Skiing In Vermont In March (Spring Guide)

Skiing In Vermont In March

Vermont truly is a skier’s paradise, with its perfect combination of geography and climate making it a great location for the popular winter sport.

Skiing in this heavenly state in March can be yet another unique and wonderful experience.

In this post, I’ll give you a rundown of why you should definitely try skiing in Vermont in March and the best resorts to visit in the spring.

What Makes Vermont An Ideal Ski Destination?

Three main factors contribute to Vermont being such a skiers’ paradise. One is its climate, another is the geographical features of the region, and the other is its numerous ski resorts. 

What Makes Vermont An Ideal Ski Destination

The state of Vermont gets the most snowfall in the entire US! Vermont has a wet continental climate with cool winters and warm summers and participation all year round. 

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Plus, Vermont has so many ski resorts that no skier will have a hard time finding a resort that suits them.

The geographical feature that makes Vermont a great ski destination is the Green Mountains – a mountain range that runs south to north of Vermont and boasts numerous peaks with impressive altitudes.

What’s So Special About Skiing In Vermont In March?

March is when skiing in already-a-ski-paradise Vermont can be even more wonderful, as most folks from Vermont will tell you, and here is why:

What’s So Special About Skiing In Vermont In March

The Snow 

March is the time Vermont usually receives the most snowfall. So, the trails are more likely to have deeper, softer fresh snow, making it ideal especially for beginners to ski. 

Warmer Temperatures

March brings snowy nights and warmer daytimes to Vermont, making it possible for the skiers to experience good snow conditions with more favorable temperatures.

Skiers can enjoy the slopes without the inconvenience of freezing temperatures and wearing layers upon layers. 

Longer Daylight Hours 

Another thing that makes skiing in Vermont in March such a great experience is the longer daylight hours. The sun is going to be out for longer, giving you more fun times at the slopes. 

Clearer Skies

As if lots of snow, warmer temperatures, and longer daylight hours are not enough, Vermont in March has more Bluebird days too, it is like a match made in heaven! 

Plus, your photos are going to look great too.

Other Reasons

Most ski resorts host events like concerts and spring break parties throughout March and it’s the same in Vermont. Almost all the resorts I am going to talk about will host these festivals.

Other Reasons

Plus, you can find great deals on accommodation and ski passes as the season winds down. Skiing in March In Vermont is going to a lot more affordable than skiing at the start of the season.

Where To Go Skiing In Vermont In March

There are 26 ski resorts in Vermont with a total of 894 kilometers of slopes that are equipped with 173 ski lifts! (Did you know that ski lifts cost a fortune to build? Read more here.) 

But some of these are a lot better for skiing in March. Here are some of the resorts I recommend researching about:

Killington Resort

Killington Resort is an absolute paradise for skiing enthusiasts, especially in March. This incredible mountain boasts an elevation of 4241 feet, offering breathtaking views of the clear blue skies from its slopes.

With an impressive 1977 acres of skiable area, it’s home to 213 ski trails, spread across six peaks and multiple base areas, catering to skiers of all skill levels.

Plus, the resort is conveniently located just 22 miles away from Rutland-Southern Vermont Airport and 94 miles from Burlington International Airport.

Stowe Mountain Resort

While the resort might not be as large as other resorts it still offers 116 trails in its 485 acres, spread across two mountain peaks – Mt. Mansfield for the experts and Spruce Peak for beginners and families.

The resort is well-known for its hospitality and is located just 14 miles away from Morrisville-Stowe State Airport and 42 miles from Burlington Intl. Airport.

The snow quality here is among the best in the States and in March it’s gonna be really deep and soft! And the temperature is just right.

However, keep in mind that it’s also the most expensive resort in the East U.S.A., and can get crowded on weekends.

Okemo Mountain Resort

If you’re planning a family ski vacation in March, Okemo is an excellent choice. This resort is renowned as the best place in Vermont for kids to ski, thanks to its awesome ski lesson programs for kids.

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The resort has 122 ski runs spread over 632 acres of skiable terrain and snowmaking operations cover 98% of the ski area.

Plus, the resort is only 20 miles away from Vermont Regional Airport and 90 miles away from Albany Intl. Airport and Burlington Intl. Airport.

However this resort too can be expensive to ski and can get crowded on a powder day.

Sugarbush Resort

Sugarbush Resort is known for its Slide Brook Express Quad, the longest and fastest detachable quad lift in the US. The views you get when riding up in the clear blue skies of March is just amazing. 

Sugarbush Resort

The resort has 484 acres of skiable terrain and 2,000 acres of backcountry skiing, spread across two mountains and six peaks. It’s located 42 miles away from Burlington Intl. Airport and 62 miles away from Rutland-Southern Vermont Regional Airport.

Sugarbush also offers the best combination of tree skiing and vertical drops in Vermont. It has a tree skiing area over a vertical drop of 2,600 feet!

Plus, it’s cheaper here and it’s popular among budget-conscious skiers.

Bottom Line 

Vermont is a paradise for skiers with its many high peaks of the Green Mountain, cool winters with lots of snow, and numerous ski resorts with trails and terrain for skiers of all skill levels. 

Skiing in Vermont in March can be even more wonderful as it is when Vermont gets the most snow, and skiers have a greater chance of skiing in deep, soft snow with longer daylight hours and beautiful Bluebird skies.

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