they may not have been around for as long as their competitors,they’ve done a pretty great job at catching up! 

From over-the-top advertisements to stylish gear, Montec has successfully made a name for itself in the skiing industry. 

From ski jackets to pants and base layers, they’ve got you covered. This certainly is a brand worth checking out before your next ski trip and this post will walk you through why, to help you decide is Montec a good brand.

Is Montec A Good Ski Brand?

Montec is a good ski brand that offers high quality ski apparel at an affordable price point. Their bibs in particular, are highly recommended. They are breathable, technical and stylish!

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They are not high-end or high-performance by any means, but are still a good ski wear brand for people who just want to hit the slopes and have a good time without spending a ton of money.

Let’s take a deeper look:

Does Montec Focus On Style?

Yes! If you see skiers in well-crafted, stylish gear on the slopes, there’s a good chance that they’re wearing Montec.

From their trendy Zulu base layer to their dune jacket, this brand will have you looking good and feeling good in your gear.

Does Montec Focus On Style

If you’re a fan of ski bibs, make sure you have a look at the Montec Fawk ski pants! They come in both arctic camo or black; giving you the option to go for gear that’s relatively fashion-forward or a stylish yet minimalistic look.

How Are The Prices?

The prices are undoubtedly one of the best (and most surprising) parts. SnowMagazine refers to Montec as a brand with high-end ski gear at a fraction of the price!

Although it’s easy to assume trendy options are expensive, this brand begs to differ. 

Therefore, you won’t have to make your purchasing decision based on whether the most important factor is style or your budget. This is definitely the brand for you if you’re looking for gear that’s stylish, affordable and practical.

Are Montec Products Waterproof?

Fortunately, all Montec products are waterproof so you know you’ll be both warm and dry while making your way through the slopes.

In fact, most skiers are beyond impressed with their products as their jackets, for example, come with 20k waterproofing and 20k breathability.

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It gets better! Most of their products include the DWR treatment–a process that sheds water instead of letting it saturate the material. Furthermore, the taped seams will ensure water can never get through the stitch holes. 

Are Montec Products Waterproof

It’s safe to say Montec has made very well-thought-out decisions prior to the crafting of your gear.

Are There Variations Of The Same Product?

As always Montec has ensured they are able to cater to different requirements; by giving you the option to pick either the insulated version or the shell version of their jackets.

The insulated version is crafted with a thin layer of body-mapped sorona eco-synthetic insulation. This option is warm but breathable and especially for outdoor use.

The shell version, on the other hand, is made with a mesh lining for added warmth. This jacket is optimized for high-tempo usage.

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In case you were wondering if it can ever make you feel too warm, both jackets, fortunately, come with large zipped underarm vents. This allows you to get rid of any excess heat.

Verdict – Montec Is A Good Brand

In conclusion, Montec is a good brand that is practical, stylish and affordable. As it’s rare to find a ski brand that ticks all three of these boxes.

I recommend visiting their website and checking them out if you’re looking for great ski gear that you’ll be able to use for numerous ski trips over the years.

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