Ski Storage FAQs (9 Questions Answered)

Ski Storage FAQs

Taking care of skis is important if you want them to last and perform well. You don’t want to replace them after just a few seasons, and you definitely don’t want to be skiing on a pair of damaged skis.

In this post, I’ll answer 9 FAQs that most people have when it comes to leaving and storing your skis properly without damaging them.

Can You Leave Skis In Car Overnight?

You should not leave skis in the car overnight.

Leaving the skis on the car is a bad idea because moisture will accumulate on the skis due to the cold weather and cause the metal parts (and even the bindings) to rust. Moisture can also cause delamination of the skis.

Can You Leave Skis In Car Overnight

Plus, leaving the skis visible inside the car will eventually lead it to being robbed along with a broken car window.

If you don’t have another option than leaving them in your car, put them inside the ski bag to protect against the cold, and try to put them somewhere that can’t be easily spotted. 

Can You Leave Skis Outside?

Don’t leave skis outside because it is exposed to sunlight which will cause the ski’s fabrics and plastic to dry due to the heat. 

And if it’s raining or cold outside, the cold moist atmosphere will cause the skis edges and bindings to rust. And like we said before, it will cause delamination of the skis.

Plus, it can be robbed easily if left outside. 

Is It Bad To Store Skis In The Cold?

Yes, it is bad to store skis in the cold (especially if the skis are wet or damp) because the cold temperature will cause the skis to accumulate moisture which will cause the edges of the skis to rust.

Read how to remove rust on ski edges here.

Moreover, moisture can cause the delamination of skis where the layers of the ski start to come apart from each other. This obviously affects the ski’s performance and makes the skis feel wobbly, unstable and unsafe.

Is It Bad To Store Skis In The Cold

In order to avoid this, the skis need to be dried immediately after getting moist because it can rust even overnight.

Is It Bad To Leave Skins On Skis?

It’s generally okay to leave skins on skis for a short period of time, but keeping them on for too long is just asking for glue on the base. It’s going to be a mess and hard to clean.

Read how to get skin glue off skis here.

The purpose of skins is to act as a grip to the skis so that you can walk uphill or forward with less effort. If the skins are also kept on the ski while skiing downhill, the skins can reduce the skis’ ability to glide smoothly thus reducing your speed.

Moreover, the glue on skin will be ruined along with the ski base. So it’s bad to leave skins on skis while skiing downhill too.

Can You Leave Skins On Skis Overnight?

I wouldn’t recommend leaving skins on skis overnight, but some skiers (on various online forums) claim it’s alright as long as they are not wet.

If the skins come in contact with water, it shouldn’t be left on the skis overnight because it will freeze due to the cold temperature and affect the grip of the skin and the skin glue as well.

How Long Can You Leave Skins On Skis

I am not sure if there is a specific time range, but I guess it’s alright to keep them on for a few hours. However, leaving them overnight for like 10 -12 hours , like I said, is not recommended.

And it’s safe to leave the skins on your skis for as long as you need them for your touring or backcountry skiing trip.

And how long do ski skins last?

If the skins are maintained properly the glue in the skin will degrade at a slower rate and can be used at least 150 kilometers of vert most of the time. If it doesn’t surpass this, the manufacturers suggest that they should be replaced in 4 -5 years, however this will change with the use of the skin.

Should I Store Skis Vertical Or Horizontal?

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter whether it is stored vertically or horizontally as long as it is not in a damp area or in direct contact with sunlight.

However it is easier to store them vertically because they can be hung by their tip which doesn’t leave the tail on the ground.

Hanging skis vertically also saves space in your home and is good for long term storage, yet they need to be maintained properly.

Read more about hanging skis vertically on our post – how to hang skis on walls.

Is It Bad To Hang Skis By The Tips?

There is a ton of debate around this. I am on the side which says it is okay to hang skis by the tips. Afterall, most ski shops hang them by their tips!

I have hanged skis this way before and even seen any noticeable damage to them.

People say it’s bad to hang them by the tips because it might make the ski creep or deform if hung by the tips for a long period of time. But hanging a ski under its own weight is highly unlikely to cause any noticeable creep.

However, I don’t recommend hanging rockered skis by the tips.

Can You Put Skis In A Snowboard Bag?

Yes, you can put your skis in a snowboard bag along with your other luggage. Plus, they are more padded.

However this will obviously depend on the size of your skis and the snowboard bag and whether it fits inside the bag.

This will also save you money especially when flying because you don’t need to pay for 2 different bags (ski bag and suitcase). But keep in mind that there is a weight limit for most airlines.

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