Skiing In Utah In March (Complete Guide)

Skiing In Utah In March

Wanna head out to the slopes with your ski gear, but it’s already well into March? Don’t worry, you still have time – and we say it might be THE BEST time to have some fun in the snow!

While the warmer weather will fool you into letting go of your Winter habits, there’s still time to get out onto the snowy winter slopes of Utah and have fun with your family.

There’s no such thing as the ‘right time’ for skiing, especially with the gorgeous venues in Utah that will please even the pickiest skier out there – so get your skiing gear together, and start planning your family ski vacation right now!

In this post, I’ll talk about why you should go skiing in Utah in March before you run out of time this season, and where you can go to have the best and most memorable time with your friends and loved ones.

4 Reasons To Go Skiing In Utah In March

Here are some undeniable FACTS on why skiing in Utah is the best decision you’ll be making this Spring!

Reasons To Go Skiing In Utah In March

The Weather

During March, the harsh climate of Winter has mostly subsided, and what you will be left with is a delightfully warmer temperature to enjoy skiing. Read our tips for skiing in warmer weather here.

If low temperatures concern you in any way (if you think you might be at risk for hypothermia or if there are any other conditions that scare you), the best time to get into it is during Spring. 

Lower Crowds

Skiing in Utah during March will attract a noticeably lower crowd since most people (the hardcore skiers and early birds) tend to hit the slopes much earlier.

So what you will experience this Spring if you head to Utah for skiing, are shorter lines and smaller crowds so you can enjoy the sport with your family to your heart’s content. No more wasting half your day standing in line – you will be optimizing your time to the fullest in Spring!

Great Snowpack

One condition that is essential for a great skiing experience is a proper snowpack. This snowpack is the firm layer of snow buildup that does not melt due to below-freezing temperatures, and by Spring there’s a perfectly dense layer coating the slopes.

Great Snowpack

While the Spring temperatures are low, they are not low enough to melt this layer, and what you get in turn is an ideal surface for ski runs.

Plus, the snowfall is usually consistent throughout the month. Read our guide on Utah vs Colorado skiing for more detailed info.

Lower Prices And Great Deals

As the ski season is almost over, most of the resorts and lodges will offer discounted rates and special deals. So, skiing in March in Utah is budget-friendly and very affordable.

Best Ski Resorts in Utah in March

Now that you’ve decided to head out for the ski vacation in the snowy hills of Utah, you might want to hear about all the great venues where you can experience the best perks and facilities to make your excursion the most enjoyable AND the most memorable.

Lower Crowds

Park City

The largest ski resort you’ll ever come across in Utah with over 3200 vertical feet for you to unleash your inner adventurer, the Park City resort will leave you to have the most exciting time with your family and friends.

If you’re a first-time skier or a first-timer to the resort, there are over 300+ runs for you to ski, so you’ll be going through fresh and unseen tracks every day.

And with their special commitment to safety (which includes cashless transactions, sanitizer improvements, and daily employee health screenings) you can completely leave your cares behind, and fully focus on sliding down the mountain at full speed.


Located just 29 miles from Salt Lake City International Airport, Snowbird is one of the most accessible skiing resorts in Utah, and also has the longest skiing season and gets over 500 inches of annual snowfall.

Snowbird has 168 runs, 65% of them being beginner and intermediate trails. Plus, they have a ton of other fun and interesting activities to keep you and your family occupied during your stay.

Snowbird resort offers scenic tram rides, ski & snowboard lessons, scenic helicopter tours, avalanche education, A SPA, and so much more!   

Alta Ski Area

Alta Ski Area is the resort for you if you’re experienced and looking for a great snowpack to chase powder. They have 116 runs, and a whooping 55% is advanced.

The region is located 26 miles from downtown Salt Lake City, and the official site encourages you to take a flight to Alta, but you can also have a rental car with an experienced driver, so you can leave the hassle of driving through the local roads for someone else.

And once you’ve arrived in Alta, may it be by plane or car, there will be plenty of shuttles ready to take you and your family to the comforts of their many many lodges where you can unwind after a long and adrenaline-filled day.

Bottom line

Skiing in Utah in March can be a most memorable experience and an ideal time for you to arrange a ski vacation for your whole family.

Whether you are hitting the slopes solo, or with friends, you will find a whole list of resort options you can consider, and each comes with its own unique set of perks as well!

From skiing in the largest resort in Utah, to going on scenic helicopter rides, and chasing powder through the best snowpack, Utah has to offer so much to the skier who will hit the slopes in Spring.


Can You Ski In Utah In April?

With the warmer weather of Spring, April is a great time for skiing. The snowpack will be not as it was in March, but sometimes there is one last powder storm so if you’re into chasing powder, you will want to catch it. Even if you don’t, what follows is the time for ‘corn-skiing’, which is a whole other texture that calls for a different style of skiing that is equally fun.

What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Ski In Utah?

The best time to ski in Utah is during March and early April. Spring is an undeniably good time for the skier, especially with the warmer and milder weather that is JUST right. These months will also provide you with a good snow base, so for a skier craving deep powder, or for skiers looking for a nice ski vacation.

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