Montec Vs Dope (Ski Jacket Brands Compared)

Montec Vs Dope (Ski Jacket Brands Compared)

If you’re as passionate about snowsports and a powder enthusiast  as I am, you’ve probably come across the two big players in the arena – Montec and Dope.

Both brands are wildly popular, but how do we know which one truly takes the crown on the snowy mountains? 

I’ve spent countless winters gliding down slopes, feeling the rush of the chilly wind through my helmet, testing out gear from both. 

So, let’s dive into a deep-dive comparative analysis of Montec and Dope, and see which one truly stands out in the thrilling world of snowsports.

Editor’s Summary

Whether you’re racing down the slopes or just enjoying a leisurely run, the right gear can make or break your snowsports experience. If you’re looking to gear up for the season, you’ve likely come across the names Montec and Dope. 

In the marketplace for ski and snowboard gear, it’s almost impossible not to see Montec and Dope’s vibrant offerings. At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that Montec is Dope’s sportier, more robust sibling. 

But don’t make your judgement just yet; let’s dive a little deeper in this comparative analysis. 

It’s worth mentioning that both Montec and Dope originate from the same company, Ridestore. They share many of the same core values and design philosophies, making them both fantastic choices in their own right for snowsports enthusiasts.

Nonetheless, there are key differences that differentiate these two fantastic brands, particularly in relation to gear choices, style, and cost. Contrary to popular belief, Montec isn’t just Dope’s sportier offering. Sure, they have a bevy of gear that screams performance and durability, but anyone who reviews Dope will be pleasantly surprised at what they find. 

Dope, with a starting price of around 55 USD, offers a more cost-effective route into high-quality snowsport gear. Fashion-forward designs paired with a focus on comfort and functionality, has earned Dope rave reviews from both beginners and seasoned riders alike. 

On the other hand, if performance gear is what you’re after, Montec, starting at around 65 USD, might be more up your alley. 

 While price point might be a defining factor for some, we need to consider the broader picture. Functionality and durability matter too. In this category, you might feel that Montec is Dope’s sportier counterpart. 

With a robust range of gear specifically designed to endure harsh weather, it offers longer-lasting solutions for those who frequent the slopes every season. Both cater to different areas of the market, with gear selections that offer a balanced amalgamation of style, cost, and performance. 

Therefore, it’s somewhat an ‘or’ situation when choosing between Montec and Dope. 

In conclusion, whether you opt for Montec or Dope depends on what you value most: style, cost, or functionality. Make sure to review both brands before making a final decision as their subtle differences could be game-changers. 

Always remember that whichever way you go, Montec or Dope, you’re in for a fantastic season of snowsports. 

Montec Vs Dope

There is really no competition between these two brands because both brands come from the same guys. Both brands offer jackets that are made with the greatest attention to detail and quality materials.

Montec jackets feature a more modern design with mesh panels for breathability, while Dope offers classic designs that emphasize the warmth and superior wind protection.

Montec Vs Dope

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Montec GearDope Gear
DesignVarious designs with sleek and modern aestheticsRetro-inspired designs with a touch of modern appeal
QualityHigh-quality materials ensuring durability and comfortTop-notch quality with emphasis on durability and functionality
RangeExtensive range of outdoor gear including jackets, pants, and accessoriesComplete collection of streetwear and active gear including hoodies, pants, and footwear
PriceMid-range to high-end productsMore affordable gear with the occasional high-end item
EthicsSustainable practices and environmentally conscious materialsEmphasis on fair labor practices and eco-friendly manufacturing

Besides these, there are many features that will set these brands apart. Let’s compare them one by one:


Dope Snow and Montec jackets are built from exceptionally sturdy materials – however Montec jackets have better durability.

Dope Snow features an outer layer of 100% polyester, whereas Montec employs a blend of nylon and polyester. Both brands treat their fabric with a durable water-repellent finish to keep you dry in wet conditions.

This means that you can rely on the jackets to withstand harsh weather and be your loyal companion for a long time.


When it comes to pricing, Montec is a more pricey option, with jackets costing between $200 and up to $400.

Dope Snow on the other hand offers some of the most competitively priced snow jackets, with prices starting from $140 and going up to $250 for more sophisticated designs. 

However, both brands offer discounts on certain products at various times of the year. 

Price-wise, both brands can compete well with higher-end brands like Arc’teryx, Helly Hansen, and Patagonia, as they still offer low-cost and high-quality snow jackets.


If you are skiing, waterproofing is essential to keep you dry. Oddly enough, waterproofing is measured in millimeters. Higher the number, the better.

Montec jackets have a 20,000mm waterproof rating, while Dope Snow has only around 15,000mm rating.

Both Dope Snow and Montec employ two-layer lamination for their ski jackets, ensuring that moisture does not penetrate the fabric.

Taped Seams

That being said, Dope Snow jackets are still more than sufficient for most winter conditions.

Taped Seams

Ski jackets are bound to have stitching, though flat, waterproof tapes covering the seams help deflect water away instead of it accumulating within or passing through the stitching.

Not only is this a practical solution, but it also adds to the overall durability and sleekness of the jacket.

Both Dope Snow and Montec offer taped seams on their ski jackets, giving you reliable protection from the elements.


Insulating layers are a must-have when skiing in cold climates to give you additional warmth. The insulation found on both Dope Snow and Montec’s ski jackets will keep you toasty in these conditions.

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When it comes to insulation, Motec wins the battle.

Dope Snow uses polyester insulation that is lightweight and water resistant, while Montec uses synthetic fill insulation for superior warmth.


Skiing is a strenuous activity, and you need to be able to stay cool while doing it.

Both Dope Snow and Montec offer mesh-lined pockets that allow air to circulate while keeping the warmth inside your jacket.

Dope Snow also has an adjustable drawstring at the hem to allow you to customize the breathability of your jacket.

Also, both brands offer underarm and shoulder vents for added breathability.

Quality And Selection

When it comes to the quality of both Montec and Dope Snow, they are a class apart as both brands use excellent materials to create their jackets.

The main difference between the two is that Montec uses a slightly thicker fabric with higher waterproof ratings, while Dope Snow jackets are lighter yet still provide good protection from the weather.

Both brands also offer a wide variety of styles and cuts, meaning that both can cater to all types of snowboarding needs.

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Other Features

There’s nothing to compare between these two brands because both brands offer additional features like wrist gaiters, external and internal pockets, lift pass pockets, snow skirts, and adjustable hoods. 

Since both brands come from the same company, the features are somewhat similar depending on the specific jacket type. 

Otherwise, both Montec and Dope win the battle of features.

The Verdict

In conclusion, breathability, along with style and function, are some of the biggest considerations when choosing products for snow sports. Be it the exceptional products of Montec or the undeniable appeal of Dope, it boils down to personal preference. 

So, for all the snow sports enthusiasts out there, you know the way to go. Aim to balance comfort and style in your gear, no matter the brand you prefer.

After a detailed analysis, it’s clear that both Montec and Dope bring unique offerings to the snowsports industry. Montec’s strength lies in functionality and toughness, providing resilience under harsh conditions. 

Dope, on the other hand, excels in blending style with performance. It ultimately boils down to personal preference. If you crave more robust gear, Montec is the way to go.

But if you’re looking for the trendiest style on the slopes without compromising on functionality, you might lean toward Dope. Either way, equip yourself with enough information before making the perfect choice for your snowsport needs.


Is Montec the same as Dope?

Montec is the sister brand of Dope Snow, which means both offer the same high-quality jackets for skiers and snowboarders. They are similar in some aspects but have subtle differences that make each brand stand out from the others.

What is the difference between Montec and Dope?

The most obvious difference between Montec and Dope is the design. While Montec focuses on sleek, modern styles, Dope tends to be more vibrant and colorful. Additionally, Dope jackets often feature more technical features for added protection and comfort.

Are Montec and Dope owned by the same company?

Yes, both Montec and Dope are subsidiaries of Ridestore. They share many of Ridestore’s core values and design philosophies, making them both excellent choices for snowsports enthusiasts.

What factors should I consider when deciding between Montec and Dope gear?

The key factors to look at would be style, cost, and functionality. If you prioritise performance gear that can withstand harsh conditions, Montec may be more suitable.
But, if you prefer stylish comfort at a lower price, Dope could be your best bet. Either way, be sure to review both brands comprehensively before making a decision.

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