How To Change Eyebrow Color For Cosplay

How To Change Eyebrow Color For Cosplay

Are you in the process of preparing a look for an upcoming cosplay event? And if so, are your makeup skills good enough to capture the exquisite appearance of the character that you wish to portray?

Apart from eyeshadow makeup, one of the most crucial elements of cosplay are a good set of eyebrows. Beautifully drawn eyebrows will frame your face and bring out the character you wish to portray. Manga characters come in unique and delightful aesthetics; hence the final shape, style, and color of your brows will depend on the character you wish to cosplay.

Typically, cosplay enthusiasts prefer characters with brightly colored or darker eyebrows. Dark characters usually have exceptionally dark eyebrows while some don’t have brows at all. Achieving the perfect cosplay eyeshadow and brow makeup is challenging, but here are tips that will help you to get your brows on fleek for the event.

Changing Eye Color Technique

Thick and Dark Eyebrows Are Easy To Hide

If you have thick, dark eyebrow like Cara Delevingne and the character you wish to cosplay feature thinner brows, what do you do? Covering with eyeshadow or shaving are not options. There’s an easy way to conceal your eyebrows without losing your luscious natural brows. This method is applicable to all those who frequently dabble in cosplay and artistic performances.

Fine, Blonde Eyebrows Are Easy To Conceal

Those with fine, blonde eyebrows got it easy when preparing for a cosplay event. It’s easier to conceal and style fine, lightly colored brows to darker tones. You don’t need to add multiple layers of cosmetics to hide them, so it will feel more comfortable to wear for many hours.

It’s In the Technique

The ability to replicate the eyes of characters is one of the most important aspects of cosplaying. While some characters have regular brow hair, majority of characters in comic books are as unique and loud as the roles they assume. Characters with purple hair color will most likely have purple brows as well!

To be as realistic as possible, make sure to master the technique of shaping and styling your brows for cosplay. The glue stick method steps listed below will help you achieve any brow shape or style that you desire with ease, using simple items that you already have.

Are you excited? Here are the things you’ll need:

  • Soap bar
  • Elmer’s washable glue or disappearing purple glue
  • Liquid concealer closest to your skin tone
  • Plastic palette knife
  • Powder foundation that matches your skin tone
  • Powder brush
  • Spoolie brush
  • Makeup remover
  • Headband or hair tie to keep your bangs away from your face
Prep Your Skin And Fix Your Hair

1. Prep Your Skin And Fix Your Hair

Before you start shaping and styling your brow, do a little bit of prep work. Cleanse your face and dry it to ensure your makeup stays on longer. If you have long hair or bangs, use a headband to keep the hairs away from your face while doing your eyebrow. The last thing that you want is for your hairs to accidentally get glued to your face.

2. Trim Your Brows

If you have a bushy brow, it’s best to trim them to remove any stray hairs. Trimming will diminish the overall area of your brow regions and helps in concealing it altogether. The process of styling brow makeup for cosplay may take between 15 and 30 minutes. The more you do this technique, the faster you get to complete the process over time.

3. Cover Your Brows With The First Layer Of Glue

After thorough cleaning and drying, use a small plastic palette knife to dig a small amount of purple glue. The application should start from the hairs nearest to your ears and moving in towards your nose. Apply the glue in a smearing motion, making sure to push the hairs against the natural growth of your brows. Once you’ve covered the entire region, you may then begin smoothing the hairs in an upwards motion with a spoolie brush. Continue smoothing until all hairs are oriented straight up.

After this, you may then smooth your brow back to their natural position, ensuring hairs lay as flat as possible. The hairs need to be smoothed out in all directions to make sure the entire length of your brows is covered in glue. Once you’ve done this step, leave it until the purple glue turns clear. After this step, your eyebrows should appear flat on your face.

Additional Layers Of Glue

4. Apply Additional Layers Of Glue

To make sure that your brow stays put, apply two or three layers of glue. To do this, apply the glue starting from the hairs nearest your nose and move towards your ear. Once you’re done with applying a few coats of glue, let it dry for 15 minutes or until the purple glue turns clear.

5. Apply Concealer

Apply liquid concealer to diminish the appearance of skin blemishes. Following the natural grain of the hairs, start painting your eyebrows from your nose and towards your ear. Avoid painting outside of your eyebrow region to reduce the time wasted on blending makeup into your skin.

Ideally, you only need one coat to hide the eyebrow hairs. However, if you have dark eyebrows, we recommend applying another coat for best results. Let the concealer completely dry for about 10 minutes.

6. Apply Powder Foundation To Blend The Concealer

Use a dense powder brush to press the powder directly onto your concealer-coated brows. Do this step until the brow region has completely blended into the rest of your skin. To achieve a fully blended look, you may need to use one or two shades of powder nearest to your skin tone.

7. Powder Your Entire Face To Match

Can’t wait to go out and show everyone what you’ve created? Here’s the final step. Once you’re satisfied with the way your brow area is blended, you may proceed with applying the same powder foundation over the entire face. This will help give you a more even canvas for shaping and styling your eyebrows according to your chosen character. From here, you can also start applying other eye cosmetics like eyebrow pencil, liner, and eyeshadow.

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